When a TV’s dogging outing, doesn’t exac

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When a TV’s dogging outing, doesn’t exacI was asked on kik, by a dom mature admirer I know, what was the most kinky experience I have had as a sexually sub TV, when I asked him to clarify, he said “the one you never want to repeat?” This instantly evoked the following memory of a dogging session I had had, that could have got out of hand, perhaps it did, but not repeat? well, I didn’t exactly do that…I was invited / told to goto a dogging site in rural Lancashire, this site was notorious and it was a weekday evening.I was to go fully dressed (Only my second time) and I had been given instructions on what to wear etc, he seemed genuine and had verifications etc, we’d been messaging a while and the anticipation / exhilaration / scepticism had been building nicely. The journey was an absolute nightmare, the M6 has always been crap around there, but due to an accident and my satnav intervening, I ended up going through large traffic jams, through little villages I’d never been through, and to say I stood out in these conditions would be an understatement! My blonde wig, slutty top and slutty makeup (Which I had taken ages on) in particular, I seem to remember a van full of tradesmen, a cyclist, a guy on a motorbike and a couple of lorry drivers & their passengers especially, noticing me on several occasions, pointing, waving, honking their horns, or in the motorbikes case, banging on my window !I was humiliated but yet strangely exhilerated… I was now also, very, very late!I didn’t know this until he called me, when I wasn’t too far away, but the person I was going to meet, lets call him Mike, had placed adverts regarding my availability, time, location, even the colour and make of my car (At that time quite unique) so when I got there, as he was talking me into the place (As I had never been there before, and it was very remote, and pitch black!) it was much busier than I expected!So not only did I stand out, I was expected, I was crapping myself, even more so when he introduced me to the 3 mates he had in his car, who told me what sites they had advertised me on, what details they had given, what they had told them about me, what they were going to do with me, and the others in the dogging location, they said I would be “very popular” However, I was still horny!He told me where to park, but only after I had gone too far, just so people that did expect me, could see my car and my blonde wig etc, so I had to turn around in the 1st car park, there were 3, he wanted me in the middle one, even telling where to park in it, I complied, he told me to put my interior light on, after a brief pause, and after being told to “Do it now slut” I could quickly see that I was drawing attention!There were at least 25 cars and vans in the car park, it’s on a hill, in the middle of nowhere, with no light pollution etc, he told me that he was coming over to me, I saw him get out, but also his 3 mates, when he was alongside, his mates on both sides, he gave me the universal window down signal and tapped on the window, so I put down my windows, both sides leaned in.His mates were telling me how good his description was, how much of a whore I looked, how good I looked for a TV, how I was going to be used etc. I could see and hear other car doors opening and closing, foot steps etcI was snapped out of my state by Mike handing me a shiny metal chastity cage out of his jacket pocket, I had seen them but had never worn one at that stage, it looked small and atakum escort I was starting to panic a little. He said “Well put your seat back and put it on slut, you have time to make up, you were VERY late!”There I am fumbling with this very cold thing, about 10 people around my illuminated car, people looking in the window, talking to Mike and his friends, then one of them said “Police!”Most people made their way away from my car, I panicked and switched my light off and put my seat forward and my windows up, most people calmly went back toward their cars or vans, or into the woods, Mike just lit up a ciggy and stood at the entrance to the middle car park, I was crapping myself thinking how am I going to explain this? What is Mike doing? One guy said they will just come in, circle round and go again… I bloody hoped he was right!The police came into the car park, circled around the top car park and stopped at the entrance to the one I was in, typical! I wound my window a little, as Mike walked toward the police car, so I could hear, he asked them about the M6, the police asked him if that’s why he was here, as they said the car park was much busier than