Your Turn


Lie back, lover, let me do everything let me give to you this time. You are naked and I am delirious with the scent of you in the air.

Let me move over you. Let me lean up beside you (above you) and kiss you so hard, slide my tongue into your mouth with a pickpocket’s grace, press my lips tight to yours and breathe you in. Let me kiss you until you cannot tell where I start and you end.

And while I do that, let me caress your body. Let my hands learn your curves, your angles, your softness and your muscles. Let them slide from your shoulders down your back across your hips down to your ass squeezing it a little pushing your body against mine because my leg is between yours now rubbing across you … but my hands still moving up again to your breasts to your nipples tuning them like radio dials and still all along kissing you until you moan against my lips …

Push back against my leg if you want to. Rub yourself off on my thigh while I pull back from your mouth and start kissing down your neck. I haven’t forgotten your ear; I nibble down your neck and back up, then slide my tongue across your earlobe and whisper, “I am going to make you come so fucking hard for me.” This time licking down your neck, long strokes of my tongue, ending at your collarbone kissing your shoulders because they are so damn beautiful and I want to please you once for each freckle I find.

As my mouth moves down your body from there, I’m afraid I have to move my etlik escort thigh from between yours. It’s just as well — you can feel what you’ve done to my cock, moving like that, and this is your time. But you won’t feel neglected there for long. Just as my lips close around one swelling nipple and tease it even harder, my hand will move across your pussy. Just the side of my hand for right now, just learning your wetness, but moving on you all the same. Maybe my fingertip will brush experimentally across your clit.

But those touches are only barely beginning to register to you, because my mouth is working whatever magic it may hold on first one nipple, then the other, again and again. Taking one so deep in, sucking at it, then at the other taking it just between the teeth and squeezing just the right amount, then swirling circles around the other with my tongue, spiraling inward until the tip flickers over it again and again like frames flipping in a black and white movie. Making love to your nipples, kissing them caressing them until you arch your back, offering me more and more, begging me to take you further, faster, harder.

And I cannot deny you that.

From there, I follow a trail of kisses, down across your stomach, god, lover, if this were about me I could come for your stomach alone … but even when I know you need me further down (my fingers have started to dip daringly into your depths) I have to spend a moment cherishing ankara eve gelen escort your stomach, caressing it, covering it with kisses, flattening my face against it and feeling you.

But I do not wait for long. Call out, lover, as my fingers find their way inside you; call out for everything I have to give. Hearing your call, I will hurry to move down and to give you my mouth.

You are wet as a monsoon for me by now. My index and middle finger are inside you, curling upward, stroking you as they slowly slide in and out. But they move back out to give my mouth a chance to explore, trailing your own wetness across your flushed skin.

Let me start out by licking you from bottom to top — long, wet, encompassing licks, starting as low as your musky asshole and moving the whole way up, parting your lips just a bit, up until reaching the pinnacle of your clit. Licking you again and again, each time perhaps daring to move a bit deeper inside, until finally with a lunge my lips are pressed against you and my tongue fully inside you.

There are things my tongue can do that fingers or even my cock cannot — flatten and twist simultaneously; yield even as it is pushing further, deeper inside; wiggle like a dolphin’s tail speeding under the waves; and my tongue is doing them all inside you. And while I move there, lick you that way, trail my tongue down the roof of your pussy teasing that special spot, I am drinking you ankara escort in, drowning in you, becoming drenched with your wetness. My long black hair is getting soaked in you — when I look up for a moment and smile, you would see my bangs plastered to my face if you could open your eyes.

You are starting to rock back and forth, unable to keep your body still. While my mouth works on you, I’ve let one fingertip tease at your clit, rubbing more across the slight skin that it hides beneath than itself, but still stimulating you. Moan for me, and I will answer with the lowness of my voice against your pussy, and even that vibration will drive you mad.

Finally, my lips and my fingers trade places. Back again the index and middle fingers of my strong right hand slide inside you; and you are so wet now that even my ring finger goes along for the ride. My mouth then forms a circle around your clit, and my tongue is flicking across it, fast and light as hummingbirds’ wings, directly across and above and under and across until you can barely stand it — and meanwhile, that ring finger that has become so slick with your wetness slides out and back, and slowly slides its way into your ass, caressing you there — and now my tongue presses against your clit a bit more strongly, tracing curlicues across it, writing words of love and lust in great looping cursive letters across you until you are starting to shake — and inside I can feel you starting to contract, your muscles shaking and squeezing against me — and your whole body is moving now, pushing and pulling and fucking my face and my hand — and i bite down gently on your clit while my fingers fuck you hard and deep and you cry out and then you —

Yes. Just like that.