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Ass Up

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Scene One

It had begun many years ago. This feeling that I was different. Being smaller than most of the other kids in school was just one issue. I played hard with my friends but the tussle and wrestling just supported the fear that I couldn’t keep up. I’d play with the neighborhood girls when my buddies were off to the little league field. That didn’t lead to these feelings. The spike in my curiosity was clear and afterward I was resolute. I used the CPU at the Library to research my gender alignment but I knew that I was a female in my head. A long time would pass before I could act on this decision and therefore I hid my true self from my family and friends. Getting along was trying but necessary as the daily issues piled up.

After I reached my last year in high school and passed my eighteen birthday my mom saw I was unsettled and that my personal relationships were failing. One afternoon she sat down and asked me what she could do. I looked at her and considered telling her of my anxieties.

She talked all around the issue, “Why haven’t you been to see Jon or Charlie lately?”

I gave her an excuse and she jumped to another idea in her head.

“You should ask Mary out. I can tell she likes you.”

I rode from the same school bus stop with this beautiful senior.

“She wouldn’t give me the time of day mom.”

After a half an hour I had resisted opening up to mom. Then she did it. She said something I had needed to hear. She suggested she would do anything to get me to trust her and confide my worries. I realized at that moment that I could no longer remain quiet. I just could not conceal the truth of my gender identity.

“Anything?” I asked.

Ten days later I received my first hormones and my odyssey began. The changes due to the hormones were slow but still amazing. The doctor had said that my body showed signs of ‘delayed puberty’ and she had an x-ray of my hand done and a testosterone test ordered. The x-ray was actually of my right wrist and showed that my development was behind for my age at least two years. Having her inspecting my nuts was difficult. I became aroused as she held them.

“For a person considering female hormone therapy this is like a god sent. Your body hasn’t developed normally. Your testicles are quite small for an eighteen year old.”

She did not add that my penis was small too.

On the way home Mom also suggested that I should let my hair grow and begin to dress more feminine.

“With some careful selections we can begin to change your dress style honey.”

The next day she came home in the afternoon with several bags.

“I was researching gender non-specific dressing,”

I stormed out screaming back to her, “Don’t mom!”

She dragged the bags to my room.

“The look you could achieve could be non-descript or neutral.”

Later that evening mom shared with me an anxiety she had many years earlier.

“I watched you when you were nine. I knew there was something different but I didn’t know what I should do.”

I turned to her, “Well better late then never mom.”

I hugged her and started to review what she had bought.

The freedom she supported did change me in many ways but it was not easy to contend with the people that I knew. When the comments and aggressive behavior began I didn’t have a follow-up but to just skip school. Eventually the school called and she asked me about it.

“I go to the Library and read instead of class mom. Math class is especially not easy.”

I hadn’t been to school for eight days.

“Well the school won’t allow you to do that honey.”

Going back was hard for now the bullies had more to pick on. It made it difficult for me to feel comfortable. Those seven months caused me a lot of tears and some bruises. I had only to look at the mirror to remove the anxiety that school caused. I watched as my hair reached my shoulders and my breasts came to slowly fill my bra. There was another affect of teh pills. My diet changed and my body slowly became more feminine. My waist was at twenty-five inches and my butt increased to thirty-seven inches. Up top, well I was still an A-cup at thirty-four inches.

After three months I had to visit the doctor to have a follow-up checkup. In the car ride over mom asked about the changes.

“Do you want to keep doing this?”

I looked out the window and told her, “Yes mom. I have to deal with the fact that I’m not a boy anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

I told her about my thoughts and how my penis was slightly smaller.

“And besides girls don’t have one anyway. I can deal with it.”

Each day that spring I would consider my alternatives but I didn’t feel ready or independent enough. Thankfully özbek escort graduation came and that summer I began dressing full time. The benefit of the hormones I started months ago allowed me to pass. Mom had a lawyer she knew prepare the documents to change my name and gender. In July I received my license to drive with my name, Michaela Wright, 5′-5″ 115 lbs. eyes blue, and dark blonde hair.

