Working Fantasy


My mind wanders lately. During meetings. When being briefed by my staff. Talking to my boss.

Staff meeting, then managers meeting. Goals not met for the year. Short term objectives…

It wanders far away. To somewhere warmer. To someone soft.

Images of meeting. Finding you at the airport. Driving together…touching. Going to that place away from everyone. Off in the woods. The cabin filled with our “toys”.

Where we can only hear each other. And only we can hear each other.

Trying to be calm as we unpack. Showing restraint. But our hearts pound. Hands tremble and grow moist. Mouths grow dry. Words stop and long looks start.

We try to change the subject. Eat dinner. Talk casually. Sit on the couch and sip coffee. Talk about our lives since we were last together. But silences stretch…

Check incoming e-mails. Respond as needed. Send kızılay escort advice and instructions.

Then our hands accidentally touch. Control shatters like a skin of ice on a pond. I grab you and pull you close, my mouth on yours. Burning, hungry, almost angry kisses.

I lead you to the bed, pulling you down with me. I lean on one elbow, and study you. Your eyes go half closed. You look away, embarrassed by what you see in my eyes. Love mixed with lust and want and need.

You wear a robe of pale silvery purple satin. I undo the sash, opening it. I expose one breast. My mouth goes to the nipple.

I mean to start gently…build slowly. But it has been too long. The fantasies burn in my brain. The memories of that other time.

My teeth close on it. They scrape along it. My mouth engulfs it. I suck and bite as hard kolej escort as I can. It stiffens against my tongue. The taste of you in my mouth is overwhelming. The feel of your flesh on my tongue makes me lose my mind. My hand goes to the other nipple, which I pinch and twist. And my teeth move to the skin of your breast. And I place the first of many marks I will give you. Reminding you who possesses your body while we are together. As you know who possesses my soul at all times.

My control fades further and further. With you I need not control myself. We have no rules between us. No boundaries.

The meeting drones on. Something about system errors and monthly reports overdue…my mind returns to…

My fingers pushing hard into your pussy. Stretching it. Seeking that inner zone that gives you such pleasure. And your hands are ankara escort touching me, as well. Stroking and teasing. I twitch in response to your touch, then draw away as I feel excitement building too fast.

Your legs are spreading. My hand slides down across your stomach. I caress the moist lips. I lick the sweet nectar from my fingers, then brush them across your lips, leaving just a hint of a taste.

Staffing models…work flow…new clients…future meetings…

My cock sliding into you for the first time in….oh so very long. Pushing deep. Trying to bury myself. To become one with you. Engulfed in heat.

I want this to last…but you will it otherwise. Squeezing with your inner muscles, teasing with your words. Telling me how you want me to mark you inside as well as outside.

And I explode…I spasm into you…gasping.

My boss asks if I am feeling well. I’m sweating, and seem short of breath. I smile, nod reassuringly, and he continues…

It is later. Dark now. We lay together, holding each other in the flickering light from the fireplace. Once again together.

Which is reality…and which the dream?