it usually was, he said he was, he’d given up on the M6 found a place to get a coffee and brought it up here until the traffic had calmed down, he also said that a few of the others had done that, the police wished him well and drove off, I considered following them, albeit it at a safe distance.When they had gone Mike walked back to me, in front of the car, so no leaving anyway, I put the windows fully down, “They won’t be back until much later now” he said, “so put your light on, put that seat right back and get that cock cage on, we haven’t got all night my little fuck sleeve”I continued trying to get my semi hard (7 when erect) clitty into this contraption he had given me, the fact it was freezing cold, helped, but I was a novice, and it showed, Mike brought out of his pocket a small bottle containing lube, which he squirted on my groin “Rub it in, it will help” and then his mate tutted, mentioned “For Fuck Sake” and got in the passenger seat, thats when I realised how big he was, he also had huge cold hands, he immediately lifted by shiny rubber skaters skirt up, placed the skirt in my hands, told me to hold it back and to recline the seat, then he grabbed my bits, told me to recline further, admonishing me for my poor effort, and put it on me, carefully, but firmly, god it was tight, cold, really humiliating, as many people were leering at me, and then “Snap!” It was padlocked!You are joking! I thought, before I could say anything, he said don’t worry, we will release you when we have all finished with you, they laughed…….I didn’t! His mate got out the passenger side and started to talk to 2 guys on that side of the car, they had obviously been expecting each other, and me.Mike asked me for my clutch bag, I passed it over from my passenger seat, he told me to put my seat and window up, get out the car and lock it, whilst I did this, they were going through my clutch bag, commenting on the contents “Lipstick, bright red, only that shade of red for a whore” “Condoms, not enough here love” “Condoms, do we need them for this whore, did you not say we could breed her” etc. I was dying with humiliation, and then to make it worse, I locked the car, illuminating myself even more, flashing red, orange and white lights, ALL the interior lights on, FFS, might as well escort atakum be in Blackpool! then a leash is attached to my posture collar, and everyone sees it… More humiliation, more tightness.So, there I was, in the middle of nowhere, at a notorious dogging location, I’d never been to before, meetings guys I hadn’t met before, who had advertised me, I was dressed in patent black & red fuck me heels, cream and black seamed latex stockings, 8 point red latex suspender belt, shiny black rubber latex skater skirt, hiding a locked chastity cage, containing my very uncomfortable and cold clitty, to which I did not have a key, shiny black and red PVC corseted under boob number, over a long sleeved black bodice, covering my CC fake tits, blonde wig slutty make up, red leather posture collar with d ring in a car park with about 25 cars and vans in, having just been spooked by the police, after a nightmare journey, I was more than beginning to think that this was a massive mistake!I am snapped out of my dream by my lead being tugged, I’m led off into the woods at the front of the car park, from the middle one, in full view of all the car parks, lit up by a guy in a large 4×4, who turns his car lights on, as I am led out, you know, just in case someone hadn’t seen what I am and perhaps what I am therefore by now! They think it’s funny, I’m still not laughing, but I can’t help being very horny, why is this??!I am led down a gravel path, far from easy in these heels, past a few people, hands are on my arse, my skirt and my chastity cage, my skirt is raised, my hands are placed on their groins and even a cock, lewd comments and labels are called to me, there’s about 10 people with me, I can almost hear my heart beating, I try to compose myself, but I’m still horny, “Trust me, you’ll be safe I hear” says Mike… easy for you to say I think.I am led to a clearing, it’s scruffy, tissues, condoms, condom wrappers, wipes, some underwear, beer bottles and cans, all adds to the sultry feel of the place, I am pulled down, I know what to do, Mike presents his cock “Finally! he says” as I suck his cock and he groans, calling me names, inviting people over, some cocks appear next to my face, my hands are placed on 2 cocks, one either side, I start wanking them, my chastity cage is grabbed by someone with really big cold hands “Fucking hell she’s leaking, she loves it the slag!!!” “I told you” says someone else, how can I deny it? but why