Weiner Roast

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Weiner RoastTrue tale. It was Saturday night, and we were camping out. All the way in the edge of the woods, like in the wilds, but only about a 2 minute run to the house if we got scared. It was 14th birthday, and I was with my 3 BFF’s, Tony, Stevie, and Mark. They were all 14, and were sipping on a bottle of Sloe Gin that we had a wino get for us. We were catching a buzz, and passing around a joint that Tony scored from his older brother, and roasting wieners over the fire. It was some bad ass weed, and with the alcohol and grass, we were feeling no pain, and the talk soon turned to girls, with everybody telling lies about who they had felt up or kissed. We were all still virgins, but wanted to change that status in the worst way, and were horny ass hell.We decided to have a circle jerk, where everybody pounds their own puds, and the first one to come wins. We had done this before, but since it was my birthday, Tony said how about if we do something different, and the last one to come, has to give Vince (me) a blowjob. Everybody said ewww, no way, and Tony , who was our de facto leader called everybody chicken s—t, and said we were a bunch of fags, and would probably like it. We said no way man, and everybody agreed, and pulled off our pants or shorts, and sat facing each other in a circle, ie. That’s why it is called a circle jerk. Duuhh. We started stroking our hard young cocks, watching each other, with an electric atmosphere, because this was a first for us, and we finished the quart of Gin, and were all fucked up and giggling. Normally, we could come in about 2 minutes, but after 15 minutes of pulling our meat, no one had came. Tony said all right guys, elazığ escort I know the deal, everybody wants to be the last one so they can suck Vince’s cock. I was only 14, but already had 7 inches, while the other guys had 6 or so, but Tony had a cock as fat as a coke bottle. I said how about we make a daisy chain, and everybody suck off somebody else. We all groaned half heartedly, like we didn’t want to do it, so I said, we can blindfold ourselves, and not talk so we won’t know who is who. We all agreed, and took off all our clothes, looking hungrily at each other, you could smell the testosterone in the air. To make things even grosser, Mark said we had to use another guys skivvies as a blindfold,, with the crotch in front. We mixed them up in a pile, and stood close together, and put them on, and moved around like mixing up dominoes so we wouldn’t know who was who.We then all lay down on the blankets, and reached out for a cock, giggling and fumbling, until we all got one I must have gotten Tony, because it was a real fat one. I masturbated it and smelled it first, and like the musty smell, and tentatively licked the head, and tasted a sweet drop of pre cum. It tasted so good, I was amazed, and quickly took it in my mouth. The head was so big, it was like a baby’s fist or a big plum, but man, did it taste and feel good. My cock was already rigid, and being pumped rapidly by a wiling hand. I took my mouth off his cock, and said that we have to do this for an hour, and if anybody comes, just swallow it and keep on sucking, because I was just waiting for Tony to come or a mouth to be put on my cock so I could shoot a load. I heard somebody gagging and moaning, escort elazığ and it only added to our lusty passion. I tried toget it all in my mouth, and was almost there when I felt a tongue licking my cock head, it was wonderful. I thrust my hips up and entered a wiling mouth the started sucking me like a vacuum cleaner, I felt my nuts contract, and then a hot boiling geyser from my cock at exactly the same time Tony let loose his fire hose full of cum deep in my throat. I started choking so I put it deeper, and just swallowed as fast as I could. It was a salty, tangy flavor, not unlike my own cum which I had tasted on occasion. As I finished shooting and swallowing, I said, OK, everybody change partners, moving I a clockwise direction. I got a long skinny cock, that fit into my mouth easier, and somebody just grabbed my strengthening cock and started sucking for all they were worth. I think we were all closet fags or something, because it was nothing but slurping, sucking sounds, and moans of pleasure. I felt like the director of an orchestra as I said, alright, fingers in assholes. What a great feeling that was, as I teased the tight hole, with my middle finger, and then put it in my mouth, and it tasted good. I reached down and licked it as I jerked off the guy, and then said, alright, everybody licking assholes. Nobody said sh-t, just did what I said. I then had a great idea, I said, alright, 69 with your partner, and we did, humping and sucking, and hugging your buddy tightly. I rubbed my face all over his cock and balls, and thought, I don’t care if I ever go out with a girl in my life, this is all I need. I then said, blindfolds off, and keep elazığ escort bayan on doing what you are doing. We took them odd, looked at each other with loving, sheepish grins, and went back to sucking and fingering. After cumming twice more, and swallowing a quart of jizz, I said alright guys, take a break. We all just sat there and looked at each other in a new way, and I knew a big line had just been crossed. I said, guys, I think we all enjoyed that better than anything in our lives, agreed. They all just nodded in a sexual stupor. I said, OK, I’m ready to take the big plunge, who wants to fuck me in the ass? Anybody but Tony that is, and we all laughed. I said how about you Mark, you have the skinniest cock, you first, for 25 strokes, then Stevie, then Tony. I got on my knees, and Mark got behind me, and licked my hole first, and then spit on his cock, and started pushing into my rear entrance. It was tough at first, but then with a painful pop, the head went in, and it was all down hill from there. He started counting, each slow, deep stroke, meanwhile, Tony got on his knees in front of my face, and said I’m not waiting, and stuck his cock all the way down my throat. I had mastered the gag reflex by now, and too him until his pubic hairs were tickling my nose. Mark reached 25, and Stevie jumped in, and fucked me 25 times in about 30 seconds, and came all up my ass, I could feel his hot spurts in my colon He pulled out, and was replaced by donkey d–k Tony, who showed me no mercy, as he gave it all to me in one hard shove. Stevie then put his shi—y, cum covered cock in my mouth, and I sucked it for all I was worth. Tony quickly came about a quart, and I had jizz rolling down my cheeks, and Tony got down and sucked my asshole clean, and reamed it out with his tongue. We took a break, and all fell down, and looked at each other, thinking about what a wonderful summer we were going to have.