You Just Been Angela’d


The tapping of my heels hit the wooden floor with purpose; I was controlling the room. From the time I entered I held the attention of every man in the lounge.

Walking into lounges during peak hours I avoided with great restraint. I had to this time I was making an exception this time.

Scott was as sexy as he had impressed me with his demeanor during our only phone call. He had it all I stood four inches taller than he did but he was self-confident. I enjoyed this in a man his voice was just absolute consuming me.

“Afternoon I’m glad you were able to come by here.” Scott’s voice was melting me.

“My name is Angela glad to meet you Scott.” I said with a twinge of sexiness just in case he wanted to know I was interested. I sat down as I did I crossed my legs ever so seductively. I made the movement count for sheer arousal performance.

I was enjoying this encounter I enjoyed them all I was the best I had no other in any serious competition. I knew I understood men, I was educated in men’s desires their needs. I knew before they even knew that their wants were basic wants. I sat there knew that Scott was a man with sex on his mind. Not the kind where he was left limp yet not mentally satisfied.

I was a geisha a modern day geisha trained for the enjoyment of men. Knowing their desires made mine so much more erotic. I was always a seduction in progress along with everything about me. I found the travel exhilarating, the clientele phenomenal I was a master of all around me.

I knew more about Scott than his own family ever knew. When the men in the room inhaled again it was like a mighty rush of wind. I focused on the man I was with no other man was in the room. We did the flirting with class no man crossed the line with flirting without respect first hand.

“Scott I shall be ready at eight. I will see you then.” I didn’t ask I knew I would see him at eight sharp.

Scott smiled didn’t touch me enjoyed what was coming up. His eyes followed my hips; I worked them with a mission. I was wanting the men to all look at each other ask one another with their eyes ‘I need a cigarette was it as good for you?’

My hips are very shapely set wide perfect for holding onto when being piston

Pumped. Hipbone can be barely seen and gracefully touched. They have the abdomen taut I know their power. They have power whether nude or clothed.

I stood up to my six-foot height winked at Scott he grinned tilted his head ever so lightly.

Wearing a short leather skirt that lay half up my thighs. The boots that were kissing my calves you just knew the calf gave up his life gladly for the chance to hug my legs so perfectly. They were folded over the tops of my knees; the angora sweater hung off one shoulder. My waist length hair hung in ringlets down my back.

The first step allowed my full breasts to move in motion, no bra but a corset kept them proudly high. My gold bracelets at my wrists seemed to jingle so watching me walk the length of the room was how did they say it? Oh yes, poetry in motion. I worked that beautifully dim long wooden aisle. The sashay in my ass was meant for one purpose it was meant to cause sensual eroticism an art I perfected.

Just as I got to the end of the room I slowed down ever so slowly, looked over my shoulder spotted Scott.

“Thank you Scott for the fuck.” I mouthed being sure to emphasis the word fuck.

Scott’s head shook as he laughed he knew he was going to fuck me tonight. Yet these men all got their fuck now. Watching he saw the men side way look to see if anybody was watching them. Scott had been roomed cebeci escort fucked by me before. The first time I’m told you never forget it. You even can draw upon it for moments of erotica at whim.

Oh how I love to fuck men respectively of course after all they are such wonderful creatures.

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t consider for a man. Smiling to myself I recalled many a sexual moment.

Scott was just so absolutely fun to fuck his sweetness his down earth sexiness caused me to want him satisfied. He would call me for a quickie but nothing quickie about his style.

I found myself in my bath walls of mirror floors of marbles. I was surrounded myself with sensual aids, salts, bath soaps. Heating bath towel racks the shower alone had twenty heads. Walking up five steps to the tub piped in music chandeliers was the lighting.

My domain was a process in seduction from the smallest detail. I had hidden lights, candles fireplaces along with the magnificent four poster bed. White on white mirrors on stands lighting seducing one sense. The affect brought the whole erotic side of sex into play.

