Wendy Confesses Ch. 03


Hello dear reader. I am back again to tell you more of my tales.

At the start I thought of telling my story as a kind of confession. Its not a confession anymore. I have come to enjoy revealing my sexual adventures to you all. It is a positive thing for me. I feel good knowing I have some happy readers. Nowadays I am much more confident to admit up-front what I do and what I enjoy. At least, I can admit to it while keeping my identity a secret. And this time I have something new to write about.

As I have explained before, I am an unfaithful woman, a “cheater”. Maybe I could also be called a “MILF”.

I used to become racked with fear that I’d be caught. Yet, my desires and my need for illicit sex wouldn’t allow me to stop. With my (almost) secret lifestyle I have been discovering all kinds of sexual pleasures. I am so much more confident and uninhibited these days when it comes to sex. It’s been a revelation for me to discover how good it feels to be “slutty” when I’m with an illicit lover – or even with my husband.

Some of you enjoy reading about that. Some of you are easily offended by a woman like me – but I do not care. I enjoy being who and what I am. I really feel like I “have it all”.

Some wonderful things have happened to me recently. Although, on the down side, I finally left young Rob behind me. Yes, I managed to end my affair with my university student lover and his wonderful young body. Oh, and that huge penis of his! I found it really difficult to do, but I stopped responding to his text messages and eventually he stopped asking me for sex. At first I was really worried about how Rob might react. Then again, I knew he would be frightened of his father finding out what he had been up to. His attempts to “blackmail” me into having sex with him would have been his own undoing. So I decided there was little risk involved.

I also ended things with Doug some time ago. I wrote last time about how I met Doug and about the wonderful sex we shared. It was a little tough to end the affair with him. I enjoyed the attention he gave me and his big appetite for sex. With Michael and Rob I had the delicious physical challenge of being taken by their huge members. With Doug I found a skilled and considerate lover who spoiled me with many long, wonderful sessions of sex.

Part of the reason I ended my flings with Rob and then Doug was for reasons of safety or discretion. Despite living my new life to the full, I still fear being discovered. So I have decided it is best to avoid a set routine or to be seeing the same man all the time. The other important consideration is that I need to avoid other men forming an emotional attachment to me. Those are not the only reasons, however.

The thing is, I have a nice man at home with a nice penis. He makes love to me on a fairly frequent basis and my home life is a happy one. So I have access to regular sex and lots of love. I have changed in the last year or so and that’s no longer enough for me.

I don’t know why I am this way, but I am a woman with certain needs. I experienced a terrible weakness with Michael and yet what I got from him was so liberating and fulfilling. It sounds silly but I felt like a woman again. So the truth, the real truth about me, is that after all these years I will no longer be satisfied with having just one man to have sex with me. Not even one lover “on the side” can satisfy my urges.

What I need is need men, multiple men. There – I said it. I am really excited to have discovered that I can try so many different men. I need variety, something new. You might say that I need to add to the notches on my belt. That is how a man would explain it.

I guess it is called “playing the field”. I am not looking for the perfect partner. What I want is the excitement of the “new” and the feeling of taking a fresh lover who is excited by me and who promises me new adventures.

I know some would call me a “slut”. I don’t mind if that’s how you see me. I am comfortable knowing that I am no longer the woman I once thought I was – a simple “wife and mother”.

When I say “variety”, however, there’s one thing I don’t want to change. You see, I already have a nice man to make love to me. When I am with a “lover” I want more. What I dream of, what I go looking for, are men who are strong and big, fit and muscled. I relish the physical power of a man like that and its a thrill when I am having sex with him to feel that he can overwhelm me whenever he wants.

There is one other thing I demand. Before I will take him as my “man on the side” he must have a big penis. He must be “well hung” and I mean for real. Its how I started on this journey when I first had sex with Michael. I learned that I enjoy a larger penis, one that really fills me up. His boy, Rob, was even bigger and I found myself dedicated to finding big penises to enjoy. Now when I go looking for another lover I want a man with a penis to match his powerful body. I want him to be able to fill me completely and then to leave me feeling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri him even after he has gone.

