A Total Stranger

Gina Devine

There’s nothing more thrilling than fucking a stranger, the anticipation, the buildup. It’s like a good score. You hunt and track down, you ask around, you make phone calls you make connections, all the while you’re thinking how good that smack or whatever will taste — and you can’t stop until you get it.

It’s the same thing with sex: you get on these dating sites, you hunt down, you make judgments from pictures, which ones’ll be worth your time which won’t. And that’s part of the fun too: seein’ whether you were right about a certain chick, seein’ whether your imagination matches up with reality, seein’ how your thoughts measure up against reality. You’re always right is the thing — it’s always exactly how you imagined it would be.

And that feeling when she says “yes…” like a great flood of relief, all the catharsis you’ve ever experienced in your life all at once, rushing through you and you know all is well with the world, at least for a night. I had this one chick that I met online, she was in her twenties but she still lived with her parents. I could just tell by the way she was standing in the mirror in her profile picture that she was down. She had these enormous tits and she was sucking her gut in a lil’ and pushing her chest out, and she was wearing a white tank top so you could see her bra.

She didn’t have a car so I had to go pick her up. I’ve never felt so much control, so much power. I could feel it coursing through me on the way over. My world became condensed and immediate, full of excitement, the night filled with boundless possibility, the lights illuminating doorways seemed like passages to unknown worlds. Life was filled with this incredible sense of adventure again.

I waited for her in the driveway. It was too dark to see her approach so I nearly jumped when the door opened. The overhead light came on. The wind moved through the crack in the door. Then I saw a bare leg, a furry boot, striped booty shorts, big tits. It was her. I was spellbound.

She closed the door and the light went off but her image glowed in my mind. “Hi,” she said, through the darkness, her voice sweet and melodic.

“Hi,” I said, unable to take my eyes off her as she came into view – her voluptuous form. She saw me staring and she laughed.

“You wanna feel?” she said, popping her tits out through her top. She had these beautiful big nipples.

“Wow,” I said, reaching over for a big handful. She watched me patiently, almost lovingly as I kneaded both tits back and forth while delicately pinching her nipples.

“OK,” she said, smiling. “I think we should get going.”

She let me play with her tits and her pussy all the way back to my apartment. She was getting nice and wet and starting to moan. She reached over the console and started stroking my cock through my sweats. I kneaded her big tits, squeezing harder with approval. Then she reached under my sweats and started jerking me off. I could feel my veins pulsing in her tight grip.

“Oh my God,” she said, “you’re so hard.”

“Come over here and suck me off,” I said, pulling my pants down.

Her head went in my lap and I felt her moist mouth go over the top of me, sucking exquisitely, pushing her throat all the way down over me.

She bobbed there as I drove. There’s something about risk that amplifies the feeling of getting your cock sucked to these transcendent levels. Everything gets concentrated right in that one spot so that that one spot becomes like your whole body. You can feel the movements of her mouth vibrate through your whole being, and as the yellow lines of the road and the landscape start zooming by you you start to lose sense of time and space, even while you’re driving. There’s nothing like it.

I pulled into my apartment complex right as I was about to cum. We rushed right in and started fucking. She let me fuck her from the back right away. I was giving it my all. She was loving it, taking it like she’d been missing it. Then I turned her over so I could watch her big titties bounce. It wasn’t long before I came on her tits and then took her home right away.

The ride back was silent but oddly familiar, the sound of the tires on the road. I couldn’t wait to get her home so I could be alone. I tried hooking up with her again about a month later but she wouldn’t talk to me. I never heard from her again after that.

I don’t really care. For me it’s all about the anticipation anyway. You look at her picture over and over and you imagine the scene in your mind, every which way you’ll fuck her, what she’ll be like. Every which angle. She’ll be everything you ever wanted.

The scenes you imagine depend on what she looks like, whether she has big or small tits, a fat ass or a tiny ass, whether she’s skinny or fat. This determines what you’ll want to do with her and how. Her personality determines a lot too: the speed, the duration, the positions she’ll let you try, whether there’ll be talking. There’s this natural chemistry that may or may not occur. Then you can put more into tuzla escort it if you want to. But if it’s become more about the chase you don’t. You get what you need and it’s over. Your craving is satisfied until it’s time for the next one.

