Will You?


As Teresa and I turned off Hwy.395 onto the June Lake Loop the sun was just beginning to rise behind us. The Mammoth Lakes area of California is extremely beautiful, especially in the late spring which is why I planned our trip in early May. At this time of year the waterfalls are at their most spectacular. The hot springs are their hottest. The Beautiful high mountain peaks all around are still very full of snow. As we made the turn around the base of Carson Peak the tranquil blue waters of Silver Lake came into view. We stopped briefly to get the best view of the day hike we had planned as well as Silver Lake. Silver Lake was just one of the many very beautiful lakes we would be able to see from up on the mountainside. There are four alone in the June Lake Loop as they call it because it leaves Hwy.395 and loops around past the four lakes, June, Gull, Silver and Grant Lakes before returning back to Hwy.395.

Most people take the switchback trail from the Silver Lake store up and over the pass to the first of many backcountry lakes behind Carson peak. But I preferred to follow the tracks of the small cable car that hauled equipment and a few men straight up the mountainside next to Carson peak and to the dam of the first lake, then to return them to the Power Plant at the base of the mountain. This to me was the most exciting and beautiful way to see the multiple waterfalls that fell from deep blue pool to deep blue pool off the mountainside. Most people only saw small views of these waterfalls, as they never leave the main trail. What they don’t see is that many of these waterfalls fall over fifty feet into the next pool. These many pools of turquoise blue water are surrounded by white granite sand beaches maybe thirty feet long by ten feet wide leading into the beautiful cool blue water. Beautiful aspen trees surround them and unbelievably high snow covered peaks are seen on all sides. You add the clear blue sky and the warmth of the sun and this is truly one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth, as well as surprisingly secluded and therefore private. This is why I choose to bring Teresa up here and proclaim my unconditional love for her. Yes, to ask her to share the rest of our lives together. We both loved the wilderness so it was not unusual for us to spend time hiking into the backcountry. We had been dating exclusively for about six months but were best friends before dating for over a year.

As we climbed more than hiked from deep blue pool to deep blue pool the view of as many as twenty lakes off in the distance in the valley below was just breath taking.

Almost at the top of the pass we came to a hidden waterfall that fell about seventy five feet into a large deep blue pool that was about forty foot in diameter. The aspen grove here was older than most as it completely hid this area from view from anywhere on the main trail. This was just the place for what I had planned for the day. There was also out on the edge of this hidden area almost where it fell off into the next blue pool of water a small little pond that we ended up naming, Wild Onion Blossom Lake. This is because blooming all around it were wild onions that surprisingly were very beautiful with their yellow and white blossoms reaching up into the clear blue sky.

I laid the blanket I had carried out next to the edge and alongside the little flower surrounded lake. This gave us the most unbelievable view of both the valley below and the lower waterfall as it fell into the deep blue pool below. The real view was the huge waterfall as it fell over seventy five feet into the deep blue waters of the pool not more than twenty feet from where we laid. We were being cooled from the heat of the day by the mist of this glorious waterfall as it drifted onto us softly but very refreshingly.

I opened a bottle of wine as we began to hand feed each other wonderful treats from the small backpack I had brought along for our day on the mountainside.

Teresa was so very beautiful in this setting that gölbaşı escort I felt as if I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, even with all the surrounding natural beauty around us she just captured all of my attention. But I had felt this way about her from the very first day that we met. I instantly felt that she was the most beautiful site I had ever seen. Her dark brown hair, deep brown pools for eyes and a body to die for. But she also was the most genuinely gentle soul I had ever met. Yes, I believe I fell in love with her that very first day. We both felt a connection that was almost fairytale like but so very real. We found ourselves laughing constantly at how often we finished each other’s sentences. We found it funny that we were so very closely matched that it seemed I was the male version of her and she the female version of myself. Life was good between us but today I planned to take it further with a commitment for life.

After we finished enjoying the treats I brought along we decided to just lay back and take in the beauty of all the incredible sites around us. Though being cooled by the waterfalls mist I still suggested we get some sun since we had this very private place to ourselves. I began to slowly undress her as I softly kissed her neck, cheek, breasts and stomach. I so very much loved the softness of her sweet flesh. Every touch of my fingertips, lips and tongue brought me intense excitement from both her reaction from my touch and also from knowing what lie ahead. As she sat up so that I could lift her tee shirt up over her head and off I could not resist but to kiss each of her beautiful nipples which already were beginning to swell and become harder. I couldn’t resist sucking each nipple into my mouth. Her breasts were so very beautiful and firm, cupping them with both hands I felt their warmth, their rising and falling with each breath she took. Her breathing was beginning to get faster and deeper betraying her excitement. After tossing her tee shirt aside I kissed my way down across the sweet flesh of her stomach and slid her shorts down over her long sexy legs and dropped them at her feet.

