Watching Jessie cuckold me

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Watching Jessie cuckold meWhat a dilemma I found myself in all brought on by my sexual perversions. The woman I loved and planned to spend the rest of my life with had helped convince me to take a lucrative job offer. Frank my potential new boss had my Jessie hooked on his big black cock. Worst of all Frank seemed determined to put his baby in Jessie. I’d played the scenarios out in my head and none of them really turned out the way I’d like them to. Jessie though was determined to make it work out.I had started packing up my bag. Frank and Jessie were cuddling on the bed. Frank asked what I was doing. Check out time was in less than twenty minutes I explained. Frank suggested that we stay at least one more night here. After all I needed to be to work tomorrow morning. After some discussion we worked out a plan for the coming week. Frank called the front desk and they were happy to extend my stay another day. After I went out and got lunch for all of us I’d drive back home and pack up clothes for Jessie and me for the week and drive back. Frank would show us around some tomorrow and help Jessie and I find a place.Frank rather than telling Jessie what restaurants were close by took her to the window and pulled open the curtains. Frank and Jessie stood in the window naked looking out over the street. Frank stood behind Jessie as he pointed out the nearby restaurants. Jessie’s naked body in clear view of anyone who happened to look up towards the window. Frank’s large naked black frame pressed Jessie’s breasts against the window.I went out and got food and drinks and returned only a few minutes later. When I opened the door I saw Jessie sitting on top of Frank. Frank was laying on the bed on his back by the window. Jessie was sitting astride Frank’s legs apparently playing with his cock. I heard Frank ask you like me. Jessie replied yes and I love your big dick. I was numb I quietly closed the door. I was sure Jessie was unaware that I was back. Frank could see me but Jessie had her back to me.Jessie leaned forward and her lips locked on Frank’s. Jessie raised up and squatted over Frank’s huge black cock. With one hand Jessie guided Frank’s cock to her pussy as she lowered her pussy down onto it. Jessie moaned oh God I love your dick in me. Frank replied not as much as I love your pussy. Jessie then lowered herself farther down onto Frank’s cock. Frank moaned oh God yes take my cock. Jessie pushed her pussy all the way down onto Frank’s cock and groaned oh fuck. Jessie then raised up and down riding Frank’s cock which was now glistening from Jessie’s juice. Jessie was moaning as she orgasmed.Jessie then moaned give me your seed Daddy. Frank said oh yeah and began thrusting his hips upward as he gripped Jessie’s hips and pulled her down against his thrusts. Frank’s balls began to contract as he was about to explode. Jessie moaned ohhh fuck breed me Daddy as Frank pumped his seed into her. I went back and opened the door and shut it rather loudly. Jessie laid on Frank’s chest kissing him as he finished pumping his seed into her womb.I said nothing of what I’d heard Jessie saying to Frank. I knew now that Jessie and I were done. I’d pretend for the job and take the money for as long as I could but that was it. After we ate lunch I left to drive back home and got clothes for Jessie and me for the week.It was evening when I returned to the hotel room with a suitcase full of Jessie and my clothes. Frank was gone. Jessie laid on the bed naked with cum oozing from her stretched pussy and dried cum on her thighs. I’d chilled out a little bit on the drive perhaps what I’d heard Jessie saying was only from the heat of passion and not with real meaning. Time would tell I reasoned. I told Jessie to get cleaned up and we’d go out for dinner. I had a lot to find out as to just what to hell Jessie was thinking.When we got in the car Jessie said let’s get married. We had planned on that ever since Jessie had moved in with me months ago but this was more like a right now kind of statement. Not what I was wanting to talk about right now. I said ok but you need to get to a doctor. Jessie looked at me funny for that response. I added for birth control.Since Frank was obviously going to want to fuck Jessie regularly it seemed and wasn’t going to wear a condom. Jessie leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I had my arm around Jessie and rubbed her shoulder. No words had been spoken for a minute or two. Jessie finally said that Frank wants a son. I didn’t say anything as the reality of the situation soaked into me. Jessie explained you know I adore biracial c***dren. I had never expected to hear that. Nothing more was said as we drove to the restaurant in silence.At dinner Jessie asked are you not going to talk to me now. I asked what about our family and friends. Jessie said I know that it will be hard at first but together we can get through it. I said but I don’t want to go through it. Jessie said I thought that you loved me. Jessie started to break down as she said this. I said I thought that you would want our c***dren. Jessie said I do…we’ll have c***dren too. I just shook my head in disappointment.On the drive back to the hotel Jessie asked what are you going to do. I knew that I wouldn’t stand by her and she seemed to have her mind made up. I finally said we’ll