Wanton Family

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Wanton FamilyWANTON FAMILY(by Eros)Chapter 1.The elevator was very crowded on the way down, packed tightly.Terri Stafford felt herself being pressed against bodies, her handstightly holding those of Mandy and Jimmy. Their bodies werealmost smothered by the people, but they didn’t complain. They seldomcomplained about anything. The elevator was slow, very slow, as ifsomething were wrong with it. However, it was not that uncomfortable.The air conditioning kept it quite cool, and Terri didn’t mind at allthe scent of bodies so close to her. On the contrary, she enjoyed it.Body scents excited her, made her shiver with a nice feeling, as didthe press of them against her.She didn’t mind the people’s glances at her, either. She was usedto that. With her tall, slim body and strikingly lovely face, she wasone of those women who caused people to look. Her hair, softlyhanging to her shoulders, was a rich brown color, and her blue eyeswere clear and wide. Her full lips seemed moist, yet her tonguetasted them often. Terri was one of those very fortunate women wholooked good in anything she wore, from a revealing string bikini to aslinky formal dress. She looked cool and self-controlled… totallyself-assured.What many did not know was that Terri was a long, long way frombeing the outwardly cool beauty they saw. Inside, she was a steamingmass of erotic hungers. She had always been that way, intenselyinterested in men and women equally. She took pleasure in her bodyand the bodies of others every chance she could.At first, her husband had trouble accepting her excessivesexuality. But Terri had soon shown him the enjoyment he could havewith her body, and much to his surprise, he had soon found himselfher equal in the pursuit of erotic delights.”Does Daddy have to work late again, Mommy?” came the soft voiceof her young daughter.Glancing down at Mandy, Terri smiled. “I’m afraid so, honey.””He always has to work,” Mandy pouted.Terri understood Mandy. She was Daddy’s girl and would always beDaddy’s girl. If Mandy had her way, she and her father would spendevery second of their time together. Terri wasn’t jealous, and didn’tmind this closeness between them. After all, she had her son Jimmy,who at s*****n, was showing signs of growing up, being embarrassedwhen she hugged or kissed him in public. However, he seemed towelcome her kisses and touches when they were alone, and he often:would hug or kiss her impulsively.”He has to make a living for us, Mandy,” Terri heard her son tellhis younger sister.”I know, Jimmy,” Mandy said. Terri squeezed their hands, smilingas the elevator slowly descended.The building had a hundred and twenty floors, and Ray’s office wasat the very top. She was standing behind a man, pressed close upagainst his muscular back. She could feel his ass on her lowerstomach. Very subtly, she pushed her hips forward, a faint smile onher lips.Her cunt twitched as she imagined the feel of this strange man’sass naked, against her stomach, also naked. Behind her was anotherman, and she could feel his cock-bulge against her ass. She couldactually feel the shape of his prick through their clothing. With aslight wiggle, she managed to rub at both men, her cunt becoming wetas her clit swelled. She felt the man behind her getting a hard-on,his cock prodding at the crack of her ass.The idea came to her how nice it would be if she could rub the manbehind her with her ass, make him come off inside his pants. Terrihad thoughts like that all the time, and at times like this, sheenjoyed them immensely.Jimmy shifted his position, turning to face her side. She knew hewas gazing at her tits. She knew her son looked at her tits everychance he could, always trying to conceal his interest from her.Terri lifted her shoulders a bit, making her firm, high, flawlessbreasts thrust out against the lacy white fabric of her summerblouse. She breathed heavily, making them lift and fall seductively.She shifted her weight, bunching the cheeks of her ass against thehard-on poking against her.Suddenly, Terri became aware that her son seemed to be getting ahard-on, too. She glanced at him, but Jimmy was gazing at her tits,his eyes hot and slightly unfocused. She still gripped his hand, andwithout really considering what she was doing Terri managed to sliptheir hands between their bodies. She pressed the back of her son’shand against her thigh, and the back of her own hand brushed over thehardness of his cock. She heard the quick intake of her son’s breath,and Terri felt a sudden impulse.With the man behind her shoving his hard cock-bulge against herass, the one in front off her moving slightly, she moved her hand backand forth, brushing the back of it on her son’s young cock, feelingthe hardness, the actual throb of it inside his pants. Jimmy made asoft gasping sound, but his eyes never left his mother’s tits. In asecond, he was pushing the back of his mother’s hand hard against hiscock-bulge moving it himself.”Mommy?” Mandy whispered.”What, honey?” Terri asked, looking down.”Look! ” Mandy whispered.A man near her daughter had slipped his cock out of his pants inthe crowded elevator. His prick stood out in stark, naked hardness,almost in front of Mandy’s face. The cockhead was big andsmooth, the cockshaft thick. Terri gasped softly, and noticed theintense expression in her daughter’s eyes as Mandy gazed intently atthe bold man’s cock. She felt her daughter squeeze her hand hard, felther body trembling.When Mandy glanced up at her mother, Terri saw the nervous, shysmile on her face. Then Mandy was staring at the man’s cock again. Itwas crazy, but it was happening, Terri thought. Never had she dreamedsuch a thing would actually happen, although she had fantasized aboutit many times when she visited Ray in his office. It was as if herfantasies were becoming a reality. The man was very bold to expose hiserect cock in the packed elevator. Men would often flash a girl, sheknew, just as many women would flash at men. But this was the firsttime she had actually seen it happen.She wondered what Mandy was thinking, what her reaction was toseeing this big, hairy, man-sized hard-on just a few inches from herface. Terri’s own reaction was a sweet tingling in her pussy,and a feeling of increased heat and wetness between her legs.Then her attention was turned back to her son. Jimmy had twistedher hand around, and placed her palm upon his throbbing cock-bulge. Hewas still staring at her tits, but he had curled her fingers aroundhis cock.”Ohhh, Jimmy,” she said softly.Jimmy glanced at her, then back at her tits. With a sigh ofpleasure, Terri squeezed her son’s prick, and got a quick grin fromhim. Terri’s eyes took on a shine of desire as she deliberately curledher fingers about her son’s hard cock as best she could through hisjeans. Jimmy held her hand tightly on his prick, gazing at her titsagain, moving his hips against her.Terri almost forgot about the man pressing at her ass, but not theman who was exposing himself to her. She gripped her son tightly andgazed at the man’s swollen prick, seeing her young daughter’sinterest in the huge erect organ, too. Then the elevator stopped. Thehard cock was quickly concealed and the man behind her pulled back asthe crowd emptied out. Terri released her son’s cock and, clinging toher c***dren’s hands, walked from the building into the heat of theday.The car was hot, but the air-conditioner cooled it quickly. Jimmywas strangely quiet as Terri drove home, and Mandy, in the rear seat,seemed deep in her thoughts.Terri felt aroused, very aroused. Nothing like this had everhappened to her before, except in some of her more erotic fantasies.She had actually held her son’s cock, and her hand seemed to stilltingle from the touch. She had actually seen her daughter’s interestin that unknown man’s cock. It was hard for her to believe, but it hadhappened.Jimmy sat leaning against the passenger door, looking straightahead. His young cock still bulged inside his pants, as hard as it hadbeen in the elevator. Terri couldn’t take her eyes from his crotch,glancing every chance she had. Her cunt was so wet, even her innerthighs were slippery now. Her flesh burned, her tits felt swollen, andher pussy twitched, the hairy, cuntlips swollen tightly around herknotted clit.Mandy’s soft giggle came from the back seat.”That man had it out, didn’t he, Mommy?Terri looked at her daughter in the rearview mirror, smiling. “Hesure did, honey.””What man?’ Jimmy asked. “What did he have out?””His thing…” Mandy giggled. “… you know, his… his wienie!””Wienie?” Jimmy snorted. “God, Mandy! You still call it a wienie?Come on, grow up!”Terri wanted to laugh. This was a conversation between them she hadnever heard before and somehow, it excited her.”Well, that’s what other girls call it,” little Mandy pouted.”What do girls know, anyway? ” Jimmy sneered. “You’re too young toknow anything, Mandy.””I know more than you think I do, Jimmy Stafford,” his sister said,mysteriously and with a shy smile on her pretty face.”Bull!” Jimmy replied. “Mom, tell her it isn’t a wienie.”Terri grinned, looking at her son. Her gaze fell significantly onthe bulge of his cock. Jimmy didn’t even try to hide it!