I walked towards the steam room looking at the mirror my eye looked at my body with pride. My breasts were very large and natural the sand dollar size nipples were a medium shade of pink. They had some jiggle, which caused men to notice their perfection. My long neck allowed my shoulders to seductively grace my upper arms. Under my arms were tight, I enjoyed the taut ass and stomach long graceful legs. I walked to the mirror that didn’t steam up appraising myself for the beauty I stayed. I took my fingers tweaking my nipples thinking of the men in the room. They immediately responded to my touch, I found this reassuring that my body reacted so quickly.

I tried but my breasts were too large to be held in my hands, I could hold some but then had to allow the rest to overflow my palms. Massaging the nipples caused my nipples to become erect. I enjoyed that sensation they would stay this way until I was spent with Scott tonight. I wore lingerie I always dressed to be undressed erotically. I never wore panties there were no need for them. Corsets

Bustier, thigh high’s French maid uniform. I was serious about sex I enjoyed the levels enjoyed their spans. I adored men but I have admitted that before time was wasting.

Preparing for tonight was the sensual side of the whole process. Nothing was going to be left out. I was looking into the mirror as I was trimming my pubic hair to the nth degree. A perfect straight line that stopped elegantly before my lips that were becoming swollen from desires.

I had laid out my evenings lingerie lit candles softly had music piped in. The food was preparing the lighting was precision. I enjoyed the whole evening. Knowing

Scott’s penchant for satin just the silkiness against his skin caused him to moan deeply.

The soft hue of peaches and cream lace laying on the white on white four poster bed was my lingerie. A teddy cut high on the hips snugly cuddled my ass I saw the image in three different mirrors. Slipping my feet into feathery slippers I made a slow circle to see the affect.

My cleavage was tempting to the eye it was only held by a tiny little silk bow tie.

The depth of chimes from the grandfathers clocks told me it was eight p.m. sharp. The door chimes were ringing from deep inside the apartment.

“Good evening Scott. I am so glad you came.” I smiled sensually as he kissed my cheek.

“Well not yet Angela but you will. I am certain you will make sure I leave here every çin çin escort bit tantalized.” Scott said as he followed me into the living area.

I walked into the center of the room knowing he enjoyed this. His body walked towards mine with certainty and ownership. His fingers touched the satin gown slipping it off my shoulders so seductively. I lowered my face to his face lips parted I was awaiting for his first kiss. He raised his face our lips touched with a slow ember burning he kissed me.

My knee’s buckled his body caught mine his kiss became passionate. I wanted his body to envelop mine. I heard the moan emitted when his fingers touched the lacy silky teddy. I felt unbalanced by his body. His moans. His movements. Were leading us both to the point of utter abandonment. I was standing in front of him a body of sheer desires he orchestrated.

“Oh Angela you wicked temptress the passions your body hides just below the surface. I need you baby.” Scott was hoarse.

I wanted to move quickly. I knew Scott loved sensual speed he enjoyed peaking and withdrawal the dance of seduction. His fingers moved the straps down so as to have my breasts held by the cups that weren’t covering them. His eyes were riveted to mine I dared him to move faster. It caused him to laugh throwing his head back knowing he could drive me sexually insane.

His legs were together I did manage to place one thigh between them so as to rub his cock from time to time. He gave me that much. I was almost totally nude he was totally dressed I was betraying my desires. His desires were becoming ignited he had control.

He took my hand pulling me towards the dining area, on the table were fruits his favorite caviar’s Champagne. Crystal gold trimmed twenty-four carat gold flutes.

Holding champagne and strawberries his favorite foods.

“Angela my dear how about some champagne you might be getting thirsty I can smell your scent. Your wetness is intoxicating me.” Scott laughed reaching for a flute.

“Scott your making me thirsty but something much more deliciously warm but I will take champagne. Why don’t you get less? Dressed?” I laughed knowing he would ignore me.

He handed me my champagne it was refreshing. I could see that I was barely dressed he was slightly aroused. I watched him as he ate some caviar. I saw his enjoyment with the salmon filled with caviar.

His appetite nourished he pulled my face down to his and kissed me with a deep tongue. I responded so immediately I felt the warmth going down my inner thighs. His salty taste on his tongue the warmth of his passion caught me breathless. His body was demanding mine. My mind disconnected the orgasm just leisurely slipped down my thigh.

