Writer’s Compensation


The article was due the next day for the science magazine. Science was a topic Janis hated in high school and she hated it even more that night. It was on the mating habits of some kind of mammal, a cheetah or something, anything to pay rent this month. Janis’s roommates, Max and Greg, laughed at this. The three of them were being starving artists together. Max was a painter and Greg a musician. Janis could hear them yelling at each other while she tried to write. She eventually grunted and went to their room for an excuse to procrastinate.

She stood in the doorway for a moment and watched the familiar scene. Greg with his brown wavy hair, violin under arm, and using the bow like a sword as he thrashed it in Max’s general direction. Max’s green hair, spiked at various angles as he pointed at Greg with a brush. Janis smiled to her self, half listening to them. They looked more like a couple of male models than anything else. Arm, leg, and ab muscles finely tuned on both sides. Max wasn’t good at keeping his towel on after a shower and Greg couldn’t figure out how to lock the bathroom door; so there had been several interesting accidents. Her smile turned to a grin. She could remember that one was bi, but not which one, or if the other was. For living with them for almost two years she didn’t know much about them. There was the time Max came out of the bathroom with his face all flushed and Greg coming out soon after not looking into anyone’s eyes.

“Lets ask Janis what she thinks!” Max yelled then turned to her.

“What?” She hadn’t actually wanted to be part of their debate today; she just wanted a break.

“He still owes me 10 dollars from when he threw up on my shirt.” Greg slashed his bow at Max.

“I was sick and besides he owes me $12.73 for that stuff he puts on that stupid bow. So he owes me 2.73.”

“This is what you’re arguing about? Just call it even and get over it.”


She didn’t wait for Max’s excuse. “I’ve got an article to write by tomorrow to pay for the rent; which neither of you has paid any of in the last three months. So I don’t care what you do just fucking shut up!” With that she stomped out of the room and back to her computer.

Max and Greg were quiet for a moment. They Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort shuffled their feet a lot, then finally went over to Janis. She was still annoyed; she wouldn’t look at them at first. “We’re sorry Jan.” Max said it first.

“Yeah we’re sorry. We know ya took that crappie job just for the rent.” Janis grunted at then and continued to stare at the screen. Max started rubbing her shoulders quietly. Janis stopped typing and leaned back. He was too good at that for her to stay angry. “Maybe if you relax you can get the article done.” Greg took up the occupation and began massaging her feet and caves as he kneeled himself on the floor. Janis sighed and stretched out her body. Slowly she found her hand curling around Max’s back under his shirt. She could feel him twitch slightly as she touched his side. Janis looked down at Greg, he’d worked his way up to the back of her knees, her legs twitched slightly. Slowly she realized Max was getting closer and closer to massaging her breast, but was managing to stay just out of reach. She was enjoying this attention from her friends a little too much, but she didn’t care. Janis slipped her fingertips into Max’s pants.

Max felt her hands on the flesh of the beginning of his ass. He looked down at her, not sure exactly how to take it. “Um?” Janis only grinned and said, “Go ahead if you’d like.” At this Greg ripped his attention from what was now Janis’s thigh. The men looked at each other very confused.

Janis squeezed Max’s ass to make her meaning clear. And soon felt her shirt swiftly removed and Greg struggling with her jeans. Max bent over and kissed between her breasts. He licked and sucked at every inch of skin he could reach. Greg finally slipped her jeans off and was sucking and gently biting on Janis’s panties. She moaned from the stereo pleasure. She left one hand slightly pressing on Max’s ass and brought the other down to pull Greg further on to her. Between Greg’s mouth and Max’s, in addition to four roaming hands on her body Janis was ready for more, but the chair was becoming limiting. Slowly she removed her hand from Max and the other from Greg and stood up. She grinned at their faces, it was priceless. Something like a pair of ten-year-old Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort boys who had an entire bowel of ice cream set before them then taken away. Greg licked Janis’s juices from his lips and Max simply stood with his chest heaving. Janis pulled them both to her by the waists of their pants. They immediately began again, but she stopped them. She then pulled the two creative and lusty minds towards her bedroom; the only clean place in the apartment, and the only one with a king sized bed.

