The first time it happened was an accident. Annie stopped to have a few beers with a friend before boarding a bus from New York to Boston. Forty minutes into the trip she had to pee. An interim stop in Hartford was well over an hour away. Annie squeezed her legs together trying to hold back the urge, but it was a losing battle. She squirmed in her seat and pressed her hand against her pussy hoping that would work. It didn’t.

The first gush soaked through her panties before she managed to squeeze it back and stop the flow. Annie continued to fight the urge to pee but it became stronger and stronger as the minutes ticked away. The bus hit a bump causing Annie to lurch forward. The muscles she was using to contain the pressure in her bladder gave way as she caught herself on the seat in front of her. A stream of pee shot out from between her legs and soaked the seat of her jeans.

The relief was so satisfying that Annie didn’t even try to suppress it. Pee flooded her seat until it was running over the edge and dripping onto the floor. It soaked into the backs of her thighs and dribbled down her calves into her socks and shoes. It slowed to a trickle. Annie squeezed until it finally stopped but not before her jeans and panties were completely soaked.

Fortunately no one was sitting beside her, but the puddle on the floor had seeped under the seat in front of her. She was able to clean it up with a newspaper before anyone noticed. Annie stayed on the bus at the Hartford stop embarrassed by what she had done. By the time she arrived in Boston her jeans had mostly dried. She reeked of pee when she hopped into the car with her boyfriend but he never said anything.

The second time it happened was two weeks later. Annie was on her way home from work. There was a lot of traffic and she had to pee. She thought back to the bus trip. It had felt good to let it go and feel the warmth of pee soaking into her jeans and panties. Once she got over the embarrassment Annie realized that peeing herself had actually been exciting. She thought about it a lot.

She wasn’t wearing jeans this time — just a skirt and panties — and she was in the car. Annie decided that letting out a little trickle would be okay. She soaked the crotch of her panties and felt it spread to her ass before she squeezed back the flow. Annie slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the wet panties. She let out another trickle and felt it flow through her fingers. She moaned when a fingertip found her clit.

Annie knew she had already soaked through the back of her skirt, and that if she let out more pee she would ruin the seat. She continued to rub her pussy but was finding it hard to concentrate on driving. She pulled into a strip mall and parked between two large trucks. Annie stepped out of the car and looked around to make sure no one could see her. She slipped a hand under her skirt and between her legs trapping it tightly between her thighs, then relaxed and opened her bladder.

Hot pee sprayed through her panties and between her fingers. It splattered onto the pavement below and streamed down her legs. As it slowed to a trickle Annie shoved a hand into her panties. She found her swollen clit. Leaning forward against the car she rubbed. The orgasm hit hard. Annie squealed. Her body shuddered. She finally regained her composure. Moments later a man climbed out of the truck next to her and gave her a nod. She realized he had watched the whole thing.

A few days later Annie was in the kitchen wearing gray sweatpants that clung tightly to her ass cheeks and pussy. She had to pee. No one was there and her boyfriend wouldn’t be by for another hour. Annie let out a trickle. A large wet spot spread across her pussy and inner thighs. She let go with another gush that spread the wet spot to her ass. She cupped her pussy and felt the flow against her fingers. It seeped down her thighs extending the wetness to her knees.

Annie pushed a hand into her sweatpants and under the tiny patch of thong material that covered her pussy. She found her clit and rubbed it in circles. Moments later she gasped. Her body trembled. Annie slipped a hand under her pussy and let go with another stream of pee. It gushed through her fingers and ran down her legs. She curled two fingers into her cunt and let go. Pee gushed out from her pussy running down her legs and into her socks and shoes.

Annie sat on the counter and finished peeing. It soaked through the bottom of her sweatpants and formed a puddle on the counter which dripped onto the floor. She ripped off her t-shirt and bra and hopped down. Annie bent over and rubbed her naked tits through the pee still on the countertop. She slid a hand into pants. Moments later her pussy exploded gushing juices into her already soaked panties.

Annie showered and got dressed, but her body was still on fire. When Steve, her boyfriend, arrived she attacked him as soon as he walked through the door. Her mouth pressed hard against his. Her Maltepe Türbanlı Escort tongue shot between his lips. Her hand rubbed his cock through his clothes until it was hard. Annie squatted in front of him, unbuckled his pants and yanked them down to his knees. Her mouth quickly engulfed his hard flesh.

