Cousin Comes Over


I’m so bored, I think to myself as I pick up my phone to look through the contacts. Scrolling through my list of friends and family I stop at the one name that gives me a small smile: Alex, her nick name. One of the coolest girls I know. She is always fun to be around, smart when she wants to be and her body, athletic build, just the right size boobs, the kind that fill up your hand but not so much that you can’t hold them, and an ass that makes my dick twitch every time I see it.  All this and not to mention she is my cousin. I give a quick sigh to myself as the “if only” feeling comes over me. But I send a text asking if she wants to hang out which she usually can. We always got along quite well almost like boyfriend and girlfriend. But still wishful thinking.  So I pick up my controller and unpause the game, still laughing at myself, not only cousins but me being 24 and she is 18. I need stop thinking about this, it’s just depressing şişli escort seeing the perfect girl right there but still so far out of reach.  My phone goes off and I take a quick look to see the “msg from Alex” before the screen goes dark. Wanting to see what it says I pick up my phone and read the text saying: im not doing anything, sure I can come over and hang out.  Guess it’s time to clean up the apartment. I quickly put some stuff in its right place and go to the bathroom to make sure I look okay. Let me put it this way, I am basically a mutt. My dad is black, half African American and half native American. My mom is full German. What a mix. I’m told that I have a year round tan which is basically true. I like to keep my hair as straight as I can and I’m not completely “buffed out” as they would say but I’m not all skin and bones either. You can see I have muscles and a flat stomach with the outline of mecidiyeköy escort a six pack. Basically I’m in average shape.  As I’m still standing there I hear a knock at the door. She is here all ready? I think to myself. I go open the door and smile, trying to keep my mouth from dropping open. There she is smiling back, wearing a tight low cut t-shirt in black with a pink outline and tight short shorts with black and pink skater sneakers. Her legs are long with a slight tan, perfect for running your hand along, and her perfect flat stomach and small waist make her boobs pop out more than they usually do.  I quickly catch my breath hoping she doesn’t notice my slight shock, but damn she looks gorgeous. “Come in,” I say with a smile and leave the door open and walk to get a drink.  A good beer would help about now. She smiles and says, “What’s up, cuz?”  I look at her and laugh. “You know what’s up, that’s why şişli eskort I texted you. I’m going bored out of my mind.”  She laughs. “But cuz you never had a mind to begin with.”  “Hmmm, that is true, they take too much work to keep going,” I say as I stick my tongue at her. She laughs and gives me a small push. “So what you wanna do?” she asks.  “Hell if I know,” I say as I take another drink of my beer and turn to go sit down. I hear her laugh and turn to look. “What’s so funny?”  “You messed up the back of your hair again cuz, I’ll get the straightener and fix it for you.” “Thanks,” I say as I sit on the sofa. She walks into the bathroom and gets the straightener. I watch her ass as she walks and start to feel my dick get hard. Shit, I think. I shift around trying to make it go down as she comes back and heats up the straightener.  “You know you will need to sit over here,” she says pointing in front of her.  “Ya, I’ll be right there,” I say hoping she won’t notice the tent I’m starting to set up in my pants. I get up and walk over quickly and notice her eyes glance down and the corner of her lips make a small smile. I sit in front of her facing away thinking, shit, I’m busted.