Delightfully Evil, Part Three


Delightfully Evil, Part ThreeShuddering. Feeling so much heat on my bottom. Hurts so bad.…hurts so good…“Can you stand up, Suzy?”I can’t even answer. I’m doing everything I can not to sob. My face is in my hands, I can feel how red my face is. I start to sniffle. I hate this. Ihate how this makes me feel…so ashamed, so humiliated, so……so bad, so naughty, yes…I just shake my head. I can’t do anything.Gently, he turns me over. I look up into his face and then away. I bring my tiny, cuffed fists under my chin. He lifts me up in his arms. Big strong arms. I close my eyes and try not to think about that. I don’t want to lean into his chest, head nooked into his shoulder. The anger starts to come back. Angry at how I’m feeling.“A-asshole.”“Shush.”He lays me down on the divan. Carefully. I lay on my side, it hurts too much to put any pressure on my cheeks. I glare up at him. He gives me that superior smile. I so want to kick him in the balls…“Roll over, on your stomach.”“And if I don’t?”The smile disappears, “Now.”His look tells me that there are worse things than being k**napped, tied up and spanked. I slowly roll over watching him the whole time. My legs aren’t tied. I could probably get in one good kick and run for it.“So angry. You are so angry.”“I hate you.”“Of course you do.”He walks away to one of the walls. I watch him walk by a series of riding crops hanging off of hooks. He caresses one. I tremble a little. A trill of fear goes through me. But he continues on.He pulls a black scarf off the wall and d****s it over his shoulder. He turned back, smiling. Shakes a finger at me, “I know that look. You’re up to something. Going to kick me?”I blink and he laughs, “Suzy, you aren’t the first one I’ve ever k**napped…”He comes back to me. Slowly. Pulling the scarf off of his shoulder, making me watch it, Çubuk travesti wondering. I suddenly realize I am pulling on my cuffs a little. The tension is a little much for me.“Hands and knees, Suzy.”I look up and shake my head.“Please.”I can’t make my mouth work, just shake my head.Stern, “Now.”I whisper, “No.”He grabs me by my hair, twisting my head to face him. Pulling up. The pain is one I like, he knows it. Pulling harder and up and I whimper. I start to raise up onto my knees.…controlling me…He lets go as I am on my cuffed hands and knees. He steps out of my sight, behind me. I look back and he roughly clenches my chin in his hand. He thrusts my chin up, “If you are going to be a bratty princess, you might as well look the haughty part.”He steps back. I continue to look forward, chin up and out. After a moment he leans in and growls, “Continue to look forward. Do NOT disobey me this time.”I stay there. Perfectly still. Trying not to tremble. Slowly, one end of the scarf is dangled in front of me. It comes to my face. I close my eyes as I feel the cold silk going against my cheek. I almost forget the pain.When I open my eyes, I see his arms framing my vision. He has the scarf by both ends. The scarf is lowered under my chin. He guides it to my collar before gently pulling it up, so I can feel the smoothness on my neck. He pauses for a moment. The scarf is very gently pulled to my exposed neck. It is pulled tighter. Slowly. Feeling the pressure on my neck. Very gentle, but steady. I close my eyes. My lips part a little. I’m breathing heavily. The scarf pulls on my neck. Wonderful silk on my neck. The scarf pulls my neck back a little more. …tighter, oh please make it tight, tighter…Suddenly it falls from my neck. I open my eyes. The pain comes searing back to me. I clench my fists Çukurambar travesti again. I get angry again…tricking me, like that!He whispers harshly into my ear again, “Close your eyes. Now. If you pull this off, then you will be in a very bad place with me.”I obey. And I feel the silkiness come over my eyes. The scarf is pulled tight and the knot is harshly done. The silk covers my eyes. I feel it over my eyebrows. Just to the bridge of my nose. I can’t see anything. After a moment, I hear him walk away. Up the creaky stairs. My head follows the sounds of his movements until he is gone. After some time. I get irritated.“Jerk! Where are you?”Nothing, “Hey! Asshole!”The room is very quiet. I can hear the hum of air through the vents. But not much else. So quiet.“Where are you?”No sounds. Just silence, my blindness and uncertainity. After what seemed like forever, I bit my lip.Quietly, “Hey. C’mon. This isn’t funny, none of this is funny.”More time passed. Alone. I hate being alone.Whispering, “Please come back.”His voice came down the stairs, “Say it again.”My mouth opened then shut.“By the way, you are in the dark. Alone.”Trembling, “I don’t like that, this, any of this. Don’t be mean.”“Suzy…blind and all alone…”Lonely. I’m in the dark. Alone. In pain. I don’t want to cry…Kindly, “Just say it again, Suzy.”I can barely speak, it barely comes out, “Please come back.”I’m not sure but it sounds like he’s running. As I hear him come closer, I raise up on my knees. Hands splayed, arms thrust out in front of me, seaching.He stops for a moment and then I feel his hands on me, on my shoulders. My hands curl into fists and I pound his chest with them. As hard as I can.“Hateyouhateyouhateyouhateyou!”He hugs me, pulls me in. I resist and try to pull back. He just holds me there. My head falls to Demetevler travesti his chest, I lose my strength. I sag against him. Wanting to cry. Wanting to hurt him. Hating the safe feeling that I have.…why didn’t you come to me, my apartment, hold me like this, where were you, this is what I want, why didn’t you come, why why why…His hand is caressing my head, speaks softly to me, “I’m sorry…this won’t happen again…”He places me back on my hands and knees. I don’t even care. So exhausted. So spent. I feel my ao dai pulled up over my bottom again. I feel off center, like I want to fall over. The pain is finally overriding everything else. I feel faint. I suddenly smell lavender. My favorite scent.There’s a sudden, wet coolness on one cheek. A gentle rubbing. The fire, the pain slowly goes away as more lotion is carefully rubbed in. He moves to my other cheek. More lavender. More coolness. More comfort. His hands are so gentle…“OK, you’ve had enough tonight. Time for bed. I am going to lead you to your cell. Here, get up on your knees and I’ll help you to your feet.”I get on my knees. I reach forward. My hands find his chest. I hit him. No strength in it. But he stops. I crane my head up, knowing I can’t see him, but I want him to see me.“I hate you.”“I know.”“Do you?”“Yes. But there’s more to it than that with you.”I hit him again, “Shut up. Hate you. I hate you so much.”“I understand my bratty princess. Let’s go. You need to sleep.”I let my hands drop. My head drooped down. I clasp my hands together. His hand is on my elbow and I gently pull it away. I raise my head defiantly.“Suz-““Carry me.”He made a surprised sound, ‘What?”I pouted, “Carry me. I want to be carried to bed. I want you to carry me.”A chuckle, “What’s the magic word?”“Now.”After a moment, when I thought I went to far, he lifted me up. I let it happen. I let him hold me. And against my own will and wishes, my head found its way to his shoulder. My body went limp. Hating that I wanted this, hated that I was liking it. I fell asleep before we got to my cell.(end of Part Three)