am I so humiliated and scared?My arse is being slapped and mauled, my false tits also, cocks slapping my cheeks, I hear a lid flip up, some cold liquid is applied to my boi pussy, one, 1, 2 and 3 fingers, more lube, more fingers, different ones, smaller, bigger, more lube, a butt plug inserted, I moan, more comments from Mike who is now fucking my face, a cock is placed at my entrance, the head feels very big, I let go of a cock, place my hand around the back of me, it’s not got a condom on, I start to panic..Mike see’s this and withdraws his luscious thick cock from my mouth & throat, “Whats going on?” “He needs a condom I say” “Hey mate, condom!” “I don’t have one””Condom only, that was the deal” He’s not happy! and is still trying to force the head in, I’m not happy either, neither are a couple of the guys next to him who join in, there’s a tussle, pushing and shoving, I start to panic, my clothing is mauled, I hear a rip, then a huge guy in blue logo’d overalls just pushes him away, “You heard him, cover atakum escort bayan it” he retires, and the blue overalled guy takes charge, Mike forces his cock back into my mouth, Mike thanks the man, “Well done mate, thanks” says another and the blue overalled guy places my hand on his condomed covered cock, as if to say, “Okay now?” and I’m thinking, that’s not very long but it’s bloody thick!Whilst I am distracted Mike nearly drowns me with cum, hurling insults at me, fuck sleeve, whore, slag, slut etc… I swear I can feel myself leak more, and then the overalled man’s big girth pushes past my entrance, very painful, temporarily and then very very full! He knew how to fuck, slow but powerful strokes, he’s a strong guy, he’s thrusting me onto the new cock that replaced Mikes, he’s just getting into his stride when he cums very quickly, another cock in my mouth, overalled man just continues to drive into me, long steady girthy strokes, nearly all the way out, then burying into me, telling everyone how tight I am, I’m thinking the next one won’t be saying that!My cage is grabbed again, someone announces that I am leaking all over the floor “Oh she likes it alright” says overalled man behind me, sending himself over the edge, I drive back onto him, wiggling, his hairy belly over my arse, his balls slapping against me, only a few minutes ago I was panicking, now I’m literally like a bitch on heat??!!My arse is slapped, his booming voice declares that I am good fuck and that I will definitely be used again soon, another girthy cock is at my entrance, I check he’s condom’ed, he is, and he drives into me, it’s the guy that tried to breed me, and he’s using me like a doll, sets off like a train, holding my shoulders to drive into me, like he’s making up for the scene earlier, I’m being encouraged, Mike whispers in my ear “I told you that you would be popular you whore” I leaked more, the guy in my mouth cums, someone else cums on my cheeks, the attempted barebacker fills his condom, slaps my arse and then just leaves meI get more lube applied, a drink is passed to me, I try to straighten up, there’s cum all over me, most of which I didn’t see, on my arms, face, stockings, bodice, god I must look a state! But still about 5 guys left and 3 nearby, all with their cocks out, my jaw hurts, my knees hurt, but I am bent over again, the leash is used to drag me to a cock, an old big fat one, my fave, I set about my task with renewed vigour, wanting it to be over, but not…I am then penetrated by one of Mike’s friends, he’s got a thinner longer cock, very different experience, he was also very experienced, he knew how to fuck, the front guys cums in my mouth, and after what seemed an age, Mikes mate buries himself into me, throwing expletives around like confetti, thanking Mike and the last cock of the night is forced into my mouth, he doesn’t last at all long, but had a massive load, he must have been saving it, but before I am allowed to leave, Mike unloads all over my face and tells me to leave it, I have the walk of shame back to the car, a first for me in publicThen as I can see again on the car park, my boddice is ripped, my pvc is ripped, I have mud on me, covered in cum, all over me, dripping off my face, pvc and latex, my wig was a mess, my make up looked a real state and my heels seemed louder, I was tired but couldn’t decide how good the night was, I was scared, on several occasions, way out of my comfort zone, but my cage was painful and I was soaking wet, I had been leaking constantly.I got back to the car, another drink, an apology by Mike for the part that got out of hand, but a promise to meet me again and some compliments about how good I was, would I do this again?x