What have we done??? A story of how to ruin a fri

Double Penetration

What have we done??? A story of how to ruin a friWhat seemed liked a great idea …”Hey, let’s have sex!” Yes, it was amazing carnal sex but had devastating consequences for my former friend Amy. Rewind to my second year in college, when I first met Amy at a floor party. She was an incoming freshman who lived 5 floors below. I did find her attractive, she was short..around 5’4″ tall, she had a nice larger than hand size breasts, she was pudgy but very athletic or at least played most sports, with solid thighs and nicely shaped calves, and a great tan with very nice tan lines…when she wore spaghetti strap tops. Amy had dark brown hair, always shoulder length with brown eyes that always seemed to have a sparkle …which matched her spunky outgoing personality. But what really was a turn on was her big mouth with the most full lips I’d ever seen. So what made our initial meeting funny was when I tried to hit on her and got the reply “You’re not my type!”Of course, I shrugged it off and moved on…sort of. Actually her condisention tone kind of pissed me off. To find out later she had the hots for a friend of mine, that lived on my floor. She ended striking out because he was committed to a girl back home. Still it seemed she was always hanging out with my friends and eventually became one of the “guys”. Amy never saw it that way …she confessed years later.After graduating college we stayed in contact and would get together on weekends. She became like a sister to me and we’d share our dating disaster stories. We spend hours talking on the phone trying to figure out why we were the last two single people from our college group. Everything changed when I met another girl and things were going well. Amy started calling more frequently and wanted to know everything…even the sex! I really didn’t mind sharing but failed to see any negatives. Amy wanted to meet my girlfriend, so we drove up one weekend to Amy’s apartment. Amazingly, they hit it off….too well. My girlfriend and Amy quickly bursa escort became good friends. Amy loved to tell how I tried to hit on her and how she turned me down. I admit, I had no game back then and looking back it was really sad how I did hit on Amy. My girlfriend really liked Amy and the two of them met a few times without me for shopping, lunches, and movies… I had no interest in watching anyway. My girlfriend trusted Amy and that is where it started going wrong.Amy had asked if she could stay at my place one weekend. She had a friend that had gotten engaged and Amy was invited to the bachelorette party. It also happened to be the same weekend my girlfriend was out of town visiting her family. I didn’t think I’d see much of Amy that weekend since I was going to be out golfing with my buddies. Surprise!Amy showed up right after I got home from work that Friday. I hadn’t expected her until Saturday morning. She put her stuff in my spare bedroom, which was located across the hall from my master bedroom. We went out to eat and Amy bought me ice cream afterwards. We walked around a park and she hugged me. Amy was always a hugger and it didn’t seem awkward to me. When we got home, we changed into our PJs. I wore baseball shorts and a t-shirt. Amy wore her usual silky short shorts and a tank top. I did notice how low cut it was and how her tiny nipples poked through it. We sat on the couch and watched some sports center. I sat on the far end away from Amy. Then Amy moved up against me. I was ok with it at first, then I felt a buldge in my shorts. I quickly got up and got a drink of water. I stayed in the kitchen until the swelling went down. All the while, I knew I shouldn’t be this way. When I came back, Amy was sitting in the middle of the couch with her legs in a crisscross applesauce position. She had the remote in her hands just flipping through channels. I tried not to stare between her legs too long and reminded myself of my girlfriend. I sat down next to Amy with my hands bursa escort bayan between my legs and hunched forward. Amy stopped the TV on a cinemax skin flick. She recalled when we’d watch them back in college, mute the sound and make up our own dialogue….it was hilarious! She muted and we started playing along. Amy didn’t shy away from explicit details and like in the past, got me aroused. I played along and we had some good laughs before retiring to our own bedrooms. I masturbated into my t-shirt before falling asleep.The next morning I found Amy in the kitchen. She was still wearing her short PJs and low cut top making me breakfast. Amy was a great chef, so the food and view was very nice. She even did the dishes as I went to take a shower. Typically, I listened to music when showering and sing too. Today was no different. I was washing up and singing when the curtain slid back and I watched Amy come in. I just froze. I stared at her naked body. She pressed her body up against mine and said “Hey, let’s have sex!” Just the playful innocent way she said it still echoes in my mind. She kissed me and I let her. Her puffy lips were even softer and more amazing than I’d ever dreamed. Not even thinking, I just wrapped my hands around her back as we kept kissing. We did say anything as we got out and went into her bedroom. She pulled me on top and let me in. I slid easily in and out. She softly moaned as I took slow strokes into her. I just stared into Amy’s eyes the whole time until I couldn’t stop the surge of cum bursting inside her. My body jerked hard as I pumped my seeds into Amy. She gripped me close to her body as I quivered out the last drops. I collapsed to the side of her face and wondered what had I done. Amy pushed me off her and said she had to be getting ready. Thirty minutes later she was taking off to meet her friends and I was on my way to the golf course. My mind still reeling on what had happened…it almost seemed unreal. I played terribly that day and it was escort bursa compounded when my girlfriend questioned me about Amy. I felt sick as I lied to her. I tried to sound upbeat as I listened to my girlfriend talk about her family drama. She informed me that she’d be gone for a few extra days and all I could think about was more time with Amy.I decided to cut golf short so I could get back home and hopefully catch Amy before going out all night with her friends. I remember how my heart was racing when I saw her car in my driveway. It got even better when she greeted me at the door just wearing one of my t-shirts. There wasn’t a part of her body I didn’t lick or kiss. Amy gave me oral in my entryway, I performed oral on my kitchen island, we had sex in all four bedrooms and outside on my deck. Amy and I talked only about what we were going to do next to each other. It was extremely stimulating and it went on for hours until we both collapsed on my living room floor after I injected what little cum was left into Amy from behind. As I finished Amy in the doggy position. We just laid there in the darkness….silent. In my head, it was insanity. I racked my brain as to what happened and now what? I just waited for Amy to say something. I think she was thinking the same. We just laid there naked and sweaty on carpet floor. Then it occurred to me, why was she here… didn’t she have a bachelorette party to go to??Just as I was about to ask, Amy interjected…”What did we just do?” She said it like she was about to throw up. It didn’t Dawn on me immediately that she wasn’t sick from the two times she had swallowed my loads. Instead, I rushed to the kitchen to get Amy a bowl. Only when I returned and saw her face. She was deeply upset and tears were running down her cheeks. Again, I failed when I tried to kiss her. She pushed me away and when I tried to rub her clit. She got up and ran to the bathroom. I followed much slower and the only thing I could think to say was “Sorry.” But I wasn’t really. Amy stayed locked in the bathroom for over an hour. When she finally came out wearing a towel she handed me my phone. She had texted my girlfriend and told her everything….even about the fake bachelorette party. The phone rang….