You, Me, , Electronic Film


I had brought a surprise that night; Two CDs, a long black wire, and a slender, silver, plastic device. It was my digital camera, and upon recognition, a smile flashed across your face. I returned the smile, adding a bit of innocence and a sly little twist at the corners, and followed you to your bedroom.

The house was empty, only you and I to share the night. You were wearing a tight white top and your Bewitched jammy pants which I admired from behind, paying particular attention to the tantalizing way the thin fabric hugged your skin. Your hair was pulled back, accenting the natural curves of your face, offering your perfect neckline to my hungry eyes. Your shirt only served as a form fitting cover for your perfectly shaped breasts. I wore my tan shorts and dark blue button up shirt and quickly moved to secure the chair at your computer.

We chatted about this and that while I loaded the programs onto your computer and avoided referring to, for some reason, the slim silver camera on the desktop. Anxiousness permeated my being. Anticipation tickled my senses. I was excited, yet nervous. I wasn’t sure what you were thinking, wondering for a moment if you were having second thoughts. The window popped up on the screen suggesting that I restart the computer. You stood, walked to the bathroom, and turned on the water in the tub, causing my anticipation to heighten. When I looked up a moment later to find you standing in the doorway, wearing nothing more than a blue bathrobe, the constriction in my shorts could no longer be ignored. My nervousness had left the building.

I slowly walked to you, admiring your shapely silhouette, and wrapped my arms around you, sliding my hands up and down your back. As our eyes met, your hands came around and unfastened the top two buttons on my shirt. I slumped, allowing you to pull the shirt over my head. Your hands quickly found and unfastened my shorts, and they slipped down my legs to the floor with a jingle from the keys in the pocket. I made a move to undo the bathrobe but you stopped me with a shake of the head. “You first,” you said with a wicked grin.

I smiled back mischievously, pinched the elastic on my silken boxers, and began to push them down slowly. As I was bending, you lifted your leg and pushed the boxers to the floor with your foot, offering a teasing glimpse up the smooth length of your inner thigh.

You walked passed me and plucked the camera off the desk. I explained that all you needed to do was plug the camera into the black wire and the computer would pull the pictures from the camera automatically. You nodded abidinpaşa escort and led me to the bathtub. I followed your lead, slipped into the shallow water, and laid back, the warmth enveloping my submerged skin. Your bathrobe fell to the floor silently as you encouraged me to “do whatever comes naturally.” I was way ahead of you. Butterflies stirred in my stomach, adding to the elation of the moment. I let my eyes fall shut, opening them only a crack now and then to gaze upon your perfect body, to watch as you snapped away, watching me. I ran my hand across my chest, down my stomach, to my achingly erect penis, and grabbed it tightly, slowly stroking the length. I made sure as to move slowly to help ensure that you wouldn’t get any blurry pictures. With soft moan, I brushed the palm of my hand across the slick head of my penis. Using my other hand, I grasped the base and ran my free hand over the head. Damn, I wanted you.

I continued to pleasure myself as you photographed me, wanting more and more with each passing second to press my lips against your flesh, to taste you, to please you. Feeling the familiar tingle, I paused and sat up – and almost a moment too late. I could have come had I wanted to, and I was perilously close. The satisfaction on your face lent an air of eroticism to the moment. Upon observing my seated position, you started suggesting that I sit in certain ways, that I position myself this way and that, that I stand and turn on the shower head, place my hands here and there. Damn, I wanted you. And you really seemed to fall into the role of photographer well. It appeared you were really enjoying yourself, too.

After a while, you directed me out of the tub, asking that I lean back against the sink for some more photos. My heart pulsed with desire, my penis throbbed for your touch. I couldn’t wait any longer. Your photo session would have to wait. I moved for you, grabbed you by the waist, and sat you on the sink, planting butterfly kissed along your neckline. As I heard the click of the camera being set on the countertop, I entered you slowly. A faint gasp escaped your lips. My hips began to move with the rhythm of your body. You leaned back against the mirror, exposing your perfect breasts, dots of water from my body glistening on your skin. I leaned forward and took each nipple in my lips, tickling each with my tongue, massaging your breasts in turn with my free hand. I held your backside firmly with the other, ensuring that with each thrust you didn’t slip across the counter top.