…. Her pussyfelt on fire.”What is it, then, Jimmy?” she prompted her son.”Aw, you know, Mom.””No, tell me.””You tell us, Mom,” Mandy squealed, leaning over the seat. “What isit, if it isn’t a wienie?””It’s . . . well, there are a lot of names for it,” Terriresponded, enjoying this conversation with them. “A penis, maybe.””Geez, Mom, ” Jimmy groaned. “That’s what doctors call it.Everyone knows it’s a penis.””What do you want me to say? ” Terri asked, grinning wickedly.”What do you call it, Mommy?” Mandy urged, twisting her cuteass on the car seat with excitement.”A pecker?” Terri laughed.”Pecker?” Jimmy snorted, then he suddenly giggled. “Oh, yeah . . .peck-er! Peck her! I get it, Mom. Peck her!””Ooooooh, Mommy! Did you hear what Jimmy said?” Mandy giggled.”Well, I suppose . . .” Terri said, almost breathless with growingexcitement. “It’s been called a . . . you know, prick?”Jimmy laughed but his excitement was obvious, and his cock seemedto be visibly throbbing inside the tightness of his jeans.”Prick, huh?” Mandy giggled. “Well, that’s okay. I guess it doesprick a girl, huh, Mommy?”Terri nodded her head. “It sure does, honey.””Do you like it when Daddy pricks you, Mommy?” Mandy asked, hereyes wide and shining brightly.”Mmmm! Yeah! I love….” Terri stopped. “Hey, you two! What isthis, anyway?”Jimmy giggled and squirmed in his seat.Mandy flushed with excitement, and looked at her brother, herinquisitive eyes immediately noticing the formidable cock-bulge in thefront of Jimmy’s tight pants.”Ooooh, look at Jimmy, Mommy!” she giggled loudly, “He’s got ahard……!”Before she could catch herself, Terri said, “He’s had a hard-onever since the elevator.””Oooooh, Mommy!” Mandy giggled cutely.”And Mom felt it, too.” Jimmy bragged. “She squeezed it for me.””She did not! ” Mandy gasped, staring at her mother. “You didn’tfeel it, did you, Mommy? “”Well… maybe I did feel it a bit,” Terri admitted.”Mommy!”, gasped Mandy, her small mouth gaping open in totaldisbelief.”She did,” Jimmy emphasized. “She felt it and squeezed it and…boy, did it feel good!”Mandy was staring at her brother’s crotch, her eyes smoldering withadolescent heat.Terri understood the expression on her daughter’s face. It was thesame hot, smouldering look little Mandy had on her face as she gazedat the man’s exposed cock in the elevator earlier.”I never felt one before,” Mandy said in a small, husky voice.”What did it feel like, Mommy?””Hard!” Terri answered, feeling her cunt throb with itchy wetheat. She pressed her thighs tightly together, and almost came. Atremor coursed through her body as if suddenly chilled, but she wasfar from being cold. “It felt hard, honey,”The conversation stopped, and the rest of the drive home was incomplete silence. But it was a tense silence, with an undertone thatseemed to press upon Terri, keeping her in a high state ofexcitement. Her pussy was dripping so much, the seat of her skirt wasdamp.As soon as the car stopped in the driveway, Jimmy scooted quicklyinto the house. Terri watched as Mandy slid from the rear seat. Herpleated skirt climbed high on her slender, satiny thighs, and Terrirealized how lovely they were. She licked her lips as she followedMandy up the short walk to the front door, watching her daughter’staut, sexy little ass sway sweetly in front of her. Every nerve ofTerri’s body was screaming to touch that cute, firm young behind, tocup her hands around Mandy’s tight little asscheeks, squeeze them andlisten to her sexy young daughter mewl with pleasure.When she entered the house, Terri found her self alone. Jimmy hadraced off to his room, and Mandy to hers. She stood for a moment inthe cool room, remembering the elevator, the feel of the strangeman’s cock-bulge against her ass, and her son’s cock-bulge in herhand… the powerful throb of it… the sight of the other man’snaked cock sticking almost in her young daughter’s face…and Mandy’s hot interest in it. Then she remembered something herhusband had said recently.”Mandy sure has a nice ass on her, doesn’t she?”, Ray had askedher.Terri had responded with a smile. “A lovely little ass, darling.It won’t be long before the boys will be after her.””I sure envy them,” Ray had said, and pulled his wife onto hislap, his cock thrusting in hardness against her ass. “I think thatgirl of ours is going to be a real hot little fuck.”Terri remembered it clearly, and when her husband fucked her thatnight, she knew what was inside his mind. She felt no jealousy.Knowing he wanted to fuck Mandy had increased her own bubblinghungers. He had not said it in so many words, but it was on his faceevery time he looked at his sexy daughter.She felt she should be surprised at the way things had happenedtoday, but she wasn’t. Both Mandy and Jimmy had jumped right in,talked so plainly in front of her, for the first time. It was anindication that they were growing up, that they were curious aboutsex.Terri sensed that both her son and daughter would welcome eroticattention, even from her. Perhaps, especially from her. After all,her son HAD placed her hand on his cock. Taking a deep breath, Terrimade an instant decision. If she was wrong, she was wrong. But if shewas right…She hugged herself tightly, moaning deep in her throat as anuncontrollable heat began to course through her bubbling pussy. Withdetermined steps, Terri moved down the hallway. Without knocking onJimmy’s bedroom door, she opened it and stepped inside. Jimmy waslying on his bed, arms behind his head. His cock was still hard,still bulging inside his jeans.Jimmy turned his head and looked at her, but said nothing. Terriwalked on shaking legs until she was near his bed. Jimmy’s eyesshifted from her face to her tits again. Breathing heavily, butsaying nothing, Terri opened her blouse, lifted one tit free of herbra, and showed it to her son. Her nipple was long and rubbery hard,stiff with her desire. She saw her son lick his lips, his eyesbecoming glassy. Still he said nothing, but his hips began to writheas he gripped the sheets with his fingers.”Mom?…” he finally whispered.”Did you like me squeezing you in the elevator, baby?” she askedin a throaty voice, circling her nipple sensuously with the tip ofher forefinger.”Geez, yeah,” he moaned. “I liked it a LOT, Mom. “Terri sat on the edge of her son’s bed, sliding her palm along hisslim young thigh toward his crotch. She felt his heat before herfingertips touched him, and with her heart throbbing wildly, shegently ran her fingertips along the outline of his hard-on, then overhis balls. Jimmy’s breath sucked in as he felt his mother’s intimatetouch, staring at her revealed tit as if mesmerized. Terri placed herpalm against his cock-bulge, rubbing softly.”You wouldn’t tell on me, would you, baby?” she asked in a whisperyvoice. “I mean, if I squeezed it again for you… you wouldn’t tellanyone, would you?””Oh, no, Mom!” Jimmy gasped, lifting his hips and pressing hiscrotch into his mother’s hand. “I wouldn’t tell anyone anything!””Good, baby!”, murmured Terri, her fingers working busily at hisjeansShe tugged impatiently at his zipper and it came down slowly,making a softly seductive whisper. Terri opened her son’s fly andslipped her hand inside. Her eyes widened instantly.”You’re not wearing underpants,” she mewled.Jimmy grinned up at her, shaking his head. Terri pulled her son’scock from his jeans and got another pleasant shock.”Oh, baby! ” Terri exclaimed. “It’s gorgeous…. and so big!”Jimmy’s cock thrust up with eager, adolescent stiffness, thecockhead smooth and wet with his dripping pre-cum. It was a beautifulcock, a young, hard, man-sized cock. Terri simply gazed at her son’sprick for a while, her hot juicy-wet cunt pulsating with wantondesire.Chapter 2.Terri placed her palms on her son’s hips, staring at his stiff,throbbing prick with glazed eyes, her tongue flicking at her lips. Shedrew one knee up onto his bed, causing her skirt to climb up her thigh.Jimmy could see the top of his mother’s stockings and the bare, creamyflesh above them. His body trembled, and he made a gulping sound.”Oooohhh, baby, it’s very hard,” Terri whispered in a hoarse voice.”It’s very hard . . . and very beautiful, Jimmy.””So are you, Mom,” he moaned. “Beautiful, I mean….””Thank you, baby,” she purred. “If I touch it again, you’re sure youwon’t tell anyone?””Never,” he promised in a husky voice. “Squeeze it again, Mom! Squeezeit real hard!”Terri placed her hand on her son’s cock, closing her fingers around it.She squeezed hard, making young Jimmy grunt with pleasure. She watched thecockhead bulge, the tiny slit of his piss hole widen, and pearly beads ofpre-cum bubble upward.Using her other hand, she rubbed her fingers across the tip, smearinghis juices across the smooth, swollen prickhead. Her lips gaped slightlyas Terri then began to pump her son’s cock, slowly, but with a firm grip.Jimmy twisted his ass, making low gasping sounds, his eyes darting fromhis mother’s exposed tit to her thigh.”God, you’re so hard, Jimmy!” she murmured with delight. “So veryhard!”She gave his cock a couple of swift up and down strokes with her fist,then squeezed it again. Jimmy grunted, his hand darting upward towardsher chest, then stopping. With his mother fondling his cock, the boy hadan overwhelming urge to touch her too, but this was all new to young Jimmyand he was unsure of himself.”You can touch it,” Terri said in a low, sexy voice. “You can touch mybreast and I’ll squeeze your cock. But no one must ever know, remember?””I’ll remember, Mom,” he said, pumping his hips up and down, fuckinginto her tight fist.He closed his hand about his mother’s tit, squeezing it, staring in awewith unfocused eyes.”I’ve never seen one before.””You see one now,” she purred, jerking a little harder on his cock. Thehot throbbing of it radiated along her arm and down her body, sending wildhunger to her cunt. “You’re feeling one, Jimmy. You’re seeing Mommy’s titand feeling it, baby!”Jimmy was overwhelmed with excitement, unable to speak now. All hecould do was grunt and moan, twisting his hips as his mother’s fist jerkedup and down, clutching her tit desperately. Terri pumped hard, making softsounds of pleasure, her tongue licking feverishly at her moist lips. Hereyes stared at her son’s cock, watching the smooth cockhead disappear andreappear in her fist. Her fingers squeezed and relaxed, continually movingup and down.”You want to come, baby?” she asked breathlessly. “Do you want me tomake you come?””Yes, Mom! ” he groaned. “Oh, yes please!”As she stroked her son’s cock, Terri wondered what her husband wouldsay if he walked in on them now. Ray had never talked to her about herfeelings for Jimmy, only those comments about Mandy and her cute sexylittle ass. Somehow, Terri suspected her husband would say nothing, unlessto encourage her.She had developed a strong sense of voyeurism in her husband, posinglewdly for him, pointing out an especially attractive young girl at thebeach or park. She knew Ray enjoyed looking at them, especially theyoung ones, and felt he would enjoy watching her getting fucked by anotherguy. For herself, she knew it would excite her to see her husband slidinghis thick cock into a young cunt, fucking some squirming,squealing girl to orgasm.They had never-actually discussed such a thing, but it was there, inthe background. A soft sigh of ecstasy came from Terri as she watched thewetness of her son’s cock increase. Even the shaft of his cock was wet andslippery with pre-cum now, making her fist slide very easily up and downthe incredibly hard shaft.She squirmed the cheeks of her ass against the bed, feeling her cuntreact with juicy heat as she jacked off her son’s man-sized prick. It feltso long and thick and hard in her hand that the urge to straddle her sonand take his wonderful erect masculinity into her cunt was very strong.She longed to fuck him, yet she resisted… waiting, making theanticipation that much sweeter. She was sure her son would love to havehis cock fucking her cunt