A Cumdump’s Journey Pt. 07


Chapter 7: Becoming a cumdump

Spring had gradually turned to summer in Paris, and the weather was becoming hideously warm. The past two-and-a-half months had been a whirlwind of work mainly, but also of increasingly seedy sex. Work had taken a lot of my time, as I tried to settle in and make a good initial impression in order to pass the probationary period. In every way my life was unrecognisable to the one I’d had in London. Whereas in London I had been invested in being social and had spent much of the previous few years in fairly conventional relationships, in Paris I bore little resemblance to that person from my past.

The drudge of settling in to a new job left me exhausted at the end of my long work-day. Socialising and making friends had fallen by the wayside and on the days I didn’t manage to drag myself to the gym, I would barely have the energy to eat, preferring to nap and slump in front of the TV. Inevitably, I would wake late in the evening, when it was too late to do anything, but with one thing on my mind. At least three times a week, I would find myself leaving the apartment late to head towards the wood. It had totally replaced my social life – since I had no friends, and no family living in the city – my support network was non-existent. There was nothing stopping me from falling deeper and deeper into this routine.

I longed for cock; to taste it in my mouth, to enjoy the haze that came from being high on weed, on poppers, or on alcohol, but most of all to have the sweet taste of cum on my tongue. It got dark later now, but the warm weather ensured a healthy supply of dick in the woods. I had gotten to know it much better now; exploring deep into the bushes where you would never expect men to venture, and yet no matter how far you went you always crossed someone. I would set myself targets, telling myself that I had to just swallow two cum loads, before I could come back home to sleep for the night. Inevitably though, two was never enough, I would tell myself just one more load and then I’m done for the night, or just one more lap of the park and I’ll go home, but I always ended up staying later. I would suck off 3 men on a quiet night and anything up to 6 or 7 on a busy one, maybe more if a crowd gathered. I’d been reluctant to let them fuck me; somehow keeping that limit, telling myself that as long as it didn’t let any old guy in the woods fuck me then it was ok. I wasn’t a slut, but of course it didn’t matter…I was a cock addicted slut, and soon I would be giving up my ass too.

I had begun noting them down in my phone to try to keep track and remember all the men I had drained. I would often read back over the list during the day and jerk off in my bed thinking about the taste of the sperm in my mouth. I had lists with men’s descriptions like, “Short Arab beard – swallowed 3 loads”; “skinny young white guy – shot in throat 2 times” or; “veiny black cock – cum tasted sweet”. The only way I could remember who they were. Many of them became regulars of sorts. When we crossed in the bushes or on the dirt tracks in the park, there would be no need for the usual, elusive dance, figuring out what the other was looking for. No, with me they knew exactly what was on offer. With some men a nod of the head was enough for me to change direction and follow them to a discreet spot when I would immediately take my position kneeling in front of them. I always had my poppers with me and when they took their dick out I would get straight to work, not finishing until I had drained their balls, and only satisfied when I knew they had shot their load in my mouth or throat.

Some guys were reluctant to shoot in my mouth. Usually when I first sucked them off I would swallow them without hesitation, but if they freaked, then that was it, I didn’t want to suck them again. My aim had become to swallow as many loads as possible. Some guys became almost like acquaintances. We would have small talk and I even knew their names. We would cross in the bushes and chat for a few minutes like old friends in the street, before they began rubbing their growing bulges and asking if I was hungry tonight. Of course, I always obliged. During the week, work forced me to go home and sleep at least part of the night. At the weekend though, I would hang around for hours, or go home and come back until there were no more guys hanging about.

I had seen the guys I previously told you about with some regularity or rather irregularity. I sucked Charles’ big cock happily when I saw him. He continued to make love to my throat like a sloppy pussy when he had the chance. I must have swallowed his cum at least 3 times a month for the past two months. And Dou. Dou would pop up irregularly and ask if he could come to my place. I snuck him in usually after my flatmate was asleep and he was not at all interested in getting sucked. I would always start by sucking him, but as soon as he was hard he wanted to stick his massive schlong deep istanbul travesti into my guts. I’d never been fucked regularly by a guy who was so large down there. He would go so deep my second sphincter no longer posed any kind of resistance to him. I barely felt the pop anymore, as he forced himself in past it. He would unload inside me once, sometimes twice, and tell me how much he loved to breed my loose pussy. Then he would carry on his way home.

