Wendy52 asked to babysit 4

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Wendy52 asked to babysit 4By the time my mind had cleared and my body had stopped rolling from orgasm to orgasm the boys had led me back out to the car. My pussy was leaking cum all down my legs, and my face and tits were covered in hot sticky cum. They allowed me to sit in the car and recover as they loaded the groceries into the boot of the car.On the journey home, they allowed me to concentrate on my driving and didn’t touch my body or play with me once. I was allowed to go into the house while they unloaded the car. I walked back out and said I needed to go to my house to get fresh clothes that fit me and would bring all the food out the fridge as it would spoil if I was living with them for the weekend.I had only been in the house for a minute when I heard the doorbell ringing. I thought come on boys let me have a minute to myself. I opened the door thinking it would be them, but the paperboy from earlier in the week just pushed past me and ran into the house. I turned to face him to ask what he wanted and he just stepped in and kissed me. I tried to push him away to warn him my face and body was covered in cum, but he’s hungry mouth was kissing me, then working down my neck onto my tits. I just stood there allowing his hungry little mouth to clean all the cum off my tits, his fingers fumbled and found their way into my pussy.I thought he must know that is cum dripping out of my pussy, but it didn’t seem to stop him, he soon bent me forwards and knelt behind me and drove his face and tongue deep into my pussy. I thought god this k** either likes a nice sloppy cream pie, or he doesn’t know what it is he is licking from my well-used pussy. I pushed him to the floor and lowered myself into the 69 position with him. His cock was a good size for a white boy, it was around 8inches and really quite thick. I sucked him for a couple of minutes then felt him shoot his load into my mouth. I thought we will see what he likes, as I lifted off and kissed him allowing his cum to drain from my mouth and into his. I could see the look of shock and concern come over his face. I lifted off and stood up expecting him to go crazy.He stood up and looked at me then said what just happened. I explained how I tried to tell him my body was filled and covered in the cum from 4 different BBC, but he seemed to be enjoying himself too much for me to interrupt him. He turned and walked around in a circle muttering to himself, he then looked at me and said so you are telling me I have just licked the cum from 4 BBC from your pussy and tits, then you kissed me and filled my mouth with my own cum.I walked towards him saying yes that is what has just happened. I let my hand grab his cock and slowly start to pull the foreskin backwards and forwards in slow motion as I kissed him again. I moved my lips away from him and said there is no shame in liking the taste of cum, it is even better straight from a throbbing hard cock. I stepped back and asked him if he was OK. He looked at me with a confused look on his face and said I think I need to go.I got ready and made my way back over to the boy’s house. I slowed as I approached the house as sivas escort I could see a strange car on the drive. I walked into the house and shouted for the boys to come and help me with my bags. I was shocked to see that they had called two of their friends from down the street to come over for the day. Chris and Carl were on the football team with the boys, and they were just as big and black and muscley, so my pussy went moist and my nipples stuck out as soon as they walked into view with the boys.The boys walked over and greeted me with a cuddle and a nice squeeze of my ass and tits for the boys to see, then they took the bags and carried them into the kitchen. Chris and Carl walked over to me and gave me a kiss and grief cuddle, they didn’t touch my ass or tits, but I could feel their hard cocks pressing against my body just under my breasts as the boys were a lot taller than me.I went into the kitchen and started to prepare the food for their dinner. I asked if Chris and Carl would be stopping for lunch. I was informed they would be staying for the rest of the weekend. I looked over at the boys and said really, and who’s idea was that. Henry looked over at me and said dad called their dad and explained what was going on, their dad is busy today, but he said he would try to pop around to see you in the morning, but he wanted his sons to come and meet you today.I looked at them and expected more information, but they all just turned and continued to watch the TV. I put my knife down and walked out of the kitchen through the living room and out towards the patio area. I needed to get some air. I just stood there looking at the water in the pool thinking what on earth is happening here, and what mess had my husband got me into. Chris walked out towards me and I could see his large BBC poking a tent in the front of his shorts.I tried to explain that I was busy cooking and just needed a minutes breather, but he just held me and kissed me, the feeling of being in the arms of such a powerful young black man was too much for me, my body submitted to his touch and I melted into his strong arms. He was very slow and careful as he slowly caressed my neck and shoulders as he kissed me, as his hands traced across my neck and shoulders he followed them with light little kisses, he slipped my straps off my shoulders and gently pulled my dress down freeing up my breasts.His fingers traced around the curves of my breasts then circled my nipples closely followed by his tongue and lips covering me in kisses. I felt my pussy twitch and become moist, this young man really knew how to make a lady feel good under his touch. My dress fell to the floor around my feet, here I stood in front of another young black man who I had only probably waved at from the car a couple of times in my life, now he was about to fuck me and use my body along with his friends for the remainder of this weekend.Chris now traced his fingers down my body and as one went around my bottom and caressed and circled the curve of my bum cheeks, his other hand traced down my stomach and between my legs and across my clitoris. I felt the jolt of electricity escort sıvas shoot through my body as his