Annie loved sucking his cock. She loved the way it throbbed in her mouth as it slid in and out between her lips. She attacked it with a frenzy bobbing her head up and down and taking him deep. Spit drooled from her lips onto her blouse. Her nipples were swollen to the point of bursting and her pussy was desperate to be filled. Annie stood and faced the wall pulling her jeans and panties down to her knees.

“Fuck me,” she ordered.

Steve had never seen this side of Annie but he wasn’t complaining. He bent his knees and guided his cock to the opening of her cunt. He thrust hard and buried it deep. Annie screamed. Steve hammered her hard and fast slamming her into the wall on each thrust. His hand slid around her body and crushed her tits. One orgasm after the next ripped though her pussy sending beads of cunt juice streaming down her legs.

Steve felt his cock swell. He thrust hard and grunted. Hot cum exploded into Annie’s cunt. Spurt after spurt filled her until his seed was oozing out of her opening and running down her legs. Annie dropped to her knees and sucked his spent member back to life. Cum dripped from her pussy onto the hardwood floor making a small puddle beneath her.

They went to the bedroom. Annie rode Steve to several mind shattering orgasms. She rolled onto her stomach, spread her cheeks and begged him to fuck her in the ass. Steve was surprised. In the past Annie had always been reluctant to participate in anal sex. Now she was the aggressor. He quickly lubed his cock with the tube in the bedside stand and mounted her from behind.

Annie felt his swollen knob at the entrance to her dark passage. He pushed. His cock easily slid into her sphincter because Annie had prepared to get fucked this way before he arrived. His cock plowed deeper and deeper until it was completely buried. He pounded her asshole hard and deep. Annie rubbed her clit to two orgasms before he finally grunted and filled her bowels with cum.

“What got into you?” Steve asked pulling her into his arms.

“I just missed you,” she replied snuggling against him. “Are you complaining?”

“Not in the least,” he said with a satisfied smile.

Annie wasn’t about to tell him that peeing in her sweatpants had ignited her unbridled passion. While Steve was a good lover and could be quite passionate, he was somewhat conservative in many ways. She didn’t think he would understand. She wished there was someone she could talk to about it but was too embarrassed to tell anyone she knew.

Her peeing fetish became more addictive. Annie found herself wanting to pee in her pants almost every day. If she was pressed for time she would sit on the toilet in her panties and pee. Then she would masturbate. She kept clean panties in her purse so she could do this at work when the urge hit. She often wore skirts so she could trickle pee through her panties without anyone noticing. Sometimes she let it run down her legs.

Annie became more experimental. One day she stood barefoot in the kitchen wearing a short skirt and white blouse with no bra. She squeezed her thighs together and let a trickle of warm pee soak through her panties and run down her legs until she was standing in a small puddle. Annie sat in it and spread her legs. She pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and watched a small spurt shoot out from her pussy and splash onto the floor. Her bladder was far from empty.

Annie rolled onto her back and drew her knees to her shoulders. Still holding the crotch of her panties to the side she let the flow of pee resume. A stream of hot yellow liquid shot out from her pussy, arched into the air and soaked her white blouse. She pulled her legs back further. The golden stream splattered across her face and landed in her hair. She moved it back to her blouse thoroughly soaking it until her naked tits were exposed through the wet material.

As soon as she touched her clit Annie’s body shook with a mind blowing orgasm. She rolled onto her stomach sliding through the pee soaked floor and rubbed her pussy to another orgasm. Reaching behind her, Annie slid a finger into her ass and continued to rub her pussy and clit. A third explosive orgasm had her screaming and shaking. Steve didn’t know what hit him when he stopped by later.

Annie discovered several internet sites devoted to the subject of peeing. At first she just read the posts and looked at the pictures and videos. This emboldened her to become more experimental. She tried peeing in public where she might get caught and found it exciting. She even tried adult diapers at work so she could sit at her desk surrounded by coworkers and pee, but it wasn’t as exciting Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort as letting the pee flow through her panties and run down her legs.

