Wedding Ceremony IN Village

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Wedding Ceremony IN VillageHi, this is Rahul.I share a marriage night story with you.Actual date I don’t remember yet, the day of my friend’s wedding ceremony, he reached his village before 7-8 days, I and my friends already prepared themselves to attend this wedding, So we bought gift as well as whisky and started our journey to his village, as per google map, his village was far from our location around 246 kms in some hilly typo location. We started a day before means too early. Till morning we covered around 150 kms, we parked on dabba and took breakfast with beer. After taking rest, we again moved slowly.We reached his village around mid afternoon after lot of asking about way.He already arranged a farmhouse for us to stay and rest.This was our first time to attend a village wedding, in start of evening, the baraat and rasiya mandli came and prepared for moving to bride’s home.Rasiya Mandli was the point of our attraction, four girls were there on rasiya mandli vehicles, and danced with too much dirty moves, we all were shocked to see this, I did not know all about others but my dick started growing inside, my mind became dirty and needed one of girls, when we reached the bride’s home then baraat and rasiya mandli stop performing and moved to side of the village.I attended the welcome party and after that I moved to rasiya mandli again, where I found the guy who managed that all, I asked him about girls, he denied promptly but when I offered him a handsome money, he said to me – only for one hour, choose anyone and do fast.I said to him – send anyone, all are cutie pies, I stay in farmhouse, send to there.And I moved to farmhouse, but actually not in inside coz anyone of my friend came here tokat escort for drinking or changing.Soon one the rasiya mandli girl came here, her named Pinky, I called her to backside of farmhouse, which was completely covered with trees and crops.I started talking with her, her sweet voice made me horny again and again, she said – babu do fast, I have only one hour then someone come over here to pick me.I gave her some peg and took some.Then I started with kissing, I sucked her lips and tongue with full of passion, while kissing I unhooked her blouse type upper and made her topless, her big boobs were hanging now, then I took her nipple in my mouth and squeezed them, she moaned heavily, and put her hand on dick, I told her to take it in her mouth but she denied, so I untied her ghaghra and sat on my knee and started kissing her wet vagina lips, she pushed me to stop licking but I continue sucked her, she said to me – babu don’t do this dirty job but I replied – you have nice edible hole with lot of juicy jizz inside, and in sex everything is fine, can’t hold yourself, feel relax and enjoy this time.Pinky was too much excited with oral sex, some of her piss droplets came out and I swallowed it, when she was full excited to fuck, I grabbed her head and put on my dick, after too much hesitation she started to lick my dick, my dick erected hard with the pleasure of her warmth mouth, then I started fucking her vagina without condom, we kissed and enjoyed the bare rubbing, we used many positions to enjoyed sex in open field, and before changing position sucked each others private parts.She agreed to take semen in her mouth with additional money, so on the time of cumming, I inserted my escort tokat dick in her mouth and started flooding and she drank all of my semen.then we took some more drinks and enjoyed one more session of love. 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Then I also gave her a quick rimming session, and I felt her happiness from her face.Then I fucked her rapidly and cummed in her mouth, more than an hour passed, we dressed fast and soon a boy from rasiya mandli came to pick her.And I moved to farmhouse for changing, my friends already came here and changed their clothes, so I changed my clothes so fast and took one large peg and moved to jaimala ceremony.My friend asked me – where you are yaar, you are not there?I said nothing and keep moving towards jaimala stage, after some clicks on stage, we all free, and took again some peg and took dinner.Then we all were fluttered with local girls and laughed together.Baraat and rasiya mandli moved to their home, only outsiders and very close relatives stayed there.After sometimes I talked with a girl named Shilpi who was the friend of bride, she asked me about Pinky coz she watched me with her, I said – nothing yaar, we just talk together randomly.She replied – I know Pinky very well, she is prepaid girl and slept with anyone who pays her handsome amount.I shocked and smirked and asked – and what you need for fun??She placed her hand on my bulge and said – double from Pinky.I asked – You have any place for fun.She replied – Same as you visited before, I go there and wait for you.After she moved, I asked cigarette from one of my friend and slowly moved to backside of farmhouse.We fasten tokat escort bayan stripped ourselves and lied in 69 position. 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