If you want 10″ cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can… this one is a bit different!

This story is complete fantasy. I have never been abducted by aliens!!! I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my (and my character’s) arousal. All my stories (except this one!!) have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

No one in this story is under the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story

Act 1 — In the physiatrist’s chair.

“So, Madeline, how are you feeling today?” Said the man sitting in the chair next to me. I was lying on a leather couch in a room with wall-to-wall bookcases. An archetypal physiatrist’s office.

The room was warm and smelt faintly of jasmine. I was feeling dazed, like I was emerging from a fog. “OK.” I did feel physically OK, actually I felt wonderfully warm and relaxed, even though my head was spinning. “Where am I?”

“All in good time, Madeline, all in good time.” He had a soothing voice and unusually for me I didn’t feel like arguing the point. “I just want you to relax. I’m here to help you. I’m here to take you on a beautiful journey of discovery.”

Journey… That rung a bell, the last thing I remember was going on a journey with my son. I was taking him to start university. We were crossing the moors in a terrible fog. Bright lights then nothing.

“That’s right Madeline, you were on a journey with your son.” He said in his soothing tone.

But I hadn’t said anything. I was now totally confused. My mind was racing, how, when who, what, where, fog, bright lights, oh my son, Harry, Harry.

“Calm Madeline, calm. Harry is safe and so are you.” He said and I believed him. I wish I had taken more notice of this apparent telepathy, but I was too concerned about my son’s welfare.

“But where am I” I said.

“You are in my office, Madeline. Relaxed and ready to talk. I will take you back to see Harry in a few minutes. OK?”

“Yes.” His tone and demeanour made it very hard to resist his suggestions. My body felt great and the spinning in my head was slowing.

“Good. You have been in a car accident, but don’t worry both you and Harry are completely unharmed. My colleagues and I have suggested you stay on a little longer so that we can explore your feelings.”

That was a strange thing to say, ‘explore feelings’ after a car accident. I don’t know why I didn’t just get up and walk out, but all I could muster was, “that’s nice, but I need to see my son and I need to get him to university.”

“Yes, I completely understand Madeline, but I’m afraid that’s just not possible, at the moment.”

I was confused. “Of course, it’s possible. I…”

He cut me off. “No sorry Madeline, not at the moment, soon, but not now.”

My instinct to see my son cut through my warm haze, the calm room and his soothing voice. I got up and walked to the door. Except I didn’t. I hadn’t moved. I wanted my body to tense, I wanted ‘fight or flight’ but all I got was relaxation.

“What’s happening, who are you, where am I?”

The world went white… nothing…

I heard Harry say “you’re here mum. You are safe with me.”

I wasn’t in the physiatrist’s room I was in a white room with one large bed and a toilet. Like a warm prison cell. I was in Harry’s arms. Safe.

“Harry, I don’t understand. Where are we? I’ve just had a very strange dream. It seemed so real. This doesn’t seem real. What the fuck is going on?”

“Were you in a physiatrist’s office?”


“Did you try to get up but couldn’t?”


“I woke from the same dream about 1/2 an hour ago. You have been lying, catatonic, on the bed for all that time. Then you sat up with a start.”

“What did he say to you, Harry?” He was about to answer when he slumped back on the bed. Eyes wide open but otherwise not moving at all. I was very frightened. I shook him. “Harry, wake up,” but he didn’t.

He didn’t wake for about 1/2 an hour. When he finally woke he was groggy, so I gave him a few minutes to collect his thoughts. I was still totally confused as to what was going on. “Did you go to the room?”

“Yes, I have been talking for hours.”

“You were only asleep, if that’s what it was for 1/2 an hour.”

“Mum, we have been captured by aliens.”

“Shut up Harry, that’s really silly.”

“So how do you explain the catatonic state, the fact that you and I have been talking to the same person and had the same experience?”

“I don’t know but it isn’t aliens.”

“Well, whatever they are, they want to know more about us. Oh, and the other thing is how do you explain that they are telepathic?”

“It’s all in our heads, Harry.”

The porno world went white… nothing…

“Where do you think you are Madeline?” The soft voice spoke.

I refused to answer. I supposed I must have had a bang on the head, and this was all a dream.

“No, you have not had a bang on your head. Didn’t you notice that both you and Harry were unscathed by your so-called crash?”

