Whos’s Next? Part One


Whos’s Next? Part OneThis is a hybrid between a story and a blog article. It started as a journal entry, then took on a life of its own. There are three or four vignettes based on musings on my life as a polyamorous husband. The segments are a mixture of memories of real experiences, utter fantasies, and enhanced experiences. I guess I have to credit or blame Dizzy for this as some of his best stories are also based on autobiographical events. anyway, as I worked on it, the first vignette needed to be fleshed out. Once I did that, it got too big to publish the whole thing at once, so I’m publishing the first one by itself. Others will follow as they’re cleaned up and fleshed out. Just so we’re clear, the character in Part One is an adult female. just sayin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I woke up this morning, stroking my ‘pee-pee hard-on’, alone in my bed with my wife 60 miles away in her boyfriend’s bed, one thought crossed my mind. Who’s next?I slathered my hard dark rod with baby oil, laid back and stroked leisurely and wondered aloud “who will be the next person to suck this beautiful cock”. I should have said, ‘I wonder who will be the next woman to suck this cock’, but If I’m totally honest, the term can’t really be applied to the young blonde hitchhiker who paid for a ride to Tulsa by draining my balls with more skill than a girl her age should ever possess. I had wondered about her on the long ride back home. No doubt the acquisition of those skills had something to do with her leaving home when she should have been making final plans for college. I’d gone to the local Indian casino on a Saturday night hoping to get lucky at the roulette table. The lovely dark-haired South Asian dealer had taken all my money, but fortune smiled upon me on the way home. I spotted the petite blond in daisy dukes and a tight tank top standing at the side of the road with her thumb out. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and an athletic, curvy figure. “Where you headed Miss?”, I asked as she tossed her backpack in the back seat.“Tulsa please.” she said breathlessly. “Tryin to get the fuck away from this shit-hole town as far and fast as I can. There’s a Flying J truck stop just outside the city. From there, I can get anywhere.”“I’m Bart. What’s your name?”“Trisha. Nice to meet you Bart. Thanks for picking me up!” “No problem. Tulsa huh? Well I’m not really headed that far north” I cautioned as I pulled back onto the highway. “But I’ve got some time. No plans for the rest of the night. I uh…might be persuaded to take you that far.”She smiled at me with a look in her big blue eyes that could have passed for excitement or contempt. “Mister, if you get me to Tulsa, I promise…” She spread her legs and slid her hands along her thighs. “…I’ll make it worth your while.”I’m sure my eyes were bulging as I followed her hands up and down her long shapely legs. Her legs were tanned, well toned and firm. She had the look of a girl who spent a lot of time in the gym. I swallowed hard and pulled out onto the highway. “That’s uh… that’s. That’s not really necessary Miss. Um Trisha. It’s no trouble really.”“Uh, yeah it is. Tulsa’s about at least three hours away isn’t it? About 150 miles at least. Besides, I’m okay with it. I know the rules.”“Rules? What rules?”“Oh, I’ve seen those old bumper stickers, she said with a glamorous smile. “Ass, cash, or grass. Nobody rides for free. Well, I don’t do grass and I can’t spare the cash. So… ““Holy shit” I muttered. I had no intention of taking advantage of this young girl in trouble, but how often does a guy get a chance like this? Especially a middle-aged married man who spends most of his evenings at home alone. My pules quickened as I considered her invitation. “Well uh…you do have gorgeous legs, Trisha. Are you a cheerleader? You have that look.”“What look? She teased. “Long legs, tight ass, long blonde hair…” She turned towards me, cupped her tits, and thrust her chest in my direction. “Firm, bouncy boobs?”“Well, yeah, now that you -”“Big blue eyes, big smile…” her voice rose to a high-pitched parody of a Barbie doll. “Big team spirit, empty head?”“Uh no! No, I -”“No thanks, I’d rather be a quadriplegic than bounce around hopping and smiling like some mindless fuck-toy. I can think of a thousand things I’d rather be than arm candy for some dumb jock.”“Good for you!” I said, trying to deflect her indignation. “I’ve never understood the appeal of that. I mean why do we still need cheerleaders in the 21st century? It’s sexist and archaic. Not to mention stupid.”“I know, right?” she crowed. “Buncha fuckin’ brain dead bimbos!”“Well, I mean.. I don’t mean stupid.” I hedged. “ I’m sure they’re not all really stupid. It just looks so silly.”I was trying balance my honest contempt for cheerleaders with a little tact, but she was having none of it.“No, trust me, Bart. They’re stupid. Rock, fucking dumb!” I burst out laughing at that one and my guffaw proved contagious. “Bouncy Barbie bimbos! Look at me, I’m so full of team spirit I might just explode!” she squeaked in her faux Barbie voice. We laughed together and I relaxed and shared my favorite cheerleader story.