2am Footfalls


I was dating an older woman from work. She was in her late thirties and had a long term boyfriend. I was in my early twenties and her relationship was in its dying days. I was single and easily convinced. It started on e-mail at work, back before e-mails were checked by IT nazis. We flirted, swapped stories and then shared lunches and swapped lingering glances. She drove me home after work one day and was immediately upfront. She wouldn’t have sex with me because of her boyfriend but she knew I was tight for money so she’d pay me to masturbate in front of her. She said this as she sat in her car, parked by my house, as matter-of-factly as asking me to help carry some shopping or if I knew what time the next bus was. “I’ll pay you if you masturbate in front of me, preferably onto me.” This was way out of my comfort zone as I’d never done that before but a) I really wanted to have sex with her and b) I really needed money. She came into my house and didn’t glance around once. She had no interest in furniture or the state of the kitchen. She didn’t want to know about my house mates escort avcılar either; she just asked where my room was and once we were in there she kissed me. She lay down beside me. She asked me again, softer this time. She took off her top and bra and asked me again as I cupped her breast and again as she licked my nipple and again as she pulled my belt loose and my trousers down. “Come on me, please.” After an internal debate with myself and blushing furiously I agreed and straddled her, doing what I’d only ever done alone before. My strokes were off pace, my normally private action now under observation but looking at her face and her open mouth, my shyness started to fade. “Come on me,” she repeated and opened her mouth with a sigh. I cried out and came, across her chest and her chin. She ran her tongue out and licked it from her bottom lip. Then she sat up, pulled her top and bra back on, reached for her bag and handed me a twenty. Then she leant down and sucked the tip of my cock before kissing me fully on the mouth and pressing the taste of my cum onto my escort bahcesehir tongue. She called me later from her night job and masturbated.  I said we had to have sex; she agreed and the following night at 10pm she picked me up and drove me to her house. The house was weird; every room was locked off by padlock except the bathroom and her bedroom. Her father was renovating the place and she said she lived here rent free while he worked on the rooms during the day. The air smelt of sawdust but I really didn’t care; there was a bed, there were condoms and very quickly there was her body. She was direct again. “I want you to lick me,” she said. When I did she was specific about where and how. I delighted in the instructions and the fact she was watching in the mirror at the end of the bed. When she came, and this was the first time I’d licked a girl to orgasm so all credit went to her instructions. She had me lay back. “How quick do you recover?” I mumbled a guess and she wrapped her lips around me. My previous blow jobs had been clumsy drunk affairs from girls my beylikdüzü escort age but now I was in a mouth that knew what it was doing. I turned to the mirror and watched her head rise and fall and when I started to draw near I looked out the open door at the hallway and tried to hold off, wanting to enjoy this for longer. For a second I thought I saw a shadow move but then felt her tongue on my sack and her hand working me and heard her say, “Come, come right now.”  “Fifteen minutes,” she said and smiled. She kissed me, I kissed her, and as the minutes ticked by she told me that if I heard footsteps in the night to ignore them. “The house is haunted,” she said matter if factly. “Just don’t worry about it. Some nights at 2am there’s footsteps.” I felt an icy tingle but then she told me time was up and she pushed me back, assessing my cock for rigidity. “That going to be hard enough?” she asked. With renewed confidence I reached down and stroked myself firm. She nodded in appreciation and slid me inside, riding me slowly. She asked me if I minded her indulging her needs. “What?” I asked breathlessly and she explained, whispering into my ear. “I only come if I rub against you,” she said. She slid me out and then slowly rubbed her clit against my cock. “You can do anything you want when I’ve come,” she said and rubbed faster.