Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 01


James was something of a loner. Although he excelled at sport and developed a wonderful strong physique, his peers seemed to shun him. Blond, tall, muscular and beautiful, there is no doubt he could have had the pick of the girls, yet he didn’t seem interested, always preoccupied, almost troubled.

This fact never escaped his mother, Jeannette. Her husband had left her 7 years ago. She never really knew why. But she therefore fussed oh so much over James, her only child. He never had a girlfriend, yet she knew he wasn’t gay as she had found girlie mags under his bed quite a lot recently. Well he was just finishing his ‘A’ levels and was about to turn 18 at the weekend. Jeanette was concerned that he would be lonely, something she shared over a coffee with her best friend Paula at lunchtime in the local town centre.

“He’s such a beautiful and charming boy.” commented Paula. “I cant believe he hasn’t at least a girlfriend to celebrate with. Um Jeanette, you dont think he’s…”

“No!” Jeanette intervened. “Trust me, he’s not! Found some female literature in his bedroom. Say no more!” They winked at eachother, then the conversation changed.

Paula however couldn’t get the situation out of her head. As she took the short drive home her imagination wandered. Attractive, voluptuous and very smart, the stunning 42 year old redhead had been separated from her husband for over a year. Her son Shaun was the same age as James, but it seems they didn’t get on. In fact from what Shaun had told her none of the other boys seemed to like him. Were they jealous? She wondered.
When she got home she found herself thinking about James. She even speculated on whether he was still a virgin. The thought made her tingle. She ran herself a bath, closed her eyes, and developed a bizarre idea….

Felicity was a beautiful 48 year old blonde, a former catalogue model many years ago. Never married but a single parent of bahçeşehir escort a wayward 21 year old daughter. She was also very successful, confident, with an eye for much younger men. Often her daughter would bring home her latest boyfriend, and Felicity would later that evening find herself furiously masturbating over the thought of seducing him. Alas it never happened, though she often shared her fantasy with her best friend Paula.

The phone rang. It was indeed Paula.
“Hun, is there any way we could meet up in the next hour or so? I simply HAVE to see you.”
“Sure.” the beauty replied. “Why not pop over here now? I’m here alone.”

Pretty much exactly an hour later Paula pulled her BMW into her friend’s beautiful 6 bedroom detached home in Surrey. After pleasantries and making coffee Paula came straight to the point:

“Felicity darling- Jeanette’s boy. He’s 18 on Saturday.” She sipped her coffee as if to await her friend’s reaction.

“Um, you mean James? So?”…Felicity knew of him well. She frequently masturbated over him. “Have old girls like us been invited to his party or something?!” She laughed.

“No darling, thats why I’m round here. Have spoken to Jeanette. The poor love’s doing nothing. No mates or girlfriends.” She smiled and blushed “Jeanette suspects he’s still a cherry!”

“Virgin? James? But he’s bloody gorgeous! He could have anyone!”

“Including us.” replied Paula sheepishly. There was a pause.

“Oh come ON.” Felicity responded eventually. “He’s a baby! You mean youre suggesting we…take him?…”

“Yes.” She looked her friend directly in the eyes earnestly. “Well why not? You admitted you hadn’t had sex for years. Neither have I. You also confided you like ’em young. Well look at HIM. He’s the most gorgeous creature I know!” She leaned forward to her dear friend. “We’re only here once- let’s do it…”

Felicity paused and istanbul escort took another sip of coffee. “What about Jeanette? She’s a dear friend. And what if James isn’t interested? We could both be his mother. Oh I dont know. Paula you’re terrible!”

“Felicity darling, leave it all with me. Of course we wont let Jeanette know, but I think part of her would love us to do it. What do you say? This Saturday? Trust me…”

It was the Saturday morning of James’ 18th birthday, and he was awoken at 10am to his mum’s shrill of “Morning birthday boy!.” His mum had entered his room and was standing above him looking he thought particuarly beautiful.
“Oh, thanks mum.” the sleepy youth replied and stretched.
“James, you have a few cards downstairs.” She handed him a mug of coffee. “Now I DO have something for you, but I have to pick it up in town. I’m gonna go now and wont be long. I’ll make you breakfast when I get back.” She kissed him on the cheek and was gone. James heard her car pull away then made his way to the shower after finishing his coffee. After showering he went downstairs. On the breakfast table he found what appeared to be his birthday cards. There were five. He opened the largest first, for he knew from the writing it was from his mum. It was pretty awful and would have been more appropriate for a ten year old, but he laughed, was typically mum! The second he opened was from his Aunt Jean and Uncle Fred. The third from a friend he had grown up with who moved 2 years ago- Joe. The fourth was from the next door neighbour Mrs. Carr, a prim and proper church goer- very formal card he thought. The last card however seriously mystified him….
The first thing that James noticed was a distinct aroma of perfume on the envelope. He sniffed it deeply and was actually aroused. The smell itself gave him an erection. The envelope was lilac and he slowly opened it. How odd. Just a small white escort bahçeşehir envelope inside. He opened that to find what looked like a small business card. It read as follows: ‘James, happy birthday. Please ring the following number asap…’ And that was it. How weird. Could it be a wind up? Perhaps it was a sales scam? Yet the original envelope was hand written, beautifully and elegantly so. Indeed so was the writing on the card. He was very apprehensive about ringing and decided to do it after he’d eaten…

Felicity’s wayward 21 year old daughter is Charlotte. She has had a number of boyfriends but the present one looks like the ‘keeper’. Her reason: “He’s fucking loaded!” A fact she’s shared with her mother.
“Mum he’s as ugly as sin and 15 years my senior, but he’s a millionaire and thinks the world of me!” She arrogantly announced in her upper middle class voice.
Felicity hated her gorgeous blonde daughter’s motives, but she understood. They were scheduled to get married in 2 weeks time, a lavish affair in Italy.
“Charles wants a baby as soon as possible. I dont mind, but sure as hell hope it doesnt look like him!”
Her mum gasped. “That’s a terrible thing to say young lady, go wash your mouth out!”
“Oh come on mum, the prospect isn’t nice is it?”…She burst out laughing and Felicity just shook her head in resignation.
“Anyway Charlotte, remember tonight.”
“Yeah, yeah. It wont happen, see if I’m right.”
“It will, darling, it will”….

It was 8.15 pm and James, dressed in the wonderful light grey suit his mother bought him today, knocked at the door of Mrs. Clarke, as he called her. Felicity Clarke. It was her number he rang and it was she who told him to be there as a special birthday surprise. But he wasn’t under under any circumstances to tell his mother and he was to look clean and very smart. James assumed she felt sorry for him and got some of Charlotte’s friends to throw a party for him. Hell, he was game, why not? It seemed an eternity before anyone answered. But to his surprise it wasn’t Felicity or Charlotte who answered, but his mother’s very best other friend Paula. And the sight of her was an incredible sight as she answered the door…