in preference to her fist, but it wasn’t timefor that, not yet.The more she rubbed her fist on Jimmy’s throbbing boner, the more Terriached to fuck him, to feel her son’s cock slamming deeply inside hergreedy cunt. But then, Terri wanted to try every cock she saw, feel themall in her pussy, fucking her to orgasm after orgasm. She loved to comemore than anything else in the world, and her husband loved to make hercome. She could come over and over, until so exhausted she could hardlymove, and she still wanted more. She was very fortunate, because she camequite easily. She seldom needed foreplay, her cunt was usually alwaysready to take a hard cock.Her quick responses delighted her husband, who had told her of girls hehad fucked who seemed very difficult to arouse. He was delighted thatTerri often came with the initial penetration of his cock into her cunt,and then would come two or three times more as he fucked her strenuously.”Oooooh, Mom, it’s so good! ” Jimmy moaned.”Yes, baby, it is! ” she hissed, pounding her fist faster as his cockthrobbed. “It’s very good, darling! Mommy is going to make you come!””It’s gonna make a mess, Mom!””Yes, make a mess!” Terri cried softly, pumping fast. “Make a good, bigmess, baby!”She desperately wanted to throw her legs open, spread them wide andexpose her itchy, wet cunt to her son, to excite him even more by lettinghim see how highly aroused her pussy was.She lifted her knee higher, her skirt sliding higher on her thigh. NowJimmy was staring between his mother’s legs, still gripping her tit hard.He saw the satiny flesh above his mother’s stockings, saw the moist crotchof her panties.”Ohhhh, God! I’m gonna cum any second and it’s gonna be real messy,Mom!”Terri sucked in her breath. her eyes glazed. “No it won’t, baby,” shegasped. “Mommy won’t let you make a mess.””Do it faster, Mom! ” Jimmy pleaded, staring at the dark, moist crotchof his mother’s panties. “Do it faster and harder!””Okay baby!”Terri pounded on her son’s cock now, leaning over in her efforts”I can see you, Mom!” Jimmy groaned. “I can see your panties! I cansee…””Look Jimmy! ” she moaned. “Look at Mommy’s panties! Can you see howexcited I am, baby?””Yeah,” groaned Jimmy, “Your panties look real moist, Mom.””Ohhhhhh yes, baby! Mommy’s cunt is very wet…. ummmmm and sooo veryvery hot!””Oh, Jeez, Mom, I’m gonna come!””Come, Jimmy! ” she cried out softly “Squirt it out, baby! Ohhh, honey,come for Mommy!””Uhhhhhhh, Mommmmm! Fuuuuuck! I’m cummmmmmiiiinngggg!”Terri squealed as a big jet of sperm gushed from her son’s cock.Without thinking, she lowered her mouth to his cock and caught the nextjet on the tip of her tongue. Then with a loud, sensuous moan, she openedher mouth wide and closed her lips tightly around the head of the boy’stwitching, squirting cock.The hot spurts of her son’s jism into her mouth sent a firey explosionthrough Terri’s cunt. She made wet, slobbering sounds as she lapped abouthis cum-spewing piss hole, relishing the taste of his sweet cum-load, herthroat working as she swallowed it. Her ass squirmed on his bed, her fiststill jacking up and down the throbbing shaft, her mouth taking eachpowerful squirt hungrily.Although his eyes were glazed Jimmy stared at the tight crotch of hismother’s panties, imagining the hot, wet, cunt that lay beneath. With agroan, he lifted his hips as he came, pushing the head of his cock a bitmore into his mother’s mouth, pretending it was her hot, juicy cunt he wasfucking.Terri accepted her son’s fuck-thrusts eagerly, opening her mouth wideto take more and more of his cock. Her fist beat up and down from the baseof his cock to her lips, jacking him off into her mouth.The last jet of sperm that squirted from his cock had little force, andshe lapped her tongue about his piss-hole, sucking gently on thesensitive, swollen head like a lolly-pop. Her eyes had closed when sheplaced her mouth around his prick, her orgasm sending spasms of ecstasythrough her body. Now she opened her eyes and, still with the head of hiscock between her lips, she looked up at her son’s face. He was reachingbetween her legs, his hand almost touching her exposed crotch. With a softmewl, Terri pulled her mouth from her son’s cock.”Are you trying to feel your mother up? she asked softly, grinning athim.”Can I, Mom?” he asked. “Can I just feel it once?”As an answer, Terri took hold of his wrist and pulled his hand alongher thigh until she cupped it into her crotch, pressing it hard upon hercuntmound.”Oh, Jesus, Mom! ” Jimmy gasped, feeling the wet heat of her pussythrough her tight panties.Terri giggled girlishly and rubbed her son’s hand up and down her cunta few times, letting him press his fingers between the puffy lips of herslit through the soaking material of her panties. Then, abruptly, Terripushed Jimmy’s eager hand from under her skirt. She stood up, smoothingher skirt over her hips, then tucking her tit back into her bra, buttoningher blouse.”Don’t go yet, Mom,” Jimmy said softly.Terri looked at his cock, dangling from his pants, soft and wrinkled.She leaned over, kissed his prick wetly, then dragged her tongue along itto the cockhead, flicking it upward until she had it in her mouth oncemore. She sucked on her son’s soft cock a moment, then sat up again.”That’s enough for now, baby. Take a nap,” she whispered. “You need it,after everything today.””No, I don’t,” he said. “I wanna… Mom, do it again, pleeeease!”Teasingly, she winked. “Do what again, honey? “”You know…. with your mouth.””Oh, you mean suck your cock?”Jimmy giggled, “Yeah, suck my cock!””Greedy, aren’t you?” She laughed throatily. “Just like your father, henever seems to get enough either!””Mom, I’ve never had ANY till now,” said Jimmy with a shy grin.”I know,” Terri purred in delight. “I just gave you your first blowjob,didn’t I, baby?””You didn’t suck very much,” he complained. “Only when I started tocome.””Isn’t that enough for now?”, Terri teased, “Most boys your age NEVERhave their mother give them a blowjob. You should feel lucky to get one atall.””Awwwwww, Mom!”Terri dragged her fingertips along his cock, feeling the boy’s virileyoung prick respond instantly.”Mmmmmm, you are a horny little devil, aren’t you baby?””Come on Mom, will you do it again, please?””Maybe… if you say nothing, I’ll do it again, but later tonight.””But, Dad will be home,” he reminded her.”I’ll find a way,” promised Terri, as turned to the door. “Be patient,baby, and Mommy will do it for you again tonight.””Mom,” he called before she slipped away.”Yes, honey?””Show it to me!” Jimmy said. “Just once, show it to me.””Show you what, baby?””Your… you know, under your dress. Your… cunt?”Terri hesitated, then slowly lifted her skirt to her waist. Jimmy’seyes widened and his cock lifted. He gazed at his mother’s long, satinythighs, at the expanse of flesh above her stockings, at the flimsy bikinipanties and pale blue garter belt. He couldn’t see much, but it excitedhim. The curly soft hair of his mother’s cunt puffed out her panties, adark shadow under the thin nylon. Terri laughed softly, at the look on herson’s face and dropped her skirt.”Play with your cock for a while,” she said softly. “Play with it andhave fun, honey. Think about tonight, how it will feel in my mouth again.”Terri left her son, feeling wonderful. The flavour of his salty jismlingered in her mouth, and she ran her tongue about her teeth savouringthe taste. She was elated. Jimmy loved what she had done with him, doneFOR him. He wanted more, and she knew she would give it to him. After Raywas in bed, sleeping, she could sneak out and go to her son, and suck hiscock again, maybe even… she paused and leaned against the wall, feelingincredibly excited, her heart beating rapidly with the anticipation ofactually fucking her own son.Then Terri noticed Mandy’s door was open, and out of natural curiositypeeked inside. Mandy had her back to the open door, facing her closetmirror. Terri watched her cute little daughter as she posed sexily infront of her mirror, her eyes taking on a wicked gleam of desire oncemore. Mandy stood in her tight little panties, gazing at her body in themirror. Her small tits, very curvy and tight, rode high on her chest, withluscious, pink nipples straining outward. Although Mandy was young, shewas big for her age and her slender body revealed the blossomingcurves of a young woman rather than the young girl she had been such a few short years ago.Mandy saw her mother in the mirror. For a moment, mother and daughtergazed at each other, with Mandy shivering slightly. Terri stepped intoMandy’s room, standing at her side. Terri was almost a head taller thanMandy, and her body was much rounder, fuller. She looked at the tighttitties of her daughter, and opened her blouse once more. When she liftedher own tits from her bra, Mandy made a soft sighing sound, staring at hermother’s tits. Terri in turn stared at her daughter’s reflection. Mandy’spanties, like hers, were a bikini cut, riding low on her young hips.Terri’s tits, naturally enough, were twice the size of her daughter’s.Mandy’s titties were still growing, still rounding out, and right now theypushed forward sharply. Terri d****d an arm over Mandy’s naked shoulder,letting the tips of her fingers brush a pink firm nipple. Mandy trembledas she gazed at her mother’s big tits in the mirror.This was not the first time Terri had touched another girl. She hadplayed with a girl when she was in high school, in the locker room whenthey had been alone. She didn’t recall how it happened, who started it,but she could remember clearly how good it had felt. She had fondled thegirl’s tits, caressed her slightly hairy cunt, pushed her finger into thetight wetness and finger-fucked her little friend to orgasm.When Terri had asked the other girl to return the favor, instead ofinserting her fingers in Terri’s cunt and bringing her off that way, thegirl had knelt in front of Terri and buried her face in Terri’s almosthairless crotch. The girl began licking at her cunt and fucking hertongue in and out, making Terri come time and again in squealing, wigglingecstasy. Now, with her arms around her daughter’s semi-naked little body,Terri’s cunt was literally drooling at the very thought of having her cuntlicked by another girl. Lowering her hand, Terri cupped her daughter’stiny tit, squeezing it gently.”Ooohhh, Mommy, that feels nice!” Mandy moaned.”Did you enjoy seeing that man’s prick today?””Oh yes!” Mandy squealed. “It was so big and hard, and so close, Icould smell it, Mommy!””Did you like that!””I sure did!” Mandy said, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “I