I’m leaning back against the wall of the shower, one leg hooked over your shoulder, spreading me open for you. Water splashes off your back and my hands tangle in your wet hair, pressing your face into my throbbing pussy. I’m watching the top of your head, watching the sudden glimpse of your tongue on my aroused flesh, the flash of your hand as you push your fingers inside me and the sight and sounds of what you’re doing to me makes my insides clench even more.

I’m boneless with pleasure, gasping and moaning, rubbing myself against your face shamelessly. I’ve already come, once, twice, three times, I’ve lost count. I try to pull you up, but you silently refuse and lick and suck and finger fuck me back into oblivion. I’m slowly sliding down the wall, my body shaking as you continue to feed on me and it’s all I can do to stop myself from collapsing on top of you.

You stand up without warning, pushing me back against the shower casino şirketleri wall as you move between my legs. I clutch at your shoulders, my arms wrapping around you and pulling myself up as you urge my legs around you. You rub the head of your dick against me, dipping in, spreading the wetness there along your length. You push in slowly, pulling back and pushing in until your pressed fully inside of me and I’m quivering around you, all wet heat and whimpering need.

I feel the fine mist of water on my face from where it’s hitting against your back, and the heat of the water against my legs where it streams around you. The tiled wall is cold on my back and I feel the cold against my ass when you slide all the way in. My breath comes in gasps and sobs and I tighten my arms around your neck, pulling you closer as you push me into the wall with your thrusting hips.

You set a punishing pace, your cock moving in casino firmalari and out of me fast and hard and you lower your head, your lips pressing against my ear as you mutter urgently, over and over, “come, baby, come.” I moan, whimper, my legs tightening around you, pulling you in deeper and I rock my hips, grinding my pussy against you as you pound into me relentlessly, over and over and over again until I’m sobbing my release against your shoulder.

You step back, easing my legs down, your hands on my arms steadying me as I sink to my knees before you, my hands gripping the backs of your thighs. Your hands fist in my hair, pulling me closer and then you’re moaning as I take your wet cock between my lips. I smell myself on you, taste the sweet musk of my pussy on you as I lick and suck you down and I lean into you, taking you deeper and deeper, until I can’t take anymore.

You groan, curse, your hips thrusting, güvenilir casino your hands yanking my hair almost painfully as you begin to fuck my mouth. I relax my upper body, letting you direct me where you want me until you’re thrusting in and out, in and out, fast, hard and deep. You’re practically choking me, your hard dick hitting the back of my throat with every push between my lips and I revel in it, using my lips and tongue to silently beg you to come in my mouth.

Your sex noises are getting louder, more frequent, your breath coming out in grunts and pants and uncontrollable guttural whimpers. You shove your dick between my lips, pressing against the end of me and I feel your dick contract on my tongue, hear your guttural exclamation as I taste and feel your seed spurt into my throat.

My heart pounds in my chest and I suck and lick and swallow with abandon. I swallow all of you down, lick you clean then sit back and stare up at you as you lean heavily against the wall, your face still twisted with pleasure. I smile, my head falling forward until my face if pressed against your thigh and I can’t stop my satisfied sigh at the feel of your hand against the back of my head.