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White Guy fondling Bangladeshi Women’s assesI am Ian from New Zealand, traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I just came out of my Hotel and started walking on the street with my camera pointing towards the front of me. I was filming the view where I was walking and the street was busy with people around me. People passing me gave smiles and stares and some said “Hi How are you?”, which I replied with the same question. It was around 11 am in the morning and the sun was out and it was a very bright day and everything looked so colorful, especially the women, who were dressed in burkas with colorful headdresses and some wore colorful salwar kameez. After a few moments of walking, two beautiful young ladies came in front of me and continued walking while I filmed them from the rear. I could see two colorfully covered niqabs on their heads and the view from the back was beautiful, one of the women turned her head towards the camera and smiled and I said “Hi!”, she gave a quiet giggle with beautiful red-painted lips and she turned her back towards the camera and continued walking.I followed them from behind and filmed their backs as they walked in front of me and it seemed like they didn’t mind me recording them from the back as they kept walking in front of me while talking in their native language and were laughing and giggling and both took turns in turning their heads towards the camera and smiled and turned around to show their beautiful backsides to me. I felt like they were teasing me and I followed them for a long time from behind and had the whole day to myself and the batteries in the camera were fully charged and the 4K quality of the camera gave a crisp view of the two women in front me as I walked behind them. We then approached stairs on the road and one of the women positioned herself right in front of the camera as she walked up the stairs, her bum was right in front of the camera and I got a good close up shot of her shapely buttocks as it shook frantically in her tight burka. The camera was right behind her arse as she walked up and I followed her all the way until we came to even ground and continued following her with the camera pointing kadıköy escort directly at her bum. I recorded her bum for almost 5 minutes until they both appeared in front of the camera and then I positioned the camera towards the other woman’s bum as she also was wearing a skin-tight burka that accentuated her curvy hips and buttock area. As I filmed her bum, the other girl saw me and smiled and she said “Take video of me also!” and that got me an instant hard-on and said “Sure… Sexy!”…and went right behind her and placed the camera directly behind her bum and filmed her bum cheeks shake in that tight abaya as she walked. She completely ignored me as she talked to her friend as I recorded her arse up close for almost 10 minutes!… I followed them for almost half an hour and my rock hard cock was about to explode in my underwear, so I put my other hand in my pocket and located my throbbing cock and started jerking it while I filmed their bums from behind. As I jerked, I was about to blow a load in my underwear, so I jerked and jerked until I could feel the hot load flood my underwear and I grunted behind them while I was jizzing in my underwear and both the women ignored my grunts and kept talking themselves.I put my camera to the side which was hanging from my neck by the camera strap and grabbed one of the girl’s arses and my hand fully cupped one of her ass cheeks…and she squealed and said..”Hmmmmmm!!!…you like my backside?”…I said said “yes!!”…”I love your ass and I want my cock in your asshole!!!”…she said…”Hmmmmm….WOWWWW!!…No problem!!”…while my hand was in her ass, I slid my middle finger in the middle of her ass and inserted into her asshole and she said, “OOOOOOOOONHHHH!!!…you want my backside?”…as my finger was already in her asshole, I pushed my finger further in and her ass cheeks squeezed my finger while her bum cheeks moved up and down as she was walking. I loved the sensation I was getting from it and slowly pulled out my finger brushing against the soft burka cloth, I put my finger in my nose and took a good sniff!!!…whooooaahhh!!…it üsküdar escort smelled so good that I put my finger in my mouth and sucked the juices that came out of her asshole!!!…wow!!. it was literally delicious, tasting a sexy Bangladeshi woman’s asshole!!!…it was heaven!!… I really wanted her asshole!!!..wanted my tongue deep in her asshole!!The two women then asked me to come with them and they walked inside a well-lit massage parlor and asked me to follow them. I followed them inside and entered a well-lit room and one of the girls who was in front of me suddenly bent over right in front of me and was picking up something from the ground, when I bumped into her bum and she said “oh sorry!!” and let out a short sexy giggle and naughtily stayed bent over with my crotch pressed against her soft arse cheeks. Her arse felt so good on the crotch that I knelt down and stuck my face in her soft abaya covered bum and took a deep sniff of her ass through the soft dress she was wearing and stared at her beautiful round bent over ass. I got hold of my camera and took a picture from the position I was in behind her and got a nice shot of her bent over ass and looked at the screen to see how the picture came out. All I could see was a round bent over bum from the rear covered in her burka. She then asked me “are you taking photo?” I said “yes”. She replied “Ok, thank you!” and got up and asked me to follow them as the other girl looked over. We then entered a massage room and turned on the lights. I stared at both the women with bulging eyes and ogled up and down at their shapely torsos and grabbed their breasts and squeezed them and told them to turn around and grabbed both of their arses with both my hands and cupped the middle of their ass cheeks with both my hands and squeezed their soft bum cheeks for a few seconds. They both stood in front of me looking at the mirror on the wall in front of them with me behind them and positioned myself behind one of the girls and planted my face behind her head covered in red hijab and sniffed the cloth covering the back of her head. I enjoyed looking at the rearview tuzla escort of the round-shaped head pressed against my face while she ignored me and looked straight at the mirror. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock and rubbed the middle of her ass crack covered in the black burka she was wearing and loved the feeling of her soft ass cheeks covered in soft cloth rubbing against my hard cock and wanted to cum all over her burka covered ass, then I pointed the head of my cock inside her ass crack and inserted it where half my cock was inside her bum crack and could see folds of her burka covering my penis inside her ass. It was such an erotic view and started wanking my cock pressed between her ass cheeks and I started to make her wank me off with her bum cheeks which she did, with my face planted behind her head. She started moaning as her bum cheeks squeezed my cock and her ass cheeks thrust my cock back and forth and my cock head almost touching her burka covered asshole until I finally jizzed all up inside her ass crack with a loud grunt. I could feel warm wetness from her burka soaked in my cum that covered my cock and after I was done recovering from the orgasm, I pulled out my cock and took some deep breaths and told them that I had to leave since I didn’t have a condom with me and neither did they have any for me, so I decided to not have unprotected sex with them and they said ok, but that I had to pay money for their time and they won’t let me leave and if I didn’t pay they would call the police. So I took out a couple of thousand takas and paid a thousand to each girl and then left the massage place and took a rickshaw and headed towards my Hotel to take some rest as it was really hot in the afternoon. I knew the girls were up to something teasing me and luring me into the massage parlor and I had a feeling that they needed money and even though I played along with their act, I got some pleasure in getting to film them, grab their arses and jizz inside one of the girls in the arse and take photos, so I cannot complain about it. They gave me pleasure and I enjoyed it and so they deserve to get good pay for it. In fact, I won’t mind doing it again if I see them next time and the women are truly beautiful with their exotic brown skin against the colorful dresses they wear, gets me horny and hard all the time watching them. On my return to the hotel, I was planning to go and get some lunch in the hotel restaurant and then wait till its evening to out again.