In the fall I began studying History at the nearby college. I was a new girl to my classmates since most of the students from my high school were studying elsewhere. During the second week of classes I ran into one of the bullies.

“Look who we have here boys!”

He was a big guy from my old school math class and he had two friends with him. I just ignore him as he hurdled insults toward me.

“Faggie little girl!”

Others nearby heard the nasty things they said as they followed me across the courtyard but the students just went about their business. After following me through two of the science assembly buildings and across a street they left me.

I saw the monster once or twice a week and he never failed to embarrass me in front of the other students. I wondered if I could ever have a normal life as a girl. At least he saw me as a female. That was some progress.

I was still living with mom so I would drive to the college. The parking lot was quite large. One evening in early November I walked to the car unaware of any danger. One of the bully’s friends was waiting hidden by another vehicle.

He jumped up and frightened me. I actually pee my pants a little.

“So just because I know about you does mean I can’t like you a little right Mic?”

I had the key in the car door lock but the door was still shut.

“My name is Michaela and I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t need that kind of attention. Please just leave me alone.”

He stepped closer and put his hand on the closed door of my car.

“I won’t be like him Mic.”

This guy was a big and I was wearing a dress and slightly heeled shoes. He towered over me.

“Please, just leave me be,” I asked.

He slowly reached to grab my arm but I moved a step back and pulled my handbag tight to my chest.

“Those little tits real?” he asked.

I had left the key in the lock and now he opened the door.

“Let’s get in the back Mic. I want you to suck me off.”

The thought of him repulsed me and I moved backward away from my car further. He had the back door open.

“Come on, I won’t tell anybody that you’re a cock sucker. Come on Mic.”

Just then two other students came near and I called out.

“He’s trying to molest me!” I called out.

The unnamed man heard and saw the tall guy standing close to me and he turned toward my car.

My assailant spoke quickly but quietly, “Okay Mic. Quiet down I was just having some fun.”

I watched him skip away as the girl and her boyfriend came nearer.

“Are you okay Miss?”

The following Thursday I had a night class and though I was parked quite closed to the classroom he had prepared. When I opened the car door I failed to see him in the back seat. A moment later he had jumped to the passenger seat and gagged me.

“I just want to be with you Mic.”

His violence seemed quickly to pass yet I shook in terror. It was after nine and dark and though there were lights the area I had parked was between them. I hadn’t considered the need to park near the tall lights.

He was actually speaking softly and was non-aggressive but still I was scared. It was late and there were few cars remaining in the large lot.

I looked down as he pushed my dress up to my hips and pushed aside my panty. I wasn’t wear hose’. His hands held my arms.

“Your little dick seems to be having trouble but I’ll get you to cum Mic.”

I watched as he bent down and took my limp penis into his mouth. Though I tried to restrain my excitement I slowly become semi-hard.

“Yeah little girl. I like that you have this in your panties.”

His hands were now beneath my bra and I moaned through the gag as he played with my nipples. I realized that he had released my arms and my hands went to his head, holding his mouth on my penis. I pulled the gag out and tossed it down.

“No one has ever done this to me. Oh dear, “

A moment later I shot a small load into his mouth.

I was panting from the release but I wanted nothing to do with him.

“I’ll call Campus Security if you don’t leave now.” I had found my phone in my bag.

He smiled as I began to dial 911 and I saw a bit of semen on his lips. He seemed content and moved to lean against the passenger door.

“Don’t you want to taste mine?”

I was disgusted thinking of what I had allowed him to do. I opened my door and stood. I looked around for some help.

“Listen get out and I won’t scream. You can hear there are others close.

“Ahh Mic, just look at this.”

He had his jeans azeri escort open and his penis exposed.

“Get out before I scream.”

He smiled as he turned and saw the group coming closer.

“Mic, I got what I wanted. You’ll come around and ask for more I’m sure,” and he got out of the side door.

I jump in and started the car. I could only move forward and away so as the group was now behind me I slowly left. He waved and blew a kiss. I turned and drove home.

