At the car park


Ken was on the phone with his supervisor. It was the one hour check in for lone workers.“Yes, Tim, all quiet and peaceful, nothing going on, see you.”Ken hung up, checked the illegal feed to his memory stick, and got back to watching the action.Tina had chatted to the two guys in the bar earlier, and they knew they were on to a good thing. Tina was tall, black-haired and with a waspish figure. In her blue dress, black belt and heels, she was showing lots of leg and it was all good.Tina knew the two had followed her from the bar, she had suggested it herself. She made sure they could keep her in sight as she led them toward the multi-story car park, to a service door at the back, a door she knew would be open.Once inside, Tina waited for the guys to catch her up, and they climbed the stairs with an arm each around her trim waist, or a hand on her tight rear, inside the flared lower part of the dress.Ken had seen the trio arrive on the 8th floor, a level not in use after 8 pm, it was now just before ten.Tina led her two consorts to a corner, where the electrical relay box gave her a slightly less hard seat than the concrete of the main structure. As she sat, the shorter, bahçesehir escort fair-haired male, sat to her right and began to kiss her and massage her right breast.The other man, 6 foot with black hair and torn jeans, knelt in front of Tina and ran his hands up her legs, and after a little bottom shuffling from Tina, withdrew his hands taking her blue lace panties down over her shoes and into his pocket.The fair-haired guy could tell his friend had begun teasing their conquest with his tongue, she gave a little shudder as soon as the tongue found her labia and another as it hit her sensitive button.Tina was moving toward heaven. Two men, strangers, were enjoying her charms and in a public place. Already Tina could feel a warm glow spreading outward from her crotch, as the thick heavy tongue worked into her dampness and made it tingle with delight. Her right nipple was being crushed through her dress, no bra to enclose her 34 b beauties and the dress, well that was just cotton, hardly anything to interfere with the strong finger and thumb that crushed and squeezed so excitingly.Ken, his other screen quiet, watched as the black haired beylikdüzü bayan escort man moved back and stood up. Opening his jeans, he moved forward and put his right hand on the back of Tina’s head, and directed her to suck his engorged member. His arm was in the way of the camera but there was nothing Ken could do, so he just watched, and adjusted the position of his own hard on as it decreased the amount of space inside his boxers.Tina sucked hard to take as much cock into her throat as she could, she loved giving head, and even more so when it was rough and ready, almost like she was forced, but that had never been needed.The shorter guy was now thrusting two fingers of his right hand in and out of Tina’s wetness, he reckoned she was near coming, and gave her clitoris a rub with his thumb now and then to speed things along.Tina was having a really good time, but so wanted things to move on. She liked it rough, and she had thought these two, just a couple of horny guys that had chatted her up, would be the type to give her what she wanted.For Tina, there were no multiple orgasms, no near continuous cumming that kept her on escort beylikdüzü a wave of bliss. No, Tina needed something special to get off, and she encouraged her two studs to give her that something, with moans and groans when they hit the spot. She moved invitingly under their ministrations and her smooth, tight body passed on the information in a language of its own.“Oh, you like it rough do you? Well good, now swallow this hard cock like a good little bitch.”The dark guy now changed hands, giving Ken a perfect view, as Tina’s head was forced down hard making her have to relax her throat to accommodate the meat. The fair-haired guy worked his hand hard but made no ground in his efforts to bring off the hot girl, she remained only near to, but not cumming.In all honesty, neither of the men was there for Tina’s pleasure so much as their own. It was still what Tina wanted when the fair-haired one told her to kneel down, on the hard, rough concrete floor of the multi-story car park.Tina managed to keep the hem of her dress from under her knees, and the cock in her mouth, as she got down on all fours, and felt her dress lifted to give clear access to her wet snatch. She was eager to have it filled with hot, pulsating meat, and even to feel her knees being skinned under the onslaught of a good hard fuck.As he slid into the dark haired beauty, the guy said to his friend,“Dirty little cow is all open and ready for some cock, she must be a right little slapper.