“I remember one day when I was in college, I was walking down to the McDonald’s a few blocks from campus. Along came this giggling, bouncing knot of cheerleaders; all dressed up, miniskirts, pom-poms and all. There was no game anywhere. They were bouncing down the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon, cheering and shouting like they were on the fifty yard line at halftime. I thought, What the hell are they cheering for? Can they possibly be that stupid? These are college aged women, hopping down the sidewalk like a bunch of s!x-year old girls.”“Of course that was uh… a few years ago. Maybe things have changed since then.”“Trust me Bart, nothing’s changed. They still do that. Bounding, cheering and waving pom-poms, like they’re always center-court with the whole world watching them. Jumping and twirling. Ugh” She paused a moment and looked out the window, then shook her head. “And spreading their legs. Spreading their fucking legs! On the field, on the sidelines, under the bleachers, on the back of the bus, in the locker room. Spreading those long, lovely, legs, for the boys. Spreading their legs is what they do best.” “Not that you can blame them. That’s that they’ve been taught since they were,what s!x? This is what we teach women when we put cheerleaders at every sporting event. The boys tuzla escort take the field and impress the crowd with their…their strength and skill. And strategy. The girls stand on the sidelines, look pretty, and cheer the men on. By smiling and bouncing, and spreading their legs for the boys. For the fans. For everybody! You know what that says to little girls? Look girls, you want to be a success? Do you want everybody to see you and praise you? If you want to matter, just spread your legs and make everybody happy! How fucked up is that?” “Oh shit, you’re right.” I gasped. “As much as I despise the mindless zeal of cheerleaders, I’d never thought of it like that. That’s what we teach little girls. That is fucked up. Look, I’m sorry Trisha, I didn’t mean to imply that you were anything like that, I just -”“Hey, no, it’s okay. Really. I get that a lot. I do have the look. Blonde hair blue eyes…hot bod. “ She smiled at me. “True dat” I smiled back. “But not from doing splits on the fifty yard line. My legs and ass are from volleyball”, she said with a bit of pride, as she stretched her sexy legs and placed her feet on the dash. She paused to admire them and once again stroked her thighs with a mixture of satisfaction and invitation.“Three years of volleyball gives you cheerleader legs and an ass that looks awesome in hot pants. Google ‘volleyball shorts’ and you’ll see what I mean.”“Been there, done that. Got the hard-on” I said with a casual laugh. “I’ll bet!” she laughed. Then, still stroking her thighs invitingly, she added, “Hmm, I think I’d like to see that, Bart.”“I bet you would, Trisha.” I glanced over at her and she was staring at my crotch, smiling at the bulge she’d raised in my jeans. “I would really like to see your wood” she chuckled. Her girlish laugh lay a lace-thin thin veneer of innocence over the womanly desire smoldering in her eyes. “And I would love to get a better look at your sexy ass.” I answered. “I guess you could say I’ve always been an ‘ass man’. The sight of a healthy woman with wide womanly hips and a sexy, firm, round ass is one of the finest things in life.”“Well sir, that can be arranged. I’m sure you’ll approve. Three years and lots of monsters and squats, and saves, and two years competing in UIL playoffs. Damn near won state, but our team captain blew out her knee. I may look like a cheerleader, but I’m not. I’m an athlete, not a fucking sideshow.”“At least I was. I got a full scholarship offer from Southeastern. That was gonna be my ticket out. I was all set. All I had to do was make it through my senior year, get a summer job, and I’d be done and out of that shit-hole, far away from…”She turned and looked out the window and was silent for a long time. I thought I heard sniffling. She wiped at her eyes and looked back my way. “Not anymore. Now I guess I’m a just what my M@m@ said I’d be. Just a runaway. M@m@ will be so happy that she was right about me after all. I’ll be just what she always said I’d be. Just another whore on the street.” “Hey, come on, now, that’s not true” I said gently. I reached over and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “If it wasn’t true Bart, I wouldn’t be in your car and I wouldn’t be planning to pay for my getaway fare by fucking you, now would I?”The tears that welled up in her eyes silenced any further affirmation of virtue for either of us. I felt like shit. “But…but if you’ve earned a scholarship, there must be some way to get away to college and…and start over. You’ll be in Durant, right? You’ll be far away from – ““Not far enough. Not from him. He’ll come get me. On weekends. He’s got it all planned. Living on campus is too expensive. I’m supposed.. I’m supposed to be a commuter student, and come home on the weekends. He’ll come get me and bring me home and I’ll be trapped. And he’ll do it over and over again until there’s nothing left and I’ll be just like her, and I can’t… I just can’t.”Her head dropped and her shoulders rocked with silent sobs. My heart went cold inside and I felt small and powerless. Then she raised her head, blinked away the tears and found her voice. “That’s why I’m leaving. I have to. I’ve got to get away and start my own life. I hate to leave her behind with him, but I. Have. To. Get. Out.””And you’re helping me. And I thank you.”I reached over and stroked her hair unsure of what to do or say. “I’m so sorry, Trisha. I wish…I wish I could do more.”