I saw him later the next week in my large lecture class as well as in the halls but he curiously remained distance. I realized he was protecting himself rather than pushing me. I did not want his attention. I was only attracted to the girls in my classes not the men. He didn’t want to be seen with me.

One afternoon later that semester I received a note from my biology lecturer Ms. Sumner.

‘ please see me after class Michaela ‘

I walked to the front of the room as the other students left and she smiled as I approached. I had a frown on my face because he was still in the room.

“That’s what I wanted to talk with you about. I’ve seen him staring at you and wanted to offer to have a counselor speak with him.”

I said it was under control but she asked me to come with her to her office.

Once the door was closed Ms. Sumner moved quite quickly to my side as I placed my bag on the desk. I turned and she reached toward me. Her hand ran slowly over my bottom as the left one reached to my chin and she kissed me. Her warm tongue opened my mouth and she played with me.

“I’ve been hoping to kiss you since September Michaela.”

Her hand was caressing my bottom through my skirt.

I returned her kiss and her soft tongue was rolling with mine. The lovely touch of a woman was new to me. I was still a virgin having never entered a girl. Now I considered my life as a woman. Her loving was pbeautiful and I relaxed into her arms as we kissed for several minutes.

“Ohh dear, Ms. ”

I weakly tired to push back and breathe but her kisses continued as her hands pulled my blouse out from my skirt. She was adept at this fast seduction for her finger now slipped the clasp of my bra loose as her fingers tweeted my nipples.

I paused her tongue.

“But Miss Sumner I need to explain, ” but her kiss stopped me again.

It felt amazing to be with her but I wanted to tell her of my gender shift. Then the door swung open and he stood there with his camera in his hand.

The moment was done. I was being held and kissed by my teacher.

He spoke with a chuckle.

“I wonder how you’ll explain this Ms. Sumner.”

He closed the door slowly behind himself as he stepped inside the small office.

“Has Mic here told you that she has a dick?”

I tried to fix my blouse as he said this and I saw her face contort.

“A what?”

Ms. Sumner moved me aside and started toward him.

“Ah, no no, Ms. Sumner. I have a picture and your position is at risk. Michaela here is really a boy aren’t you Mic?”

I was crying softly as she turned back to me. She looked in total shock.

“That, that can’t be you selfish prick, get out of my office now!”

I saw that he might try and ruin her career so I reached to her as I told her the truth.

“I, I am,” I hesitated a moment,

“I was a boy but I am no longer Cheryl. I’m transitioning. I don’t want him to report you.”

He snickered, “Cheryl, on a first name basis. My recording is still running.”

I felt trapped in the small space and he was threatening my new lover, my female lover. I decided to protect her.

“Let me go with him Cheryl. I’ll make certain he destroys the image and recording.”

She came to my side and held me briefly before I moved passed toward the door.

“Is it true? You have a penis Michaela?”

She said this, as she was now right next to me.

I turned and spoke softly, “Yes but I need to attend to him now Ms. Sumner or he may ruin everything.”

I took his hand and walked him out the office and down the hall. As I lead him to a corner I realized what I had to do.

“Look, you can’t do this to me, to her. I can’t allow you to. I want you to give me the phone.”

“Why would I do as you want Mic?”

I had decided to get the damn phone at any cost so I reached toward him and cup his cock.

“Because you want me to suck you off that’s why.”

I bent to one knee as he considered his phone. He looked at me and I licked my lips. I moved slowly down, onto my knees.

With my hand on his zipper I forced a smile up to his eyes.

“Well big boy give me the phone.” I extended my hand toward him.

He handed it to me while I pulled the zip of his jeans down. I saw the out-of-focus image and quickly deleted it. I then reached into his pants to grasp the first penis in my life other then my own as I flipped the recording to erase it.

“I’ll just check to confirm it’s clear,” kazank escort I said as I looked at his hard dick bouncing near my nose.

I considered that I might be able to get away now that the evidence was no longer on his phone but I was in a comprising position.