This does make it harder to find a suitable man. And, of course, with my requirements, I cannot rely on meeting men by accident. For that reason, months ago, after much thought and worry, I finally did try out a couple of websites for people like me – women looking for sex with new people. It wasn’t easy at first and I did have a few mis-steps. The first man I met was a disaster. I found out very quickly that he was a liar.

The second man was much better. Unfortunately he did mislead me with respect to one vital detail. Luckily I realised his penis was too small for me before we actually had sex.

Since then I have insisted on proof of size before I’ll even swap emails with a new man. Getting proof is not hard. What’s hard is sometimes finding someone who will be man enough to actually go through with his promises.

I found all that with Tom. I first met him about four months ago. He is married, too, which gave me an extra thrill. I will admit that I liked the idea of us both engaging in a taboo. Tom works out a lot and has a lovely athletic body. Above all, he has a really big penis. Almost as big as Rob’s. I am a lucky girl.

The first time Tom and I were together was an evening when I supposedly had a “meeting in town”. When he took me in his arms I instantly felt myself getting hot. The feeling of his powerful muscles wrapped around me almost had me shaking in anticipation. Quickly I removed his shirt and felt his skin against mine and ran my fingers across his lovely body.

He complemented me on my body, too. I have been working out harder than ever to get myself fit and attractive for my men. I know its reduced my bust just a little but I am willing to pay that price. So far I have observed that men still enjoy my breasts as much as my slim, fit shape.

I was so excited and aroused to be with my new lover. I felt myself starting to act all “slutty” and it didn’t take long before I sank to my knees. Without another thought I took Tom’s penis out of his pants. He looked even bigger in the flesh and he was so hard and hot in my hands. Even his penis looked like it had muscles. The tip was fat and smooth and the shape was really nice.

Of course I took him in my mouth almost straight away. How could I resist sucking on a lovely penis like that? I’ve become very proud of my ability to give oral pleasure to men. Using my lips and my tongue, I made sure to enjoy every bit of Tom’s fabulous member.

We had sex a lot that first time. Tom made me try lots of different positions and I loved all of them. What Tom likes most of all is me being on top, either with him lying back or sitting in his lap. He says he loves looking at and playing with my breasts while we are having sex. Funnily enough my breasts make me more confident these days and I enjoy the attention they get from Tom and my other men.

That first time we had sex I told myself what a good choice I’d made. It felt fabulous to have his big, hard penis entering my body and stretching me wide. It felt even better to be in position above him and to lower myself onto his manhood. It was so good to be in control like that and to feel my vagina slowly stretch around his size.

Even on that first time I discovered I loved the new sensations as each position allowed his penis to touch me in new places. Tom loves to pleasure a woman orally as well. I have to say he is pretty good at it. Maybe not the best I’ve had, but I’d never say no to his wish to go down on me and use his mouth on my vagina.

Being so fit, he has great stamina as well. Tom is very gentle with his thrusting and he can maintain his power and his hardness for hours. Being on top so often, I find I get a nice workout at the same time. What’s not to like about that?

On our first time I wanted him to cum inside me. I had finished riding him to yet more powerful orgasms when Tom told me I should “clean” him. I climbed off and straight away took him inside my mouth. It was so good to feel him still hard and pulsing and it was very erotic to taste him while he was still covered with my wetness. I licked and sucked him eagerly, really wanting to return the delicious pleasures he’d been giving me.

I remember looking up at Tom to see what he wanted me to do next. But Tom just looked back at me without saying a word. So I had to make the decision about what would happen next. Of course, I was excited that he was enjoying my mouth so I decided I’d finish him off that way instead. I’m no longer shy about taking a penis in my mouth and tasting a man’s eruption is almost my favourite thing these days.

I could only fit around half his size into my mouth so I had room at the base of his shaft to stroke with my hand. I worked on him slowly, going as far down on him as I could manage. His sounds were so quiet and soft. I was really turned-on by the way he moved his hips in time with my sucking. Its always güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri good to have a new man in my mouth and ready to explode. I know all women enjoy the feeling of control and power at that moment. I perform oral sex on all my men, including my husband of course.