Annie finally shared a few of her experiences in a post. She received a lot of requests to chat and to post some pictures. Most of the requests were from creeps but a few seemed friendly. She shared messages with several and selected one who seemed fun, safe and intelligent to explore her fetish further. His internet name was “SquirtGun”. Hers was “Wet-n-Wild”.

Annie put on a pair of white cotton panties to take some photos. She sent one to Squirtgun where pee was shooting through the crotch and running down her thighs. His response was immediate. He sent a video of his half erect penis spraying pee onto the bathroom floor. Annie sent him the rest of the photos including one of her naked pussy spraying pee on to her panties that were stretched between her knees.

They set up a time for a session where they could both pee while chatting. She didn’t want to do video, at least not during the first session. They agreed to exchange pictures instead. Annie wore her gray sweatpants and a white tee shirt with no bra. He wore blue jeans. The first few minutes were pleasantries before Squirtgun started the action.

SG: Oops. I think I just peed myself.

WW: Really?

Seconds later a picture arrived at Annie’s computer. It was SquirtGun’s lap. There was a big wet spot on the front of his jeans.

WW: Wow. Ok, my turn. Mmmmmmm… so warm.

SG: I want to see

WW: Just a sec

Annie spread her thighs and took a picture of her soaked crotch. She hit send.

SG: OMG. You’re making me hard

WW: Really? Are you going to show me?

SG: Your wish is my command.

The picture that arrived at Annie’s computer was of a semi-hard cock peeking out through his open zipper and spurting pee into the air.

WW: Oh fuck that is hot. I’m getting wet and not just from the pee.

SG: Uh-oh. A stream of pee just hit me in the face.

WW: And the bottoms of my sweatpants are now soaked. I’m going to take them off.

A picture of the lower half of SquirtGun’s face appeared on Annie’s screen. Pee was dripping from his chin.

SG: Would love to see my pee dripping from your face like this.

Annie sunk down in her chair and pulled her legs back. She pushed the crotch of her panties to the side and let a stream of pee shoot into the air. She directed the stream until it splashed onto her face. She took a photo and hit send.

WW: You mean like this?

SG: Wow. I’m still spraying and imagining it hitting your face and hair and shooting into your mouth.

WW: Oh fuck. I have my hand over my pussy and can feel pee shooting through my fingers.

SG: I took off my shirt. Pee is shooting all over my chest.

WW: I’m naked now. Pee is squirting all over my face and tits.

SG: Let me see.

Annie took several pictures of her pussy spraying pee onto her tits. She hit send.

WW: I’m almost finished peeing.

SG: I am so fucking hard. I’m jerking off to your pictures.

WW: Me too. I’m rubbing my clit and I have a finger up my ass.

SG: Oh fuck… I’m going to cum.

WW: Me too. I’m so close

The orgasm hit hard. Annie felt her pussy clench. Her fingers continued to rub her clit and fuck her ass. Another orgasm ripped through her cunt. A picture appeared on her screen. Squirtgun had cum splattered across his chest. A third orgasm gushed from her pussy. She spread her legs and took a photo of her open cunt with cream oozing out and dripping down her asshole.

WW: That was so good.

SG: How about we do it on video next time?

WW: Maybe. I’ll think about it.

Annie was so horny that she called her boyfriend and begged him to come by that evening. When he arrived she attacked him before the door to the apartment had closed. After two rounds of hot sex she lay cuddled next to him in bed with her naked body pressed against his. Her hand slowly stroked his spent cock trying to pump life back in it for another round.

“Steve,” Annie asked. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? I mean before you met me. You must have had some wild sex with other girls.”

“Not as wild as with you. Lately you’ve been insatiable. I’m not complaining. Why are you asking anyway? Am I not kinky enough for you?”

“No, I just wondered,” Annie replied trying to work up the courage to tell him about her pee fetish. “I mean, do you ever have fantasies about doing things you’ve never tried… maybe something you saw in a porn video or read about or heard about from a friend.”

“Me? Watch porn? Okay, guilty as charged. I guess I’ve fantasized about doing threesomes, but it’s just a fantasy. Is that what you mean?”

“Sort of I guess,” Annie explained. “If you wanted to try something like that I wouldn’t mind. I was thinking more of other things like spanking or rough Maltepe Ucuz Escort sex. I noticed that on some porn sites there is a whole section on peeing. I mean, people must be into these things or else there wouldn’t be so much of it on the internet.”

