Whatever’s Clever

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Whatever’s Clever“What’s up, Shanna,” the building inspector perked up.“Not much. I was just checking to see if you can still come to my presentation tomorrow night.”“Yep! I already baby momma and she’s cool.”“Great,” delighted the sandy-haired grad student with deep, yellowish-brown skin. “I really appreciate the support. I’m sorta nervous.”“Don’t be. You’re gonna rock it!”“Thanks, Zavier. I’ll text you the address later. How’s Braxton.”“Li’l man is good,” he referred to his son. “Real good.”“Glad to hear!”“How’s Tee?”“Fine,” she offered flatly.“You sure?”“I’m still getting used to her working out of town during the week.”“I get it.”“Well, I better get going. See you tomorrow.”Shanna and Zavier had known each other since they were in an income-based preschool program together. They became fast friends. As high school sophomores, they dated for a few months and lost their virginity to one another. They quickly decided being besties was much better than being a couple. Shortly after they fucked, they broke up, Shanna told Zavier she believed she was bisexual. She experimented and came into her own while in college. Now, she was a full-blown lipstick lesbian with a butch, breast-binding partner. They remained close even after graduation. Shanna’s impressive academic record earned a merit scholarship to a nationally ranked liberal arts college located in the city. Zavier went the vocational route enrolling at a community college. Armed with a B.A. in biology and a minor in Africana studies, she taught with Teach for America in the Alabama’s poverty stricken Black Belt for two years. Zavier started working for the city part-time in maintenance while he was still working towards his A.A.S. He moved to full-time after completing the curriculum and then to his current role. Shanna was studying for a master’s degree in sociology en route to a Ph.D from the public, doctoral-research university in town. Being Shanna’s best friend and experiencing her journey of self discovery & acceptance had been broadened Zavier’s understanding of romance & sex. Through it all, she’d had his back. There was an unspoken rule that no one reached relationship status with either of them unless the other approved. More than a few potentially long-term significant others had gone their separate ways due to the seemingly porous boundaries the two shared. Zavier noted a billboard advertising a weekly rate starting at $189. He took the exit and drove the city’s Chevy work truck to the parking lot of the budget extended stay hotel. It was pretty empty as it was 11:34 a.m., but there were a few early 2000s vehicles s**ttered about. A couple of Black tekirdağ escort dudes chopped it up beside the driver side window of an unmarked police SUV. He continued past them to back of the.He parked and went to Room 134. He knocked.“Come in,” smiled the dusky, beige-skinned vixen.“Sexy outfit,” his eyes widened and he licked his lips.“Gracias!”Zavier closed the door behind him engaged the security latch. “You smell good,” he leaned down to hug her. She stretched to accept the embrace.“You missed me,” the municipal employee asked.“Si, papi! It’s been too long!”“I know. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time today.”“Let’s not waste time then,” she replied. “Yeah,” he grunted slipping the neon blue fishnet dress of her shoulders.Within moments, Zavier was on the bed with her. She had his exceedingly fat 7-¼-inch cock in her mouth. He was munching her pussy as he fingered her anus and stroked her erect micropenis. Her pussy was really more a of a split scrotum that naturally developed into a labial appearance. Zavier massaged her silicone enhanced tits. He teased her vagina with with his beefy dick. She purred as the nerve endings in the folds sent a rush through her body. “Fuck me,” she yelled. She held her legs to her chest.“Yeah, girl! Take this big dick!” He examined her body from above. He delivered measured strokes with just the head before moving to her rectum. He pushed inside her wet hole.“Owwwww,” she winced biting her lower lip.“Let me in that boipussy, girl,” Zavier commanded. “Yes,sir!”She relaxed. Her muscles let him ease in his shaft quarter-inch by quarter-inch. Zavier was fine with starting out slow because of this…She began wriggling and writhing. The flimsy queen-size bed creaked & wobbled & screed. She took his rod to hilt. He was balls deep. He pulled out part way and slammed back in. Then he pulled out a little more and thrusted. As he longstroked her, she cried out, “Fuck my ass! Fuck my culo, papi!”“Yeah, bitch! Gimme that ass!”“Dick so big,” she smiled.“You like that, baby?”“Oh yes, papi! Si! Si! Fuck my pussy!”‘Err unh. Err unh. Err unh.’ The bed sang out as it moved in tempo with them. “Dammit, girl! This pussy is good! Daddy likes it!”“Oh my god!”“Fuck my Salvodorean boipussy,” she whimpered in her accented English.“Hell yeah, girl! You gonna make a Nigga bust!”“Cum, papi! Cum for me, papito!”