Wife’s Friends Anal Ch. 02


After our initial anal show with my wife’s friends, they must have talked between themselves and others. My wife was getting calls about why weren’t others invited. There were at least three other of her close friends that wanted to watch me get fucked up the ass. My wife was telling me about it and it got me all excited.

How do you tell your wife that yes I want some of her friends to watch me get plowed up the ass with a strap on bigger than any thing imaginable. Their husbands have nothing close to the size of the monster I take up my ass. None of them, would take something three inches wide up their pussy let alone up their ass. It’s just not normal. Any way she was talking about it and working her way up to asking me if I would do it again. She knows me and realizes I would jump at the chance if presented to me. I play coy as she tries to explain it and convince me how great it will be.

She says how great it was to watch her friends drive that big strap on up my ass and asks me you loved it right? I of course did think it was great but didn’t want to give in too easily. Yes I tell her but the whole show was lacking something. She asks what do I mean? I tell her one of her friends said it would be great if it was relentless. Just pounding my asshole in and out like a machine. That is what she would have liked to see. Just my ass giving up to the constant pounding in and out with no hope of it ending. She loved the cum eating part but the act of submissively giving up my asshole was lacking.

I said well that bitch, was it that one that I hate. You know that stuck up bitch who thinks she is better than everyone? She had no problem fucking my ass last time. She had no problem filling my ass with that strap on if I recall. Was my asshole not good enough! Fuck her! My wife says no it was not her. Someone just liked the constant pounding in and out up your asshole that appealed to her. I tell her just so it wasn’t that one, I hate her and can’t believe I got fucked up the ass by her, not to mention she liked it. She probably felt all powerful and almighty stuffing that strapon up me. She probably needs to get a good ass fucking.

I tell my wife there is a way to get constantly fucked like they were saying. We could buy a fucking machine that strokes a dildo in and out of you. It has a speed connection so it could really drive it up you faster than any human could but the depth is controlled by positioning. The closer you are the deeper it goes. My wife says show me. I go to a web site that sells these machines. She gets giddy with delight. You mean to tell me, if I set this up with you, it will fuck your asshole till I shut it off, it could last hours if I wanted? Yes I tell her.

She says great, that is exactly what we need. Get your ass ready I’m ordering this thing right now. While it is getting me excited, I don’t know what to think. Is she going to hook me up to this every night? I like the human contact of sex and all. She snaps we could put on shows all the time, and besides you could get your ass fucked any time you wanted. As awesome as that sounds I might not want to back up to a machine that constantly pounds my asshole with a fake cock. What I really love is you stretching and enlarging my asshole. It’s you that I want. She tells me well consider the machine an extension of me. Once I get my mind around that concept I agree okay let’s buy this asshole pounder.

It shows up on our doorstep from the delivery guy. My wife says great! I can’t wait to show Julie and Brandi how you take it up the ass. I tell her excuse me, have you got this planned out already? She just flatly says as a matter Maltepe Esmer Escort of fact I do. They will come over and sit on the couch while I set the machine up and you back your asshole up onto the dildo. The only thing that is left for me to do is set the date. Come on babe I promised that they could watch you getting your asshole fucked with a dildo bigger than they can imagine. I promised my other friends that they could watch also, Jesus god I say in mild protest. How many friends this time I ask. She says just the same ones as before but this time Brandi and Julie will be there to watch this time also.

Man you know Brandi doesn’t like me and will probably mention it around to her friends. She says yeah but it is so implausible no one will believe it is at all possible so don’t worry about her saying anything. She will tell her friends but no one will believe her. I ask her just me getting fucked up the ass this time, right? Except this time it will be with the machine. Will we practice with it first right? Will you be feeding me my sperm? Cum eating is up to you she says. Practice is not a problem, we have to figure out how it works any way. Don’t you want to have them watch you eat your cum she asks? No that s not a problem it’s just that I want to,know what is gong to happen. Brandi is still a wild card as far as I’m concerned I tell her I know her from work. I don’t really need it getting around that I like it up my ass and take it regularly.