My moan was swallowed by his kiss. Scott acknowledged my orgasm with a caressing of my ass cheeks. He walked us into the bedroom looking around seeing the beauty he smiled at me. I was shaking he stepped back taking the scene in.”Angela I want you to take the rest of that teddy off for me as I watch. Mmmm by the way your orgasm is intoxicating my senses. I’m sure you can see that.” He pointed at his hard cock.

He walked to the foot of the bed smiled at me sat down winked at me. I was to show him my desires for him. I wasn’t to be knocked knee and hesitant I was to perform for him. I crossed my arms taking my fingers I slipped them in the straps slowly turning from his view I turned my back to him. He whistled appreciative of the snug fit of satin. He could see my cum staining the teddy. When slowly turned towards him I allowed my breasts to tumble free.

Scott ankara escort groaned with desire started unbuttoning his shirt. I moved closer so he could taste me. His hands brought me to his naked chest he swirled his long tongue around each nipple with purpose. His purpose was for me to cum again for his delight. I was mesmerized just as he was, I knew he wanted his cock freed but not by me.

I felt him step back I could hear the zipper.

“”Mmmm listen Angela the zipper is coming down oh so slowly.” He whispered into my mouth.

I knew to listen with my ear cocked to one side. As he took pleasure in removing the cloth that kept us parted.

“Listen it’s going to stop and then Angela your going to need to bring him out, aren’t you?” He was more excited as he spoke.

“Yes. Yes Scott.” I was whispering smiling widely at his look of sexual lust.

His hands left the zipper I could feel his cock it was rigid, erect and so ready for freedom. I knew then I was to slowly kiss down his chest so I could be free to see his cock come out to meet my eyes, his cock the noble head was like steel.

He sat down leaned back looked at the mirrors for the best angle as I pulled it out with my hand. His groan chilled me to the core.

“Oooohhhhh yooooouu know what I like baby it’s ohhhhh fuck …. Oh fuckkkk you got me babe.” His voice dropped two octaves were above a whisper and hoarse it sent me flying.

His voice commanded us to give into our passions and we quit playing seductive tag. I wanted his taste in my mouth he wanted to feel it being swallowed. I swirled the head with great relish I needed it to scratch my soft palate. His cock was the most fuckable cock ever was. It responded quickly very giving, very good size for a great lick and a suck bath.

Listening to his moans when I was doing it perfectly. Hearing him groan when I brought him to edge kept me focused. His ‘Oh fock babe you know what I love.’ He was just sensational. It was more of an o than a u sound when he drifted off onto the flights his body soared him too.

“His ahh ooh ahhh .. ” spoken softly I knew where he was in cumming.

His force changed when he would pull me up throw me unto the bed like a rag doll and take his hands pushing my face to the mattress. Raising my hips and ass high for his entrance I knew then he was serious.

His biting his lips making a purring sound like a cat well petted echoed off the walls. His centered hips then his hands taking my hips to plunge in one long sweep caused me to come off the bed screaming.

“Oh Fuck Scott…..You oh fuckkkk! Fuckkkkkkkk!…..” I hollered usually back into the satin comforter as he shoved me back down.

He piston pumps me with great deep strokes. We were sounding like we were body slamming more than two people just fucking the other’s brains outs. The scent filled the air we both took deep long breaths feeding on the lust.

“Oh Angela you are such a wonderful woman to fuck. No woman can stand next to you.” Scott said with honesty.

“I can’t even stand when you are fucking me like this Scott. C’mon give me more you know you got more cum for me.” I shouted as I fell into a laughing heap of desire.

We had made a horrible mess of the bed both grabbing sheets to hold on. We settled on a medium gait as we fucked for a few more hours. Stopping to drink and taste the other.

Sometime in the wee early hours before dawn we fell exhausted, sated, satisfied

And very much happy with the whole evening.

I loved his final orgasm the sounds he made the elation of his deed. I loved the look in his eyes as I held my lips close so it bubbled up into my mouth. I held it in until he was done. I slowly opened my mouth to show him his white cum threw my head back allowing him to watch my long neck swallow his nectar proudly.