Yoga lesson


Pandora had known him for years, since the last year of high school and she first met him at a house party when they were 18. He was the alpha male of the group and she was fresh meat. He singled her out of the group as his prey for the evening. He was a prolific womaniser and she was next on his list of conquests. He could smell her innocence and inexperience, yet her desire for experimentation permeated her demure exterior.

He struck up a conversation confidently; he had to counteract her shyness and put her at her ease. He led her into the living room where some of their other friends were engaged in conversation on the other sofa. They sat down and he immediately kissed her. She was overcome, as it was her first proper French kiss and with someone she was very attracted to. His hands traced down her young body and inside her jeans. He teased her over her ever-wetting knickers, until he moved them aside and plunged his fingers inside her virgin pussy.

Despite being inexperienced, she was far from shy, so she unbuttoned his jeans and took his rock hard cock in her naïve hand. However, she was a natural and as he was giving new pleasures to her delicate unexplored cunt, she worked his cock with unrivalled instinct, making him cum a huge amount all over her arm and his t-shirt. Pleased with her first sexual experience, she got up matter-of-factly and washed her hands. Nothing else happened that night, but they repeated their explorations a few times in his car throughout the next couple of years, but nothing progressing any further, despite them both being far more experienced Kartal Escort by then.

They had drifted apart after school, but had always thought fondly of one another. 10 years later, they got back in touch via a mutual friend. They had met up at a few gatherings and were just as at ease with one another as ever. They both now went to the gym and he also did yoga. Pandora was naturally very flexible but one must always improve, and she expressed an interest to learn. As he was a good friend and a gentleman, he offered to go over to her flat to give her a private introduction. It was a perfectly innocent offer, but they both knew, given their history, that it had the potential to take another direction.

The day finally arrived for Pandora’s private yoga lesson. As expected, he was polite, friendly and appeared to have no ulterior motive. However, as the lesson progressed and he saw the shapes she could contort herself into in tight leggings, his thoughts strayed from the original purpose of his visit. When they had finished and were rather warm and sweaty, they decided to stretch. As Pandora was very flexible, it was difficult to get the full benefit of certain stretches without assistance, so he gladly offered his help. They were very close to one another now, with Pandora’s one leg over his shoulder, his arms around her and looking straight into one another’s eyes. It was then they exchanged the look that conveys the inevitability of sleeping with one another. You just have that mutual feeling of shared sexual purpose. Pandora took her leg off his shoulder, Yakacık Escort kept hold of his hand and led him to her bedroom.

She pulled off his t-shirt and got on her knees to take off his shorts. She pulled his boxers down with her teeth, his erection making it a struggle. She was about to take his yearning cock in her mouth when he picked her up, tore off her t-shirt and peeled off her gym leggings to reveal she wasn’t wearing knickers and her pussy was already soaking wet. They had both been anticipating this moment for so many years and it was finally happening.

She pushed him onto the bed, her naked body pressed against his, her leg resting over his, so close to his balls, but not quite touching. He loved the feeling of her soft warm skin up against him, his cock began to stir again. She started caressing his chest gently with her fingertips, running them over his abs to just above the top of his cock, teasing him.

As she continued to run her hands up and down his strong muscular body he shivered with pleasure. With every stroke, his cock became harder and she pressed herself even closer to him, opening her legs a little wider so she could grind her moistening pussy against his muscular thigh, coating it in her wetness.

As her cunt got wetter and his magnificent cock got harder, she couldn’t resist straddling him. She placed her knees either side of his hips and lowered her soaking pussy onto his hard cock, but not letting it inside her, yet. Instead, she slid her soft glistening lips up and down the length of his quivering member. As she Kadıköy Escort did this, she kissed along his neck softly, grabbing handfuls of his hair to gain access to his delicious neck.

With every soft, sensual kiss she planted, he moaned with pleasure. She kissed her way to his earlobe and nibbled it mischievously. He gasped at the intensity of the sensation. She continued to bite, kiss and lick his ear until he was in an ecstatic frenzy and couldn’t control himself anymore. He plunged his rock-hard cock into her tight, eager pussy, forcing his way in. As he did so, he grabbed onto her hips to get more purchase to impale her with his hard dick.

But she wasn’t going to let him have control entirely. Once he was inside her warm, moist pussy, she teased the top of his cock, only going up and down on the tip, again and again, then suddenly taking his entire length right into her. As she did so, he gasped with pleasure and she felt his cock respond appreciatively. She repeated this until he could take no more: finally, grabbing her hips, he pounded her pussy mercilessly from beneath her – driving his hard cock right up to her cervix, hitting her g-spot perfectly with every thrust. His pulsating dick drenched in her gushing wetness.

As her tight cunt clenched tighter as the came all over his cock, his cum spurted hard inside her as he reached orgasm as her contracting pussy milked the cum out of him.

When they had both caught their breath, she kissed him deeply. Masterfully swinging her hips, she dismounted his dripping cock and sat her perfect ass on his face. She sucked and licked his spent cock clean, ensuring she didn’t waste so much as a drop, relishing the taste of their cum mixed together. They were both deeply satisfied that they had finally realised what should have happened between them all those years ago.