Well my wife sets up the evening. It Saturday just two days away, we have used the machine a couple of times. I have to say it is incredible. I pushes in and pulls out constantly, relentlessly. I have taken it slowly at first just a little short stroke maybe a few inches at a slow speed. We worked up to a faster speed and I backed up to the machine so that a full eight inches was thrusting up my ass. My wife says come on you can take some more, I’m fully agreeable and I back my ass towards the base and my wife turns up the speed. I’m now getting a full ten inches up the ass and it is stroking me faster than humanly possible. In, out… in out, repeatedly that fake cock just ramming up my ass with no chance of it stopping. My wife says that is good enough as she points to the cum that has dripped out of my cock. She says clean that up and next time we will use the Bam strap on for the girls to see. I have my mind racing as I lick up my cum, my god what have I gotten into?

It’s Saturday morning and my wife wakes me up. She says get up and put that big plug up your ass. Remember you are getting fucked up the ass for at least an hour straight. Get is stretched out she commands. All through the day I have the plug up my ass. It’s getting to be about five o’clock and I’m really getting horny. My wife says don’t worry you are going to get your ass fucked but good. Make sure you have that machine set up right in front of the sofa. I get it in place and put a big tub of lube right in front of it on the coffee table. My wife affixes our Bam Strap on to the mechanical device. My god it looks unbelievably huge just hanging from the mechanism. If you don’t know it is 3 inches thick and 12 inches long. I stare at it and dream of it repeatedly thrusting in and out of my asshole.

It’s 5:30 and soon the women are going to arrive. My wife tells me to get naked and that I’m supposed to do nothing other than just stand there I the living room, talk very little and converse only when talked to, but keep my answers short. The door bell rings and I’m naked, my wife motions me to go ahead and get to the living room as she answers the door. The First Lady friend Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort is at the door as my wife opens it. She is with her husband and pleading with my wife to let him come in. She says he wants to watch me get fucked up the ass. My wife says he can come in but, but only until the next person shows up.

That couple walks into the living room and there I stand completely nude, shaved privates. and more naked than I ever felt. My wife introduces me to them and says that this is Breanne and this her husband John. Then she says the unthinkable. My husband here is going to get his ass fucked for the girls tonight by that machine over there. She points to the mechanical contraption with the huge dildo attached to it. John says no way! That thing is too big. He won’t shit right for a month if that goes up his ass. That was all it took and I knew my wife would think this guy is not welcome. She quickly escorts him back out the door.

Breanne sits down on the couch as I stand next to my anal intruder machine. The door bell rings again. It is my wife’s friend Michelle, she also has her husband with her. They both are invited in and I stand there completely exposed not only naked but completely shaved bald. On top of It to add to my embarrassment the fucking machine that is going to bust my ass is right next to me. That giant dildo is in plain view as my wife says this is Michelle and her husband Kevin. Kevin says to us, you are going to get that up your ass? I hope you enjoy he gets out before my wife shows him out the door. I ask her are all the husbands going to see me before I get my ass drilled? She says know that is the last one she will let in.

The rest of the women show up. My wife serves the, drinks and snacks as I stand there right next to the contraption that will be invading my ass shortly. I’m quite a picture nude next to the machine with a hardon leaking precum. The Bam dildo hanging down off of it like a giant leg off of it. My wife asks okay ladies are you ready for my darling husband to get his ass impaled for you tonight? They all hoot and holler. My wife hands me a tub of lube and tells me to get ready.

There are only five women tonight and I feel a little more comfortable than last time with seven of them there. Yes the one I don’t like is here again to watch me get sodomized willingly. Even though there are two different women there I’m not embarrassed at all. I grab the tub of lube and rub it all over the huge hunk of rubber that is eminently going to be up my ass. I lean over and wipe some lube up my ass as my wife grabs my shoulder. She says to me, come on honey take it up the ass for me. My friends want to watch you take it.

