What a Splendid Way to Spend an Eve


His hand slipped up her skirt, not all the way but to the soft flesh at the top of her thigh. He wasn’t sure if it was welcome as she didn’t flinch, just sat looking around her as if nothing had happened. He was just about to take his hand away when hers rested on the top of his balls. He had to stop himself from moaning out loud the touch was so unexpected. He was still wondering what to do next when she started to unzip him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He had never had a handjob in public before and he wasn’t complaining, but he found it difficult to relax. He watched nervously as people walked past them unaware of the sexual activity taking place in their midst. Or were they?

Across the room sat another couple, hidden in the shadows. They had a clear view of what was happening a few feet from them. They both stared unable to take their eyes from the scene unfolding before them, anticipating what would happen next.

He looked down as she carefully lifted his cock from his shorts; the head bulged deep pink and glistened with precum. His conscience was telling him to stop her, but the male animal in him longed for her to give him satisfaction. Slowly she pulled back the skin covering his manhood leaving him exposed and naked. The cool air excited him but when she ran a red painted fingernail over the silkiness of his helmet, he let out an involuntary cry. He had closed his eyes, hoping by not seeing the people around him, they wouldn’t see him. However, the action of her slipping his erection back into his shorts, unsatisfied, stirred him. What the hell was going on!

He was about to ask her when she got up and left. His near nakedness left him vulnerable and it took a little while for him to compose himself. Was he going to give her a piece of his mind! Turning a guy on like that shouldn’t be allowed!

The couple across from him caught his eye and he quickly looked away. Bloody hell, they had seen what had happened! demetevler escort He could feel his face colour. He couldn’t bear it any longer and got up and left. It was dark and he felt uncomfortable checking himself so he made his way to the bathroom. He didn’t see her standing along the corridor; he didn’t turn when he heard the door close behind him, he was too busy concentrating on looking respectable again. It was only when he turned that he seen her standing close behind him.

She was in his arms before he realized it, pressing her body against his. She pushed him backwards into a stall and closed the door. As he collapsed onto the seat, she straddled him, lifting her skirt high so he could see what lay beneath. His eyes widened.

She took the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head, revealing her naked body. He stared at her perfect breasts, flat tummy and hairless toush; he felt his cock rising again. It had taken on a life of its own!

She cupped a breast in her hand and lifted it to his mouth. Her nipple grazed his lips as she pressed it to him to suck. At the same time her other hand had taken his and was pressing it against her pussy. What amazed him was the smoothness of it; it felt silky to the touch and soft, very soft. As his mouth suckled her tit and his fingers did their best to caress her pussy, she unzipped him and again lifted his throbbing bulge from its harness. He was finding it difficult concentrating on her breasts while she played with his privates. It was all becoming too much for him. His mind was in a whirl.

He thought he heard the door open and someone enter. He froze but she carried on wanking his shaft. She was slow and purposeful and with every downward movement she slightly tightened her grip giving him even more pleasure. He relaxed. What the hell. It was quiet, he had imagined it!

Suddenly she stopped and stood up, poised above him. He took a deep breath dikmen escort as she grasped his erect cock in her hand and guided it to her slit. She leant forward and whispered,

“Make me wet. Use your fingers.”

His hands were shaking but he obeyed. It felt incredibly warm and velvety up inside her. He could feel the thick stickiness of her juice covering his fingers as he gently moved his them in and out of her.

‘I want you now,’ she gasped as she pulled his fingers from her and pushed his cock deep inside her throbbing cunt. Her shoulders were pulled back making her breast pert and welcoming. He moved his head forward and again sucked on her taut nipples. He heard her gasp with pleasure as he flicked them repeatedly with his tongue. At the same time she sat down, pinning his cock deep up inside her hole. He knew she had his length, his balls were squashed under her. She cried out,

“Oh fuck me, please fuck me.”

He was shocked at the strength of her demand and thought it best to do as she said. He moved his hips upwards, slowly at first but as his shaft sank into her, it caused great waves of passion to engulf him. The more he felt it, the faster he went. All the time she was crying out,

“Fuck me, harder, deeper. Oh yes, oh yes.”

They were in rhythm now, deep penetration heightened the pleasure for them, and it was just a question of who came first.

His balls were taking a battering from her but instead of feeling pain it just heightened the intense feeling of orgasm for him. It started with his balls clenching then his cock twitching and throbbing before he exploded cum right up her. She started a split second after him. Once he started, she couldn’t stop. Wave after wave of ecstasy shook her body, her tits felt like they were going to explode, her cunt clenched like a vice round his cock not allowing it to withdraw from her.

She was crying out, incoherent moans of pleasure, of lust ankara escort fulfilled.

There was a sudden bang, a door being slammed shut. It didn’t stop them fucking, they were too far gone; the world would have had to end. He continued to upwardly pound her until his cock had shrank and shrivelled and taken refuge deep inside its soft pliable sac. She was still, unable to move, needing the time to come down from the planet she’d found herself on.

They both heard the unmistakeable sound of fucking. They were both still, unable to move. The sounds of moaning were getting louder, the banging faster. Quickly they dressed and left the stall to find the couple from earlier fucking against the wash basins. They were in the final throws, she riding him as they looked on. The woman had her breasts out and they were bouncing uncontrollably as he pounded her. With each upward movement, her tits would lift and catch him in the face as they settled back down. If it wasn’t so erotic it would have been funny.

When they were done, they all righted themselves and made their way back to the main room as if nothing had happened. As they approached their seats he saw his friends Pete and Eddie; they were smiling at them as they approached.

“Well?” Eddie asked a big grin on his face.

She smiled back at him and nodded her head. They started to laugh as Eddie held out his hand to Pete.

“Shit,” Pete looked at him. “I thought you wouldn’t do it. I thought you couldn’t do it. Man, you’re a whore!”

They all laughed except Tom. He didn’t know what the joke was. Pete explained.

“We had a bet that you wouldn’t fuck just anybody; that you definitely wouldn’t in a public place. You proved us all wrong, man.”

Tom didn’t know what to think, whether he should be annoyed or flattered. What he did know was it had been exciting, the best. He looked across at her. He didn’t even know her name! She was sitting with the couple they had caught fucking. They smiled at him.

“Hope you don’t mind. I know we weren’t supposed to get involved; we didn’t mean to but watching and listening to you two was a great turn-on for us. We couldn’t help ourselves.” They kissed deeply on the lips. What a splendid way to spend an evening!