wantedto touch it…. you know, grab hold of it and feel it.”Terri was elated at the openness of her son and daughter, of theireagerness to talk about all this, to let her do these exciting things withthem. For a moment, she felt a bit unfaithful to her husband but shovedthe thought aside, thinking Ray would probably love to be touching theirdaughter’s sweet tit the way she was doing now.”You can feel my titties,” Terri whispered, cupping the girl’s littletit more firmly.With an intake of breath, Mandy began to fondle her mother’s tits,first one, then the other, her eyes bright as she caressed the stiff, hardnipples.After her experience with Jimmy just now, Terri’s pussy was alreadythrobbing with need, and very, very wet. She wanted to suck Mandy’snipples, lick them with her tongue, squeeze that tight, sexy little assher husband thought was so cute, to caress between Mandy’s sweet legs,feel her hot, succulent young cunt throb under her fingers. Suddenly,Mandy twisted, facing her mother.”Ohhhh, Mandy!” Terri crooned as her daughter suddenly closed her hotlittle mouth over her tit, sucking hard on the rigid nipple. Terri heldthe back of her daughter’s head, pulling her pretty little face tight intoher tit.”Mmmmmmm, baby, that’s nice! Mommy likes that very much!”Mandy drew back, giggling shyly”You taste good, Mommy.””Ohhhhhh, God, sweetheart!””Is it okay, Mommy?””Of course it’s okay, baby,” Terri said, lowering her face and kissingher daughter’s moist, hot lips.She dragged her tongue from one corner of Mandy’s mouth to the other,then stood up again. She wrapped Mandy in her arms, caressing the silkyflesh of her daughter’s back, looking in the mirror at the way that sweet,tight little ass jutted in succulent curves, the long, very slenderthighs, and the pouting bulge of her tight cunt between them.Mandy wrapped her arms about her mother’s waist and buried her sweetface into her big tits. Terri trembled with lust, her cunt bubbling wetly,juices slipping from the crotch of her panties and down her thighs. Terrigasped as Mandy’s small hands moved downward, and then she gasped again as,incredibly, her daughter curled her fingers about the cheeksof her ass, squeezing them, mouthing her tits again, going from one nippleto the other.”Honey… Mandy,” Terri whimpered, pulling back. “Do you want to dothis? Do you want to touch me… and let me touch you?””Oh, I do, Mom!” Mandy panted hotly “I wanna touch you all over! I wantyou to touch me all over!”Terri couldn’t hold in a low laugh of delight.”Seeing that man’s prick must have done something to you, Mandy. You’reso hot.””I am, Mommy! I’m so hot!””Here?” Terri asked softly, slipping a hand between her daughter’sthighs. “Oh, my God! You’re little pussy is burning up!””Mommy, I tingle there! ” Mandy moaned. “It’s itching so much, I feellike I gotta pee or rub it or something….””I understand, darling,” Terri soothed, stroking the moist crotch ofMandy’s panties. “I understand very well.” She pulled her hand away,seeing it glisten with wetness. “I can make the itchiness go away,sweetheart and make it feel very good for you, if you’d like that.””Ohhh, yes please, Mommy! ” Mandy squealed, rubbing her body upagainst her mother’s with excitement. “Please, make it feel real good forme!”Chapter 3.Terri stood back, looking at her little daughter. Wearing only her pinkpanties, Mandy was a dream, a dream come true. Terri could see what herhusband saw, see his excitement, his steamy hunger every time he looked attheir sexy little daughter. Mandy, as young as she was, seemed made fortouching, feeling, kissing…If Ray could see their daughter now, the way Terri was seeing her,wearing only her flimsy panties, he would no doubt have burst out of hispants with a tremendous hard-on, Terri thought. Kneeling in front of herdaughter, Terri pulled at the tight panties, sliding them down.They turned inside out as she lowered them, and she saw the wetness inthe crotch. Mandy, shivering with eagerness, placed a hand on her mother’sshoulder, bracing herself as she lifted one foot, then the other. Terriremoved Mandy’s panties, and dropped them on the floor, staring in lustfulexcitement at Mandy’s naked young cuntslit.Mandy was a beautiful little blonde, but the hair on hercunt, was so sparse and light that her little pink slit couldstill be seen. Mandy’s succulent cunt looked so soft and sweet, thecuntlips tight, but puffy with desire. When Mandy opened her thighsslightly, Terri saw them gleam with wetness. Maybe Mandy had sparse hairon her cunt, but she sure looked juicy on the inside.”Mandy… ohhhhh, baby!” Terri cried in a soft, emotional voice. Terribad not seen another girl’s cunt since that long ago day in the lockerroom of her high-school. But she had dreamed of it, relived it many times,wanting to see another pussy, touch it, play with it… kiss it. “It’s sopretty, darling! Ooooh, you have such a lovely little pussy!”Delighted that her mother was pleased with her cunt, Mandy spread herlegs wide, arching her young hips forward, giggling in a shy but strangelywanton sound.”So wet, ” Terri moaned. “Your little pussy is SO wet looking! So softand wet and…. ooooh, I can feel the heat of it already!”Without any sign of embarrassment, Mandy began to run a finger up anddown the slit of her cunt.”Did you see Jimmy’s hard-on in the car, Mommy?””Yes, honey, I sure did.””Did you really feel Jimmy’s prick, Mommy?” Mandy asked.Terri watched the tip of her daughter’s finger slip into her tight,juicy little cunt.”I felt it, honey” Terri whispered. “I felt how, big and hard it was.””Oooh, Mommy, I’d like to feel his prick, too! Would Jimmy let me feelit, Mommy?””I don’t know,” Terri said, not really listening, but taking in thenaked sweetness of her daughter’s gorgeous naked little body. “He might.He probably will let you play with it.””Ohhh, I’d like that!” Mandy whimpered, fucking her finger in and outof her own cunt. “I’d play with it and make him squirt! I bet I could makeJimmy squirt easy!””You know boys squirt?””Well, I heard they did,” Mandy said, “I wanna see it happen! I bet Ican make Jimmy’s prick squirt a lot, Mommy!”Terri ran her hot, sweaty palms up and down her daughter’s thighs,feeling the silky flesh. She slid her hands round to Mandy’s tightl ass,finding that her asscheeks just fit into her palms. Shestared as Mandy’s tiny finger darted in and out of her moist slit,hearing the wet sounds, inhaling the heady, exciting scent of herdaughter’s fresh, young cunt.She moaned softly as her own pussy throbbed, juices running along theinsides of her thighs to the tops of her stockings. She could hardlybelieve she had just come from her son’s room, where she had jacked himoff and let him come in her mouth, and now here she was kneeling in frontof her naked daughter, holding her hot little ass and watching herfinger-fuck herself. It was a dream, an exciting, illicit fantasy cometrue. She wondered why she had told Jimmy not to say anything… Mandy wasasking for permission to play with his cock!Terri’s mouth began to water as she watched Mandy finger-fuck herself.Her lips felt swollen and hot when she ran her tongue over them. That dayin the locker room, another girl had sucked and licked her cunt, and laterthat night, Terri understood she had wanted to taste the girl’s cunt, too.But the opportunity had been lost, and she never had such an opportunityagain… until now.Mandy pulled her dripping finger out of her cunt and playfully smearedthe juices over her mother’s naked nipple. Terri’s breath caught in herthroat; and she leaned forward.”Oooh, Mommy!” Mandy gasped, closing both hands about one of Terri’sexposed tits, pushing her cunt forward.”Baby! Oh, baby!” Terri sobbed as her daughter’s cunt touched hernipple: “Oooh, you’re so hot and wet, Mandy!”Mandy whimpered softly, rubbing her cunt against her mother’s nipple byrocking her hips back and forth. Terri gazed downward, seeing her nipplerub at the peeking, pulsating clit of her daughter’s cunt. Mandy hunchedforward instinctively, grinding her little slit against her mother’slarge, erect nipple.”Put it inside! ” Terri whimpered, leaning back.Mandy pushed forward, straddling her mother, spreading her legs wide.Still squeezing her mother’s tit, she lowered her cunt, and Terri felt thewet heat close about her nipple. Her erect nipple was inside herdaughter’s juicy little cunt, fucking it like a small cock.”Ooooh, Mommy!” Mandy squealed as she began to squirm her tiny hipsabout, trying to fuck her mother’s nipple. “I like it! It feels betterthan my finger! Ooooohhhh, I bet I could come doing this! It’s so good,Mommy!””Rub hard, baby!” Terri gasped, watching her daughter’s little pinkcunt slide on her tit. Cunt juice glistened on her nipple as it seemed todart in and out of the slippery tightness. “Rub yourself on my nipple!Make yourself come, Mandy!””I will, Mommy! Oooooh, I will make myself come! Ooooohhh, this is sodirty!”Terri’s cunt was on fire, burning through her panties. With one armbehind her, bracing her upper body she slipped her other hand under herskirt and into her panties. She began to ram her fingers in and out of herhairy, wet cunt, squealing with ecstasy as her daughter wiggled andtwisted frantically, fucking her nipple. The delicious scent of hot cuntfilled her nostrils, and Terri inhaled it eagerly, becoming intoxicated bythe smell of her daughter’s hotly-aroused young pussy.Her orgasm came swiftly and suddenly, before Terri even knew she wasgoing to come. She moaned loudly, her cunt gripping her buried fingers,clasping wetly. Mandy was breathing hard now, fucking her mother’s nipplewith faster movements, darting her little cunt up and down, actuallyfucking Terri’s nipple as if it were a cock. Her pretty blonde head wasthrown back, squeals coming from her mouth. Terri pulled wet fingers outof her cunt and thrust her hand up between Mandy’s thighs, cupping thegirl’s grinding little ass, feeling it bunch and twist in her hands.”Come, Mandy!” she urged. “Ohhh, baby, come on Mother’s tit! Fuck mytitties! Oooo, fuck Mother’s nipple and come, Mandy!””I’m…. fucking it… fucking it… ” Mandy gasped. “I’m fucking yourtit, Mommy! I’m fucking your tit… but I wanna fuck a cock! Unnnnghh, Iwanna fuck a real big hard cock… like Jimmy’s cock! Uuuuhhhh! I’m gonnafuck Jimmy, Mommy! I’m gonna fuck his cock and make him squirt!””Yes, baby, yes!” Terri moaned. “… and I’ll lick it all up!”Then, with a quick movement she pushed Mandy’s pussy off her tit.”Mommy!” Mandy wailed. “I was about to come!””You will!” Terri gasped. With another quick movement she pulled at herdaughter’s