Work Blows


To anybody work is the same thing. You go, you work, you leave, you get paid. The same monotonous tasks set before you day after day. That’s fine with me, getting paid for doing something that doesn’t bother you is probably the best job in the world. To me it just got better than just getting paid.

It was any other Sunday workday. Go down to my little cave in the department store, and simply wait for others to call for my assistance. Think of any receiving dock, but this one is about 30 years old with a rat infestation, and just loads of crap and stock surrounding the area. This of course bothered me in the beginning, but just as anything else I grew to accept my place and position.

I took my place at the office desk, and fell asleep for whenever they needed me. Of course running all of the usual tasks after my nap, hangers, carryouts, pretty much filled the inbetweens.

While going through the floors, I ran into a regular that works the weekends. Never really said much to anybody, talking just gets you into trouble. But in the end she turned out to be different.

A little petite thing. The type of girl your afraid you can break in half just by handling her to roughly. Even though she was tiny, she had a pretty good package. Almond eyes, with a cute smile. Brunette hair, styled in her own way. Her bangs that hung over her face gave a mysterious type of feeling when you first see her. But she was a talker. Always wore dark clothes that clung to her well. Especially those skirts of hers.

Anyway while doing one of my runs through the store, she started talking to me more today.

“How’s your day going?” She said in a friendly manner.

“Same old same old. I was late though.” I retorted.

“Couldn’t have been bad as my morning though.”

“Why, demetevler escort I don’t think being late is a good thing.” I smirked as I was collecting the hangers at her station. Always sneaking a peek whenever I could.

“Well I was two hours late today, can you beat that?” She laughed.

“Yeah that’s pretty bad, you sure they ain’t going bitch you out later?” I asked.

Then all of a sudden I didn’t realize she wasn’t listening. A customer had come and she was answering their questions. I simply figured she was busy and began on my way to finish up the floor.

“Bye.” I thought I heard something and I turned around to see her smiling. Of course I usually become overzealous with situations like this, and I simply smiled and continued on my way as to not scare her away later.

The rest of the day went pretty much like clock work. Back to the normal of lunch, and sleeping. With the last hour creeping up on me, I decided to do one more hanger run. On a different floor in a different department, I was surprised to see her at a different station.

“Your like a freckin bird. What the hell are you doing here now.”

“These guys keep on moving me. I swear it’s like I’m their personal bitch.” Again keeping her playful attitude on the surface. “You seem like your having it easy.”

“What are you talking about, picking up hangers is a specialty in itself.” I laughed in a sarcastic tone.

“How about we switch places? I’m so stressed.”

“I don’t think so, your job looks hard.” As I began to walk away I quickly said, “My jobs the best, I got the best way to relieve stress, you should come down to the dock sometime.” Then I made my exit.

Covering my eyes for the past half an hour, I didn’t want no idiots calling dikmen escort upon me for any more tasks, and simply ignored the phone.

No sooner than I began drifting asleep, I heard the sound of heels walking quickly towards the office. Oh shit, not another manager. Trying to come up with some bullshit to pretend to be doing, I got up and saw her at the door.

“Wow what the hell are you doing here?!” Freaked from my previous thought of getting in trouble.

“You said you had a good way to relieve stress.” She laughed softly.

“Oooohhhhh…..Damn you scared the shit out of me, I thought you was one manager.” I sighed in relief. “You sure you want to do it, it’s kind of juvenile and stupid though.”

“All I want is to not work right now.”

I lead her to the trash compactor, and threw a hanger with all my might into the concrete.

“That’s it?” She looked very confused.

“Hey don’t dog it till you try it.”

Soon we began throwing hangers and shattering them everywhere. I lost track of the time, and by the end the ground was littered with shattered plastic.

“Your right, that was pretty interesting. And stupid.” She laughed

“Well what’d you think I did down here all day?”

I began walking in, and noticed that she wasn’t following.

“What happened?” I asked.

“No I figure there was something else.”

“Like what?”

Sooner than I said that she had walked up and began kissing me on the dock. Our tongues writhed amongst each others, and I wrapped my arms around her waist and slowly massaged the small of her back, slowly making my way down to her ass.

“Shit, we shouldn’t do this here. Security.” And I quickly grabbed her hand led her back to the office.

I sat myself on the chair, ankara escort and layed her on my lap, and we continued where we left off. I went at it, and I started moving my hands trying to get under her blouse. When I got to the place I had wanted, she moved away, and kneeled down on the grungy 70’s carpet the was layed in the office.

Before I knew it she had already unbuckled and unzipped me. She pulled me out of my confinement and lowered her hot mouth on the head of my shaft. As she was working and licking me I pulled her bangs away from her face and I was able to look her in the eyes as she squinted like she was smiling. Then it was like a vacuum and she worked her way up and down my entire cock. Who would have thought that this small girl could take the entire length down her throat.

Only a couple of lengthy bobs was needed, and I quickly told her that I was gonna cum soon. But that didn’t stop her and she continued to lick and swirl her tongue around the tip. Reaching that point of no return I quickly muttered what I could,

“I’m telling you that I’m gonna cum.” I heaved from what was happening.

“Just say when again.” As she brought her mouth up and teased my head.

Down she went again, and the pressure from her throat was needed to push me over. My cock sank into her throat again as spurts cum shot down her throat. And she held her face down all the way to the base, and gave me a sly eye every now and then.

Just like that I was done, and she quickly stood herself back up straightening herself out. Her mouth was so incredible, I wish I didn’t finish so quickly.

“That’s what I had in mind. Maybe I’ll catch you next week.” With her voice trailing off as she left.

Confused on why she didn’t want hers, I got myself straightened up and I noticed the time. Half an hour past closing already. Time to go home.

On the drive back to my apartment, I couldn’t wait until next week as I recalled what just happened. Then it suddenly hit me, although I talked to her I never got her name. I wonder if work will be the same.