Ben And Jan Chapter 4


Ben must have dozed off because his next awareness was of Jan’s hand on his shoulder gently shaking him awake. His first thought was, “I must have dreamed that whole business,” only to be brought back to reality when Jan spoke.“Please go clean up darling. My guest will be arriving in thirty minutes,”Fuck, it had really happened. He looked up at her and thought, “Damn, she is so beautiful. No wonder these young guys are sniffing around her all the time. But I never expected her to do more than flirt a little.”She had on his favorite ankle-length skirt, made of some fabric that subtly suggested the movement of her legs and hips underneath, and a silky-looking blouse with an open neck, erect nipples prominent. Her hair was neatly pinned back revealing a lot of neck bursa escort and her bare toes peaked out from under her skirt. There was no evidence of a bra or panties. Her bare feet were one of his erotic triggers.He resented that this show of beauty and sexual promise was not for him. “I suppose you expect me to clear out and leave you and your lover the entire house.”“Of course not, silly. I want us three to sit down to a nice dinner and get acquainted. You are my husband and this is your house.”Ben got up, grumbling, to go shower. He stopped at the doorway and asked, “Am I supposed to take my toothbrush and sleep in the guest room tonight?”Jan went to him, placed her hands on his shoulders, looked into his eyes, and said, “Roy won’t be spending the bursa escort bayan night. You will sleep with me in our bed as always. And you will be amply rewarded for your generosity and love. You are my man. Don’t ever think otherwise.” Somewhat mollified, he proceeded to the en-suite bathroom.The couple was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “You’d better answer it,” Ben said. Suddenly Jan seemed a little flustered. Her hands went to her hair as she left to greet their (her) guest.Ben remained rooted to his spot, listening to the murmured greetings, then quiet for a few moments, then more murmurs. Then Jan walked into the kitchen holding the hand of a tall, handsome young man with a sheepish expression on his face. Taking pity on him, Ben smiled escort bursa and put out his hand in greeting. “I’m Ben, her husband,” he said. “Can I get you something to drink?”“Whatever you two are drinking will be fine,” was the reply. As a regular gym rat, Ben recognized the physique of a weight lifter. He was dressed like an impoverished grad student in jeans and tee shirt; worn but clean. His pecs filled the shirt and his biceps stretched the sleeves to the limit. The attraction for Jan was obvious. “Hell, even I think he’s a hunk,” Ben thought. “But he’s just a kid, really; a kid with a big cock apparently.”There were a few minutes of uneasy chit-chat, then Jan said, “Honey would you dress the salad and make the drinks? I’ll show the house to Roy.” She took the kid’s hand again and led him away. A wave of jealousy ran through Ben. He dressed the salad as asked and started on the drinks. It seemed to be taking a long time for her to show their house; it’s not that large. He waited.