hips, bringing that soft, wet, cunt to her face.”Ohhhhh God, honey, I’ve got to do this! I can’t help myself!””Ooooooooh, Mommy!”Terri pressed her open mouth against her daughter’s tight cunt, suckingand licking hungrily, closing her palms about the tight curves of Mandy’sass. Her tongue swished up and down the k**’s cunt slit, then darteddeeply into it. The taste made Terri’s mind spin, and her cunt bubbledcream into her sopping panties once more.”Uuuuuuuhhhhhh, do it, Mommy!” Mandy sobbed, grinding her cunt onto hermother’s hot mouth. “Suck it, Mommy! Ohhhhhh, that’s so good! Suck mypussy, Mommy!”Terri rammed her tongue in and out, feeling her daughters satinycunt clasp it hotly. She fucked frantically at the sugary wetness, hertongue now and then twisting about Mandy’s throbbing little clit. She wassurprised at how wet and juicy Mandy’s juvenile little cunt was. Sheswallowed often as the sweetness dripped into her mouth, and her tonguebecame slippery with pussy juice. She squeezed the grinding cheeks ofMandy’s ass tightly, making lewd wet slurping sounds as she licked andsucked hungrily. She found she could close her mouth right over the moundof Mandy’s cunt, and suck on both puffy little pussy-lips as her tonguefucked in and out between them. She was frenching her little girl’s hotlittle cunt like a mouth.”Uuuuuhhhhhh, Goddddd! You’re gonna make it happen, Mommy!” Mandywailed loudly. “Ohhh, you’re gonna. make me come! I’m gonna come so hard!”A tremor swept through Mandy’s naked young body, then she let out asqueal of pleasure as her cunt convulsed against her mother’s mouth. Theyoungster’s orgasm was very strong, very intense. Terri felt Mandy’s sweetcunt grab at her tongue tightly, felt the fiery pulsations sucking it.Then she felt a trickle of wet heat. Mandy’s spasming tight cunt wascumming right into her open mouth. Terri sucked up the freely-flowingjuices and swallowed down every drop. The very thought of consuming her daughter’s cum-juice, sent Terri into a quivering orgasm. Sheclung to Mandy’s grinding ass, sucking the young girl’s cunt desperatelyas her own climax crashed through her squirming loins.”Mommy! Ooooh, Mommy! Uuuhhhhhhhnnnnngghhh! Fuuuuuuuccckk!”Terri held Mandy’s cunt against her mouth until the contractions ended,and gently drew away. Mandy’s young, sweet face glowed down at her with abeautiful expression of satisfaction.”Mommy, I didn’t know you’d do that for me.” Mandy giggled, suddenlyshy.”Mmmmmmm, any time, baby!”, replied her mother, licking her lipssuggestively.Terri was still sitting on the floor, knees bent leaning back on herhands, She smiled at Mandy and spread her legs open, watching herdaughter’s hot gaze shift between them. Mandy’s pouty sweet mouth openedslightly as a low, breathy gasp came from her.”You’re wet, too, Mommy,” Mandy whispered, her eyes focused intentlybetween her mother’s open thighs.”I sure am, baby,” Terri purred, opening and closing her knees slowly,her skirt almost around her waist.She wondered how her husband would react if he could see their daughternow, deliciously naked, with cunt-juice smeared all over her crotch, so eager and willing to please. Ray would actually drool,she felt, drool from his mouth and his cock. Then he’d throw her on thefloor and fuck the living shit out of her. Terri shivered with excitementat the very thought of watching a big, thick grown-up cock pumping intoMandy’s tight, juicy little fuck-hole. She wanted to ask Mandy if she knewher father looked at her with lustful eyes, but at the moment she wantedto enjoy Mandy alone, by herself.Leaning back, dreamily gazing at her naked daughter, Terri slipped herright hand down, pulling her skirt to her waist. She ran her fingers upand down the wet crotch of her panties, with Mandy’s eyes following herevery move with steamy heat.”Do you do that, too, Mommy?” Mandy asked in a hushed voice.”Mmmm, quite a lot,” her mother replied. “But not so much now that Ihave your father to fuck me.”Mandy’s little body gave a shiver of excitement. The mention of herfather and the work `fuck’ in the same sentence sent strange thrillsthrough the horny little girl. She wished she could watch her parentsfuck, but deep down she knew it was something she desperately wanted totry herself.”Does Daddy have a big one, Mommy?”Terri nodded her head, sliding her hand into her panties, caressing herrigid clit, fondling the puffy, hairy, highly-sensitive lips of herdripping cunt. Her hand bunched the panties, showing the soft cunt hair toher daughter.”Does it feel better than your hand, Mommy? “”Oh, baby, much better.””I’m gonna get Jimmy to put his in me,” Mandy whispered.Terri pulled the crotch of her panties pendik escort to one side, exposing her cuntfully. Mandy’s small, pink tongue ran over her lips as she watched hermother dip her middle finger into her cunt, then draw it out, wet andslippery with her juices. Terri brought her finger to her lips, twistingher tongue about it, licking her own cunt juices wickedly.”Ooooh, I’ve done that, too, Mommy! I’ve tasted myself before, and Ilove how it tastes!””You want your brother to put his prick in your pussy, Mandy?” Terriasked in a husky voice.”Is it okay, Mommy?” Mandy squirmed and wiggled with excitement. “Iwanna feel his big hard prick in me… you know… doing it to me!””You mean… fucking you?””Oh, yes ! ” Mandy squealed delightedly. “Fucking me! I want Jimmy tofuck me, Mommy!”Terri’s eyes were slitted with passion as she listened to her daughter’s wanton request. Her eyes were glued to the Mandy’s little slit, her finger fucking in and out of her own cunt with deep,satisfying thrusts as she imagined Jimmy’s formidable young prickstretching those plump little cuntlips.”Oooh, I’d love to see that, darling!”, moaned Terri.”You wanna watch Jimmy fuck me, Mommy?” Mandy’s eyes widened. “Ithought you were supposed to do that alone.””Not always, baby”, replied her mother. “It can be very exciting towatch others fucking, and also to have others watch you fucking.”Mandy giggled, a slight blush on her pretty young face. “I guess Iwouldn’t mind if you watched, but what would Jimmy say? He might be shyMommy. Even with me!””What about you, wouldn’t you be shy about showing your brother yourlittle pussy, honey?””Oh, no!” Mandy murmured, watching her mother’s fingers speed up,listening to the slick wet sounds with rising excitement. “I let you seemy pussy. It would be fun to have you watch us. But Jimmy might not wantyou to see his cock.”As Mandy said the word, she covered her mouth and giggled. “Oooh, Isaid it! I said `cock’, Mommy!””I know,” Terri purred, rubbing the tip of her finger over her bulgingclit now. “And you want Jimmy to stick his cock in your cunt and fuck you.And I can watch, right?””If Jimmy will… ” Mandy suddenly dropped to her knees, her burninggaze fixed on her mother’s gaping pussy. With a low moan, the little girlplaced her hot palms on Terri’s knees.”Oohhh, yes, baby! Touch me!” Terri urged hotly. “Rub Mommy’s legs…up high, honey… on the inside.”Eagerly Mandy stroked her mother’s inner thighs, her young eyesglittering hotly as she watched Terri finger-fuck herself. But Mandywasn’t satisfied with simply touching the satiny flesh of her mother’sthighs. She moved her fingers up and stroked the hairy lips of hermother’s gaping cunt as Terri agitated her clit.”Oooh, Mommy!” Mandy plunged all four of her little fingers into hermother’s cunt.”Ohhh, baby! ” Terri gasped in ecstasy, lifting her ass off the bed andhunching her cunt at her daughter’s hand as Mandy fucked her fingers inand out of her cunt. “Deeper! Now, faster, honey! Ohhhh, that’s wonderful!Keep it up and you’ll make me come so hard!”Gazing down between her legs, Terri watched her daughter’s fingersfucking into her boiling cunt. She gasped and whimpered softly, twistingher ass in tight little circles, humping her crotch up to meet Mandy’sfingers. She wanted to tell Mandy what she had just done with her brother,that she had jacked his stiff young cock off just fifteen minutes ago,taken the head of his cock between her lips and let him come down herthroat. She was sure it would make the little girl very horny to know thather brother had a big, thick cock and would be only too willing to fuckher with it, given half a chance.The thought of watching her son fuck his sisterwas such a horny image that Terri came on the spot. With a lurch of herass, Terri shoved her cunt up at her daughter’s fingers, feeling the smallhand lodge itself completely inside her pussy. Terri looked down andmoaned with ecstasy at the sight of her daughter’s whole hand buried inher wet, hairy cunt to the wrist.”Ohhhhhhh, Mandy! ” she sobbed, her cunt contracting around her daughters fist as she came.Mandy was fascinated at the way her mother’s pussy-hole had so easilytaken her whole hand up inside it, and how it clutched and rippled aroundher deeply buried fingers. The young girl watched with slightly unfocusedeyes as the hairy lips of her mother’s pussy flexed and squeezed aroundher wrist, the woman’s fully-erect clit visibly throbbing. She gazed indelight as her mother churned and humped her cunt up and down, delightedby the low, guttural sounds of pleasure streaming from her mother’s mouth.Mandy made a fist and pushed her small hand as far as she could up hermother’s cunt, which brought a wild, delicious gasp from Terri.Squealing in orgasm, Terri grabbed her daughter’s wrist and began topump her arm back and forth, using Mandy’s little fist like a cock.”Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” Terri cried passionately. “Oohh, baby,fuck Mommy’s cunt! Fuck me with your fist! Uuuuuuhhh, this is wonderful!So fucking wonderful!”Mandy eagerly fucked her mother to orgasm after orgasm. It was veryeasy to do because Terri was easily aroused. And the wanton, in***tuousimages flashing through her lust-crazed mind only increased her passion.She remembered the taste and texture of her son’s cum in her mouth, thesmooth, musky sweetness of her daughter’s sugary young cunt, and the wayshe had squealed and quivered in climax when Terri had sucked her stifflittle clit. But the picture of Jimmy’s erect cock imbedded in Mandy’stiny bulging cunt was the most intensely erotic image she had everimagined. She couldn’t wait to get them together and experience it inreality.After a time, the spasms faded and Mandy removed her hand from hermother’s cunt with a loud slurp that made them both giggle. Terri loweredher ass to the bed, her body still trembling with the beautiful afterglowof her powerful orgasm. Her eyes closed for a while but she knew Mandy wasthere, on her knees looking at her cunt. Her panties were caught to oneside by a hairy cuntlip, her knees spread wide again. She opened her eyeswhen she heard her daughter moan softly.Mandy was licking her dripping fingers, her young eyes fiery and glazedwith renewed passion. Her small tongue lapped from her wrist to herfingertips, cleaning them hungrily. Then she pushed all four fingers intoher mouth and sucked them hungrily.”Ohhhhh, baby, that’s so sexy,” Terri whispered.”Mommy, I wanna… ” Mandy didn’t finish. With a moan, she quicklypushed her face into Terri’s crotch, her hot little lips sucking as hertongue licked and swirled in her mother’s saturated slit. Terri lay backon the bed with a sigh of pleasure, pushing her cunt into her daughter’sface and grinding her ass.She watched Mandy’s eyes, the lower part of her young face surroundedby the soft matted curls of her cunt. She gasped when her daughter stabbedher small tongue-tip into her cunt, and worked it round and round, then inand out. Terri strained her crotch up tightly, and Mandy’s small handsclawed at her pantied ass, pulling upward, trying to shove her whole faceinto her mother’s hotly-seeping pussy.”Ohhh, Mandy, lick me! Lick Mother! Ahhh, baby, that feels so good!Suck my pussy, Mandy! Suck Mommy’s cunt… oh, that’s fantastic, darling!Mmmmmmmm, yeahhhh! Shove your tongue right up Mommy’s cunt!”Soft, wet, slurping sounds drifted up to Terri’s ears as her daughterswished her hot little tongue around, up and down, in and out. Then, whenMandy started sucking on her clit, Terri jerked her ass upward, squealingloudly. Although she had come so often and hard in the last half an hour,she was incredibly excited and ready to climax again in no time.”Mandy, I’m gonna come, darling! Oooh, yes, baby! Tongue Mommy up thecunt! Fuck me with your tongue and I’ll cum in your mouth!”Mandy twisted her face hard into her mother’s cunt, spreading the hairypussylips and pushing her mouth into it. She sucked at the flowing juices,her young throat swallowing hungrily, her tongue sliding about the velvetywalls just inside. Her hands clutched the tight, bunching cheeks of hermother’s ass frantically.Terri’s naked tits jiggled in hardness, her nipples throbbing andfeeling as if they would burst before her cunt exploded. She grabbed hertits, digging her fingers into them almost brutally, squeezing hard,making them ache sweetly. Her eyes filmed over with passion, but shemanaged to watch her daughter’s face. She twisted her ass about, humped upand down, banging her cunt hard at the little girl’s sucking mouth andlicking tongue. Then, with a loud screech, she came once more.”Mandy! ” she screamed, arching her back in an effort to close her cuntaround Mandy’s face. Mandy, in turn, strained her sucking mouth into hermother’s juicy cunt. “Ohhh, stop!” Terri cried. “Ohhh, darling, please nomore! My cunt won’t take anymore! Please, stop, baby!”Reluctantly, Mandy released her mother’s ass, watching as Terrisprawled on the floor. She sat back, spreading her own knees and fondlingher hairless cunt with renewed desire. She licked at her puffy lips, hereyes blazing with her need to come again.As her eyes focused, Terri saw the young girl’s expression. Althoughher cunt ached from the many orgasms, she could not leave her daughterhanging. She raised her arms, spreading her legs wide.”Come here,” she said softly. “Lie on top of me, honey.”Mandy did, her small titties pushing against the larger tits of hermother. Terri was a bit surprised that she didn’t have to tell Mandy whatto do, but by now she realized her daughter did things by instinct, notfrom any knowledge. Pulling her panties wide apart from her cunt, thewoman made a soft hissing sound when she felt Mandy’s rigid clit makecontact with hers. Slipping her hands to her daughter’s tight little ass,she cupped it and they began to rub at each other, Terri’s hairy cuntsliding excitingly on the smooth pussy of her daughter. Shecaressed Mandy’s bunching little ass, twisting her own as she rubbed hercunt at Mandy’s pussy.”I feel you, Mother! ” Mandy moaned. “I can feel the hair on your pussytickling mine! I like it… I like the hot feel of your pussy on mine.Oooooo, let’s rub our pussies together, Mommy. I bet we can come. Uuuuh, Ibet we can both come again doing this!”Terri wasn’t so sure about herself, but she was going to help herdaughter come, in any way she could. She wrapped her long legs aboutMandy’s hips, lifting her cunt to the girl’s fiery pussy, rubbing andtwisting….Chapter 4.Jimmy lay in his room, listening to his mother and sister. He knewwhat they were doing. Some of their words could be heard. His cock washalf hard and out of his jeans, and he stroked it as he listened, hismind working up images. He had never seen anything like what they weredoing, but he knew they were licking each other between the legs.He wondered what it would be like, the feel of a wet cunt against hisface. His mother had certainly sucked up his jizz when he came, hethought. If she liked that so much, then maybe licking a girl’s pussy wasgood, too. He wondered if his mother would let him kiss her cunt, tasteit, and lick it. But most of all he wondered if his little sister’s cuntwas any different form his mother’s.Although he was not one to spy, Jimmy had to see them, see what theywere doing to each other that made them so excited. He slipped from hisbed, his cock sticking from his pants, and sneaked into the hallway. Thecloser he got to his sister’s room, the louder the sounds became. Hiscock throbbed with excitement as he peeking inside.What he saw was his sister’s naked body on top of his mother, hismother’s hands holding Mandy’s squirming, grinding little ass, her legslifted and wrapped about Mandy. They were kissing each other, and hecould see their tongues meet and lick. His cock turned achingly hard,jerking upright and almost slapping at his belt. He grabbed his prickwith a tight fist as he stood in the door watching them, afraid to movehis hand, afraid he would come off all over the floor.Terri let out a soft sigh when Mandy squealed ramming her tight little cunt onto her pussy. She felt her daughter’s small body shake as shecame, and then Mandy lay limply on top of her, breathing heavily. Terrilowered her thighs, spreading them alongside those of Mandy, but shekept hold of the girl’s small, tight ass, only no longer gripping ittightly. She caressed the satiny asscheeks, dragging her finger alongthe crease of her ass, making her daughter gurgle happily. Then Terrilooked up and saw her son.”Jimmy,” she said softly, her eyes showing her delight at seeing himthere.With a squeal, Mandy jumped from her mother’s body, one arm coveringher small tits, the other trying to hide her pussy as she crouched,staring at her brother.”Jimmy! ” she gasped. “You were peeking! “”I could hear…. and your door was open,” Jimmy said, his eyes movingfrom his sister’s crouching body to his mother’s.Terri had not closed her legs. Her skirt was at her waist, her crotchexposed, tits poking out from her open blouse.”Did you hear everything? ” Mandy asked, her eyes burning on herbrother’s jerking cock.”All I heard was squeals and moans,” Jimmy said, squeezing his cockhard, the already swollen cockhead bulging even more, his piss holedripping pre-cum. Terri sat up, but didn’t rearrange her skirt or blouse.”Why are you acting so shy, Mandy?” she asked, a teasing smile on herface. “I thought you wanted to do it with Ji…..””Mommy!” Mandy squealed. “Don’t tell him that!””But you said you wanted to fu….””Mommy! ” Mandy squealed again, and quickly covered her mother’s mouthwith her hands. Then, realizing her brother could see her naked body, shequickly went into her crouch once again, covering her titties and cunt.Terri laughed. “What are you trying to hide, honey?””Jimmy is staring at me,” Mandy breathed, but her eyes were on hishard cock again. “He can see me… naked.”Terri gently removed Mandy’s hands, and although there was a flush onher daughter’s satiny flesh, the wild look in her blue eyes told howbadly Mandy wanted to fuck Jimmy. “You told me you wanted him to… “Terri giggled when Mandy tried to cover her mouth again, avoiding thesmall hand by turning her head. “You said you wanted Jimmy to fuck you.””Mommy! You told!”Jimmy, grinning from ear to ear, moved into his sister’s room. “Didyou say that, Mandy? Did you really say you wanted me to fuck you?”Mandy gasped. “You’re not supposed to say that.””But, honey, you do want to fuck him,” Terri mewled. “Jimmy, comecloser, so your horny little sister can see that lovely big prick ofyours better.”Jimmy moved forward, his gaze going from his sister’s small, hardtitties with her candy-pink nipples, to his mother’s full tits and herlight-brown nipples. Terri lifted her hand to her son’s cock pushing hishand away. She took his prick in her own hand sliding on it her fist backand forth.”You do want this cock in you, don’t you, Mandy?” she said softly.”You weren’t just saying that, were you? You do want your big brother tofuck you, right?””But Mommy…. what about….””You said he would be shy,” Terri smiled. “But I’d say you’re the onethat’s shy.””Not me! ” Mandy insisted, standing up straight. “I’m not scared…see!”Terri stroked her other hand up her daughter’s thighs to her juicy,Tight little cunt. She worked her finger into the k**’s pussy and fucked itin and out at the same time pumping her son’s cock. The excitingsensation of fingering Mandy’s hot young pussy and jacking her son’s cockoff at the same time, sent a steamy reaction through her body.”I’ve never done anything like this before,” Terri said in a lowvoice. “Playing with a pussy and cock together. It’s fun… I like it.”She couldn’t resist, raising her face and pulling her son’s cock down.She kissed him on his dripping piss hole. Jimmy was not playing with hismother’s tits, but his eyes moved from his sister’s naked body to hismother’s blatantly exposed cunt. He trembled with anticipation, his ballsdrawing up at the base of his cock. Terri pulled her daughter’s hand toher son’s huge prick, and closed her fingers around it.”Play with his cock, Mandy,” she breathed hotly. “Feel how hard it is.It isn’t as big as the man on the elevator, but I think you’ll love howgood it feels in your little cunt.”Jimmy needed no prompting from his mother. As his sister pumped hiscock on her own, he grasped her tight little titties, squeezing them inturn, then lowering his hand to her smooth, pink cunt. Mandy wiggled hertiny ass, squealing with pleasure as her brother rubbed his fingers intoher moist little pussy-slit. At the same