That’s how it goes. You move from one scene to the next. Some chicks stick around longer, some less. But it always depends on them. I’m there for one thing. Either they recognize it right away, and leave, or it takes ’em a while longer. The other ones I’ll just ghost.

But those days are behind me now. I’ve got a girlfriend who I love — still I find myself fantasizing: wouldn’t it be nice, just one more time? Just once and that’s it. I find myself inadvertently flirting with chicks I work with or go to school with. Or being extra harsh or critical with my girl friend over stupid shit to create distance, just enough space for an excuse to go back out.

But still I haven’t done it. I try to keep myself satisfied but it just feels like a matter of time. Nothing helps. I try new shit with my girlfriend, I try to recommit to my relationship, I go to therapy, still nothing works. All it takes is one fat ass in yoga pants and I’m over the moon imagining scenarios. Not just with the yoga ass but with anybody.

There’s this older lady I work with. She’s not ugly but she’s not hot either. She’s close to her sixties but she swims everyday. She’s got these great looking tits and if her shirt sits just right you can almost see her nipples. Her ass is okay: not exactly flat but not shapely either, except when she bends over. Then it’s like the Shangri-La of asses. You should see it it looks just like a peach.

There was this one time she was bending over to light some candles, but for some reason she had crossed one leg over the other to do it. I swear you could see camel toe from the back. I almost lost it. I had to stop myself from going over there and rubbing her ass and her pussy through her pants. It was mesmerizing.

I saw that in a porno once. Some guy had gotten this Latina chick to cross one leg over the other. He had oiled her ass up and was eating her pussy from the back. I had never even thought of that before but I loved it, you get this beautiful view of ass and pussy all at once. So I tried it with this chick I was fucking at the time. She really liked me and she was fun and up for anything. I did exactly like I saw in the video. She had this beautiful pussy too nice and fat.

I crossed one of her legs over the other, I got the baby oil out. The only thing was it made her pussy too tight so I couldn’t fuck her like that. But I did like the guy did and ate her out and teased her pussy with my cock, got her all nice and wet then spread her apart and fucked her silly. She loved it.

That was fun, but I’ve always liked older women. They’re practical and easy. They don’t have all the silly ideals that younger chicks have like romance and love at first sight and all that bullshit. They’re down to just fuck and that’s it. Simple. The way life should be. No expectations.

I can always tell if a chick’s gonna be high maintenance, if she’s gonna be worth my time. I’ve learned to spot the crazy ones. Still you can’t always help it with the crazy ones. But this lady at work, Tracy, she’s as low rent as it comes. And you should see the way she looks at me. It’s this mix of depravity and hunger, openness and submission, sweet and begging almost, like she wants me to fuck her right there in the hallway at work in front of everybody. There’s nothing in the world like it.

I feel this connection with her that’s almost palpable so that I know it’s mutual. Like it only feels the way it does because she feels it too. She wants it. Bad. And she knows I have a girlfriend too so it’s perfect. But at some point though it’s like that doesn’t even matter. You want something so bad you’re willing to set aside everything else in your life to get it. The seed of craving has grown to be too big and you can’t contain it anymore. It’s overcome all other areas of your life so that you become devoted to it. You have to keep maintaining it because it’s maintaining you.

I’m not quite there yet but I’m close. I don’t necessarily want to be single, I just want this one time. And I like the way being in a long term relationship makes me feel. I feel more stable, more whole. But maybe that’s because I care too much about what other people think to go chasing girls all over town. I hate being alone, I know that much. I need somebody to come home to at the end of the day, somebody to wake up with. Maybe I’m afraid to be me, afraid to become the depravity I crave so much. But maybe I only feel depraved because so much is off limits. How is it that I want to be single and in a relationship all at once, but know that neither is really good for me? I don’t really know what I want or why. I guess I’m just doomed to suffer. But I want to be in a committed relationship. I love my girlfriend. She’s been good to me. I owe it to her.

Still I can’t help tuzla rus escort but think of having one last blowout with this lady from work. I’ve been really good. I deserve it. I’ve got the plan down, too, easy. Easier and all the more enticing cuz I know she wants it as bad as I do. I text her. She loves our dog.

“Hey can I bring the pup over for a play date?” She’s always asking us to bring him over for a play date.

