A Mother’s Treat 2


If you’ve read the first part then you’ll know that I’m having sexual relations with my son after he’d caught me masturbating with the help of a vibrator I’d purchased from a sex shop; and I know what you must be thinking that we’re having an incest style relationship but so far we haven’t had full sex although we’d often thought about it after performing the classic 69. Anyway it was about 3 months later when Paul had just left, after another fantastic session of me sucking his cock and him licking me to orgasm that I spotted that he must have dropped his wallet on the floor. Deciding to return it I caught the number 7 bus, travelled towards his house before getting off and walking the couple of streets before standing in his driveway looking at the empty space.Stepping up to his backdoor I tested it and was happily surprised to find that it opened meaning that Carol, his wife and my daughter-in-law, must be at home. “Hello,” I called walking into the kitchen. Getting no response I stepped into the hallway and was about to call again when I heard some noises coming from upstairs. Thinking that’s where she’d be I headed towards her bedroom and as I got closer to the door, which just happened to be slightly ajar, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a naked body in the dressing table mirror. Not wanting to intrude on her, and maybe şişli escort bayan becoming a tiny bit curious about seeing my daughter-in-law naked, I decided to carefully tiptoe until I could have a good look inside. What I saw was Carol lying naked on the bed playing with her rather small breasts and as I continued to look it was a moment later that she brought her knees up so that I now had a perfect view of her vagina.Continuing to watch the way she played with herself, I don’t know why but maybe I was starting to get excited, I watched in amazement when the back of a youngish looking man stepped from the shadows and removed his clothes. Now naked this stranger walked up to her, grabbed her knees and spread her thighs as wide as they’d go. In doing this her vagina opened up and seeing how erotic this was my left hand instantly moved inside my knickers to start investigating just how wet my vagina had become. As well as this; my other hand located one of my nipples and started rolling it making it hard and pleasurably sensitive. “Now lick me you naughty boy and make me cum,” Carol grunted as she obviously wanted him to give her satisfaction.Hearing this; the man stepped back and instantly fell to his knees before pushing his face towards her waiting vagina and it was then that she held his head in place. mecidiyeköy escort bayan There were no words spoken by the pair in front of me, only grunts, as I watched the man increasing his head movements. I’m not sure how long it took, maybe about eight minutes, but in one desperate push he stiffened as Carol’s knees suddenly clamped like a vice around the man’s head and the guttural chant easily confirmed her orgasm. Watching this and realising that due to my age I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach my climax I started to get myself back into some sort of order but was a little shocked when the man stood, turned and began picking up his clothes. The reason was quite simple because seeing exactly who it was I had one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever had. So powerful, infact, I suddenly half screamed with satisfaction. By the time it had subsided for me to be aware of what was happening the door was fully open and there stood my daughter‑in‑law as well as my grandson both still naked.“Hello nan,” Jason smiled as he looked at the way one of my hands was still inside my knickers and the other inside my bra. As I focused on him did I notice the way his penis had started to become stiff again. Carol had also spotted what was happening because her hand went down and grabbed it. For a moment we all stood escort şişli looking at each other with no-one saying a word but that suddenly changed when the lad, because that’s what he was, suddenly smiled, “Let’s see your tits!”“Jason,” his mother scolded.“What?”“That’s your gran.”“I know,” he answered with pure lust. “But wasn’t she just spying on us having sex?”“Maybe she didn’t see anything.”“Well, if that’s the case,” he grinned while turning and grabbing her small breasts. “She can watch us now.”“I don’t think so,” Carol tried to impose as she seemed to be losing the battle to stay in control especially when he lifted her small breasts and started sucking on the large nipples.“But I’m feeling horny again,” he smiled when putting his hand between her thighs and pushing a finger into her obviously wet vagina. “And I believe you are to.” Having spoken he stepped away from his mother, my daughter‑in‑law, and wrapped his strong arms around her shoulders before pushing her to the floor. I just stared, in disbelief, as she fell to her knees and remembering what Paul had told me about her reluctance to perform oral sex was quite shocked when she opened her pretty mouth and took his stiff penis inside. To say that I was beginning to get excited by watching the way she knew exactly what she was doing would probably have been an under estimate because I immediately guessed that she was no novice when it came to the art of fellatio and when Jason suddenly stiffened my instincts were proved to be correct because I instinctively knew that she’d just swallowed his semen and wasn’t going to let any escape.