time, she jerked her littlefist in short, quick motions on Jimmy’s cock, spreading her legs to lether brother finger her cunt better.Terri sat on the bed, watching them, her eyes glowing withvoyeuristic heat. She licked her lips as she watched her son rubbing ather daughter’s pink, glistening little pussy, and her tiny hand jackinghis raging hard-on.”Fuck each other! ” she moaned softly. “Ohhh! please, let Mother seeyou fuck! I want to see your brother’s big cock inside your little cunt,Mandy.””Ooooh, do you wanna do it, Jimmy?” Mandy gasped, turning his cockloose and cupping his full balls. “Mommy, these are so hot, too!””That’s nice,” Terri purred, rubbing at her own cunt, sitting on thefloor between them. “His balls are full and ready, Mandy. He’s ready tocome a lot, I bet. Lie back and put his cock in your cunt, baby! LetMommy watch you two fuck!””Oooh, Jimmy, let’s do it!” Mandy squealed, jerking on her brother’scock urgently. “I wanna do it, Jimmy! Come on, hurry!”Terri grinned. “My, you’re a hot little twat, Mandy.””Yes, Mommy, I am! Ohhh, I’m such a hot little twat! I wanna fuck you,Jimmy! Ahhh, I wanna fuck you off right now!””Fuck me off? ” Jimmy gasped, clutching one of his sister’s tightlittle titties.”Make you squirt… in me!” she cried hotly.Terri lay back on her daughter’s bed, her eyes smoldering withexcitement. Mandy scrambled up beside her, pulling her brother by hiscock. Jimmy had no choice but to follow. As Mandy lay back, spreading hersatiny, slim thighs, he gazed into her crotch. His little sister’s pussywas so smooth and creamy, with slippery juices seeping from thepussy-lips, making the flesh of her pretty little ass and inner thighsglisten. His cock jerked up and down, dribbling pre-cum on her leg.Terri was breathing hard, her naked tits heaving up and down. Hernipples were painfully swollen, and her bushy cunt was throbbing. She movedher hands to her daughter’s crotch, her fingers spreading those satiny,succulent cuntlips wide, making Mandy’s pulsating clit stand up and hertiny little fuckhole flower open.”Put it in, Jimmy,” Terri moaned softly. “Put your cock in yoursister’s hot little pussy! Hurry, Jimmy!”Mandy whimpered, raising her cunt the way her mother had before,making tight grinding motions with her little ass.”I wanna feel your cock in me, in my cunt! Ohhh, Mommy, make him hurryup and fuck me!””You better hurry, Jimmy, ” Terri moaned, holding her daughter’shairless little cunt wide with her fingers. “Mandy might come before youget your cock in her pussy. Feel how hot she is.”Jimmy ran his palm up and down his sister’s cunt, feeling the wetheat. Mandy gurgled and strained her pussy against his hand, her own flaton the bed beside her raised hips, already clawing at the sheets. AsJimmy drew his wet hand away, Terri stabbed a finger in her daughter’scunt, fucking it in and out. Mandy sobbed and jerked her hips up anddown, fucking herself on her mother’s stiff finger as Jimmy stared hotly.”She’s ready, Jimmy! Fuck her! Fuck her good, baby!” Terri hissed,pulling her finger out.Jimmy pushed the head of his cock to his sister’s cunt. His drippingcockhead smashed her small, hard clit, causing Mandy to yelp with thesensation. She arched her hips a bit higher, and the swollen head of hiscock penetrated her cunt.”Ohhhh!” Mandy gasped, her eyes going wide as she felt the stretching,stuffing sensation of her brother’s big prick sliding into her smallcunt. “Ohhhhh, Jimmy!”The boy hunched his hips, driving his cock into his little sister’spussy until his cockhead met with a spongy resistance. He hunched harder,but try as he might, he couldn’t seem to get his cock inside her morethan a couple of inches.”I can’t get it in, Mom!”, cried Jimmy in frustration.Terri got behind her son and grabbed his hips.”Don’t worry, baby, that’s her hymen. Your sister is a virgin,remember? You just need to bust her little cherry that’s all,” soothedhis mother.”What do I do?”, panted Jimmy, moving his cock shallowly in and out ofthe squirming little girl.”Just thrust your cock in her a little harder until you feel it giveway. Then you can fuck her as deeply as you like. Here I’ll help you,honey,” said Terri pressing down on her son’s bunching ass-cheeks. “Nowpush hard!”Jimmy thrust his hips down hard and felt the rubbery membrane insidehis little sister’s cunt stretch a little. Mandy bit her bottom lips andmoaned in pain both pain and pleasure. But her mother had told her abouther `cherry’ and how a guy would have to hurt her a little bit at firstbefore he would be able to get his cock right up into her cunt to fuckher properly.Terri pushed down on Jimmy’s muscular buttocks as the boy rammed hiscock into his sister’s upthrust little twat, and on the third attemptJimmy felt a popping sensation and his long, thick cock slid slowly intoMandy’s tight little cunt to the balls”Oooooooooouuuuuuhhhhh, Mommmmmmmy!”, moaned Mandy, wrapping her armsaround her brother’s shoulders and lifting her hips up off the bed. “He’sin me! Jimmy’s cock is in me! Ohhhhhhh, it’s so biiiiiig! Ummmmmmmmmm! Itfeels so good, Mommy!”Terri held her breath as she watched her daughter’s tight littleCuntlips part widely and close about her son’s cock. Seeing it almost causedher to come. She fingered the girl’s puffy pussy-lips as she watchedJimmy slowly fuck his man-sized cock deeper into his little sister’sultra-tight cunt. Mandy held her breath, her ass lifted, legs spreadwide, her eyes unfocused, lips parted.When she saw her son’s cock fuck completely into her daughter’sbulging cunt, Terri pulled her fingers away, sliding them along themoist, pink lips at the top of her daughters tight cuntslit.She pushed, and Mandy’s sweet little ass jerked.”You’ve busted her cherry, Jimmy, now fuck her!” Terri gurgled hotly.”Oh, baby, fuck her hot little cunt! Fuck your sister, Jimmy!””Oh, yes, Mom!” he gasped, gripping his sister’s hips tightly.”Fuck me, Jimmy!” Mandy breathed hotly.”Ohhh, it feels so good! Mommy, I’m gonna love this! Ooooh, his cockfeels so deep in me… I don’t know if I can stand it!””You will, honey, ” Terri purred, stroking her daughter’s firm littletitties, pulling and twisting her pink nipples. “You’ll stand it and wantmore… want as much as you can get!””I know!” Mandy cried. “I already want more!”Jimmy drew his cock back, almost slipping the cockhead from hissister’s cunt. Mandy thought he was going to take his prick out of her,and lunged upward, sliding her cunt back onto her brother’s thick,glistening cock-shaft.Terri made hissing sounds as she watched her son fucking his cock intoher daughter’s tight cunt. The way those pink, hairless pussy-lips bulgedand clutched at his pumping cock-shaft made her own pussy throb and oozejuices. She leaned down, keeping her head turned to see her son’s cockfucking into Mandy’s upthrust little twat, and began to suck greedily atthe girl’s small, hard nipples.Mandy wrapped an arm about her mother’s neck, and began to churn herhot little ass as Jimmy rammed his cock in and out of her cunt swiftly.Her blue eyes blazed up at his face, her lovely flushed cheeks burningwith hot desire. Her small hips twisted and churned, humping up to meether big brother’s down-thrusting cock.Soft, moist sounds filled the bedroom, and as Terri sucked at herdaughter’s titties, she inhaled the delicious scent of their fucking.Jimmy was on his knees, holding his sister’s hips while she spread herthighs around his, working her cute little ass in a frenzy, fucking himback, meeting him fuck-thrust for fuck-thrust.Terri moved her hand over Jimmy and Mandy’s heaving young bodies asshe sucked and licked at her daughter’s tiny titties. Her eyes were onfire as she watched how frantically her son’s cock pounded into thelittle girl’s tightly clinging pussy. She caressed Mandy’s smooth backand down to her tight little ass, squeezing the asscheeks. She felt herson’s balls bang at her fingers, and she gripped them, twisting gently ashe fucked his cock deeply into Mandy’s steamy young pussy.”Oohhh, fuck me, Jimmy!” Mandy sobbed. “Fuck me hard! Uuuuuuh, I likethis, Mommy! I think I’m gonna wanna fuck all the time! Jimmy, it feelsso good in me! I can feel how hard your cock is, and it seems so long andbig!”Terri licked her way up to her daughter’s face, swirling her tongueover Mandy’s chin, then into the youngster’s sweet, hot little mouthMandy closed her lips over her mother’s tongue, sucking at it. Jimmy,feeling his cock gripped very tightly inside his sister’s velvety tight cunt, watched as his mother and sister sucked eachother’s tongues. His mother’s big tits were out of her blouse and bra,her skirt hiked very high on her slim thighs.”Mom, let me see your pussy!” he gasped.”Oh, baby! Yes! ” Terri groaned, lifting her ass and jerking her skirtto her waist.With one quick tug, she ripped her flimsy panties off, and drew oneknee high on the bed, the other leg out. Her hairy cunt was on fulldisplay to her son, and she began to suck at Mandy’s titties once more,writhing her naked ass as her pussy bubbled. The soft hairs of her cuntwere wet with the juices, and her clit protruded with hardness.”Look at my pussy Jimmy! Ohhh yes, baby, look at Mommy’s cunt! Fuckyour sister and look at my cunt!”Jimmy stared at his mother’s pussy, his cock swelling even more insidehis sister’s very tight, very hot young cunt. As he fucked his littlesister, he darted his hand up his mother’s thigh, and when Terri saidnothing, he caressed her cunt. Terri twisted and rolled her hips, workingher eager twat up to her son’s hand.”Finger-fuck her!” cried Mandy, watching her brother’s hand rubbingher mother’s cunt. “Jimmy, fuck mommy with your fingers!”With a moan of delight, Jimmy rammed his fingers into his mother’scunt, bringing a hot hiss of ecstasy from Terri. When she raised herhead, watching her son’s fingers ram into her cunt, her daughter twistedaround and sucked on one of her big tits with her hot little mouth”Ohhh, God! ” Terri cried, feeling the powerful suction of Mandy’seager mouth on her tit, feeling her son’s fingers fucking into her pussy,watching his cock fucking in and out of Mandy’s bulging cunt. “Suck mytits, Mandy! Ahhh, suck them hard! Fuck me with your fingers, Jimmy!Ohhhhh, yes, darling! Finger-fuck your mommy and cock-fuck your sister…ooooh, ram it to us…. both of us!”Jimmy couldn’t concentrate on both cunts at the same time. He fuckedinto his sister’s cunt frantically watching his mother fuck her hairypussy up and down on his fingers. Then, with his balls boiling hotly, hepulled his fingers-out of his mother’s cunt and grabbed at his sister’stwisting churning, tight