For a moment, I wasn’t sure if I would be able akay escort to hold out for you, but I was determined. Soon, your breathing changed, becoming heavier with every breath. Your vaginal walls clamped down around my penis, making any chance of holding out impossible. I wrapped my arms around you, pulling you against me. Your fingers dug into my back as we came together, moaning in unison, thrusting our bodies onto one another’s.

I continued to hold you, your hand at the base of my skull, my fingers weaving through your hair, still inside you. We didn’t speak, and after a few moments I lifted you from the sink and carried you to the bed. We lay there a while, stroking each other lovingly, looking into each other’s eyes until sleep overcame us.

Your window was still dark when I felt the nudge at my shoulder and heard your soft words. The sun’s ambiance barely touched the blinds. “My turn,” you whispered.

The hair on my neckline rose as if electrically charged and my penis slowly pulsed back to life. Normally I’m not a morning person, but that morning was different. I rolled over and took you in my arms, kissing your lips, your neck.

“Get the camera,” you whispered teasingly.

I crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Even in the dark of morning, I was able to find it with ease – and without bashing my toe into anything. As I entered the bedroom, the lamp came on, forcing me to squint so my eyes could adjust. Besides the camera, I had also grabbed the robe and asked that you wear it for your photo shoot. You looked at me quizzically, smiled, then consented and donned the robe, tying it loosely around your waist.

“Lay down,” I suggested with a grin.

You did, and I began to snap away. Kneeling on the bed, I kept one eye in the viewfinder and the other open, watching with desire as you ran your hands over your body, tracing your fingers along edges of the robe, pushing the edges farther apart with every pass. Soon, the robe fell open, rendering your naked body for my feasting eyes’ pleasure. Your back arched slightly as your fingers found the delicate folds of skin between your legs. Your other hand caressed each breast, each nipple, in turn. I found that you were watching me, and that your eyes had paused a moment on my erect penis before shutting, exciting me further. I yearned for your touch, to touch you in return.

You continued to pleasure yourself as I snapped away, moaning softly. The scent of your sex was intoxicating. I bent down, kissed your belly just above your navel, and was surprised as your pelvis lifted to meet ankara escort my lips. Another moan escaped your lips as I kissed your belly again, this time just below your navel. The hunger was clear as your pelvis rose again to meet me. I leaned back to snap another. I had to have you, had to taste you. I set the camera on the bed beside your hip, leaning down to kiss your belly again, slowly moving up the length of your abdomen. Soon, the bottom of your left breast met my lips, and they parted to take more of the soft flesh in my mouth. Your nipples reacted as my tongue danced over them, stiffening with each stroke. You continued to use your other hand to stimulate yourself, exciting me further, if that were possible.

As I nibbled at your breasts, a beep caused me to look up. Camera in hand, you smiled in satisfaction as I lowered my head once more, slowly leaving a trail of kisses down your body. I paused at the silky black triangle of hair between your thighs. “Beep.”

My lips moved lower – “Beep” – and lower – “Beep, beep” – until my lips met yours. You sat up slightly so that you could better view and photograph me as I teased your labia with my tongue. I pressed up on your pubic area with my palm, causing the sensitive skin to lift, revealing your pink clitoris from behind its hood. I kissed it gently, then began to tickle the sensitive flesh around it with my tongue. I heard a couple more beeps before you laid back and began to gyrate your hips slowly. I followed your body language as best I could, and soon you placed your hands on my head, guiding my movements until your thighs squeezed around me. I continued to kiss and lick you and soon you came with a shudder, moaning in delight.

After a moment of pause, I moved up your body and we kissed, holding each other tightly. I pushed my hard cock into you, surprising you, and sighed as our pelvises met. Your vagina pulsated from the recent orgasm, causing my penis to grow even harder. The feeling was inexplicable. I moved my hips slowly, relishing the feeling of your flesh on mine. Burying my face in the nape of your neck, I began to moan as my pleasure heightened. My voice was matched, then surpassed by your own as you felt another climax near. I began to tingle all over as my own climax built, and it took a bit of effort to maintain the pace.

I came, thrusting passionately, lifting your body to meet each push. Your legs tightened around me, forcing me deeper into you as you climaxed with me. We slowed together until we were both still, our breath still heavy. I remained inside of you until the sun shone brightly through the blinds, my arms wrapped tight around you, your arms cradling me affectionately.

At some point, I slipped away to the kitchen to make breakfast. You followed shortly after, wearing nothing more than a grin, pinching the camera in your fingers.