Oh fuck, telepathy! I didn’t want to speak to them, so I hadn’t, but they were reading my mind. I spoke (I have no idea why given they could read minds), “Why do you bring us here to talk?”

“That’s better Madeline. We bring you here so you can relax. Our form would be alien to you, in all senses of the word. We don’t want to shock or frighten you. We want to know more about you.”

“Google is your friend” I sneered.

“Ah humour, that’s good Madeline. We have surfed your primitive web and uploaded everything to our systems. We know it all but what we really need is more information on the human psyche. Now, we could spend weeks observing your minds, but you and Harry can be out so much quicker if you co-operate and answer our questions.”

I was still not totally convinced that this was not a dream, but I thought ‘what the hell, I might as well give it a go. If it is a dream, it will end all the sooner.”

“This isn’t a dream, but you are right Madeline, you will be out so much quicker if we talk.

The world went white… nothing…

“Are you OK mum?”


“What did they say?”

“Co-operate and we will be released much sooner. They asked for our co-operation, and I said yes. They are going to get what they want anyway, so we might as well co-operate.”

“So, you believe they are aliens?”

“I don’t know, Harry, I’m so confused. Let’s talk about something else. Is there any fruit left?”

So, we co-operated; days merged into days. The conversations were easy and quite soothing. Although I hated the feeling when I came around; drained and groggy. They provided fruit which kept us both very ‘regular’. At first it was very embarrassing using the toilet in full view of my son and (I imagine) vice versa, but we soon got used to it.

Act 2 — Too much information.

“So, Madeline, how do you choose a male to reproduce with.”

“I’m married, I only have sex with my husband.”

“Hmm, I understand you would want to reproduce with a male who has a bond with you. It is to share the role of raising children, isn’t it?”


“What I don’t understand is why your species devote so much of the web to the act of reproduction.”

“You mean pornography?”

“Yes. If the act is so pleasurable, why do you not perform this act with many different males? Wouldn’t that make it more interesting? You could experience pleasure more often and in more imaginative ways.”

“I guess so but for me (and I think most women) sex is more pleasurable if you love someone and the sex involves intimacy.”


“Well, I have to feel a bond with someone. I have to feel close. I have to feel loved.”

“So why do you not copulate with your son?”

“No, no, no,” an unwanted image entered my head. “Our society does not allow that.”

“You would do it if it were not taboo?”

“No, definitely not. It’s just not right and I have never thought of Harry like that.”

“I’m not sure that is right is it, Madeline? I saw the picture in your head.”

“Fuck you.”

The world went white… nothing…

Harry was out for the count when I woke. When he woke up, he reported his conversation, but his voice tailed off at the end.

“Harry, what else did they say?”

“They talked about sex with you mum.”

“What did you say?”

“It’s wrong and I had never thought of you in that way. They called me a liar and the session ended. I wouldn’t think of you like that mum, honest.” Of course, we both knew different.

Act 3 — The lab part 1.

I woke up lying on my back on a table. My legs and arms clamped. I was naked, with something in my pussy. I struggled. “Let me go.”

“All in good time.”

“Why are you clamping me down?”

“We are not satisfied with your answers. Neither of you were telling the truth.”

There was a groan to my right. I turned head and could see Harry on similar table. I didn’t want to, but I stole a glance and could see his flaccid cock lying on his tummy. He was coming around. “What the fuck!! Let us go.”

“All in good time. Harry, did you lie about not wanting to copulate with your mum? We want to know the truth. You both have sensors attached to your sexual organs, we can measure how stimulated you are.” Harry didn’t answer. “OK, Madeline tell us again why you do not copulate with your son?”

“Because it’s not right.”

“Are you attracted to him?”


“What’s wrong with him? He is fit and virile. His sexual organ looks big enough to provide you with satisfaction. You enjoy the act of copulation; it is a strong instinct shared by many creatures on this planet. You need love and you love him, so, why not?” I didn’t answer. I was tired of these questions, and I did not want to go where the questions were leading. porno It was a dark place, and I didn’t want any of my thoughts to betray me.

“Harry, why would you not copulate with your mum?”

“Because she is my mum.”

“You don’t find her attractive.”

“Yes of course.”

“So, what stops you?”

“I don’t think of her in that way.”

“But your sexual organ grows while we talk. Are you thinking about your mum? Is that not a sign that you want to enter her?”