“Well if you want me to spank you I would be happy to oblige, but I don’t think I could get into peeing. Did you really mean what you said about a threesome?”

Ann wondered if his reluctance to try peeing was real or just what he was saying thinking she would be upset. She decided to push him a little further. Maybe if she agreed to his fantasy he would indulge hers.

“Do you remember Joan? I’m pretty sure she would agree to a threesome. I know she’s done it before and I think she likes me. She’s bi. And on the peeing thing, I was just curious. I watched a few of the videos and they really seemed to enjoy it. You know, watching each other pee and stuff. Have you ever watched a girl pee?”

“Watching might be fun,” Steve told her. “I meant that I wasn’t into peeing on each other. And of course I remember Joan from Mark’s party. She’s really hot. Do you really think she would do it? I mean, I don’t want to push you to do something that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Actually Joan and I fooled around a little one night when I was drunk. I’m sure she would do it and I know I would enjoy it. As far as watching I wouldn’t mind if you watched me pee. In fact right now I have to go really bad. You could come into the bathroom and watch if you want.”

Steve shrugged his shoulders and said why not. They both walked naked into the bathroom. Annie squatted over the bowl holding herself just above the seat. Steve stood in front of her. A small spurt of golden pee shot from her pussy and hit the toilet seat splashing onto the floor right at his feet.

“Oops. I guess my aim was a little off. Let me try again.”

This time the stream of pee shot into the toilet bowl. Annie looked up and saw Steve’s eyes focused of where the pee was shooting out of her pussy. She moved a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit while she was still peeing. Then she slid her fingers lower and let the warm flow run through them. She watched Steve’s cock grow hard. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it.

“I guess you did enjoy watching me pee. I was wondering if maybe you needed to pee. I would love to watch you.”

“It’s not so easy to do when I’m hard.”

“I can help with that,” Annie said.

Annie stood and turned her back to Steve. She leaned over the toilet and pressed her hands against the wall tilting her ass in the air. Steve stepped forward and slipped his hard cock between her creamy white cheeks. The tip parted her folds and slotted in her opening. Annie was already wet with excitement from having Steve watch her pee. His cock easily slipped inside and plunged deep into her steamy passage.

Steve grabbed her hips and fucked her pussy with long powerful strokes. He looked down and saw his cock glistening with cunt juice sliding in and out between her rounded ass cheeks. Annie pushed back against him on each thrust driving his cock against her cervix. Her well trained pussy clenched his hard flesh. She reached back and slipped her middle finger into her asshole knowing this would drive him crazy. Moments later she felt cum shooting into her cunt.

Steve held his cock deep inside her pussy until it began to deflate. When he pulled it out a small trickle of cum dribbled out and perched on her clit before dripping into the toilet below. Annie pulled her finger out of her ass but didn’t move.

“You can piss between my legs and into the toilet when you’re ready,” she told him.

Steve grabbed his cock and aimed it at the toilet bowl. He did have to go but it took a few moments before he could induce the flow. The first spurt trickled from his cock and missed its mark splattering the toilet seat. After that pee sprayed in a steady stream between her legs and into the toilet. Annie looked down at the golden flow. Her pussy was still dripping cum. She hoped Steve would do what she asked next.

“Would you pee on my pussy? Please.”

He was already looking at it and thinking the same thing. Steve quickly redirected the spray. Annie felt the warm flow splash across her pussy. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. Pee streamed across her fingers. Steve aimed higher and drenched her asshole. Seconds later Annie had an orgasm. Her knees buckled and her body trembled.

Annie spun around and sat down onto the toilet spreading her legs. Steve pointed his cock down and splattered her pussy and thighs. Ann cupped her tits and looked up at him with lust filled eyes. He knew what she wanted and redirected the stream of pee to her tits, then each of her nipples. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cock tasting the acrid flow and swallowing what she could. The rest poured out from her lips.

Steve stood there in shock. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was exciting to watch Annie pee and even erotic when she asked him to pee on her pussy, but peeing in her mouth had gone too far. He was disgusted with himself and with her for making him do it. Annie looked up at him with pee still dripping from her chin. He turned his head away.