In the beginning, and before all this began, I would have been ashamed if someone told me I was loose. Now the way some of these men admired it, I took pride in having a loose cunt, that would be open for such a well-hung man. I told him early on that any time he needed my pussy, it was there for him to unload in; that I would never refuse his cock – and I truly felt that he deserved the right to use my cunt in this way as a strong, black, alpha male.

So, that pretty much brings you up to date, although I was being a total slut by countless anonymous men off, I somehow convinced myself that I had kept something for myself, some kind of self-respect.

It was the Friday right before my first short break from work. I had booked off a week for a friend to visit from London, but in the end she wasn’t able to come. Nonetheless I was happy to have the time off. The temperature had risen, and the head was unbearable during the day. I was more than happy to avoid the metro for the next week. It was already evening and I was laying on my bed, sweating from the unbearable heat. I had no desire to even move a muscle, I knew though that later that night, I would seek out the coolness of the forest. I packed up my pouch with poppers and decided to throw in the lube and some tissues. I don’t know if it was the heat or the fact that I felt like I was on vacation, but I decided that I would douche and clean out my hole before heading out that night. A few of the regulars I met there had started pushing me to let them fuck me, although up to that point I had resisted; tonight that would change.

Over the past few months, my sensitivity to sex and what I considered taboo had shifted considerably. If I think back to that first night in the woods sucking off Bobby, a.k.a “XL thick now”, I had been petrified about being caught, or the police coming or being watched, even by other cruisers. At this stage though, I had begun to enjoy the attention. I thrived on the fact that we were outside in the open air. It turned me on to know that other men were watching me suck cock, and especially if I thought they were waiting for the same treatment. I also began to understand the unspoken codes of cruising. In certain areas of the park, it was easy to know where a guy would be waiting to suck men off. Small crowds would often congregate around a sucker, and when I saw them after taking a look at the action I would usually head for another zone – knowing that it wouldn’t be me sucking these men if I hung around standing there. Better to find my own spot and start a crowd of my own. Sometimes, you would get guys who encouraged others to join in when they were getting sucked, and I would find myself sucking three cocks simultaneously, but most often I was still relieving men one at a time.

Tonight when I arrived, and entered the bushes, walking down one of the dirt tracks I was struck by how much the foliage had grown since I arrived at the beginning of spring. There were endless places now to hide and discover that had been exposed before. I noticed one of those characteristic crowds and decided to wander over to check it out. When I soon saw what was going on. It was a cock sucker in action, but rather a guy stood with his ass out. He had covered his eyes and was facing the trunk of a tree, waiting patiently. Three or four men had gathered around and were starting to hover about, but so far no-one had made a move. I tried to make out the guy who was bottomless. I saw he had a top on and only a thin pair of shorts pulled down to his ankles. I could feel my prick raging in my own Nike shorts. This man was offering his hole to anyone who wanted it and he didn’t care who took it. In fact, he wouldn’t even see who had fucked him.

Seemingly out of nowhere sprang a young, cocky kid. He can’t have been any older than 18 or 19. In typical sports wear, a teenager from the outskirts of Paris. His movements were jerky and he was impatient. I couldn’t tell if he was nervous, until I noticed his hand was down on his crotch and he was frantically horny. He reached his other hand forward and started to grab the naked ass exposed in front of us all. The man didn’t move, just stood silently waiting for the onslaught that was surely soon to arrive. The teenager pulled out his cock; a fairly impressive 6 or 7 inches and with a gob of saliva he started to lube it up before lining his cock up to the hole. No lube and no prep at at, he rammed his cock forward into the waiting man’s fuck-tunnel. istanbul travestileri He was frantic still, and he reminded me of someone who was young and very inexperienced; he fucked the guy hard for the next two or three minutes, and the man took it stoically moaning with each thrust. Finally the young kid loudly shot his nut and pulled out, walking away without acknowledging any of the other men around.

