Woman in the Blue Car


Who was she? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the last several months. Everyday that I drive to work, I pass this mystery woman going the opposite direction.

The area I live in is in a rural part of the U.S. My drive to work consists of travel on 2 lane highways and old county back roads. I live in a smaller town with a population of about 15,000 people and I drive about 30 minutes to an equally sized town where I work as a finance manager at a privately owned heavy equipment manufacturer.

I’ve been making this drive for about 10 years now. I almost always see the same people everyday. That was until about 8 months ago. She appeared one morning and since that time, it’s given me something to look forward to on my otherwise mind numbing drive.

I first noticed her vehicle. I can almost set my watch to when I’m going to see a particular car. The lady in the red Camry? I see her about 10 minutes into my drive. She turns left at the intersection of highway 16 and highway 120. The guy in the silver F-150? I’ll see him about 20 minutes into my drive. He pulls off of county road 6 and heads the opposite direction from what I’m traveling. In addition to them it’s the white Rav 4, the black Kia Soul or the beige Chevy Traverse. I see them everyday.

But that day, I saw a new car. A blue Ford Escape. I noticed the blue right away. It stood out in the sea of boring colored vehicles, such as my silver Explorer. I just figured that someone had bought a new vehicle. Maybe the lady that drove the old Taurus finally upgraded?

Nope! When the blue Escape passed me, I noticed the driver was a younger woman with long, curly blonde hair and she was gorgeous! Who was that?!

I guess I should inform you about me, if you haven’t already figured it out. I’m a lesbian. Unfortunately, I’m a lesbian that is stuck in the middle of rural America, where there aren’t a lot of other women that are into other women. I’ve dated a few ladies who were very curious, but I soon discovered to be married to men. I’m not going to lie, the sex was pretty damn good, but that road was a dead end. Sometimes I’ll find a random woman that’s in town for the night and we’ll have a nice little romp, but again, it’s just a hook up and there is no hope for anything long term.

Its a lonely existence, and if it wasn’t for my occasional flings, I’d probably lose my mind. I know that I need to get out of this area and move somewhere where I have a better chance of finding someone to have a relationship with. I don’t know why I insist on staying here. My job isn’t great but it pays the bills and I do ok for the area I’m in, but I guess mostly I’m just comfortable.

Anyway… this woman in the blue Escape. I first started seeing her sometime in August I think. Ok, it was August 14th to be exact. It was a Wednesday. My schedule is Monday through Friday and judging by the days and times I see her, her schedule is similar to mine.

As I said, it’s been 8 months since I first saw her. Some days her hair is down, some days it’s pulled back. She doesn’t often wear sunglasses, but I haven’t seen her ever make eye contact with me. If I had to guess her age, I’d say about 24-25 ish. I know this probably sounds pathetic, but I look forward to seeing her everyday. It’s only for the few seconds as our vehicles pass in the morning and late afternoon, but it still makes me happy.

I know I’ll likely never meet her. I’ve thought about turning around and following her, but that’s just too damn creepy. Besides, she’s surely straight as an arrow and not even remotely interested in an average 30 year old redhead. Who knows, maybe she has some huge character flaw like being a raging bitch or she is a redneck racist. Maybe she has tentacles instead of a human lower body? On second thought, what could she do with those tentacles…? No, I’m sure the whole package is just as beautiful. So, I just enjoy the little glimpses of the most beautiful woman I’ve laid eyes on in this area.

Today is a day just like any other. It’s April, so it’s officially springtime and the weather is overcast and rainy. The good part is that I’m going to see my blonde beauty in the little blue suv. Oddly though, there aren’t any headlights up ahead? As I travel further down the old county road I’m still not seeing any.

I’m just getting to a heavily wooded area when I see what appear to be headlights in the ditch up ahead. Well, it’s not really a ditch. The shoulder slopes down several feet before the ground flattens. There are also trees all along both sides of the road.

I start to slow my vehicle and I activate my emergency flashers. As I’m pulling up to the scene, I realize that it’s blue Escape girl! Oh shit! Her vehicle is in bad shape. The front is smashed into a tree, the windshield is badly cracked, and there is a rather large, and very dead deer resting on the hood.

I can see that the airbags have deployed and she is sat back in her seat with her head resting against the headrest. Oh God, is she dead?