As I rose to my knees she sat up, kissed me softly and unzipped my shorts allowing my now hard cock to stand straight out as if reaching for the treasure it was obviously seeking. Teresa then pushed me back teasingly onto the blanket continuing to remove my shorts as she lightly kissed the head of my now painfully hard cock. She tossed my shorts aside and turned around putting my head between her legs. But I was surprised as she pinned my arms down to the blanket with her now openly spread legs. This positioned her so very sweet pussy just out of reach of my tongue, which was begging to taste her sweetness. I could tell this was exciting her just as much as it was me from the sweet liquid that was beginning to form at the entrance of her now just out of reach pussy. As I was overwhelmed with the aroma of her womanhood I saw this wetness begin to run down from between her sweet pussy lips and puddle over her now slightly exposed clit. I strained hoping for it to drip onto my outstretched tongue, as I so desperately wanted to taste her sweetness.

But as she felt me struggle to reach the softness of her pussy with my tongue she softly whispered to me “sweetheart, please be patient and let me please you. Then I will give myself to you completely”

Damn, I wanted to pull her sweet pussy into my face so very badly I found it hard to honor her requests. I wanted to feel its soft warmth as I spread her wetness over my entire face. Yes, I wanted to feel the softness of her hot, wet, sweet pussy as my so very hard cock slid between her pussy lips. I wanted to feel my cock force its way past her sweet pussy lips and glide into the warmth of her sweet, soft wetness.

I decided that I must wait, as I too wanted for this to be the very best love making we both had ever known.

As I lay back I felt her lean forward allowing her beautiful firm breasts keçiören escort to begin massaging my chest and upper stomach with her every movement. Her tongue’s tip first very carefully touched only the tip of my cock. She was teasingly licking at the precum that was forming at the tip of my cock after each touch of her tongue. Then I felt the soft warmth of the underside of her tongue as she began to swirl it around my cock’s swollen head. I thought I would explode right then at the moment she began flipping the tip of her tongue on the underside of my cock, just under it’s head. With the combined warmth and wetness from both my precum and her saliva stimulating this most sensitive place on my cock I had to really concentrate not to squirt my cum all over her tongue and face. Somehow I managed not to cum though this felt so incredibly great that I could feel it building uncontrollably inside me.

I think she too could sense this swelling from deep inside me as lifted her head and let my cock push its way into her slightly parted lips. I could feel the warmth of her soft mouth as my cock slid slowly but deeply into it. She did this ever so slowly so I could feel every sensation as it touched the full length of my cock, sliding over my cock’s head, slipping down and over it until grasping the entire head into her mouth while sucking it in. When her lips grasped the area just under my cock’s head again I thought I might lose control. She helped me prolong Cumming by both squeezing my balls and with her other hands thumb and index finger squeezing tightly the base of my cock.

Teresa then began to stroke my ready to burst cock firmly with these two fingers. All the while her mouth sliding up and down its shaft in the opposite rhythm of her fingers. I could feel her suction on my cock increase, as did the speed of her stroking it in both directions. As I felt my cum explode into her mouth over her tongue, I felt her suck even harder as if to suck every drop of my hot cum from the very depths of my balls. She sucked harder and harder with each squirt exploding into her mouth until every last drop had been drained from me.

As I lay back trying to catch my breath and recuperate from the most intensely fulfilling blow job I had ever enjoyed she licked and cleaned every drop of cum that had managed to escape her awaiting mouth. She licked the head and down the full length of my cock’s shaft until reaching my balls. I was rather pleasantly surprised as she sucked my balls deeply into her mouth after licking them clean. I had never experienced a lover sucking on my balls like this let alone getting the pleasure I was receiving as she rolled them around softly in her warm, wet mouth. What excited me the most in all of this wonderful pleasure though was the fact that she was so very excited herself, that she really was full of desire to both have my cock in her mouth as it exploded hot cum onto her tongue, as well as her obvious desire to please me.