large black fingers entered my delicate pink folds and gained access to my clitoris. He gently flicked his finger over the top then under the head of my clitoris, he must have secured his finger into the slight hood under the lower section of my clitoris then gently pressed and flicked it from side to side. I then felt his other hand work its way down to my bottom and slide his fingers into the gap between them searching for my entrance. I felt his finger try to enter my bottom, but I pushed away telling him I wasn’t into anal sex and he needed to leave that alone.I looked up and could see my friend rosemary in her bedroom window watching me being seduced by this young black man. The colour rose in my cheeks as I knew she would now be on the phone to all the white women in the cooking club telling them she was watching her slut neighbour being fucked like the slut she was in her neighbours back yard. This made me feel extra horny knowing she was watching me, and probably phoning all of our friends and giving them a running commentary. I pushed Chris away and moved him across the patio and out into the raised area to allow her to get a better view from her attic bedroom window. I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down to reveal his 10inch BBC standing out all proud and leaking cum from the tip. I turned to look towards her as I took his cock deep into my mouth and then allowed him to grip my head and fuck me for all he was worth. I know she was some distance away and three stories up in the attic, but I am sure we locked eyes as she watched this young stud fuck her friend’s mouth like there was no tomorrow. I could tell he wouldn’t last long from the speed in which he fucked me, but I knew there were lots of other cocks in the house for me to play with this evening to get my needs fulfilled.Chris soon filled my mouth with his cum, and boy did he fill me up, the cum spilt out the corner of my mouth and dripped down onto my breasts as he just continued to pump load after load into my mouth. I pulled it out in the end and wanked the last four or five shots over my face and tits, then I cleaned his cock and rubbed the cum all over my face and tits whilst looking over towards my friend’s house.As Chris was putting his cock back into his shorts his brother Carl was walking over towards us. I just stood and turned around so I was side on for my friend to watch. I then allowed Carl to just pull his cock out and fill me with it in one thrust. His cock was a little shorter than his brothers at around 9inches, but it was very fat, it was easily as fat as a coke can in the middle, but seemed to go a little thinner towards the head, unlike his brother who had a very big fat head to his cock. Carl pounded away at my body while squeezing my tits and calling me his new babysitter slut.I knew he would last around the same time his brother did as he was like a blur as he fucked me through orgasm after orgasm. I didn’t know a person could fuck you this fast and deep at the same time. I screamed when he sivas escort bayan finally shot his cum deep into my pussy, he was like his brother, there were more than 10 full shots of cum, then at least 4 smaller ones until his cock stopped jerking and filling me with cum. As he pulled his cock out of me the river of cum followed and dropped onto the floor under my cunt. He just put his cock away turned, slapped my ass then walked off into the house.My phone rang in the kitchen, Henry walked out onto the patio carrying it saying it is yours. I stood there naked and took the phone from him as if there was nothing wrong. I answered the phone to Rosemary expecting her to call me a slut and cuss down the phone at me. She just said you lucky slut how did you manage to get them to fuck you. I have been teasing and flirting with them for years.I felt hands moving me to the table and pushing me forward. I bent over making sure Rosemary had a nice side-on view as Henry pulled his cock out and slammed it into me. He fucked me thinking I was going to try to hide the fact I was being fucked by his BBC to my friend. I just talked to her telling her I was babysitting Henry and Arthur while their dad was away with my husband golfing, but they had now asked Chris and Carl their friends to stay over making my job harder. Henry really pounded into me and twisted my nipples to try to make it hard for me to talk.I just said to Rosemary you should stopover for a swim this afternoon. It isn’t right one white woman on her own with all these big strong young black boys walking around with their BBC rubbing up against me trying to have their way with me. I felt Henry grow bigger inside me as he could hear me talking to my friend about their BBC. I said they are constantly touching me and feeling my ass and tits then making out it was a mistake. This made Henry grow and push his cock deeper into my pussy causing me to scream as the orgasm powered through my body. I fell forward onto the table as the orgasm caused my body to go limp.I dropped the phone onto the table and screamed out Rosemary you need to come and help me, these boys are driving me crazy with their hard bodies and BBC swinging around in their swimming trunks. This made Henry buck and shoot his load deep into my pussy. Again he just pulled out and walked off into the house. I picked the phone up and turned towards Rosemary, she said bend over and turn around for me. I asked why she explained how she had the attic conversion done so she could spy on the black boys in their pool. She told me how she was watching me through her telescope and wanted to see the state of my pussy.I bent at the waist as I turned my back towards my friend. I opened my legs wide and reached my hand forward and opened up my pussy lips, you could see the big blobs of cum as they dripped out of my pussy. Rosemary said I will be over in an hours time. Just let me go and trim my pussy and get a new very sexy small bathing costume. I need these boys to want to fuck me the minute they see me. I laughed and said that will be quicker than you think.I walked towards the house trying to work out if I should tell the boys Rosemary was coming over to get fucked by them, or should I play a game with them to see how they would react to me in front of other women when we were out or in contact with them.If you want part 5 leave me comments