Wife’s Fantasy, or Mine? Ch. 03


Wife’s Fantasy — Ch 3

As I drive home from dropping off Ryan, I debate myself, should I tell Tara what happened on the way home or not? I don’t want to her to feel left out, but I also don’t want to not include her, since the whole “me sucking a dick” was her fantasy. I finally decide that I will tell her, best to not act like I am hiding something from her. Sure she wasn’t physically there, but at least she can share in the story. If she’s angry, I’ll apologize and take my lumps.

“Hey, honey, I’m home!” I call out when I walk into the house.

“Hey, how was the game?”

“Game? ” I joke. “Ha, it was crowded, so Ryan and I took off at halftime.”

“Oh yeah?” She looks at me with a questioning look. “And I suppose…”

I cut her off, “Yeah, I did. Sorry, honey, I just wanted to know for sure. If I like it because I actually liked it or because you were telling me to like it.”

She looks at me. I can’t tell if she’s angry or hurt or happy. Probably a little bit of all three.

“Ok, tell me everything,” she says.

I start telling her about leaving, about him saying how he wanted me to ask to suck him, about the park, and about me blowing him and sucking his balls.

As I am telling her, I can see Tara is getting excited and she starts to grab me and kiss me. She grabs my cock and I reach into her shorts, and we both tear each other clothes off and we proceed into the bedroom.

“I want you to talk to me about his cock and his balls and his cum while you fuck me” she tells me.

“Yes ma’am!” I agree instantly.

We begin to fuck, and I tell her about the musty smell, about how his balls felt compared to his cock, how his balls moved when he came, and how I licked him clean. She had a number of orgasms, and I finally unload into her with my seed.

“Ryan just fucked my cunt,” she says, “Now lick it up” and pushes my head down to her creamed pussy. I start licking and she keeps telling me “Yes, lick up all Ryans cum from my pussy. He fucked me so hard and came deep in me. Lick up that cum, my little cocksucker!” I lap away, enjoying this to no end, and she explodes in another orgasm as I lick away, “Yesss, my little cumeater! Yesss!”

I’m pretty amazed — what a weekend, I’ve sucked a cock twice and fucked my wife twice. Feels like heaven, and all I know is I want more. More fucking, more cock, more cum. I feel like such a horned up little slut.

On Monday, I’m at work, and all I can think about is Ryan’s cock. I text Ryan, What are you doing for lunch?

Nothing special. You want to meet?

Thought you’d never ask. I was thinking a milkshake or something creamy.

Heh. You horn dog.

I’m addicted.

Tara know?

Yeah I told her. She say anything?

No, she mentioned coming over one night this week for hot tub.

Sounds like she has plans for you, too!

Alright, I’ll meet you at Mick’s?


I show up at Mick’s, and Ryan is in the parking lot. He hops in the Jeep. I can tell he’s hard already.

“Damn, dude!” I say, and reach over and stroke his cock through his work pants.

I’m tempted to just go down canlı bahis on him right there, but I drive out and find a back corner of the lot across the street and tell him to pull that thing out. He obliges, and I am on his dick in no time. Up and down on that beautiful stick, using my hands, one on his shaft, one cupping his balls. I know he wants me to suck his balls again, so I lower myself again, and start sucking there, and jacking him with my hand. Again, he starts getting very vocal and I feel his balls start to jump again, and I pull his cock out towards me to watch as the cum flies out his cock head. It lands right on my head, and I milk the entire load so it drips on my face.

“Take a picture with my phone” I tell him, as I continue sucking his balls. “Send it to Tara.” He pulls out my phone, and clicks away.

“You sure about this?”

“Positive” I say. I want her to see her little cocksucker covered in cum.

“Ok, last chance…”

“Do it.”

“Okay, sent.”

I quickly scoop up his cum and eagerly devour it. I then drive him back to Mick’s and both our phones ding.

We both glance down. It’s from tara. “You little devils! You didn’t let me watch!”

“wait, you sent a group text?”

“haha, yeah, I wanted that picture, too!”

“Well, why don’t you come over tonight? I mean if you are ‘UP’ for it.”

“yeah, I’d be UP for that, for sure.”

I text the group back. Ryan is coming over tonight for an encore performance

Sounds good. Look forward to tonight! She texts us back.

I head back to work, and think about Ryan’s cock all day.

When I get home, Ryan’s car is already there, so I hurry in. They are sitting at the kitchen counter chatting and having a drink.

“About time! We were about ready to start without you!” Ryan says.

“Haha. Jerk!” I joke with him. “Want to head into the bedroom, or you want me to just do it here?”

“Oooh, do it here to start!” Tara coos. “While we finish our drinks.”

Ryan spins his barstool around and spreads his legs a bit, drink in hand.

“Ready when you are, tiger!” he says with a grin. Tara turns her stool 90 degrees to get a good look, as I bend down and start rubbing his cock through his work pants. It hardens quickly at my touch.

Tara gets talkative right away, “Yeah, grab his cock, get it nice and hard!” I rub it a bit more, and I can feel it’s almost fully hard, and she continues, “Pull out that cock. Free that kraken!” she encourages. I begin to undo his belt, and unzip his pants, and reach into his trousers and pull out that cock. I give it a few strokes, and then pull his pants all the way off, revealing his nice hard cock and hanging balls. It looks so inviting, so I invite myself and start kissing my way up his thighs. He spreads wide and scoots to the edge of the barstool. Tara scoots up, too, and I see her leaning over to get a look at her little cocksucker ready to gobble up some cock.

