Weekday Ritual


I am waiting for you when you arrive home from work. I wait naked just inside the door. The minute you walk in the door, I fling myself against you, molding my body to yours, arms around your neck, and then I kiss you passionately. You drop whatever you are holding and wrap your arms around me, pulling me even closer. Your hands go down to my ass where you squeeze my asscheeks, then pull my crotch against yours to feel your cock quickly hardening.

When the kiss finally breaks, I move ever so slightly away from you and your hand comes up to cup my cheek. You tell me that you love me and that you missed me while you were gone. I tell you how very much that I love you, too. Then without another word, your hands move to my shoulders and give a gentle downward push. Smiling, I know exactly what you want and I drop to my knees. As I am moving downward, your hands unfasten your belt and slacks. I arrive on my knees in front of you to complete the task.

Finally, I free your cock from its confines and it springs forward, stiff and thick and beginning to ooze. I kiss it and lick it and tease it. Then I slowly push it into my mouth, sucking just the head first. You lower güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your hands to my head and give a gentle push on the back of my head. I know that you need to be sucked in completely and I need to stop playing.

I push your throbbing dick completely into my mouth until my nose is buried in your pubic hair. The head is wedged deep into my throat as if I am trying to swallow your whole cock. I hear you moan and you take a half-step backwards to lean against the door. I am pulled along, fastened securely to your cock.

I caress the underside of your cock with my tongue, until I desperately need to take a breath and I pull my mouth off long enough to take in air. Your hands are caressing my head. I feel like I am being petted and I love it.

I slowly begin to bob my head back and forth, pushing your cock completely in and drawing it almost completely out until I feel the ridge pop over my lips. Then I increase the suction, drawing the whole shaft back into my mouth, feeling it slide over my slippery hot tongue until it is wedged into my throat again. I repeat this process over and over.

I listen to your moans like music güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to my ears. My greatest desire is to please you and I know I am succeeding. I feel the urgent throbbing of your shaft and begin to move faster, sucking you in and out. You reach the point where you need to take control. Your hands move to each side of my head and grip it tightly. Your hips begin to thrust forward, plunging your cock in and out of my eager mouth.

I relax everything but the suction of my mouth and surrender to your control. I hear your animalistic moans now as the cum begins its journey to the tip of your cock. You fuck my mouth faster and faster, pounding the head of your cock into the back of my throat. Everything is completely under your control now, my mouth is simply the eager loving vessel waiting for its reward.

Sometime during this process, my hands have moved to your balls and I begin kneading them in rhythm with your thrusting. I adjust my breathing to accommodate your cock plunging in and out of my throat. I feel your cock swell even more and begin throbbing harder. I fight the involuntary urge to gag as somehow you seem to thrust güvenilir bahis şirketleri deeper and deeper into my throat. Your moans are constant and my head is gripped fiercely in your control.

Seconds later, with a muffled shout, you begin to spurt your wonderful creamy hot cum into my mouth. After 3 or 4 gushes, you push your cock all the way into my throat and hold it there, feeling the muscles of my throat milking out the last drops. When you are drained and spent, you loosen your grip on my head and I slide your cock carefully out of my mouth, letting my lips suck off the cum. I tip my head back and smile up at you, cum smeared all over my lips.

You rub my head affectionately and tell me that you love me. I grin and glance back at your cock to see another drop of cum sitting on the tip. I flatten my tongue and wipe your cock across it, so that you can see the smear of white cum on my tongue. That brings another moan from you. I smile at you again.

You rub my head and say, “Baby, that was VERY good. Now clean off all the cum like a good girl and there will be a reward for you.”

I dive back in, licking and sucking your shrinking cock and then your balls until every bit of sticky cum is gone. You pull me back to my feet so that you can kiss me again and taste your cum in my mouth.

“Mmm, baby, it tastes like you had a nice snack, but now I am hungry, too. I am craving a taste of pussy.”

I shiver with delight as you lead me up the stairs.