see. Which was no answer to Jessie’s question but it niğde escort was all I could give her. If Jessie was going to be breeding stock for Frank then I wouldn’t stay but I couldn’t bring myself to say it to her.I unpacked the clothes I’d picked out for tomorrow and got into bed. Jessie got in bed with me she stroked my cock for a while finally getting me hard. Jessie sucked and sucked on me for a long time. I was determined and not in the mood to cum. Jessie finally gave up and said I’m sorry.I awoke the next morning as the door closed to the room. I noticed Jessie was not in the bed with me as I glanced at the clock 6:58. I looked towards the door thinking that Jessie had left. Instead Frank was standing inside the door and Jessie was on her knees pulling his cock out of his pants. I turned over and buried my face in the pillow.The alarm went off at 7:00 and I had to roll back over to shut it off. Jessie was still on her knees swallowing as much of Frank’s huge black cock as she could. I got up and went to the bathroom to piss. When I returned Frank was picking Jessie up off the floor. Frank carried Jessie to the bed and laid her on her back. Frank had Jessie’s legs on his shoulders as he pushed his cock into her pussy. I could hear Jessie gasping and moaning and Frank grunting as he thrust his cock deep into Jessie’s pussy.Jessie had climaxed almost as soon as Frank was fully inside of her. Frank continued thrusting his cock into Jessie. Then as I tried to get dressed I heard Jessie moaning ohhh come on give it to me Daddy Frank groaned oh fuck yeah. Jessie said give me a black baby. Frank grunted and groaned as he erupted inside of Jessie. Jessie moaned ohhh yeah.I couldn’t help it. My cock was getting hard hearing Jessie asking for Frank to make her pregnant. It was hot but the reality was not. Frank stood with his cock resting in Jessie for several minutes before he pulled it out. Frank had Jessie lick his cock clean before he put it away. Frank said I’ll see you two at the office. Why both of us I asked. Frank said it will make it so much easier to get all the paperwork filled out.So I guess you want to be with Daddy Frank and not me I stated. Jessie said you’re taking this all the wrong way. Jessie continued on about how much she was attracted to black men, but I was her true hearts desire. Jessie said she couldn’t believe it when she learned that I liked interracial sex and now are you saying that everything about you is a lie. Jessie said I know you and what you like better then you think. You love seeing white women with black babies Jessie continued. I said I just want us to have our c***dren. Jessie said what if I already had c***dren? Would you not love me? There was no use in arguing with Jessie her mind was made up. Besides we were in the parking lot at my new job whatever it might entail besides Jessie’s body. I figured that eventually I’d leave Jessie but not today.Jessie and I were introduced by Frank to an HR woman, Monica. Monica filled out all the basic employment stuff. Then she started filling out things about Jessie but stopped and said your not married. Jessie and I said No together. Monica informed us that company policy was Vice President’s of the company were married. She needed to get Frank.Monica told Frank about the problem. Frank had Jessie and I come into his office. Frank asked how soon we could get married. It was his Father-in-laws policy and he wouldn’t change it since he was still on the board of directors. I realized that the job was a real job and not just something that Frank had made up to keep Jessie close. The job being offered to me was to keep Jessie close but it was a great opportunity. Frank said Tom.. I cut him off and said Thomas. Frank said good Thomas is much better for vice president of operations. Frank continued I realize you have reservations about raising my son but he will be yours. I want you to lack for nothing in the future. You should consider my c***dren a blessing. Of course that is just between the three of us. Wow I thought how can you be so arrogant as to think that me raising your c***dren is a blessing and I noticed that he said c***dren and not c***d. It would become Jessie’s issue in the future not mine I thought to myself. I asked how soon do we have to be married? Frank said if you could do it today would work out the best. You can have a ceremony at a later date if you like but make it official now. I looked at Jessie not sure what to say. Jessie said I will if you will. What to hell I thought might as well so it even though I was really committed to it. I said ok. Frank said great.Frank had Jessie wait on his office and took me back to Monica and gave her the news. Monica was hesitant but Frank insisted that she go ahead with all the details. Frank went back to his office with Jessie. Monica called someone else and told them to get a check ready for me for the sign on payment. In less than ten minutes we were done. Monica said bring your wife and your marriage certificate in as soon as possible. Monica called Frank and told him I was all his. Monica told me to go to Frank’s office.I knocked on Frank’s door and Frank said come in. Frank was seated behind his desk. Jessie was seated across from him with her legs open and her short skirt hiked up giving Frank a good view up her skirt. Frank had me take a seat and called escort niğde to check on my check.In just a moment