It only took a few minutes before I could sense that Tom was really close to ejaculating for me. I clamped my lips more firmly over the shaft. Naturally I didn’t want to miss a drop of his lovely cum. I always enjoy the texture and the taste of warm semen as it slides down my throat.

Tom had such force when he erupted that it caught me by surprise. I could feel his spurts landing near the back of my mouth and I was so excited. Like I always do, I swallowed the whole lot. Then, when he was too sensitive for me to continue, I lay between his thighs and I licked and suckled on his big hairy scrotum.

I’ve never told Tom about how much I enjoy having a man lick me “back there”, on my sensitive anus. I don’t really know why. For some reason I was not sure how he would react. I can manage without it for now. So I have decided to keep it for myself as a lovely pleasure to enjoy with my next lover.

Tom and I do plenty of other exciting things anyway. He loves it when I am preparing to take him in my mouth and I rub my boobs all over his cock. He also likes to “tit fuck”, where I wrap his delicious penis between my boobs. It feels so naughty to have him “fuck” me like that. When he thrusts his big, hard penis in there I get to feel the power of his muscular body. A few times I have let him unload right there, shooting his semen over my boobs and onto my neck. Tom gets so excited from doing that so, of course, I get excited in response.

We have had lots of “normal” sex of course. I couldn’t deny myself the fantastic sensations of that big penis in my vagina. Just as I said, I have come to love being really filled-up and, almost as much, to enjoy the feeling after we have had sex – the feeling of being stretched and empty after his big hard bulk has finished inside my vagina.

The thing that was so totally new and different with Tom is that he asked me about a threesome. What did I think about having sex with him and another man?

You could say that his request blew my mind. I knew about this kind of thing, of course. I’d never thought of trying it myself. So I was surprised, even shocked, to hear myself say “yes” the very first time he asked me if I would consider having another man in bed with us.

Mind you, the next day I started to reflect on my response. I regretted saying “yes” so quickly. What was I thinking? What would Tom think of me?

But, dear reader, you know me pretty well by now. So you’ll know that I could not help but give it some more thought over the next week or so. I have watched a lot of porn showing threesomes. The female actors always seem to enjoy having two men at once. I fully understand it is not “real”. But those on-line movies got me thinking more and more about agreeing to Tom’s proposal.

The more I thought about it the more I knew that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. After all, it was a chance to experience another new man and another new penis. I started to think more and more about what it would be like to have two lovely hard penises with little me in the middle of their lust and desire for sex. Two for one and double the pleasure! I started to use the idea to fuel my masturbation sessions and I started to become more and more certain I would go through with it.

Yes, I still masturbate fairly regularly. I do that despite all the “normal” sex I am getting these days. I still get surprised at how horny I can be all the time but I suppose I am proof that women enter their sexual peak in their late thirties.

I gave Tom some ground rules. First, we would do this only once – no argument. It was important to limit his expectations of me. Secondly, the new man had to be big and muscled like Tom. He took care of that when he showed me a picture of his friend who is a body builder just like Tom. Actually, his friend is really massive with the biggest muscles I have ever been “up close” with.

Third, and critically, this man must have a big penis. Eventually Tom was able to provide me with proof. His friend, Tate, is a nice size indeed, although clearly smaller than Tom.

My fourth requirement was that we would not use a hotel. I don’t like them because they create too much risk. Credit cards and the chance of being seen by someone we know. Tom had been using a “love nest” of a mate of his. He assured me that the same mate would not mind if we used his bedroom for a threesome.

Later, as I thought about what I was getting into, I got all worried and even a little frightened. It was risky to be alone with two well-built men. There was a chance that Tate would betray me somehow. I wondered what Tom had said to get Tate interested. Most of all I worried that I would get cold feet at the last minute. Or, worse güvenilir bahis şirketleri still, that I would not be able to perform for two men at once.

So late one afternoon I drove to our usual “love nest” to meet Tom and his friend Tate. I was scared, I can tell you. I was getting cold feet and I kept imagining that I wouldn’t enjoy what they did to me. I had been watching too much of the wrong kind of porn, I suppose. Having sex with two men at the same time was far more than I’d ever imagined for myself. I was intimidated.