“I know. Its okay. I’ll be fine.”She took my hand and held it to her cheek for a moment, then kissed it. “You’re a good guy, Bart. A good man.” “Now, I don’t know about that. I–”“I do. Most guys would have pulled over and fucked me silly by now. You’re still driving me to Tulsa and trying to talk me out of running away. And, I know it’s not because you don’t want me, Bart. I saw you looking at my legs. I saw what it did to you, when I was talking about my tight, sexy ass.”She reached over and slid her hand across my lap. My dick had softened a little but her touch restored it to painful hardness in an instant. “Like I said, I’ll make it worth your while.”My heart was beating like a jackhammer and it took all my self-control to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road. “Look, Trisha, you’re right, you’re a gorgeous, sexy, smart young woman and there’s nothing I’d rather do right now than pull over and drill that sweet young pussy of yours…”She squeezed my cock and purred. “Mmm yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about Bart. Gimme that bbc, Baby.”I took a deep breath and offered up my last hope for salvaging my decency. “But here’s the thing. I’m married. And I know that may not mean anything to you, and it wouldn’t to most men in this situation, but not only am I married, but I’m in an open marriage. My wife and I are polyamorous. That means – ““Perfect! That means you can fuck me and nobody gets butt-hurt over it. Let’s find a place to pull over.”“That means…” I continued, “that we have rules. And one of those rules is, we don’t have unprotected sex with strangers – with anyone without prior agreement. And, unfortunately, I don’t happen to have any condoms on me. So, as gorgeous and sexy and…willing as you are, I’m going to have to pass.” I breathed a sigh of relief tinged with regret. I knew I was doing the right thing but I also knew I was sure as hell going to regret it later. “Hmmm. Well that’s cool, I can respect that, I guess.” she said. The seductive feline purr had faded from her voice and I started to relax. “So you and your wife fuck other tuzla escort bayan people, right Bart?”“Uh yeah. Been poly for almost three years now. It’s a blast. But, like I said we have –““So she wouldn’t be butt-hurt about you fucking a 19-year old?”“Hell no!” I laughed. “One of her dates last year was only 22. Younger than our s0n. But like I said –““Okay, tell ya what Bart” She said. The feline purr was back in her throat and my heart started pounding again. “We don’t have to fuck. But I was dead serious when I said I would like to see your wood. I’m gonna find us a nice place to pull over…” she started stroking my hard-on. “…and I’m gonna give you a proper thank you. I’m also gonna borrow your phone, and we’ll take some nice pics of me sucking your big, black cock and send some to your wife. But you gotta promise to send me one too, to remember you by.”I was trapped. And thrilled. There was nothing more to say. Instead of protesting further, I signaled my surrender by caressing her wrist, dragging my fingers lightly up her arm, and back down until my hand was resting on top of hers. I squeezed it slightly and she gave my cock a firm squeeze that almost made me cum in my pants. Then she used her phone to find an industrial park along our route and gave me directions. I gave up all pretense of restraint and started stroking her bare left thigh. As we exited the highway, she applied fresh lipstick and brushed her hair. We turned into the industrial park. It was a fairly small one. Just a few commercial buildings in a wooded area. There was no one there late on a Saturday night, but the area was well lit, so I drove around to the back of the main building where we wouldn’t be seen from the road. As soon as I had the engine turned off, her hands were in my lap squeezing at my dick. I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She returned the kiss, snaking her tongue deep into my mouth. I slid my hands down her neck and let them roam, exploring her firm young breasts. She wore no bra beneath her stretchy tank top and as I caressed her tits, her nipples grew and stiffened under my touch. She moaned into my mouth and broke the kiss. “Let’s step outside, where the light’s better” she whispered. I had to adjust myself before getting out of the car. She got out and went to stand behind the car and turned around. She leaned over slightly, placed her hands on the trunk, and started swaying her hips, moving her ass in a figure eight, slowly flexing her tight ass and leg muscles. Not quite twerking, something more subtle and seductive. “Damn Trisha, what a sexy ass. I bet you looked awesome on the volleyball court” I took out my phone and began taking pics of her ass and legs. She looked at me seductively over