As she was licking and sucking me clean she was so very hot and excited that her pussy had been dripping wonderful amounts of her sweet juices onto my outstretched tongue and onto my face. The taste, the smell, was driving me crazy with lustful desire as she pleasured my cock in such wonderful ways. She had allowed my arms to become free by spreading her already spread widely open legs to spread even wider. I reached over and pulled a pillow under my head to support it so that my tongue and mouth had easy access to her sweet dripping pussy.

I loved the way my tongue felt as its tip ran the full length from her sweet little ass up through her wet pussy lips until finally just reaching her clit enough to tease her. I let my tongue’s tip just slightly touch the edges of her clit, feeling the arching of her back as she tensed her muscles reaching out to feel it caressing her clit. But I only let my tongue teasingly swirl around the edges of her clit as I whispered, “Baby, now it’s your turn to wait”

I let ankara escort my tongue slid down and into her sweet pussy and sucked one of its sweet lips into my mouth. As I took turns sucking one lip after the other deeply into my mouth stripping the wonderful wetness from each I also in between let my tongue slide as deep into her sweet pussy as possible. As I slid two fingers deeply into her softness I let the flat of my tongue slide up the full length of her pussy collecting even more of her hot nectar. I began to finger fuck her deeply reaching that wonderful spot deep inside just under her cervix. This caused her hips to involuntarily gyrate meeting the pressure and rhythms of my fingers. Teresa let out a wonderful cry of pleasure as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I bit down on her clit with my teeth firmly but not causing enough pain to be unpleasant. Just enough to cause her to squirm with excited lust and desire. As my tongue flicked its tip over her clit and my lips sucked it into my mouth I felt her muscles begin to spasm signaling her orgasms beginning.

Just as I felt the first incredible wave of orgasms starting I quickly turned her over and forced my now again very hard cock past her swollen with excitement pussy lips and deeply into her convulsing pussy. Yes, as I turned her over and onto her knees I stepped up with one foot flat on the ground and on my knee with the other leg. This allowing me my cock’s deepest penetration possible. With both hands I grabbed her hips and began to time my deep thrusts with the convulsing of her pussy. As I drove into her deeper and harder than ever before Teresa cried out “Oh sweet baby fuck me hard. Oh yes baby, deeper, harder! Oh God yes!”

I could feel her wetness squirting out of me with each deep thrust. Feeling it running down onto and off of my balls until running down my legs. Her hot, wet pussy so soft inside convulsing and grasping my cock as if milking the cum from it. I quickly stepped between her legs with my leg that had been flatfooted and turned her over onto her side. Lifting one of her legs over my shoulder I grabbed her lower hip with both hands. I began to fuck her even harder and faster as I pulled her into each hard thrust of my cock. I cried out to her “Fuck your pussy feels so good. I love the way my cock feels as I fuck you hard baby. I love watching it sliding in and out of your wet, hot pussy. God, I love you Teresa so very much”

As I started to explode another load of my hot cum deeply into her sweet pussy I turned her over onto her back. As I slid forward deeply into her she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my face down to meet her sweet lips. We shared a very long, deep and so very passionate kiss as we both came together. Feeling both each squirt of my hot cum exploding deeply into her pussy as well as her pussy’s contractions squeezing it out of me. As the last drops of my cum were milked from my cock she looked deeply into my eyes and said “BURT, I love you so very much. I could never love anyone the way I love you. I have never felt this wonderfully complete as a woman as I do when making love with you”

As I held her close I felt as if the world was standing still for us and I said “ Sweet baby you know I love you more than I ever thought could be possible. When we make love it as if our souls combine to become one. You truly are my soul mate baby”

Then as we both smiled knowing that we were meant for each other and that we wanted to share this so wonderful love for the rest of our lives I said,

“Oh my sweet Teresa I love you so very much. I brought you up to this so very beautiful and romantic place for a reason today baby. You see to me this is truly Gods country and up here I feel as close as I possibly can be to him. Yes, I want him and the rest of the world hear me when I tell you how very much I love you and ask you to marry me”

“So sweet baby in front of god and the whole world, WILL YOU MARRY ME? WILL YOU SPEND THE REST OF OUR LIVES WITH ME?”

Teresa looked deeply into my eyes just as a teardrop slowly ran down her cheek and she smiled and said to me, “ Oh my love of course I’ll marry you. How could I not marry you? How could I ever think of living life without my sweet love?

Without my soul mate? YES, YES, I”LL MARRY YOU MY LOVE”…BWL