I hadn’t thought of sucking a cock. But some girls suck dick. Way before I began my hormone therapy I was attracted only to girls. Now I had to put up or possibly take a beating.

My mouth opened as I closed my eyes and he pushed is penis into my open mouth. I felt it my tongue and then the back near the opening of my throat.

“Hey Mic, watch the teeth,” he said softly without menace.

At that moment I could have just bit him but something else occurred. I realized that I liked the control I held over him. The feeling of his penis, the head and the smooth shaft was slipping slowly in and out. I wasn’t aroused but there was a strong sense of power over him doing the act. Fellating him was better than I could have imagined. He had brought me off almost a month ago and I needed to defend Cheryl now for I wanted her to kiss me again.

I was on my bare knees on the cool stone and allowed him to fuck my mouth. Like most guys though he lasted only a minute before he shot into my throat. The taste of semen was new to me. Its saltiness was okay. I might not need to shallow any cum for the rest of my life but I did that day. His load was not large and I held him within my mouth to protect my makeup.

“Wow Mic, that was just awesome. I knew you’d be back. I hope you loved my juice.”

I stood and straighten my skirt, picked up my bag and walked away without looking to his face. I left him watching my ass. I felt amazing and feminine having given my first blowjob. Turning the corner I saw Cheryl.

As I approached the office she pulled her door closed she said, ” Let’s go for a drink.”

At my car she suggested that I drive.

“You did something quite special for me Michaela. I heard the whole thing. In fact I slipped close enough to snap a picture. We don’t know if he’ll try anything else but this may come in handy.”

I saw the picture as I glance quickly. I was licking his cock while on one knee; my skirt touching the floor and concealing one of my heels. My eyes were closed in the picture.

“It’s actually pretty erotic,” she said as her hand moved to touch my shoulder.

“I was surprised by your news but I’m still attracted to you Michaela.”

I drove along but my head was somewhere else. Having Cheryl near was good though.

Scene Two

The event in the darken parking lot and Cheryl’s office had made me realized that I had to accept that I needed a change. I completed my first semester of college and then left home. The trauma of dealing with my friends and acquaintances was too hard. I tried of explaining myself but I felt like a target for a group of boys who had known me for almost twenty years and now considered me theirs to abuse.

In late December I moved across the state to a larger town where I knew no one and could have a fresh start. I wanted to keep close with Cheryl but she was now three hours away.

It was my mom who thought it would help me.

“You have developed quite well Michaela. These months have been a trying time but the changes to your appearance due to the medicine, “

I smirked and interrupted her, “Those pills are important but its not medicine mom.”

“But the affect is still clear. You will not have trouble with someone thinking you’re transitioning Mic. Your hair looks beautiful and full and you’ve learned to move and speak like a girl, ahh, I meant like a woman during these passed few months.”

She called me Mic instead of Michaela around the house. Her sister’s daughter was named Makayla and she shortened my new name.

“I am just saying, oh never mind.”

She was exasperated with me but she went to her room a minute. Returning with a small purse she extended it to me.

“I did save some money. I anticipated that you would choose to move away and the three thousand dollars should be helpful.”

The population of Akron was almost a quarter of a million and it was only forty minutes from the City. My first job interviews went well but after waiting a week I decided to take the job I was offered. I had wanted the job in the women’s section of the department store because of the employee discount they offered. The lady whom interviewed me suggested that something might open up but in two months. I had to accept the alternative.

The Big-box retailer didn’t pay as well but they didn’t ask many questions and they needed me to start immediately. I worked mostly the evening shift from three until closing at ten. I liked the work but I was on the floor most of the time. I was near petite but the job required some lifting. Moving the boxes wasn’t difficult due to the lifts the store used.

After a few weeks at the store the assistant manager made a pass at me. As he pushed me down to my knees in the back room I simply told him that I was a virgin. I didn’t want to have sex with him and looking at this second dick was revolting.

“A what?” he gasped.

He pulled me up from my knees and apologized.

“I had just assumed that you were another runaway with some sexual history!”