I just couldn’t back out, however. For some reason that seemed cowardly and disloyal to Tom. I’d told him “yes” and now I felt I had to go through with it. The fact he’d shown me a picture of Tate’s penis did help me as well. I felt naughty and even a little dirty as I drove. But I knew I badly wanted to experience whatever they had in store for me. I wanted the excitement of having two beefy men who would be turned-on by little old me.

It shows you how far I have come. And I don’t even think about it as adultery or cheating any more. I’ve given plenty of myself to my husband and my family over the years. I don’t regret that at all. All the same, I am sure that I am entitled to have some special treats and to have my own life separate to all that. So this quiet little wife and mother was going to have sex with two men simultaneously.

Tate is a rather handsome man, early forties like Tom and I. As soon as I walked in I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of them, buff and fit. What was best of all was Tate’s fabulous body. He is really into his bodybuilding and the results of his hard work were plain to see. His shoulders and arms are huge and he is beautifully “cut” as they say. I was melting as soon as Tate came close to me.

He is also quite the gentleman. He was very nice and he quickly had me feeling at ease. The truth was that my fears were turning into nervous excitement. I’d only ever gone to that place to have sex with Tom. This night I was going to have sex again, I knew that. Tom had promised me two penises and my body was starting to shake a little as I knew it was about to come true.

We swapped chit-chat for only a few moments. I don’t remember how but suddenly the two men were alongside me, touching and caressing me. It was a little scary until I saw how turned-on both of the guys were. Well, that got my juices flowing. How could it not, with two big muscly men holding me close?

They were very gentle and slow but there was no mistaking when they began to undress me. There could be no turning back. I did not protest. They slipped off my new sexy lingerie and they seemed hardly to notice it at all. When my C-cup breasts spilled out I heard Tate draw breath and whisper something like “so gorgeous”. Well, after that I was hooked, as they say.

I felt so vulnerable, naked in front of two guys I hardly knew. But in truth it was the biggest thrill of my life. I can’t explain how I got there but it felt so right and so amazing. Both of them were so hungry for me that I found it easy to show my body to them. Their reactions were making me feel confident and really aroused.

So I ended up completely naked standing between two hunky men. Tate was grabbing my bottom and kissing my breasts. His breath was hot on my skin and I closed my eyes as I drank in these new sensations. Tom had one hand between my legs and was kissing me fully on my mouth. I was so tiny in between them. But my body was reacting in the best manner. As they touched me I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

After a few minutes they literally carried me across the room and placed me on the bed. With their sexy, big muscles I had no way to resist. Not that I wanted to. In my mind I had surrendered completely to them and whatever they wanted.

I lay there watching, excited and eager, as both men tore their clothes off. What a moment that was. I think I might have actually stopped breathing for a few moments as I watched them prepare to take me sexually. My eyes were kind of stuck on Tate though. He has the kind of body one sees in bodybuilding magazines. His physique is amazing and it looks even better up close.

I guess part of me knew I should feel dirty and wicked for being there like that. Let me tell you, though, that the boys were a magnificent sight with their two big, hard penises pointing up high. Obviously they were excited by me. Once the men came closer I reached out to wrap my fingers around both their shafts. I just did it without thinking. Suddenly both my hands were full at the same time. It felt so liberating.

Tate moved onto the bed near my feet. Tom bent over me and kissed me again. Just as he thrust his warm tongue into mouth I felt Tate softly push my legs apart. It was really about to happen!

I held Tom’s lovely big penis as he bent down to kiss and suck on my nipples. But really I was concentrating further down, waiting for Tate to use his mouth on my vagina.

Well, I was so excited by then that I started to orgasm from almost his first touch. Tate was wonderful with his mouth and his tongue. That first orgasm hit me hard and I didn’t even care about the noise I was making. I pulled on Tom until he moved up towards me. Just as Tate drove his tongue into the opening of my vagina I took the head of Tom’s penis into my mouth.