Janis had her two shirtless handsome friends in her room, both throbbing for her, and she knew it. She was all ready down to a bra and panties and decided it was their turn to strip. She started on Greg’s pants first. Unbuttoning and unzipping it slowly. Max stood behind her, his hands underneath her bra, rolling her nipples in his fingers. He stared over her shoulder as Janis freed Greg’s cock from his pants. She could feel how excited Greg was with his steal rod of a dick in her hands. She was slowly aware that Max had removed her bra and was working his mouth toward her large tits. She felt him remove his clothing behind her, and the last bit of cloth on her own body. Janis felt his long burning cock just waiting for her pressed against her ass. Greg was soon on his knees again his face buried in her pussy, sucking her clit and tongue-fucking deep inside her. Janis felt Max’s rod twitch as he kept her from falling and watched one friend eat out another. Janis simply moaned loudly and grinded her cunt into Greg’s face.

Just as she felt herself ready to fill the room with a lustful yell both ends let go of her body. She made a sort of whine. “Don’t stop.” Greg rose from the floor and sucked her juices off his bottom lip. “You didn’t finish.” Janis pouted and slammed her back into Max. He moaned and bit into her neck. “Oh, I will.” Greg walked towards the bed. “But it would be better if you didn’t have to worry about falling.”

Janis grinned at this consideration and Max’s wonderful teeth on her shoulder. His hand was cupping her breast again; the other had drifted between her legs. Janis was not capable of movement beyond a slight pulsating through out her body. Greg lay on the bed face up. Max slowly Kadıköy Ucuz Escort inched her over and sat her boiling pussy onto Greg’s waiting tongue. Janis moaned loudly and leaned down, forcing Greg’s wriggling tongue deeper into her body. Max wasn’t sure what to do with himself, so his hand soon found his iron cock to the rhythm of Janis’s grinding into Greg’s face. Her eyes were closed and her neck arched as she rid Greg’s face. Janis felt Greg vibrate beneath her causing her to scream out her orgasm. She opened her eyes and nearly came at the sight of it. Max was nibbling and licking at the base of Greg’s rod. Greg’s body shook again and she went with it. Max occasionally looked up from his meal to give Janis an evil grin. She leaned down lower through her orgasms to try and reach Greg’s raging cock. Max held the swelled head to her as he continued his attention to the base of Greg’s shaft. Janis could only reach enough to give his the tip a good suck. Greg roared into her pussy and she gave out another yell. But Max was still left waiting.

Janis rolled off Greg and lay next to him as he panted. Max still sat at the end of the bed, watching. She let one hand flop down onto Greg’s chest and the other next to Max’s inner thigh. Without notice Max moved up Greg’s body and kissed him deep on the lips. Greg kissed back with what strength he had left. Max lifted himself back up. “You taste delicious Janis.” She smiled and wriggled her fingers on his thigh. Max then bent over her and began lightly sucking and kissing at her breasts. Greg slid away to give more room. Janis smiled calmly and pulled Max down by his neck. He soon swung around her body so his unused cock lay between her legs. Janis wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his body closer. He abliged and slid the tip of his cock just inside her pussy. She moaned quietly. Greg had the best view imaginable. He could see Max’s penis slowly enter by watching through his friend’s legs.

His cock went deeper, at an excruciatingly slow rate. Greg could see Janis biting her lip and clawing at Max’s back. Slowly but surely Max’s entire shaft made it into Janis’s boiling cunt. He pumped her slowly at first letting the momentum build. Greg’s thumb circled the tip of his cock as he watched his friends fuck faster. Janis was soon screaming with Max and Greg not far behind. They all fell asleep together. Janis forgot about her deadline. She woke up in the middle of the night to Max and Greg grunting under the covers. She bit her tongue to keep from interrupting and slid her hand between her legs.