her shoulder. “I looked even better in the locker room” she said as she slowly unfastened her daisy dukes and slid them slowly down ever her firm round butt and long toned legs. She was wearing a black thong. I took a video of her swaying under the glow of the halogen lights, then walked up to her, set my phone on the trunk and let my hands wander over her legs and ass, drinking in the sensation of her soft, warm skin and sensuous curves. She sighed and pushed back towards me, welcoming my exploring hands. I began to grope her ass, as if I could have resisted. That hand magnet was an order of magnitude more powerful than my willpower. My hands were soon groping and caressing her sexy round ass, exploring the crevice as her cheeks gave way to her mound. I felt the warm moisture under her thong and pulled it aside. Hungry fingers slipped easily inside and burrowed into her hot wet crevice. She moaned and writhed for a moment, then found her voice.“Mmmmm Bart, baby, If you’re not gonna fuck me…don’t tease me like that, you bastard.”“Sorry, you’re right” I said as I slowly withdrew my fingers. She turned to face me, took my hand in hers, then with her eyes locked fiercely on mine, sucked my wet fingers into her mouth. She licked her cream off my fingers, then released my hands, reached over and got my phone. Never leaving my gaze, she handed it to me and slid downward into a squatting position trapping herself between me and the back of the car. Without another word, she unzipped my pants, and tugged my hard cock out of my jeans. She caressed it lightly with both hands and kissed the head. “Such a lovely cock. I can hardly wait to taste you.” She looked up at me with her face taking on an eerie glow in the soft artificial light. She gripped it firmly with both hands and slowly pumped it, pulling the skin taught on my shaft and jerking the head slightly. It was exquisite. “Now take a picture for your wife.”She laid my cock against her cheek. The contrast of my long, chocolate brown skin against her pale skin was enchanting, and the scale of the length of my erection laid aside her face made it look even larger. I snapped a few pics with my phone. Then she dipped her head down stretched out her tongue and dragged it along the front of my cock. Her fingers parted as if in prayer as she slid her tongue up my cock, snaked it around the head. Then she looked up at me again and placed her lips at the head of my cock but kept them closed. She started stroking it again, keeping the head firmly pressed against her lips. She started to open them, but just a little.“Fuck, Trisha you little tease” I hissed. “Okay, I get it. You’re getting back at me aren’t you?”She giggled and looked up at me with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Maybe. What are you gonna fuckin’ do about it?” Then she placed her closed lips back against the head and started pumping it more firmly.I reached down and grabbed her long blonde hair and thrust my hips forward. There was a moment of resistance before she yielded and sucked my cock deep into her warm, wet mouth. “I’m gonna fuck your little mouth, that’s what I’m gonna do about it!” I grunted as I started thrusting in and out of her mouth, fucking her pretty face.She kept a firm grip on my shaft, stroking it in time with her mouth as she sucked and slurped greedily. She used her hands with the skill of a saxophone player, turning them into an extension of her mouth. “Son of a bitch!” I hissed as she stroked and sucked like a maestro. She looked up at me brazenly as she worked my cock. There was a fire in her eyes. I don’t know if it was pure lust, the thrill of sucking cock in the open, the risk of being caught, or maybe some genuine affection from the bond we’d made on our journey. Part of me hoped escort tuzla it was the latter, but those concerns quickly melted away in the cauldron of her skill and passion. I reached down and yanked her tank top upward, exposing her warm tits to the cool night air. Her nipples were hard and she moaned around my cock as I kneaded them and groped her firm, full young breasts. The vibrations from her moans sent another thrill through me as they resonated from her throat through her lips to my loins. The added sensations from her music and my hands on her tits made me even harder and my dick throbbed in her mouth. The feedback loop between us drove our temperatures higher. The thought that she was enjoying this as much as I was played at the edge of my mind. I started thrusting deeper into her mouth fucking her face with abandon.I thought about what my wife would think if she could watch this lewd spectacle. I remembered the phone and picked it up again, held it out to the side and took more pictures, then switched to video and shot a few short clips of Trisha sucking my dick like a starving whore.That encouraged her exhibitionism even more and she pulled my pants halfway down, and dipped her head down and started fondling and licking at my balls with one hand and stroking my glistening cock with the other. She looked right at the phone as I took more pics of her licking my balls.