I kneel down in front of the machine and slowly back up till the unbelievably fat dildo is parked at my asshole entrance. I squirm back further centimeter by centimeter till the fat head is partially up my ass. My wife turns the machine on and it plunges forward an inch or so. It plunges into my hole only a little then retreats. My wife says come on honey back up some more. I inch back again and I know that fucking thing is going to penetrate fully this time. She turns the machine on and there is no stopping it’s intrusion. It opens up my asshole and drives in a few inches. It doesn’t care or feel how far it has probed me. My ass is on fire as the machine retreats again. It comes out of my ass and my wife stops it again.

My wife tells me to back up some more as my butt hole is quivering from the penetrating. My butt hole again touches the hunk of rubber as I back up a little more, and I again hear the machine build Maltepe Evi Olan Escort up its over whelming thrust. In again about six inches jump up my ass. Once the initial pain subsides it feels great. I ask my wife to stop a moment. I back my asshole down over the wide girth till it is completely inserted twelve inches up my ass. I look at my wife and ask her to go slow. She says okay and starts the machine up again. Slowly it retreats out of my anal tunnel then pauses slightly then penetrates me again. All twelve inches three inches wide travel up and down rectum. It feels great! My wife turns up the speed a little and it is ramming that dildo up me repeatedly without any hesitation or consideration of the damage and pleasure it may be inflicting.

In and out…in and out it fucks up my ass. My wife turns it up to full speed and it jams twelve inches frantically up my butt. Minutes later my wife slows the pace down a little. Still twelve inches are probing in and out repeatedly. The pace is slowed down and my wife starts to converse with some of the women. She asks the if they liked the show. I’m kneeling there with the machine thrusting the dildo up my ass continuously as they talk. I think to my self I have three inches of rubber driving twelve inches up my asshole and these women are just talking like its some kind of coffee clutch.

One of the women, I think it was Brandi, asks is he going to eat his cum? My wife asks the group do you want to see him come into his own face and mouth? They all answer in the affirmative, some enthusiastically. One asked if she could jack me off into my face. My wife said no. It was her job. Another asked if she could fist me. Again my wife said no. My asshole was hers.

My wife shut the machine off and I worked my asshole off of the dildo. She told me to stand in front of the sofa. All of the women were either seated on the couch or standing behind it. My wife said go ahead and jack off for them. I stood there and stroked my cock, shortly I could feel my sperm brewing in my balls. I told my wife I was going to cum soon. She grabbed one of the women’s drinks and handed me the glass. She told me shoot it all in here. I grabbed the glass and thrust my pelvis out as far as I could and choked my dick for all it was worth. I shot load after load into the glass, at least fives good streams of cum. I dribbled the rest of my ball juice into the glass. Finally I stopped cumming and I could see a huge portion of ejaculate in the glass mixing with the wine. Some gathered right at the bottom of the glass in a dollop and some gathered in individual drops hanging down from the surface trying to gather into the collection gathering at the bottom of the glass.

My wife asked who’s glass it was? Breeanne says it was hers. My wife says he is going to drink the rest of your wine if that is alright. Breeanne says oh that is okay, He can have it but I want a taste first. My wife looks at me and shrugs, she gives the glass to her and she sips a small drink of the mixture. She hands it back saying it’s not bad. My wife hands me the glass to me and I raise it to my lips and drink it all down. My wife asks me, honey where is that load of sperm now? I answer her it is in my belly and it tasted great.

The night is about to finish up and my wife says I have to be fucked by the machine till every one leaves. I get back in front of the machine and maneuver my ass down the dildo. My wife turns it on slowly so that it kind of lovingly but relentlessly travels up and down my ass. All of the women stop by me and rub my shoulder or pat my head and say goodbye as they leave, almost none of them acknowledge it was fucking my ass the whole while.

The last woman left and my wife says she has a lot to tell me when we get to bed. She shuts off the machine and I crawl off of the hunk of fake cock. My ass is thoroughly reamed out as we head to bed. The things she is going to tell me will be great.