“Sure! Come on by.” I tell my girlfriend I’m going to the dog park. She hates going to the dog park cuz our dog isn’t neutered and he embarrasses her. And Tracy lives near there anyway. It’s perfect.

I see myself walking up the stairs to her apartment. I love apartment complexes. No matter how nice they are they always seem so seedy to me. The seedier the better. Hers is on the top floor, up a switch-backing staircase you can see through. Somehow this adds to the anticipation, like you’re taking an elevator up to the sky. A dream world no one can see and will ever know about, it’s like it doesn’t even exist.

I can feel the excitement building in my chest, tingling in my hips. I wonder what her pussy’ll taste like, if it’ll be shaved. It definitely will be, nice and bare. She’s dirty in a need for approval sort of way. It’ll be sopping wet. She hasn’t fucked in a while but she’s ready for it.

I see myself knocking on the door. The sound reverberates in the halls and in my ears. Disbelief and excitement grinds time to a halt. I can’t believe this is finally happening. I hope it’s everything I’ve thought it will be. It will be.

At times I’ve imagined fucking her in her one piece swimming suit, the bottom pulled over to one side; caught her right as she’s pulling the straps down over her shoulders. She feigns shock and disapproval but we both know she wants it by the interregnum stillness. I step in to her bathroom, immediately bring my mouth to her tits…

Will it go down like that? What will she be wearing? The thought that she’s in anything other than chilling clothes has never crossed my mind. She’s not in a hurry, I know it. She’s been here for a while and she’ll be here for a while yet…

I fucked another blonde lady who I worked with once. It was almost just like this. She handed me a note one day while I was at my desk.

“For some good trim call,” it read. I called her one night when I got back from the gym, I was just getting in the shower. Her voice was almost shaky from surprise and excitement, she’d just gotten back from a funeral.

“Should I come by?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said.

She lived in an apartment complex too and she had to come out to help me with the code. She was a runner and she was wearing these skin tight jogging pants, an old football t-shirt and some flip flops but her hair was done up and she had makeup on — she had just changed to settle down for a while.

She didn’t wait for me to go upstairs. I followed her in. She was a divorcee, kids gone, living alone. Her place was the kind of messy that made you feel comfortable, scattered and unpretentious. The few things on the walls were things that really had meaning, pictures of her kids and so on. She was in the kitchen cooking eggs which distressed me greatly cuz I wanted to fuck her right away. I think she sensed it cuz she came and sat next to me on the couch while her eggs were still going. She sat facing me with her feet up. She leaned into me.

“So why’d you come over?” she said.

“So you could put that pussy on me,” I said, pulling her on top of me.

She gasped. I started grinding her pussy on my cock. I could feel through her pants how wet she was. She started tossing her head back and forth leaning her face into mine, gasping for breath and moaning. I stood up to pull her pants down and fucked her from behind on the couch. She almost couldn’t take it. She was writhing uncontrollably. I turned her over and fucked her on her back so I could watch her tits bounce. Her pussy was tight and dripping wet. Then I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom to finish her off. She was so excited, she couldn’t believe any of it was happening. She clutched at a pillow over her head. She bit her lip, she shook and quaked from side to side.

I went back over there another time when she invited me to come over and watch a movie. It was a Saturday and she was just hanging out, doing laundry. She sucked my cock while I was sitting on the clean clothes she was folding. Then she sat on my dick, grinding her ass in my face with her pants around her ankles, working it like I was gonna give her communion, playing with my balls. She made me cum in like two minutes.

After that I tried to ghost her but she faked a pregnancy and went crazy, calling me non-stop and coming over late at night banging on the door and waking my neighbors up. But eventually I got rid of her. I still think about her sometimes, trying to get her on Skype or something, let her go a little crazy on camera a few times, talk some seriously tuzla sarışın escort nasty shit and let that be the very end of it, but I know I shouldn’t, no way that would be worth it.

No way Tracy would go crazy like that…not a chance. She’d be cool. She’d keep it quiet. I see her bright smiling shining face as she opens the door, she’s holding her small dog in one arm but she greets me and my dog warmly.

“Hi guys,” she’ll say, “Ms. Mona are you so happy your friend is here? Look at you yes you are, come on in.”

