Weekend in Napa


Working in a restaurant has its advantages in many ways. As the wine buyer at a reputable restaurant I have gained many contacts within the wineries of California and have been offered room and board at a lot of them.

An opportunity finally arose for me to go out there. After a very successful year I convinced my manager to have a contest to send me and one of the servers to Napa. He agreed to fly us out as long as I could arrange the room and board. As a contest we had a wine sales contest for one month. The server who sold the most would win the trip to go there with me. By the end of the month a cute little vixen named Winnie won. I was excited that at least I would have some eye candy with me.

I met Winnie at the airport two hours before our plane was to take off. While we were waiting in line to get through security I was singled out by the scanners and taken back for a search. After getting that hell over with I met Winnie at our gate and waited for the boarding call. As Winnie and I talked I found out that this was her first plane flight and first trip out of the state. We continued talking as the boarding call was made. We made it to our seats and awaited take off. I never realized how close the economy seats sat together this could be an uncomfortable trip. As the plane sped down the runway, Winnie in a stat of fright grabbed my arm; perhaps the flight wouldn’t be so bad after all. Winnie finally started calming down after the flight attendant came by and gave her a rum and coke. The rest of the flight was uneventful and güvenilir bahis we made our descent into San Francisco.

We found our rental in the Hertz lot and made our way into the beautiful Napa Valley. We found our way to the winery we would be staying at and checked into their quest lodge. We had dinner and decided to turn in early for the night after the long day we had traveling and wanting to start early in the morning.

We met at the lodge restaurant at 7 for breakfast. After breakfast we started our first day and headed to our first winery. The wine country is beautiful miles and miles of vineyards, gorgeous wine making facilities and the beautiful woman next to me. We had a full day of wine tastings scheduled at some of the premier wineries in Napa. After our third winery I was starting to get a little tipsy, and Winnie was looking flushed. In fact Winnie was looking hotter than I remembered this morning in her shorts and halter top. I caught my self staring at her breasts as she inhaled and exhaled, and my mind stared wandering, and my hardening cock showed what I was thinking. I quickly moved behind the tasting table hoping Winnie didn’t notice. Luckily she was involved in a conversation with the winemaker. We finished the day and headed back to the winery we were staying at for dinner. The whole drive I kept looking over at Winnie and caught her looking back at me. I don’t know if it was the wine or what but I thought I caught that look of lust that I too was feeling.

We showered up and met at the restaurant for dinner. türkçe bahis She looked drop dead gorgeous in the sun dress she was wearing as I watched her approach our table. It beautifully accented her body. Thoughts of what she was wearing, or better yet not wearing under that dress ran through my mind. I had to snap out of my thoughts as she called my name. After dinner she invited back to her room to watch TV and have some wine. I agreed to meet her back there after I ran to my room. I used the excuse of wanting to change and to pick up a couple bottles of wine that I had purchased that day. When I got back to my room, I did what I really wanted to do, jerk off. Thoughts of Winnie get me going as I stroked my cock to the release I so desperately needed. When I finished, I cleaned myself up and went to Winnie’s room.

Winnie answered the door and greeted me with a glass of wine and headed to her bed. She sat up against the head board and I headed to the recliner. We stayed up watching old re-runs on Nick at Nite, talked and drank wine. After I poured us another glass I sat next to her on the bed, she reached over and tickled me, as I went to tickle her back I spilled wine on her. She jumped up and stripped down to run some water on her dress to get the wine out. I was in shock as I watched that perfect naked ass run to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe she answered my dinner question, she was wearing nothing. She came back into the room wearing a bathrobe much to my dismay. She poured us some more wine and sat back down next to me. Sometime güvenilir bahis siteleri during that night we both fell asleep.

I awoke at some point that night with me spooning her and my hand between her breasts. I started stroking them and got the response I was hoping for with her ass grinding into my hardening cock. I continued to fondle her breasts and worked my other hand toward her moistening pussy lips. I felt her reach around and grab my cock. After mutually masturbating each other for a little while I rolled Winnie over onto her back and stripped her of her robe and stuck my face between her legs. I inhaled the sweet muskiness before burying my tongue in her vagina. I licked greedily getting her juices all over my face as her hips bucked when my tongue touched her clit. She was moaning and moving as her orgasm ripped through her. When I was done she was more than happy to return the favor as she removed my clothing and stuck her mouth on my swollen cock. She slurped away taking as much as she could into her mouth. She had an unmeasured skill for sucking cock and I enjoyed every moment of it. I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad but the thought of fucking Winnie held me back. I pushed her back on the bed and rested her legs on my shoulders as I guided my phallus into her awaiting cunt. I hammered away letting my moans of pleasure meet with hers. I couldn’t get over how wet and eager Winnie was. I pumped a way at her as our bodies moved in unison, I was close to cumming but I held out until I heard her orgasm rush over her. As her moans got louder I released all I had deep into her. I collapsed on to of her and we both went to sleep.

Tomorrow when we move on to the next winery I am asking for a single room, I can’t wait to get into Winnie’s pooh-per next.