was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 1


was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 1I was going on a vaction to the phillapines to have lots of fun. So I packed my stuff and got on a buss to the airport. As I was standing in the buss I felt some wan grab my ass. I turned and looked there was noboday there. So I whent to the back of the buss and remain standing. Then I felt it agein only it was wet and it reached into my pants. I turned and there was a black women. she had big duble Ds they wure big. a big round ass and a thin waste and thic thick caffs.She said turn baCK AROUND OR ILL SCREEM. So ii turned back around and she put oil on her hand and spit. She shuved her hand down my pants agein and stuck her fingers in me. She said ur tight down there then she pulled my pants down.I said why are u doing this. She said why should girls get all the fun. I asked wat do you mean? She then pulled out her big thick long 13inch cock from her pants after she started sinking her tongue in my ass.She stuck me with her cock luckly the buss had reACHED MY STOP AND I LEFT SHE SAID I GUESS WILL HAVE TO FINISH LATER.I SAID YEA RIGHT DONT EVER TOUCH ME AGEIN. so i left to the air port.I got on the plain. It was long day.I whent to the bath room and unzipped and pulled them down.I felt somewans fingers go deep in my ass hole.I couldnt pee. I turnd and it was the black women who was on the buss she grabed my dick and started sucking so i started peeing to see if she let go. She did someting werd she started drinking my pee. it felt so good. She stared fingering me she pulled her pants down. i was shocked fethiye escort she didnt actly have a dick.yes i said so ur realy a women yes I am i started licking and sucking her clit then she cam in my mouth then.I felt something started comeing out her pussy she pulled up her pants and left. I got to the phillapines. I rented a hotal and whent to this club i got so drunk.I started walking the streets and whent into some werd club with red all over it. i whent in this pink door. I and sat down i looked up.I seen this hot black chick that looked just like the whan on the buss. I looked closer and omg it was the same women she was danceing in a cage. then the lights whent out.I looked up a spot light turned on and a lady walked out dressed in thongs and bra, red like blood this white chick had same body shape like the black girl on the buss.infact all the strippers had the same body shape big huge duble ds big round ass big capffs thin legs long hair. After the show i desided to pay the black girl a visit in her dressing room.then i seen this hot beautyfull white chick her name was sandy she she looked like the rest. But she had big huge lips on her face and blood red hair.i walked over to her. I looked down at her wet pussy. Do you know Snow she asked i said who that. she said that black women over there i said yea she said well she been expecting you. I said would u like to go out some time she said sure. I said wat time do you get off work she said now but y dont u stay awail so i can get dressed i said ok.then i waited all of a sudden i escort fethiye felt somewan grab my ass i turned it was snow. snow said wat are you doing here. I said i saw you and thought i say hi. Me and sandy are going to go out to eat.she said are you now i said yea why cuse u cant go until you lick me good first.I said no but she said you have no choice.Then her frends tina and katrina held my arms down as she bent over and shuved her ass hole in mty face lick it now do it snow said as sandy pecked out the door slowely rubing her pussy watching.lick or i tall sandy. so i started licking. Deeper put ur tongue in so. i did she started pushing.I felt her ass hole grow biger around my mouth she told her friends to push my head hard my mouth got stuck open. I felt something comeing out of her mouth and into mine swollow she said.so i did that maid sandy soo wet. sandy came out as they wure holding me she then bent over and i said what going on what are you doing. open ur mouth and lick my ass hole sandy said.i said no snow said we will tell the world if u dont so i opend and started licking sandys ass hole grow real big around my mouth as she begain pushing real hard snow rubbed her pussy.aLL OF A SUDDEN I SEEN A DICK COME OUT OF HER PUSS AND BALLS SHE WAS A SHEMALE SHE STARTED RUBBING HER DICK.AS I WAS SAPRISED HOLDING MY MOUTH OPEN WIDER SOMETHING THICK STARTED COME OUT SANDAYS ASS HOLE AND INTO MY MOUTH eat it baby she said. so i did and swollowed then snow shuved her cock in my moth said suck it u shit eater then tina put oil and spit on her fethiye escort bayan hand and started rubing my ass hole after ripingmy pants off.then snow turnd me around and started fucking me i could feel her tits rubing on my back as she shuved her 13 inch dick deep in me. for some reson i began to moan.Mmmmmm mmmm then she said you like it do you. then katrin bent over and snow pushed hard and katrina spreded her booty checks wide open and planted her ass hole right on my mouth.I started to lick as her ass hole started to open wider and wider my tongue whent deeper then i felt something start to come into my mouth. she started shiting in my mouth and she had the runz.snow held me there forceing me to swolow it as she ramed me with her cock another girl named christal was watching behind the curtens masterbaiting .at his point i know they all wanted to shit in my mouth.it turned them on watch a grown man be degrated by a women forced to do things he would never do.sandy started sucking my cock and snow keep pounding me. 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