“M0ther fuck! Where did you learn to suck cock like that, Baby?” I said as I took more video clips of her tonguing my balls.She gave me a fierce look and pulled her mouth away. She kept stroking and teasing, as if it were the most natural thing for her hands to be doing. She smiled mischievously at me and said, “You might say I was born to it. Being a greedy cock-sucker is in my DNA”. “Then you are a young woman of excellent heritage, and I am honored to make your acquaintance.” I quipped as I re-positioned the phone above her and shoved my cock back in her mouth. I held her hair in my left hand and used her inviting young mouth like a pussy, fucking her pretty young face with pure a****l lust. Her skilled hands kept me from penetrating too deeply. She sensed when I was about to cum, gripped my shaft firmly with both hands and pumped it mercilessly, sucking for all she was worth. I released her hair and used both hands to steady the phone and switched back to video mode. She pulled her head back, looked up at me with her eyes glazed over with lust and parted her lips. My knees started to buckle as I grunted and surrendered, firing my seed into her mouth. She took it in stride and kept stroking. She caught several volleys in her mouth, then started swirling her fingers around the head, casually coating them with the thick, pungent cream. Then, as the eruption subsided, she spread her fingers, forming a web of goo arching from one to the other. “Holy shit, Trisha.” I gasped, as I stopped filming and set the phone down and tried to gather my senses. “I think you’re heading in the wrong direction. You could make a fortune in Hollywood as a porn star. Amber Lynn’s got nothin’ on you.” “Amber who?”Suddenly I felt old again. “Uh never mind. 80’s era porn star. She was making a living sucking cocks before you were born.”“Okay. Thanks, I think.” She licked her lips clean. “Mmm, not bad”, she mused. She took her time pumping the last drops from my softening dick and licking her fingers clean. “I hope you got some good pics. Uh, by the way, those are for you and your wife. Please promise me you won’t post them on porn-hub or x-hamster.” “Scout’s honor. I promise.”“Yeah, you probably were a boy scout. And remember, some of those are for me. A keepsake of the first leg of my getaway. The first step toward freedom. Let me give you my number so you can send me some.”She gave me her number and we got dressed and settled back in the car and scrolled through the pics. She found a few she liked and I texted them to her and saved her number in the foolish hope that somehow our paths would cross again.She told me a little more of her story on the rest of the trip. Her D@d had left when she was young and her m0ther used her considerable charms finding and auditioning replacements. She finally settled on one and married him. The new guy was a ‘take charge’ alpha male type. He was strict but decent enough when he was sober, but when he wasn’t, he was all hands. As the years passed and Trisha began to take after her m0ther in more than hair and eye color, his sober days became more scarce. She told her m0ther what was happening, but of course she wouldn’t believe her. Trisha ended up hooking up with boyfriends just to have an excuse to get out of the house. This just made things worse between her and her m0m, who took to slut-shaming and used Trisha’s forays into the night as proof that whatever may or may not have happened between her and her stepf@ther was all her fault. Once she’d saved and borrowed and scrounged up enough cash, she hit the road and ended up in my car speeding into the unknown, her scholarship and dreams of college abandoned. I did try again to talk her out of running away, but no nightmare scenario I put in front of her could compare with what lay behind her. I like to think some of what I said got through. I convinced her to accept the rest of my cash to help her on her way, and to allow me to contact her m0ther and let her know that she hadn’t been k**napped.I felt guilty that I couldn’t do more. I felt small for having allowed her to suck my dick when I should have been taking her to the police station, a foster home, somewhere, anywhere but a fucking Flying J truck stop. But I convinced myself that I had done all I could and that, she wasn’t a ch!ld. She was a grown woman determined to get away from unspeakable abuse. And I was helping her, wasn’t I?As we pulled into the truck stop, she broke my reverie by asking if I had a mint. I gave her my tin of Altoids from the glove compartment. “Thanks Bart. I think I’ll have an easier time getting another ride if I don’t have cum breath.” She winked at me.“True dat” I smiled at her and winked back.Before she got out, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked to borrow my phone again. She entered her m0ther’s phone number in my contacts. She made me promise to give her a three day head start before calling her. Then she got that mischievous gleam in her eye, added an address and handed it back. “Is that what I think it is?”, I asked. “What do I need this for?”“I have a feeling M@m@ will want to thank you in person.” After she closed the door, she leaned her pretty head back in the window and whispered. “M@m@ likes dark meat.” Then she winked, flashed me that dazzling smile once more and disappeared into the night.