Denise came in the office with my check. Frank had her stay saying he needed her to notarize a document. Denise asked if Frank could come to her office. Frank had Jessie and me go with him to Denise’s office. Frank opened a folder and asked me to sign it saying just business stuff he’d give me a copy for my records. Frank was holding a company check for $8,000 with my name on it. I’d sign anything. I signed as did Jessie.We returned to Frank’s office. Frank stopped to talk to Monica sending Jessie and me on to wait in his office. Jessie hugged me when we were in Frank’s office and I noticed an envelope in her purse. Before I could ask about the envelope Frank returned. Frank took me out to show me around. Shortly Frank had took a call. Frank patted my shoulder after the call and said let’s go get you married.Frank, Monica, Jessie and myself left. Frank took us all to get a marriage license for Jessie and me. We then met with a justice and Jessie and I were married. Frank and Monica witnessed. We then returned to work. Frank gave me a copy of the document that I had signed. Frank took Jessie and me to lunch then apartment hunting. Jessie and I decided on a second floor two bedroom in a rather new complex near work. We couldn’t move in however until the following Monday.Jessie and I went to the bank then checked into a nice hotel. I finally got to read the document that I had signed earlier and I read in horror. It was actually a prenuptial agreement. If Jessie and I separated I would have to pay her $6,000 per month iregardless of the reason for the separation. I was trapped with no way out. My only hope was that I could change Jessie’s mind about having Frank’s c***dren.Jessie stayed at the hotel as I went to work each day. Frank was great about showing me what I needed to do. Wednesday Frank’s wife Terry came by and I was introduced to her. Terry was an attractive black woman who seemed to command respect. Terry went to lunch with Monica apparently that was a weekly thing. I was shocked when before Terry left she came to me and said so nice to see some white sugar around here. It hadn’t been unnoticed by me that white employees were a rarity.Frank came to the hotel Wednesday evening after work. Jessie was waiting for him when I got there. Jessie seemed disappointed when I came in the door. Jessie told me then that Frank was coming to see her.Frank arrived moments after I did. Neither Jessie or Frank paid any attention to me. Jessie opened the door and hugged and kissed Frank practically in the hallway. Frank had his hand up Jessie’s skirt playing with her pussy before they were in the door.Once the door to the hotel room closed, Frank stripped Jessie’s clothes off. Jessie had managed to get Frank’s pants undone and her hands on his cock. Frank moved his mouth to Jessie’s breasts as he stripped his clothes off. Jessie continued stroking Frank’s growing cock with her hands.Now that both Jessie and Frank were naked Frank picked Jessie up. Jessie wrapped her arms around Frank’s neck and her legs around his waist. Frank had his hands on Jessie’s ass as he tried to lower her down onto his huge black cock. After several failed attempts Jessie moved one hand down to Frank’s cock and guided it into her pussy.Jessie moaned in pleasure as Frank lowered her down onto his huge black cock. Once Frank had his cock fully inside of Jessie’s pussy he began lifting her up then sliding her back down his cock. Jessie soon clamped her legs around Frank holding him fully inside her as she orgasmed.Frank carried Jessie to the bed. Frank laid Jessie on her back never removing his cock from her pussy. Frank laid on top of Jessie and began thrusting into her as hard as he could. Jessie shrieked and groaned as Frank pounded into her pussy. Jessie squeaked holy fuck as her hands gripped Frank’s back.Frank continued pounding his huge black cock into Jessie’s pussy for several minutes. Frank then began growling aaarrrggghhhh. Frank thrust one final time and Jessie grabbed his back. Jessie screamed out oh my god..fffuck yeah ohhhhhh ahh.Frank made a few more long slow hard thrusts before collapsing on Jessie. Jessie and Frank kissed passionately for several minutes. Jessie told Frank how much she loved his cock. Frank was glad to hear that from Jessie. Frank told Jessie how happy he was that she wanted his babies.Frank got up from the bed and Jessie. Frank told me to come and look. I was hesitant. Frank told me to come look I needed to be involved with the baby making. I did as Frank asked. Frank had me look at Jessie’s pussy. Jessie pussy I can’t even describe how it looked, all opened up and red with white globs of Frank’s cum.I had no doubt now. Jessie would have Frank whenever she could. I didn’t even get what she needed with me now. I would never give Jessie the sex high that Frank’s huge cock could.Friday Frank said that we were going to lunch. When lunch time came Frank told me where to meet him. I just got in the restaurant and looked at my phone. Frank had messaged me to not wait for him. I has lunch alone. When I got in the car to return to work I checked the message Jessie had just sent me. The text I’ve got your dessert and the image opened finally of Jessie’s pussy oozing cum.Frank apologized that afternoon niğde escort bayan for not showing up for lunch. Frank asked me if I liked the picture of his baby batter in Jessie’s pussy. I said it was alright. As