When I realized I was Bye and gay

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When I realized I was Bye and gayI was a late bloomer I got married had k**s bought a home had all the things to make a happy home but I was restless i needed something else. I was going out with other women about once a week and it was fun and sometimes very hot i even had a few three somes but I always felt I needed something more. One night when I was driving home there was this girl standing a crosswalk waitting for a taxi she was very hot so I put down the passanger window and offered her a lift she got into my car, the signal changed and as we drove on she told where she wanted to go, I said thats a different type of nightclub she said that yes it was. I asked her if she was a lesbian she laughted and said no she was a transexual and that she was going to meet some gurl friends there, if I wanted to meet here friends I though if they look has good has her it could be a new experience so I accepted her invitation. We headed to this club will call the Foxes House there was a guy at the door who let us in. We walked in to the blaring music and to many gay and lesbian, what looked like real girls that turned out tobe transexuals or shemales this is what she explained to me. The place was packed it smelled to stale purfume and sweat not bad it actually got me started with a hard on. We found her friends they were has hot has her and all taller than me. We sat and ordered a bottle of scotch with soda, water, and ice, we had drinks all around I ask her if she wanted to dance she got up took my hand lead me to the dance floor it was malatya escort old rock and roll when that set ended they started a couple of slow ones and we danced real close and I could feel her body against mine she was hard all over, she could feel me that I already had a hardon. She reminded me of what she was and I said that was OK that I wanted to try something new. We walked back to our table we sat down, she reached over and we kissed with all tongue all the way to my tonsils. I was so hot and horny that with her other hand she reached for my cock and rubbed me through my pants I almost came in that intense I wisppered into her ear go slow I want to try everthing with you she said O K we can go to her place. We left the night club and headed to her place she said to stop and buy a bottle of something so we can have a drink. I stopped and bought a bottle of scotch with ice and soda, we headed to her apartment which suprised me where it was nice group of condos. Once we got to her place and closed the door she stopped and kissed me again this time we didn’t cum up for aire for about 5 minutes she was so hot she was 5′ 10″ tall and weight about 145 lbs she had a 40″ C breasts about a 30″ waist and about a 40″ hips great looking legs carmel colored skin and black hair and eyes and she had a beautiful cock about 7″ long and about 3 1/2″ wide she said she wanted to give me a bath. We washed each others back she was also very hard and ready for action we dried each other off. We started playing with each other I loved escort malatya her tits and started by sucking on them I could hear moaning as I suck on her tits than she moved my head down to her belly botton and than all the way down to her cock I was so hot and horny by then that I took her into my mouth and remembering how other girls had sucked me I did the same thing I licked the head and tool into my mouth and I listened to her moan more and harder than before so I guess I was doing it right I keeped this up solo for a couple minutes than she shifted around so she could suck my cock at the same time we did a 69 for a while. She would lick my balls than suck my cock and than she reached around and started to rim me thats when I shot my load I screamed that I was cumming and she suck and licked it all up didn’t loose a drop. I was spent for the moment she keeped on rimimng me out she said I’ve got a special surprise for you she reached into her night stand got out a tube of lube spreaded it on her fingers. First she put one finger into my ass after a bit she added a second finger this was giving me a new hardon after a bit more of her drilling me with two fingers she added a third I had never had anyone jam anything into my ass but now I was in heaven. I was so hot and hard that I almost came again. She than turned me over on my stomach she put a couple of pillows under my belly which raised and opened my ass to her she parted my chiches and slowly inserted her cock into my ass first her head it hurt a lot but now I malatya escort bayan was so horny I told her to push it in some more, than she said was I OK and I said it hurt like hell she said I could take it that I would feel better after I was used to it. She waited a little letting me get used to it. Than she started to push it all into my ass she stopped again and waited for me to get used to my ass being filled with her cock. I hadn’t noticed that my cock was so hard but I felt it between my belly and the bed sheets I said I was ready to start real slow to fuck my ass she did it real slow at first it still hurt like hell but now I could feel my body start to respond to her fuck my ass the pain was not going away but the pleasure was now better than the pain I said to her go a head and fuck me now I can feel you all the way to my throat I can almost taste your cock in my mouth. I was so hot and horny you could have fucked with a baseball bat. She start to pickup the pase I could feel her balls boncing off my balls she said are you ready for my cum I said yes yes yes than I could feel her cock get suddenly bigger has it spat out streams of hot cum into my ass, thats when I felt the first spirt as I shot my load onto her bed sheets it was incredable. We laid there her on top of my back with her cock stilled bairied in my ass she kept it there while her cock got soft she rolled off my back but she held me to her I could feel her cock getting softer has it slipped out of me. She said to me that I had a very tight ass hole that she would like to fuck me again she ask me if I wanted to fuck her and I said yes when I was ready. Thats another story, Thanks this is a true story and happened about 22 years ago. I realised what was missing from my sex life was being bye and shemales.