We’ll walk inside, what is she wearing? Skin tight black pants and a white button down shirt. She’ll direct me to a single seat, an arm chair she has by the door but it won’t take me long to be on her. She won’t go sit on the couch across the room, she’ll stand nearby, in between the living room and the kitchen.

She’ll be watching the dogs, feigning excitement to try to cover up the sexual tension she feels. I’ll be able to feel this and it’ll make me hard. She’ll put her hands on her hips and wait for me to make a move. I’ll want to do it right then. I won’t be able to wait. The buildup’s been going for too long.

I’ll get up and I’ll take off my jacket. “Oh, here. You can just put that here.” She grabs it for me and throws it on the back of one of her kitchen chairs.

“Thanks,” I’ll say, eyeing her. She’ll glance up at me and then return to watching the dogs with her hands on her hips. Then I’ll come behind her, and reach around and grab her tits.

“Oh God,” she’ll say, and her head will fall back.

I’ll lean in and kiss her neck. I can see her flushed face and feel her hot cheek on mine, feel her soft breath, here her moaning. She’s been waiting for this for a long time.

Then I’ll reach down with one arm and pull her pants down around her knees. She’s not wearing any panties. I’ll rub my cock over her ass and I’ll reach down and grab her pussy to feel her wetness, the little stubbles of hair. I’ll kiss her neck for a minute and I’ll play with her tits, then I’ll turn her so she can lean on the kitchen table. I’ll unbuckle my belt, my jeans. She’s breathing deeply waiting for me. Her head is turned to the side, watching.

I’ll get my pants down, I feel as hard as I ever have been. When she feels my cock against her pussy she moans with delight. I’ll struggle to get it in at first but I wont rush.

I can see the beautiful soft lips just waiting for me, the skin almost brown. I’ll bend her down a little farther, she’ll gasp with pleasure from the command. I’ll spit in my palm and lube up my cock, rub it all over the outside of her pussy.

“Ohh,” she’ll say, aching for it, feeling a pulsing throb from even the slightest graze.

I’ll try to jam my cock in but it’s still too dry. One more lick of the palm.

We both moan as my cock goes inside her hot waiting pussy. It’s so juicy I’ve never felt anything like it. Her head falls to the table and she moans as I slide it in nice and deep. We’re both moaning with intense pleasure and disbelief, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. I’ll wrap my arms around her, clutching her tightly as I pump her harder and harder. Then I’ll pull her up and turn her to face me and we’ll finish undressing: unbuttoning our shirts and stepping out of our pants, panting with excitement. I pull her close and press my cock against her stomach. We’ll move to the couch, shooing the dogs out of the way. They’ll be watching curiously.

I’ll sit down and she’ll get on top of me. She’ll still have her shirt on but it’ll be unbuttoned. I’ll squeeze and suck her tits, her nice pink nipples as she situates herself on top of me. I’ll feel her nice fat ass as she eases my cock inside of her, then falls forward into my face and slowly moves her hips up and down, sliding her wet pussy over every inch of me. Up and down, up and down, nice and slow, her breath in my ear.

I see her look into my eyes and ask me if I like her pussy.

“How long have you been waiting for me to fuck you?” she’ll say.

“God forever,” I moan.

I’ll kiss her deeply and feel her moving all over me and I’ll pull her to me and jam my cock deep inside her, as far as it’ll go. She’ll throw her head back and I’ll kiss her neck and lick her tits before I grab her ass and start slamming her until she stops me and starts grinding me so I can feel her wetness on my legs. I pinch and lick her nipples — it’s time for the bedroom.

I follow her in and push her onto the bed’s edge and jam my cock deep inside her. She’s got tan lines on her ass. We’re both right on the edge. We’re moaning deeply with each stroke. I spread my legs out wide. She lifts herself up while my cock’s still inside her to pull her shirt off. There’s a tan line going lengthwise across her back. She wears a two piece to swim.

Her thighs jiggle as her fat pussy takes my whole cock. I put my hand on the back of her neck and then on the back of her head as I move slowly but deliberately in and out of her, feeling her hot juices coat every inch of me. I love being inside her. I jam my cock in as deeply as it’ll go, almost trying to lift her off the bed. I want more, I’m ready to cum. Feeling this, she pushes me away from her and jumps onto the bed onto her back and throws her legs out wide. She wants to watch me cum inside her.