bad as things were they instantly got worse. Frank wanted to know why I was there. Frank suggested that I take off the rest of the day off and go eat my dessert. I said it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. Frank didn’t care what I wanted Jessie was my queen I needed to do whatever she wanted.So I had no choice but to leave work. I stopped to have a few drinks before going to the hotel. I was on my second drink when Jessie called wanting to know where I was. Obviously Frank had told Jessie that I was on my way. I finished my drink and went back to the hotel.Jessie was lying on the bed waiting for me when I got back to the hotel room. I knew what I was supposed to do. Jessie had her legs spread and beckoned me to come eat her pussy. The alcohol had me brave enough to try to eat her recently filled pussy. I told Jessie that I didn’t want to eat Frank’s cum. Jessie seemed somewhat surprised and disappointed. Jessie thought that I would like to eat her but it was ok if I really didn’t want to.Saturday morning, feeling guilty for not eating Jessie’s pussy on Friday, I ate her pussy for a long while. I had Jessie moaning as she orgasmed over and over again. Jessie thanked me when for all the orgasms after I stopped. We checked out of the hotel and returned to our old apartment to pack up for Monday.Monday morning I loaded up our cars. Frank was bringing a trailer to load our larger things in. Jessie sat on the couch in her nighty waiting for Frank to arrive. Jessie said wanted Frank to breed her first thing when he arrived.Frank arrived just after 9 am and said he’d been horny all weekend thinking about Jessie. Frank needed to empty his balls before he could do anything. Besides it had been 3 days since he’d seeded Jessie’s pussy. Frank stripped and got on the couch with Jessie.I began loading the trailer by myself. Meanwhile Frank pumped a huge load of cum into Jessie’s pussy. I could hear Jessie’s moans of pleasure outside. I was back inside when Frank pulled his cock out of Jessie’s pussy and his cum flooded out of her. Jessie cupped her hands over her pussy to catch it and headed to the bathroom. Frank smiled at me and said I told you I’d been horny all weekend.We were at our new apartment by 1 o’clock. Frank had two young men from work meet us there to help carry our stuff up to the second floor apartment. By 2 o’clock everything was in the apartment. The two young black guys Darin and Tyson kept staring at Jessie. Who could blame them Jessie had on a pair of tight shorts that showed the contours of her pussy. On top of that she had a wet spot from Frank’s cum still oozing out of her.Frank had brought in a bottle of whiskey and soda. Frank poured a drink for everyone once glasses were located. Darin and Tyson wanted to stay and help Jessie and I unpack after they finished their drinks. Frank told them to leave it to us but take the rest of the day off with pay. Darin and Tyson didn’t argue and left shortly after shaking my hand and hugging Jessie.Frank filled my glass again it tasted like almost straight whiskey. Frank had a drink as well and quickly downed it. Frank encouraged me to keep up. Frank continued pouring me one drink after another until I was so drunk I could hardly stand up. Frank seemed to be fine, probably because he was making mine at least doubles.bedroom with Jessie to help her. Next thing I remember was Frank getting me up off the couch and helping me to the bedroom. Frank helped me onto the bed. Jessie was lying there and I found my face buried between her legs. Frank was telling me to help her cum. I started licking Jessie’s pussy it was sopping wet. I realized that Frank must have just pumped a load of his cum into Jessie’s pussy. I wanted to stop but Jessie was holding my head to her pussy and Frank was telling me to clean her up.I don’t remember much about it. I don’t know how long I ate out Jessie’s pussy. I woke up sometime after and Frank was fucking Jessie right next to me on the bed. I think that they had been going at it awhile as Frank was covered in sweat. Frank was grunting as he came. Jessie was moaning and asking for him to give her his seed. Next thing I knew Frank was in the shower.Frank left me almost passed out on the couch and went into the bedroom with Jessie to help her. Next thing I remember was Frank getting me up off the couch and helping me to the bedroom. Frank helped me onto the bed. Jessie was lying there and I found my face buried between her legs. Frank was telling me to help her cum. I started licking Jessie’s pussy it was sopping wet. I realized that Frank must have just pumped a load of his cum into Jessie’s pussy. I wanted to stop but Jessie was holding my head to her pussy and Frank was telling me to clean her up.I don’t remember much about it. I don’t know how long I ate out Jessie’s pussy. I woke up sometime after and Frank was fucking Jessie right next to me on the bed. I think that they had been going at it awhile as Frank was covered in sweat. Frank was grunting as he came. Jessie was moaning and asking for him to give her his seed. Next thing I knew Frank was in the shower.Frank and I went to lunch together every day from then on. Which amounted to going to my apartment and Frank fucking Jessie. After Frank finished I had to clean up Jessie’s pussy. It was a terrible situation I had gotten myself into. I was just glad that I didn’t have to touch Frank’s cock.