I reach up, grab his shaft and lift it out of the way so I can suckle on his balls. Ryan lets out a groan, and Tara coos “Oh wow! He’s sucking your balls!” I’m stroking Ryan’s hard shaft while I bahis siteleri roll his balls back and forth in my mouth with my tongue. Ryan just grunts out a “unh-huh” in response to tara. I look up from his balls, and see his shaft above me, and I follow my gaze up, and I see Ryan looking down at me and then Tara is bent over in her barstool trying to get a better look.

I stop my work on his sack, and start sliding my tongue up his long shaft to the head and I lick all around the top before opening wide and taking his hard member into my mouth. I start sliding slowly down, taking more of it into my mouth and I feel it hit the back of my throat, so I held it there. Ryan groans as his cock head is pressed against my throat.

I start bobbing up and down again, and Tara says, “wait, do that again!” I glance up as I go down, and I see her holding her phone to take a picture. She stands up on the foot rest of the barstool to get a better angle, leaning over Ryan’s shoulder for that birds eye view. I push Ryan’s cock deep into my mouth again, pushing down on his head so it presses against my throat. He groans again. I look up again, and he is leaning back in ecstasy and Tara is staring down at me. She smiles as she clicks away with her phone. My mind begins thinking about having sex with her again and I want to make Ryan cum so she can see it, so I start going up and down on his cock again.

As tara is leaning over, and Ryan’s head is thrown back, her breasts were hanging right in front of Ryan’s mouth. Ryan reaches for them with his mouth, and starts lightly biting the right breast through her shirt and bra. I feel Ryan moving around a bit and then I hear Tara moan and a slurping sound. I look up and see Ryan sucking on Tara’s nipples. Her shirt hits the floor next to me. I am mesmerized watching this guy suck my wife’s nipple. That combined with my vantage point of his crotch as his cock sits in my mouth, it’s quite the thrill. I am rock solid in my pants.

Ryan’s hands are unclasping her bra and it falls next to me on the floor on top of the shirt. I put my free hand up unto Tara’s leg, and start sliding up and down her calf, and I give it a nice grab. She responds my pushing back a little bit. I continue to rub her lower leg as Ryan is giving oral to her breasts.

I feel Tara moving around a bit and I feel her lift one of her legs and her butt clench a bit. I look up again from ryan’s dick and I see Ryan using one hand to hold Tara’s breast in place so he can tongue one nipple and his other hand is now rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I cant believe this is happening. This guy is licking my wife’s tits and rubbing her pussy while I am sucking his dick. She is loving the attention, and sees me looking up at her. “Oh, baby, suck that cock for me. Fuck yes. That is so hot!”

I am so horned up, I start doing double time on Ryans cock. I am stroking him fast, and bobbing on that head like no tomorrow. I want his cum so bad, I want to show her how much want to please her, but deep down, I know I just crave the cock. Maybe it is the newness of it, something different, maybe it is subconscious me telling me bahis şirketleri something — I am deep down into male on male sex, or maybe I just want to please her and will go to no ends to do so.

“Oh, fuck, right there, right there, oh yes” I hear tara above me, approaching orgasm on Ryan’s hand and I come out of my inner reflection and get back to work on that member. Her approaching orgasm is starting to send Ryan over the edge, and he murmurs out, “I’m going to cum”. I respond with an increased pace up and down on his cock head.

Ryan grunts, and his sperm shoots into my mouth. At the same time, Tara screams out “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck OH FUCK OF FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” as she cums hard. Ryan’s cum is a lot thicker than earlier, and is less salty, but still fills my mouth as I continue to bob and he continues to jet his man seed into me. As his cock subsides, and I suck every last drop of cum from his shaft, I see Taras shorts and panties hit the floor next to me. I look up, and Ryan’s finger is in her pussy, and she is rubbing her clit as she begins to climax again.

She growls out, “Someone better fuck me right now!”

I jump up and drop my shorts, freeing my rock hard dick, and turn her around. Damn she looks hot from behind! I push her down and slide my dick between her ass cheeks, and slide it down over her asshole and then as I find her entrance, I slide my cock into that wet, waiting pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes. Oh, FUCK me fuckmefuckmefuckme!” she moans out. I oblige her and am pounding her as quick as I can, like an animal I am so horny. I have the taste of cock and cum in my mouth, and my dick is in sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy while she leans against another naked man, moaning into his chest while he fondles hers. This is surreal. But real enough that I do not last long, the excitement has me too ready to blow, and I do. I explode with a huge, deep thrust as far into my wife as I can go, and keep shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her.

She collapses against us both, her head and torso against Ryan, and her legs almost buckle as she comes down from her sex high, but I am there to hold her up, as my cock starts to shrink within her. I just stood there, panting and out of breath, still in a daze from the intensity of the orgasm.

Ryan broke the silence, “That was pretty fucking intense. I’ve never seen a couple fuck before. Like, in the other bed, under the sheets, but never, FUCK fuck, like in the open like that.”

Tara smiles up at him, and rubs her hand on his chest. “And? Did you like it? I know I did!”

“Hell yes I did! Crazy hot!” was all he could come up with.

We all kind of stood around naked, not sure what to do next.

“Uh, anyone want a water or beer or something?” I ask, to break the awkward silence.

“Yeah sure, a nice cold water would be nice.”

“Same” Tara responds.

I head over to the fridge to grab a couple of water bottles and bring them back. They are sitting on the stools again but this time naked, and I hand them over.

“So…” I start, unsure where to go. “What are you doing this weekend, Ryan?”

“Tara, I hope!” he responds with a laugh.

I nervously laugh, and Tara play slaps him on the arm. “Brat! You wish!” was all she said. I notice that wasn’t a “No” by any stretch.