Everyone Should Have A Hammock


I wake up in an empty bed. Blinking against the morning sunlight spilling into the room, I squint toward the windows. My grimace turns to a smile as I see the foliage swaying in the gentle breeze and the bright blue skies remind me that I’m currently residing in a tropical paradise.I scan the bed and wonder where you are. Most likely, you are already lounging in the hammock on the porch, your favorite place to curl up. I go through my morning stretching routine, getting the kinks out and the energy up. A quick stop in the bathroom and then I step outside to find you.The view before me is exactly as expected but still takes my breath away. The wooden porch topped with a palm frond roof overlooks the Mexican beach down a hillside covered with lush tropical foliage. The woven hammock strung between the posts completes the idyllic scene. But of course, it is the contents of the hammock that really stops my heart and then has it racing. Your body is mostly concealed in the hammock cocoon, but I know every curve and my mind fills in the details of what my eyes see.Shoulder-length brown hair is equal parts stylish frame to your face and a carefree mess of wild womanly allure. Your full and agile lips can give a disarming friendly smile or a sultry pause with a lick of your tongue along them. The most prominent feature on your face is the expansive, doe-like eyes that can capture your heart in an instant with their twinkle or stir your loins with a wink and a lowered eyelid.And the body! Elegant shoulders offer the perfect backdrop for the exquisite breasts, round and full but still perky, and generous without being overwhelming. They are the kind that makes your hands reach out involuntarily, yearning to hold and caress them. Traveling downward, your toned stomach flares out into the generous curves of your hips, and your torso is completed by the perfect peach of an ass. Tanned legs balance between izmit escort bayan slender and muscular and speak to your healthy habits and stamina for any type of aerobic activity that we might want to try.And of course, there is the sweet center of my desire, the smooth and inviting pussy. Currently kept in a short trim, the dark brown hair forms a neat triangle, framing the fold of your nether lips that are typically tucked in but can flare into a throbbing, slick warmth of pure desire with the proper attention.You sense my presence and turn toward me, letting the book you’re reading fall to your chest.”Buenos días, mi amor!” you greet me, your warm and friendly smile showing your pure appreciation for life. As your eyes meet mine, you recognize the flames burning for you within my soul. Your head tilts to face more directly towards me. Those deep, expansive eyes go even a bit bigger at the intensity of my gaze, then narrow in response to my intentions. Your nostrils flare, seeking oxygen and energy for what is about to come. And your tongue inadvertently sneaks out, running lightly along your lips, moistening them.I’m dressed only in boxers, but that outfit is too much for what I have in mind. With a quick flick of my hands, they are on the floor, and I step out of them toward you, fully naked. I’m best described as long and lean, almost always the tallest person in the room, and obviously a man that stays active. Not a lot of mass, but what is there is defined by regular sessions lifting weights in the gym. Most importantly, there is plenty of strength to lift, hold and pin your body into any position we might enjoy.I point at your bikini top, an eye-catching pink and red swirl pattern that gives men, and women, an excuse to look down at your chest. With a flick of my finger, I indicate the top needs to go. You coyly give me a confused look, pretending to not understand my hand gesture. izmit eve gelen escort I do my best to suppress my laugh and play the part, repeating my gesture with a glower. You smile, but then take on a serious, seductive expression, slowly and deliberately licking your lips as you reach behind your neck and undo the ties. You sit up but turn your back to me as the bikini top drops to the floor. You turn your torso back in my direction but still tease by covering yourself with your hands. Then your hands began to move, massaging your breast, pushing them together showing off your ample cleavage. A little more of your bosom is exposed as your fingers move to play with your nipples, tweaking and twisting. Finally, you stare deep into my eyes and bare your breasts to me. Perfectly round, too full to be called athletic, too slim to be overwhelming, silver-dollar-sized nipples now fiercely erect, your breasts sway with the gentle motion of the hammock. I breathe in deeply to replace the breath you just took away. At the sight of you, I also can’t help but reach between my legs and begin stroking my now swelling cock.I point to your shorts and give the same indication to remove them. You know what I want, but give a slight frown, then shake your head. You laugh, but I do not. My diminished brain power is only focused on one thing, and every action of mine is in pursuit of what I want. As I stride forward, you sense the depths of my need and your excitement rises at being the object of such desire. I reach you, quickly unbuttoning your shorts. Your eyes lock onto my face, teasing demeanor gone, now compliant to my wishes. I pull down on your shorts, and you obediently raise your hips without me needing to ask. I catch the panties as I pull down, removing all your clothing in one motion.I stare down at your pussy. You spread your legs wide for me, coyness gone, izmit otele gelen escort allowing me to drink in the view. I see a hint of moistness already welling up, and I reach down to softly trace the small trail of slickness. A brief smile flashes across my face. Now that I have you naked and willing, my more thoughtful side reemerges, and I consider how to take full advantage of the situation.I gesture for you to roll away from me, grabbing the hammock edges and gracefully slipping into a spooning position with you. As I position my cock to nestle between your ass cheeks you let out a slight gasp, grind back into me with your hips, ass muscles lightly squeezing me, bringing me to greater rigidity. As you focus on massaging my cock with your ass, I position our torsos so that I have access to your breasts. My left arm is holding me up in the hammock above you, freeing my right hand to roam. Your right arm is above your head, staying out of the way. I indulge myself by crudely grabbing your right breast, cupping and squeezing for a time, then playing with your one nipple ring. Your ass stops pulsing against me as my nipple-play brings out a gasp, and your left hand rises up to touch mine in appreciation of the sensations I’m bringing to your body. I press your hand onto your nipple, inviting you to keep playing while my hand switches to your left breast. I’m rhythmically squeezing your breast while your hand is playing with your nipple ring and your ass returns to squirming against my raging hard-on.I slip my hand between your legs. No longer simply moist, you are now absolutely slick with juices. I had planned to lightly play, but the engorged and wet state of your heated pussy demands immediate attention. I plunge one finger in, using my thumb to stimulate your clit. Your legs snap open, spreading so forcefully you nearly upset us from the hammock. Rocking wildly, you are oblivious with your need, and I respond by finding the rhythm, plunging now two fingers into you. Your hips rock in response, your back pressing against my chest as you arch your body, your hand still cupped around your breast but now motionless as all your attention is focused between your legs.