young girl stopped by the cops

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young girl stopped by the copsYou were pleased that had out lightweight clothes on as you set off for the coast, you were going to be changing into your bikini bottoms and probably would only have your Bikini top on for a short while anyway as the cove was sheltered and the rest of the girls always sunbathed topples anyway. You had borrowed your Dads open top sports car and you had left the top off as it was a blistering hot day anyway but after an hour’s driving you wished you could put the A/C on as you were getting very hot and sweaty. Perspiration was running down between your boobs and wetting the little cotton crop top that you had on, you hadn’t bothered to put a bra on as your breasts were quite pert and firm which you loved as your nipples did stick out now and again if you got a bit horney and you knew it turned the boys on as you could often see them getting hard cocks in their swimming shorts and you liked that. In fact you were getting a bit horney yourself just thinking about it. You were shooting along quite fast with the wind blowing through your hair, shades on, nipples getting harder, and a warm feeling in your thong that was the little cotton pair with the tiny string back and little crutch triangle that barely covered your cunt. You started to daydream a little and let one hand wander between your legs to press into your cunt and onto your clit. Your thing was a bit damp from sweat and had ridden up into your cunt lips slightly, just enough so you could feel your cunt lips and hardening clit, it was nice as you rubbed gently getting little thrills. You thought about the guys cocks you had seen in the xhamster videos you had been watching, especially the older guy called Paul from the UK who had wanked off and showed his spunk gush out, you had a lovely cum whilst wanking to that only last night.What you didn’t notice as you swerved across the road and hit the kerb was that there was a Cop pulled back into a little side road just a mile or so back and that was me. I noticed you shoot past with your hair flowing and your tight white top malatya escort looked very small and sexy so I decided to follow you and check out where you were going, I might be able to catch a glimpse of you as you got out somewhere. What I didn’t expect was for you to be pulled up bent over in the trunk of your car shaking a little, you had a flat tyre and so I thought this is my chance to get to see a little more of your obviously fabulous figure. Your legs were long and slightly tanned but hey they went on forever and you didn’t notice me pulled up behind you, your little beach skirt had ridden up over your arse giving me a clear view of your arse cheeks and the tiny thin white string in your arse crack just covering a very clean hairless lovely neat cunt.When I got up to you I had those shades on that are completely reflective so you couldn’t see me eying up your firm pert tits that were straining against your little white damp cotton crop top, your flat stomach was lovely and smooth as it lead me down to the waistband of your skirt which was only just above where your pussy mound was sticking out, you looked extremely sexy, flushed and vulnerable, just what I wanted.I could see that you were impressed by my uniform as you were fumbling about in the glove box of the car looking for your licence, you were struggling to pull your skirt down over your arse and I could see all of your tiny thong where it was pulled up into your cunt lips, it was damp and obviously hot. I offered to help you change your tyre for you and this seemed to ease your nerves as I wasn’t going to book you or give you a hard time, well not unless I could get my big stiff 8” of cock meat up that wonderful cunt and tight arse hole. I put the old mat from your trunk on the floor and lay down on my back at the side of your car and deliberately made sure you would have to stand over me to pass me the tools and torch I asked for to check for damage. You knew what you were doing as you stood with your legs astride my head so I could clearly see up your skirt at your cunt and the escort malatya damp patch that was now growing. I asked you to get on the floor next to me so I could show you the scratches on your car and when I got up and kneeled over you with my cock bump barley 6” from your sweet full sexy mouth, I knew you were so vulnerable and scared as well as being highly aroused that I was likely to be able to fuck you there and then.I told you to stay laid still on the ground as I brushed some dust of your breasts, deliberately pausing as I rubbed your nipples, you gasped a little and flushed as I went from one tit to the other, I knew I was going to have you soon. I played with your nipples for a good 10 minutes and you were laying so still with your eyes closed and your legs flexing in and out a little, you were slyly wanking your pussy so at that a took hold of your hand and made you feel my hard stiff cock that was bursting out of my pants. I slowly pulled your skirt up and pushed your thong aside so I could see your pussy and boy it was so lovely, you had shaved it clean apart from a little Brazilian neat line just above your clit and as it was blonde like your hair it hardly showed at all, so you looked completely clean, your lips were quite puffy with a small bead of juice easing out down to your arse. I pushed your legs apart and got down between your legs, we were completely in the open on this desert road, anyone could drive past at any time that only made it more erotic. You were moaning as I licked you right into your cunt, pushing your lips aside and getting my tongue deep into your cunt hole, it tasted so sexy and sweet, you had that sexy musky smell that young girls get when they are ripe for fucking and gasping for a hard fat cock. I carried on tonguing your clit that was very erect now and right out of its little skin hood, it was like a little tiny cock, the hood pulling back and forth just like you were pulling my foreskin back and forth wanking each other in unison.I so wanted to fuck your cunt but that arse of yours still needed exploring malatya escort bayan so I turned you over even though you tried to stop me, you knew what was coming but you knew that I was in charge and that you had to do as I made you. Your arse hole was very tight, you had probably never had a finger up it never mind a 4” thick cock, but I needed to be in there so I started to massage your arse rim and work my fingers in, you opened your legs further and pushed your arse up a little to give me better access, you wanted this as well. I had now got 3 fingers up your arse slot and was masturbating you so slowly and softly that you pushed back and forward trying to get me to go harder and speed up but Hey I was in charge and you were going to get arse fucked by my cock. Now was the time, I eased the end of my knob between your arse lips and pushed slightly so that it slipped down into your cunt hole, you squealed in frustration, you so wanted arse fucking but no I kept on sliding just in a little and then down into your pussy hole which was tightening round my cock every time I pushed up to my big heavy balls. You were in ecstasy as I then gave you the full length of my cock up into your arse, you reached down and fingered your clit at the same time rubbing furiously as we both neared cuming, I was pumping you long and deep, my cock right up into your arse and you frigging your clit as you screamed out at your peak, ooohhhh your arse filled with my hot sticky spunk, your love juices streaming out of your cunt as you gushed a mixture of juice and piss, you were jerking and having spasms as your legs stretched hard and straight giving you maximum pleasure as you orgasmed again and again and again, you were spent.When we got up your skirt and top were covered in sweet and dust, your eyes were streaming from the pain and pleasure from your arse, your long sexy legs were shaking but you gave me a big kiss and sucked my cock clean and empty before you took your tiny soiled thong off and gave it to me as a memory to wear next time I needed a wank. You smiled and winked at me driving off as you shouted, thanks officer but can you bring a mate next time as I fancy a double penetration, !!!! fuck me I thought you sexy little slut, you knew all along what you were doing and all to not get booked, or was it ?