“Look Madeline he is getting excited, and our instruments tell us you are too.”

“I’m not.”

“I’m afraid your body betrays you.” The voice paused. “Hmmmm…Let’s try an experiment. Harry’s clamps unsnapped and he stood up. His eyes were open, but he looked into the far distance. He walked towards my head and stopped about 6 inches from the table. His cock level with my face. I could see it without turning my head, it was erect but not totally hard. I closed my eyes and thought of watering my plants at home.

“He is close to you Madeline. I could force you to open your eyes, but I don’t need to do I? You know he is there, and in your imagination, you can see his sexual organ without opening your eyes. It is so close to you that you can smell it. Can’t you?”

“No.” I watered more plants.

“Yet again your body betrays you, Madeline.” I heard a rhythmical sound. I automatically opened my eyes to investigate; even though subconsciously I knew what it was. I had heard it a million times. Harry, staring into mid-air was wanking himself off. His cock pointing toward me and hardening by the second.

I imagined cum shooting from him and splashing my face. “You fucking perverts.”

“No, we are merely scientists, and you are aroused. You have just imagined his seed emerging onto your face, what is preventing you enjoying the moment?”

“He is my son.”

“You keep repeating that, but your eyes are drawn to his manhood, you are breathing in his musk and your sexual organ is lubricating in preparation for him to enter you.”

Harry stopped, turned, and walked back to his table. He climbed on, lay back and the clamps snaped shut. The sensor in my pussy slowly withdrew and my clamps sprung open. I thought ‘my chance to get away’. But my body would not move. Then my body obeyed me and stood up, but instead of running, it walked slowly to Harry’s side. I could see through my eyes but could not move them and I could not speak. ‘Shit Harry must have been fully aware as he wanked over me’, I thought. I wondered if part of him was exhilarated with the thought of cuming on my face.

As I got to his head my right hand ran down through my pubic hair, over my clitoris and into my labia. In my head I screamed at my fingers to stop but they penetrated me. The fingers of my left hand pushed back the hood of my clit and started gently rubbing it. My head screamed stop, but my legs felt like jelly and my pussy hummed. “You are enjoying that,” the voice said in my head”.

“Yes” I reluctantly answered in my head.

Harry was staring up at me in horror as I gave him a full view of every millimetre of my most intimate parts. I could feel my honey dribble. I stopped fighting it. I didn’t want to, but my pussy cried out for relief. I wanted orgasm. I wanted my son to see me tremble with extasy.

The world went white… nothing…

We woke, back in our cell, lying spooned on the bed. We were naked and I could feel his erection between my bum cheeks. I was first to wake, and I sat up covering my right breast with the palm of my right hand and the other nipple with the arm. He was waking, wide eyed at my partially covered breasts. I saw him glance at my pubic hair, and I couldn’t help but do the same to his erection. “Fuck what are we doing”

“I’m so sorry mum.” He looked at the floor.

“It’s not your fault.” I soothed him. He had rolled off the bed and was handing me my clothes. A white hospital gown. I dropped my hands from my breasts and stood up in all my glory. I could see he was feasting his eyes; I could no longer be bothered to keep the pretence of being covered. It would make putting on this gown too bloody difficult. I pushed my arms in and turned around. “Do me up please.” He tied the three chords. The bottom one took him longer as he fumbled. I guess he was distracted by the sight of my bum. I did the same for him, and I noticed his broad manly back. I snapped out of my reverie. “What the fuck are we doing?”

Our captors had laid some fruit out and we ate. We made small talk for a few minutes. “Harry,” I sighed,” I know you don’t want to, but we need to talk.”

“Yes, I know mum, I’m a pervert, I can’t believe I wanked over you.”

“Am I that unattractive?” I smiled in an attempt to lighten the mood.

He responded “no, as you could tell, part of me was enjoying it very much”.

“And the rest of you?” I immediately regretted saying that.

His face dropped; I shouldn’t have asked him that. “Don’t ask me that mum.”

I tried to recover the situation. “They can read our every thought. They want to know about the human sexual response. The more we tell them the earlier they are likely to let us go.”

“They türk porno won’t let us go, mum.”

The world went white… nothing…

I was back in the physiatrist’s chair. “You don’t trust us, do you Madeline?”