Later I realised that a lot of the men who came here, were otherwise ‘heterosexual’ in their day to day lives, and this place was the only place they could let loose.

I stayed only long enough to see that a new man was readying to step up to the now used fuck-hole, and as I walked further into the bushes to find my own quiet territory, I was more inspired than ever, and knew there was a reason I had prepared my hole for tonight’s outing.

After a few minutes of walking, I stood in a small opening that was covered on three sides but which opened on to give a good view of one of the main cruising areas. If I stood at this opening, I knew from experience men would see me as they walked past. I reached down to my shorts and pulled the back down slightly exposing my smooth ass cheeks to the cool air of the woods. I stood and waited patiently. A few men walked past, but none came very close or they looked me up and down and didn’t stop. I knew though that it was just a waiting game. Before much longer a man approached slowly, he came up right beside me but didn’t say a word. We stood in slime barely a meter apart until he reached out and grabbed my ass, rubbing it and pushing his fingers up to massage my hole. Still neither of us said a word. He was the same height and build as me, a white guy with a baseball cap on, but I’d say he would have been in his late thirties. Before leaving the apartment, I had smoked a spliff, but overall I was feeling quite sober. I leant across and put my hand to feel his cock.

“Wow’ I whispered, I was pleasantly surprised to feel a thick and growing appendage. It wasn’t the biggest I had ever had, but it was certainly a healthy penis for a guy like this. Still the guy said nothing, using body language and his hands to guide me into the position he wanted me in. We skipped the blowjob and he immediately started rubbing his dick against my hole when he had turned me to face away. I put my arms out and leant up against a tree for support. I knew he wanted to penetrate me, so I pulled out my lube and greased his cock behind my back. I pulled out the poppers and took a large hit, knowing that even though I was now accustomed to girthy meat, it still helped to relax me in the beginning. Within moments he was fucking me hard with long, deep strokes. I imagined myself as the slut who was being fucked a few hundred yards away. Although truth be told, I would have been too nervous to stand anonymously for a queue of men to fuck me.

We fucked like this for a while, until finally a shuffling close by made us take stock of what was happening around us. Someone was standing observing us not too far away, and the guy in the baseball cap motioned for him to come closer. It was a North African guy with his equally thick, but cut cock out jerking in his hand. The baseball cap guy reached out and pulled him towards us as I felt him pull his dick out of my hole. He began lining up to stick his cock inside my hole uninvited. I reached back and intended to push him away, not totally convinced I should be allowing this to happen. The baseball cap guy swiftly held my arms and pushed them away; I withdrew my resistance, and before I knew it this second guy was fucking my now slippery, loose hole.

Over the next 10 minutes, they took turns fucking me, thrusting in and out a few times before giving the way to the other guy, and continuing in this way until I really felt like my pussy was wide open in the breeze. The guy in the cap eventually leaned forward and spoke for the first time, “Want some G?” he asked.

“Huh?” I moaned, I didn’t catch on at first what he was talking about.

“Here, drink some,” he said, handing me a small bottle of coke. I knew what GHB was, I knew some friends who would take it when we partied, but I had always stayed away myself. Without much hesitation or thinking of the consequences, I took a mouthful and swallowed it down. The North African then started fucking me relentlessly. I could tell he wanted to get his but, and get out of there. I could feel his fat cock swelling inside me and with a grunt he shot his load. He pulled out a tissue, thanked me and walked away.

I expected the guy with the baseball cap to step up, but when I looked around, he was just standing waiting. I pulled my shorts up and stood beside him.

“Wait a few minutes for that to settle in,” he smiled. We chatted for a while, but it was an awkward and stilted conversation. The only thing I remember from that conversation is that his name was Paul and he didn’t travesti istanbul want to shoot his load yet. Within minutes though I was no longer focused on our conversation. I was feeling euphoric and more turned on than ever. Paul instructed me to lower my shorts again. I felt sexy and more confident even than before about showing my ass off. Paul began feeling me up again and told me to take out my lube and the poppers. He was fingering my hole and I couldn’t get enough of it. I took a hit on the poppers and for the next few moments was totally lost in a haze.