I Avrupalı porno try to open her door but it’s jammed shut. I dial 9-1–1 and tell the dispatcher what the situation is. Luckily, blue Escape girl’s vehicle automatically alerts 9-1-1 in an accident, so help is already on the way.

I bang on the window and yell to get her attention. Soon she opens her eyes and I can tell that she’s in a daze. She looks around and finally notices me. I watch her as she looks at the door and then reaches her hand over. Surprisingly, her window rolls down. Even though she just wrecked her car, had an airbag explode into her face, and is bleeding from her lip, she still looks gorgeous. What?! I can’t help it, ok?

“Help is on the way. Just sit there and wait for the ambulance.” I tell her.

“Wha…what happened?” She asks. Damn, even her voice is beautiful. It was so soft and airy. What?! Don’t judge me.

“Uh, it appears that you hit a deer and then wrecked into that tree.” I said.

“Fuck. Yeah…I remember now. He jumped out right in front of me. Son of a bitch. I just bought this car.” She replied.

“I’m sorry, but thankfully you’re ok. A car can be fixed or replaced. I’m Mina, by the way. I’ll stay with you until help arrives.” I said.

“Thank you. I’m Kate, by the way.” She told me.

“Well, Kate, you’re a lucky girl.” I told her.

She nodded then put her head back against the headrest.

I could hear sirens approaching and in no time an ambulance pulled up followed by a rescue squad truck and a county Sheriff’s deputy. While the EMTs and firefighters worked to get Kate out and stabilized, I gave my info to the deputy.

I glanced up and watched as they put Kate into the back of the ambulance. She smiled and offered a tiny wave before the doors were closed and they were off. I finished with the deputy and returned to my vehicle. I called work to let them know what was happening and that I’d be a little late.

Now I had a name. Kate.

Work was uneventful as usual. I found myself thinking about Kate throughout the day. Damn, she was pretty. Her voice was so soft and angelic and from what I could see, her body was just as beautiful. I should have felt bad for checking her out while she was sitting there all banged up from her wreck, but I guess I’m a perv.

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at work after punching out. I was just about to put my car in gear when I had an idea. I dug the deputy’s card out of my purse and dialed the number for the Sheriffs office. I inquired about Kate and they said they hadn’t heard anything more about her status. They probably couldn’t give me much information anyway due to privacy concerns. The closest hospital was only about 15-20 minutes away in a fairly large city. There were actually three hospitals, but I was pretty sure which one she would have been taken to.

I walked to the front desk and asked which floor I could find my “friend” on. I explained that she had been in a car accident earlier and I was given a vague answer to where she might be. Once I reached that floor, I found the nurses station and asked about Kate. The nurse told me that she couldn’t tell me if she was a patient or not. Damn.

I was just getting ready to leave when I heard my name being called.

“Mina. MINA! In here!” Kate yelled.

I turned around and saw her laying in bed in the room across from the nurses station.

“Hey! How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Ugh. Sore and woozy. Even with the airbag, my head feels like it was hit with a brick.” She replied.

“You didn’t have to come all the way here, you know.” She said.

“Yes I did. I wanted to make sure you were ok. I was worried about you.” I admitted.

“Well, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for this morning. I’m so lucky that you stopped to help me.” She said.

“You’re very welcome. I’m happy that you’re ok, for the most part anyway. Is there anything I can get you?” I asked.

Just as she was about to speak, someone entered the room.

“Yo, babe! They had burgers and chicken sandwiches! I bought two of each plus some fries and a couple bags of chips. Take your pick.” He said before looking up to see me standing there.

“Oh, shit. Sorry Doc.” He said.

“Travis, (she rolled her eyes as she said his name) this is Mina. She’s the woman that stopped and stayed with me this morning. I don’t think she’s a doctor though.” Kate said.

“Hi, I’m Mina. Nice to meet you.” I said as I held out my hand towards him.

“Travis. Thanks for helping my girl out. I appreciate it.” He replied as he shook my hand.

Travis looked to be about the same age as I estimated Kate to be. He was tall and fit with spikey blonde hair and a damn good tan. He talked like a surfer dude, which surprised me. I assumed he wasn’t originally from this area.

“Travis is my husband.” Kate explained.