“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”She got him a warm wet rag.He got back in the truck and took a thick-cut bologna sandwich from his lunch cooler. He would have to eat while driving to stay on schedule. He had been fucking the hermaphroditic chick for about six months now. Her short, Central American escort tekirdağ ass was in the top five fucks of his life. He was an open-minded hood nigga that enjoyed fucking so he got down with lots of different obedient dick takers.Zavier’s brain immediately accessed its stored memory bank. The 5 best all-time coitus partners, in reversed rank order, were:5th) – Joey: Super-size chubby, white guy. Gender normative expression, Total bitch in bed;4th) – Intersexed chick from El Salvador. Pocket-sized; feminine; loud. Couldn’t remember her name and was too embarrassed to ask now; 3rd) – The Popes: A medical doctor & his wife. Early 60s. Both with almond complexions & green eyes. Both licked his balls while he fucked the other;2nd) – Corinne Deveaux: Middle aged. Brown sugar skin. Assistant manager of the municipal retirement plan. Estranged from her husband. Always ready for his dick; 1st) – ‘PeppySub’: Online amatuer porn star. Trans-feminine. Living as a woman while posting flicks as a pussyboi faggot. Rich, sepia-hued epidermis. Visits town every couple months.He chugged some ice water from his insulated bottle as he reminisced.At home that evening, Zavier Mayes and his son played with a ball and some blocks. His live-in girlfriend could be heard cackling away on the phone with her younger brother. He had fucked that passive, taut booty, feminine-of-center dude into submission a few times. He thought back to the last time it went down in the back of his 2016 Ford Expedition. Her brother rode his dick while stroking his own.“Bounce on this dick,” Zavier told the femme bottom. “Get it, bitch!”“Yeah, Nigga! Fuck me like a prison bitch!”“You wanna be my cellmate?” “Yes, god! Yes!”They were parked behind an alley. Zavier gripped the ass cheeks and bit the boi’s neck. That motherfucker was fun to fuck,The next day went by pretty quickly. Zavier had bought a change of clothes so he wouldn’t have to go home and get back out. Unfortunately, Corinne wasn’t free that evening. So, he went to happy hour at a bar by the campus.Zavier met Shanna outside the venue. They embraced.“Thank you so much, Zay!”“Don’t mention it. You ready?”“I guess.”Shanna’s presentation was about the community engagement of gender-variant populations living in public housing. The event was sponsored by the Depart of Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her doctoral program was an interdisciplinary drawing on the fields of sociology, social work, & urban studies.It was some academic ivory-tower bullshit Zavier thought initially. This information wasn’t going to make the city or economy run. He knew Shanna was smart, but as he listened, he connected tekirdağ escort bayan the dots of her policy analysis. Implementing some of her recommendations or those from the audience would certainly make a positive impact.Zavier was seated next to a white k** with scruffy dishwater-blond hair and big, brown doe-like eyes. He noticed the diminutive guy nodding at the same time as him. And, he respected the comment the young dude made about policing practices. marginalization and intimidation that put low-income LGBTQ people at higher risk to be victims of unreported crime. He knew from growing up in the hood that these folks were frowned upon and openly disrespected. And, over time he learned that people targeted and used them for personal gain – sex, money, d**gs, transportation & the like.“Interesting thoughts you have,” Zavier said to his neighbor at the end. “Thanks! It’s a cause I care a lot about. I’m Austin.”“Zavier!”“What brings you here this evening?”“The speaker is my best friend.”“Awesome! Shanna’s pretty rad!”“Yeah! She is.”“So…Are you an ally?”“Ally of what?”“It’s a term we use in the community. It’s a straight or cisgender person who supports and respects the LGBTQ+ community.”“Oh, then that’s me. May I ask about you?”“Sure. I’m open. I’m a masuline-expressive, female-to-male transitioning, pansexual person. My pronouns are they, them, and their.”“Got it,” Zavier lied. “I should go say something to Shanna.”“See you around!”Zavier approached Shanna. “You killed it, girl!”She accepted the embrace. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”“Yeah! It was eye opening.”“Really? How so?”“Guy I sat next to made the police comment. He told me his pronouns.”“Was that Austin?”“Yep.”“They wish to be called ‘they’ and ‘them’.”“Who?”“Austin. Austin equals they. They is Austin,” explained Shanna.“Ohhhhh,” Zavier finally grasped the concept. “They said they’re pansexual.”“Yep. They are open to men, women, and everything in between.”“Interesting. I gotta get home. Take care!”On the way out, Zavier saw Austin standing with a small group. “Good meeting you. Keep doing your thang!”“You too,” Austin replied.“Where can I get a cheap beer around here?”“Stampede’s. It’s down the street.”“Appreciate it.”“You going now?”“Maybe.”“Mind if I join?”“Let’s go.”Zavier ordered a pitcher. He learned that Austin was a senior studying romance languages. He also found out that they had had top surgery to remove their breast tissue. Zavier found it intriguing. He shared that was not a pansexual, but pretty open-minded when it came to intercourse.They exchanged numbers and parted ways.Zavier went home. He changed clothes and turned on the TV. His son was already asleep.The next few days were basic. Work. Home. Repeat.Then, Austin texted. They made plans to link up.Before he knew it, Zavier was giving the F2M transsexual a good dicking down.“Oh my god,” wailed the sub.“Pussy feels good! Damn, baby!”