“We will let you go if you co-operate. We are an intelligent species with a thirst for knowledge. You will help us. We can force you to help us which will take months and may be psychologically damaging for you and Harry. Or you can carry on as you are, and we will let you go in seven of your earth days. You will feel no shame as we will wipe your memory of everything that has happened here.”

I didn’t say anything. I tried not to think of anything.

“Perhaps, if I gave you a demonstration of our power. I have wiped your husband’s name, Bob, from Harry’s memory. When I send you back, he will think his father’s name is Tony. Test him but don’t confuse him.”

The world went white… nothing…

“Are you OK mum?”


“Why do they do that? Take us away to a room with a pretend man? What did they want?”

“They want to make us feel comfortable and assure us that they will let us go if we cooperate.”

“Do you believe them?”

“I think so, but I wish Tony was here, he would know what to do.” I didn’t want to play their game, but I felt compelled. Like so much of this experience I felt I was being drawn deeper by a powerful force.

“Yes, Dad would know exactly what to do.”

I nodded “yes… I do believe them.” We finished the fruit.

We spoke later. “Son, you are not a pervert. It is perfectly normal for you to be turned on by the sight of a naked woman.”

“That’s kind mum, but I don’t think I should not be turned on by my own mum.”

“Harry, your cock doesn’t care who I am.”

“No but I do, mum… were you turned on, mum?”

I asked for that. What a stupid cow I am. I took a deep breath. “Yes, Harry. In the same way as you. My head was screaming no, but my pussy was getting wet.” I blushed and paused for thought. “I shouldn’t use the word pussy. Sorry. My vagina was getting wet.”

“It doesn’t really matter what we call it mum and don’t forget they are listen to our every word and feeling. I think we should just be as open as we can.”

He was right, my boy was becoming a man before my very eyes. I was so proud. My eyes glanced down to his crotch, and I saw he had grown. Fuck why did I do that? “Because you wanted to Madeline,” a voice said.

“They are talking to you aren’t they mum?”


“What are they saying?”

I sighed. “They want to know why I glanced at your cock.”

“What did you tell them?”

I didn’t answer him. You could cut the air with a knife. The sexual tension was unbearable. Finally, I said. “I think its time we got some sleep.”

I woke in the morning to find Harry spooned up against me. His hard cotton covered morning tent poking between my bum cheeks. I smiled. What else could I do it was so fucking ridiculous. He stirred as he woke up. He climbed over me and walked to the toilet. Within the 1st day we had got used to using the toilet in each other’s presence. It was nothing then. Neither of us saw much other than the occasional glimpse and I have never found anything to do with the toilets remotely sexual. This time was different. I half opened my eyes as he hoisted his robe up. What a magnificent cock!!

“You like that don’t you.” The voice said.

“Not now,” I answered in my head.

“You do though, don’t you?”


“Eat your breakfast, Madeline, we have a busy day ahead of us.”

Act 4 — The lab part 2.

We awoke, back on the tables. “Madeline, how did you feel when you saw Harry’s erection this morning.”

“I felt nothing.”

“This is going to take a long time if you don’t tell us the truth.”

“Madeline, how did you feel?”

I was trapped by my own sub conscious thoughts. I sighed “turned on.”

“Harry, did you know your mum was watching you.”


“So how does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know.”

“You do.”

“A bit horny.”

“Yes, a bit horny, like now.” His cock was rising. “And how did you feel in the middle of the night when you stroked your mum’s nipples through her gown?”

“Fuck off!”

“As I said to your mum, this is going to take a long time if you don’t cooperate.”

The little bugger had been playing with my tits in the night. I smiled to myself. I was a tiny bit thrilled at the thought and of course my jailors knew this.

“And when you made her nipples hard what did you dream of doing”. Silence. “Shall I tell your mum or are you going to?”

“I dreamed of fucking my mum.”

I went cold. I knew in my heart of hearts it was all leading to this. We were on some sort of conveyor belt. I sensed the destination, but I kept looking away hoping I was wrong. I should have fought them. I should have devised some sort of psychological strategy to change the subject, anything but this. Our jailors had revealed our deepest instincts. Of course, I wanted to be impregnated by this male. The animal in me did not care that it was my son, but the human did. My head did not want this. A tear dribbled down my cheek and I struggled against my bonds. “Please let us go. I can’t go any further down this road. Don’t you understand, it’s just wrong. Please, I am begging you.”