“Ah! Well, I don’t want to interrupt Video porno your dinner. I’m sure you’re tired as well. I just wanted to make sure you’re ok. If you need anything or if the police have any more questions, here is my number.” I handed Kate my business card.

“Thank you so much, Mina. If you want a hospital burger or chicken sandwich, please stay and help yourself.” Kate offered.

“Thank you, but I’d better get going. I’m glad you’re ok. Travis, nice to meet you.” I said and made my way out.

As I exited the room I heard Travis say, “Damn! That lady is fine!”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. It was nice to hear, but I thought it was a rather inappropriate thing to say, especially when his wife was recovering from just being in an accident.

I didn’t see Kate the rest of the week, well, not physically at least. Ever since the day of her accident, I had been dreaming about her. The things I did to her in my dreams would cause the devil to blush. I needed to get a grip on reality though. I would think about her through the day so much that I’d have to peel my panties off when I got home. There was no way I’d ever have her, so I just needed to move on.

Friday evening, as I was lounging around my house, I received a text. When I looked to see who it was from, I didn’t recognize the number. Great, probably another spam text. Much to my surprise though, it was Kate! She wanted to invite me over to her house for dinner tomorrow night. I knew that it would be torture, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to turn down the offer.

I texted back and confirmed that I’d love to have dinner tomorrow night. I asked if I needed to bring anything and she replied that I didn’t. I’d at least take a bottle of wine. We exchanged a few more texts, which included her address. Now I just had to wait.

I woke up much later than normal on Saturday. I had tossed and turned all night from dreaming about Kate doing all kinds of naughty things with me. I was hopeless!

I kept busy throughout the day though. I had an appointment for an oil change, I picked up some groceries, and I even made time to get a manicure and pedicure. By the time I was done running around and had my groceries put away, I had enough time to soak in the tub and get ready to go.

I lived in a town called Campton. Kate lived about 20 minutes away in a little town called Glen Valley. There wasn’t much in Glen Valley other than a gas station, a post office, and little convenience store…oh, and the sexiest blonde that I’d ever met.

I arrived at 6:30 pm on the dot and I immediately noticed the little white compact car with out of state plates. That must have been Kate’s rental. I had to assume the bright yellow Jeep with large tires was Travis’. I rang the doorbell and Travis answered the door with beer in hand. He gave me a hug and offered me a beer, which I gladly accepted. He took the bottle of wine that I brought and showed me to the kitchen. There was Kate, putting the final touches on dinner. We chatted for a while and got to know each other.

Kate was a middle school teacher in Campton, the town I lived in. She had been living in Perryville, which is a decent sized city of about 130,000 people. It was the same city that she was taken to after her wreck. I asked how she ended up in Glen Valley? She explained that they needed a math teacher for 7th grade in Campton and that she was ready to get out of the busy city. Her and Travis loved the quietness of this little town, so they found this little house for rent and set up home here. I explained that I worked in Edgewood, which was a right turn at the intersection of the county road I found her on. Glen Valley was a left turn at that intersection, by the way.

Dinner was excellent and Travis kept the beers coming. Kate was more of a wine drinker, so she made sure the bottle I brought didn’t go to waste. As the night went on, I felt Kate and I begging to bond really well. Travis was fine, a little rough around the edges and a bit crude, but he seemed harmless.

We were all sitting around on their large, comfy sectional. Kate was in the middle where the two sections met, and Travis and I were on each side of her. I had my legs stretched out on the ottoman and I was very relaxed.

There was a break in the conversation and Kate placed her hand on my thigh. I looked over at her and our eyes met.

“Mina, I just want to thank you again for everything. It really means so much to me.” Kate said.

“You’re very welcome.” I said.

“I couldn’t have just driven by and left you there.” I added.

Travis tapped her leg and said, “ask her, babe.”

“Travis.” Kate said sharply. “No.”

I looked quizzically at them.

“C’mon, babe. I thought…” he asked.

“Ugh, Trav. Not now.” Kate replied.

“Uh, what’s going on?” I inquired.

“It’s nothing. Forget it.” Kate said.

“No, it’s fine. What’s up?” I replied. I was getting confused. gizli çekim porno

Kate was quiet for a moment. Her hand had remained on my thigh, but she removed it before she spoke.

“Uhm…ok, How do I say this…we were uhm,” whatever it was, Kate was having a hard time with it.