When I came to, there was another guy there also fingering my hole. Paul was whispering to him, and I only picked the words “whore” and “slut”. Instead of feeling ashamed, it turned me on even more. I looked back to see Paul guiding the mysterious man to fuck my ass. I wasn’t even bothered at that moment to take a proper look at who was entering my open pussy. I focused on taking more hits on the poppers and being an available fuck-hole for these men. Over the next hour, Paul took charge of inviting men to use my hole in this secluded part of the woods. Somewhere, in the back of my mind I knew I would feel ashamed the following morning – the fact that I could see men coming up and watching and walking away, they had seen my face and they saw that I was being a cumdump to anyone who wanted to use me, but in the heat of being fucked, I didn’t care. I had never felt such an uninhibited desire for my cunt to be used and by giving over the control to Paul, I had removed the final barrier to me becoming a cumdump in the woods. I could justify it now to myself that I hadn’t chosen it, but that Paul had made me do it; of course I had freely given him control of my pussy.

My mind was spinning and I was enjoying every minute; what I wanted more than anything though was for Bobby to arrive and fuck me again. I replayed the previous time in my mind; the painful and relentless cuntification he had made me endure. I dreamed that he would be there and in front of everyone, in front of the crowd of men, he would destroy my pussy and leave me gaping open. I wanted to be that for him. As it was, Bobby didn’t come that night.

It seemed to me, when I paid enough attention, that Paul was not just inviting any guy, but selecting the ones who were well- to very well-hung. Each one cumming deep inside me as if it went without saying. During each invited fuck, Paul stood beside me and chanted in my ear, guiding me in my haze into a trance.

“You’re gonna take any dick I tell you, your fuck-hole is mine to give to anyone I want, after this you’ll be so loose your cunt will never close up again. This is what you were born to do.” he droned on and on in my ear. When the guys pulled out he would reach around and put his fingers inside me, and either finger me, or bring the juice up to my mouth to taste. Anytime a guy pulled out, I reached around too to feel my open hole. I felt so soft and I could push inside like never before. Like Paul said to me, I wanted to be gaping open like this forever.

If I am honest, it was the realisation of a deep-seeded fantasy I had had since I was a teenager, but not one that I would have ever dared to act out. I was beginning to realise that the best sex scenes were often those that were totally spontaneous. The GHB had liberated me, and yet I had no intention of doing it when I left the apartment that evening.

I was pleased to see that the next guy to come up was a black guy, with a head of long dreadlocks, tied up in a pony-tale; he was handsome and I wanted to feel him inside me immediately. He told me forcefully that he wanted me to suck him so we started in that way, but as soon as he was hard he pulled me up to standing and turned me around. I realised that I was no longer re-applying lube between fucks. My hole was a sloppy mess, and each guy that entered me left me slimier than before. I noticed that Paul was hard now, and he too began to join in again – taking turns to piston me deep into my guts like earlier with the first guy. The two of them began to become more violent, and I don’t think it was that often that these guys found a younger guy like me who was willing to let anyone breed him without question. The black guy was really digging me out now with his thrusts, I could feel that I needed more lube, but he was getting faster so I let him keep going ’til he unloaded inside me. I knew that my hole felt loose but it wasn’t until he had pulled out and was cleaning me off that I finally realised the size of his dick; it was easily a thick, 10-inch cock and yet I had barely struggled to accommodate him in my wide fuck-hole.

Paul told me he was too high to cum, but wanted my number to keep in touch, and with that he disappeared and I was finally stood alone. Standing there cleaning off my hole, it dawned on me that I was really high still and much of what I had just endured was a blur, in fact instead of heading home, and continued to walk around my usual routes. I don’t remember how many more encounters I had, but I have hazy memories of being both kneeling down sucking a dick, and being bent over a low fence being fucked in my ass again. I have no idea how many different men came inside me that night.