Travis then stood, walked around the ottoman, and sat next to me.

“Mina, we’d uhm, we’d like you to join us.” He said suggestively.

Holy shit? Did I just hear what I thought I heard? I glanced over at Kate, who looked very embarrassed, then back to Travis, who looked rather confident.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“In bed. For a threesome.” Travis stated as if he’d done this a time or two.

“Listen, I…” I started to say.

“Oh fuck. I’m so sorry!” Kate interjected.

“Wait, just wait a minute.” I said.

“Look, I’m…flattered. But, that’s not, that’s not my thing. First off, I’m a lesbian.” I informed them.

“Damn! Score!” Travis uttered.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Second, I’ve never been a part of anything like that.” I explained.

“Fuck! Travis?” Kate said as she stood and ran off down the hallway.

Son of a…this night was going so good too. Now it was getting awkward really fast. Travis was still next to me, drinking a beer and acting like nothing was wrong.

“Where did she go?” I asked Travis.

“End of hall. Our bedroom.” He replied.

I ran up to the door and knocked before trying the door knob. It was locked.

“Kate. Hey, it’s just me. Please open the door. Please?” I said.

“No. Just…I’m sorry, Mina. Maybe I’ll call you later.” She replied.

“No, lets just talk. Please?” I pleaded.

“I don’t think so. Not tonight. Just go home, Mina.” She sobbed.

Great. I grabbed my purse and made it to the front door. As I opened the door, Travis chimed in.

“Hey, see ya later, Mina. If you change your mind and want to see what you’ve been missing…” Travis said assuredly.

Ugh! This guy was a walking cliche! I didn’t bother to respond. I got in my SUV and made my way home.

I tried calling and texting Kate once I made it home. She wouldn’t answer or reply to my texts. I tried throughout the day Sunday as well and was met with silence.

On my drive to work on Monday, I didn’t see her. There were a few different routes that she could take to work, and I decided I would take one of them on my way home. Unfortunately, that proved to be a bust. Tuesday morning I took another route, hoping I’d catch her. Still nothing. I took that same way home after work. I wasn’t expecting much, but there we were on a long, straight stretch of road. I slowed down as a little white clown car approached. Once I could see it was Kate driving, I began waving. She flew by without acknowledging me. I considered turning around and chasing her. My car was much faster than hers, but I decided to give her space.

The same scenario played out all week. A few days I saw her in the morning and a few times in the evening. I always waved but she never waved back.

This was ridiculous. We were both mature adults who had had an unfortunate misunderstanding. Saturday I sent her a text. I explained that I wasn’t mad or offended, but I was merely caught off guard. I gave her my address and offered for her to stop by anytime and talk.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I took my normal route to and from work. I had just arrived home on Wednesday evening when I received a text. It was from Kate and she wanted to know if we could talk. I asked her where she would be most comfortable, and she suggested meeting at the McLaren county conservation area. It was a lovely area that offered beautiful scenic views, miles of various walking trails, and plenty of privacy to talk. The weather had been perfect lately and it was equal distance between our drives, so it seemed like an excellent idea. We agreed to meet tomorrow evening.

I arrived at the conservation area first. I was eager to put this misunderstanding behind us. Ok, I also wanted to see Kate’s beautiful face again. I found a nice secluded area to park and sent Kate a message telling her the location. She arrived about 5 minutes later.

I exited my vehicle and approached hers. She got out but seemed a bit standoffish. I had wanted to greet her with a big hug, but her demeanor changed my mind.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hi.” I replied.

“Do you want to sit?” I asked, motioning to the small covered picnic area.

“Can we walk?” She suggested.

The walking paths were paved and my shoes would be fine for walking a bit, so I agreed. With that, we took off on the path.

“Kate, I’m sorry about Saturday night…” I began.

“No, no Mina, I’m the one who should apologize. I apologize for Travis as well. I’m sorry he made you uncomfortable and for putting you in that situation. I had asked him not to, but he’s an ass like that some times.” She explained.

“It’s ok, really. I was just…surprised is all. I’ve never been asked that before.” I said.

“Well, I feel bad.” Kate said, her head hung low.

I stopped and touched her arm, “listen, it’s fine. I’m over it so please don’t beat yourself up anymore. Plus, it was kind of flattering.” I said with a little smirk.