ass. He fucked the little k** harder, gruntingwith rapture.Terri, almost overwhelmed to see her son fucking her daughter, shother hand to her cunt and began to finger-fuck herself furiously,spreading her long, slender legs as wide as she could.Fucking into his sister, Jimmy gazed at his mother’s fingers. Hismouth was sagging, the tip of his tongue hanging out, his breath comingout in quick panting sounds. Almost frantic with voyeuristic ecstasy,Terri raised to her knees, spreading them wide, her skirt bunched abouther waist. While she stared at her son’s cock fucking in and out ofMandy’s cunt, she finger-fucked herself in a frenzy, ramming first thefingers of her right hand deep into her hairy wet pussy, then the leftones. Her hips twisted and arched, the wet sounds of her fucking fingersmingling with those of Jimmy’s stiff cock and Mandy’s gooey cunt.”Ooooh, I feel like I’m gonna come!” Mandy squealed. “Make me come,Jimmy! Ooooohhh God, make me come!””I’m gonna come, too!” Jimmy cried.”Yessss, come in her cunt!” Terri urged. “Fill your sister’s hotlittle pussy with cum, Jimmy! Squirt it to her… right up her hot greedylittle twat! “Clawing at her own overheated cunt with her fingers, now fuckingherself with one hand and smashing her hard clit with the other, Terri,too, felt herself roaring toward an orgasm. Her tits jiggled as her hipsdarted back and forth, her ass bunching.”Now, Jimmy!” Mandy squealed, humping her little crotch up hard, thetight cuntlips crushed at the base of her brother’s slamming cock.”Come in me now! I’m gonna come so hard, Jimmy! Oh, please, I wanna feelyou squirt in my cunt! Come in my cunt, Jimmy! “With a wild, squealing cry, Mandy came. Her little cunt went intostrong spasms around her brother’s prick. The hairless pink pussy-lipssqueezed his cock like a fist, flexing in powerful waves of pubescentorgasm.Jimmy, frantic to come as his sister’s cunt gripped his cock, fuckedfaster and faster. With a loud wail, he came too, sending a searing gushof thick cock cream into Mandy’s tightly plugged pussy. Mandy cried outas she felt her brother’s hot cum fill her tiny cunt, feeling a cock comeoff in her little virgin pussy for the first time ever. But Jimmy,fucking his prick feverishly in and out of his sister’s convulsing pussy,missed on the way back in and accidentally sent a hot spurt of cum overher rippling stomach, almost to her swollen little tits.”Oh, no!” Mandy cried. “Put it back, Jimmy! Put it back in and fuck mesome more!”Jimmy stuffed his cock back into his sister’s tight little cunt, onlytoo happy to keep on fucking her.Terri felt herself climax around her own buried fingers, and with athroaty cry, dropped her mouth down to Mandy’s stomach, her tonguelicking up the hot juices her son’s cock had accidentally squirted on thelittle girl’s belly.Chapter 5.Terri considered telling her husband Ray what she had done with Jimmyand Mandy. She wasn’t sure what his reaction would be, but she knew Raywanted to touch Mandy, feel her up, at least her cute little ass.Although he had never said it in so many words, she was sure Ray wouldlove to fuck their daughter and lick her sweet little cunt. Ray loved topush his face between Terri’s legs and suck her hairy twat, and no doubthe would just love to tongue-fuck Mandy’s smooth, hairless little pussy.She tried to imagine Ray with his face between their daughter’sthighs, while she took Jimmy’s cock into her cunt. It seemed it would beexciting to have Jimmy fuck her while Ray sucked their little daughter ather side. But not knowing what his reaction would be, she decided not tosay anything to him at all. If he discovered them, and said nothing aboutit, she would know what to do then. He talked a lot about how prettyMandy was, how sexy her cute little ass was, but that was about as far ashe had gone. Talk was one thing, but doing something about it wasentirely a different matter.She slept the next morning, worn out from the many orgasms she hadenjoyed with her k**s. When she had left Jimmy and Mandy, they werewrapped up in each other’s arms on Mandy’s bed. It delighted her to thinkthey would probably wake up during the night and fuck again. If she hadnot been so tired, she would have stayed with them, just to watch.When it was close to noon, and they still had not come out of Mandy’sroom, Terri went to check on them. But Mandy was alone in her bed,sprawled out naked her pussy exposed, one small hand resting with herfingers touching a sweet pink pussy-lip, the other cupping a tiny tit.Mandy was sleeping peacefully. She found her son in his room. Jimmy waspropped up in bed, leaning against the headboard, naked and fisting araging hard-on.”My, what a lovely big cock,” Terri said as she entered his room.”What’s the matter, honey? Won’t Mandy take it again?””She’s sleeping, Mom,” Jimmy said, holding his balls. “I tried to wakeher up, but she just mumbled and stayed asleep.””And you don’t have any pussy,” Terri said softly, sitting on the edgeof his bed, caressing his thigh. “Sitting here all alone with a hard-onand no pussy to fuck. You want Mommy to take care of it for you, baby?””Shit, yeah, Mom!”, Jimmy enthusiastically.Her hand closed about his cock, pumping it slowly, but firmly. Jimmymoaned softly, raising his hips. Terri used her other hand to open herrobe and exposed her naked body to her son in wanton invitation. Jimmydidn’t ask this time, he simply reached out and began fondling hismother’s big tits. He looked down her flat stomach to the mass of softpussy hair. Terri opened her legs for him.”Touch me,” she whispered. “Play with Mommy’s cunt, baby.””Are you gonna jack me off again, Mom?” he asked, sliding his hand upher thigh, then rubbing the wetness of her cunt.”Well… ” Terri said, looking at his cock and young balls hungrily.”I think I have something you might enjoy more.””You do?””Oh, I’m sure I do,” she purred, leaning down and kissing the head ofhis prick.She ran her tongue about the swollen cock-flesh, then dipped hertongue at his seeping piss-hole, licking away the pre-cum. She closed herhot lips around his cock, sinking down, taking it all the way into hermouth, her lips on the base, her tongue pushing it to the roof of hermouth. Jimmy moaned softly, a hand on the back of his mother’s head.Terri sucked up and down, her hot lips tight as her tongue licked. Shesucked her son’s cock slowly, enjoying the hot throb of it inside hermouth. She opened her legs more when she felt her son slide a finger intoher cunt.”Ahhh, that’s very good, Mom!” Jimmy gasped as she gave his cock ahard suck. “You gonna make me come in your mouth again?”Terri raised her face, sliding her tongue up and down the hard shaftof his prick, then tickled his balls with the tip.”You’d like for me to suck you off, wouldn’t you? I bet you’d love itif I made you come in my mouth. But, Jimmy… I’ve had my breakfastalready.”Jimmy laughed, watching her tongue lap his cock. He fucked his fingersdeeply into her cunt.”Have a second-breakfast, Mom.””I had something else in mind,” she purred.Jimmy didn’t reply. He loved the way his mother’s cunt felt around hisfingers, loved the wetness of it, the soft hair. Terri moved toward hisfeet, then pulled him until he was flat on his back. His cock stood up,jerking with intense hardness.She straddled his thighs, her fingers spreading her pussy open. Shewalked on her knees up over his body, pausing as her cunt hovered abovehis cock. She rolled her hips, teasing her son, her eyes blazing down athim.”Are you gonna fuck me, Mom?” he moaned eagerly.”You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she purred softly. “You’d like it ifMommy fucked that hard-on, right? You want to stick your cock in mommy’scunt and fuck me, don’t you? You want to fuck your mother, right, baby?””Oh, yes, Mom!” he groaned.”I might fuck you,” Terri said in a thick, husky voice. “I just mightfuck you good. But…””But what, Mom? I won’t tell Dad, ” he said urgently. “I won’t tellanyone! “”I wasn’t thinking that,” she said, inching upward again. She restedher cunt on his stomach, and Jimmy’s mouth opened as-he felt the wet heatof his mother’s cunt on his flesh.”I was thinking that if you were real nice to me, I’d probably fuckyou.””I’ll be nice, Mom!””Of course you will,” she breathed, rubbing her cunt higher until shehad it on his chest. She twisted her ass, smearing her wet pussy on hisflesh. “You’ll do anything Mommy wants… as long as you get fucked!Right, darling?””Yes, Mom!””You’d even suck Mommy’s cunt, wouldn’t you?”Jimmy’s eyes widened as he stared at his mother’s face. Terri waitedfor his reply, rubbing her wet cunt close to his neck now.”Well, would you, baby? Hmmmmm?””Jesus, Mom! Give it to me!” Jimmy gasped, sliding his arms about herhips and cupping her ass, pulling her pussy toward his face. “I’ll suckyour cunt! I’ll lick it and stick my tongue inside and…. uuuunhhhh, God,give me your cunt, Mom!””Ohhhh, baby, I knew you would!”Terri gurgled in pleasure, lifting her pussy off his chest and slidinghigher. She stood on her knees, still holding her pussy open. Jimmy gazedup at her cunt, his eyes burning and his tongue licking at his lips. Adrop of pussy juice dripped onto his tongue, and Jimmy pulled it into hismouth, then swallowed it.”Oooooh yeahhhhhh, kiss Mommy right on the cunt, Jimmy!”Holding his mother’s naked ass, her robe wide open, Jimmy pushed hisface into her crotch. Terri gasped in delight as he nibbled his mouthabout her soft, wet pussy. His tongue darted, sliding over her clit, andher ass jerked back and forth.”Inside!” she cried. “Push your tongue inside me! Fuck Mommy with yourtongue!”Jimmy opened his young mouth wide, his tongue plunging up into hismother’s cunt. Terri whipped her ass about, gurgling and whimpering withecstasy. She rubbed and twisted, smearing her pussy against her son’sslurping lips. She looked down between her tits at his face, seeing onlyhis eyes above the thick, curly mass of pussy hair.”Eat me, eat me!” she cried out. “Suck that hot cunt, Jimmy! Ahhh,baby, baby! Suck Mommy’s hot cunt! Fuck me with your tongue! Ahhhh, suckit, suck it! Make Mommy come in your pussy-sucking mouth!”Clinging to his mother’s grinding ass, his fingers squeezing theasscheeks, Jimmy sucked and licked hungrily. The juices of his mother’scunt dripped directly into his mouth, and he swallowed with pleasure. Hetwisted and twirled his tongue inside her satiny pussy, sucked at herrigid clit. Terri squirmed her cunt up and down, jerking her hips,rubbing hard into her son’s face, her hands now behind his head andpulling his mouth as tight as she could into her burning pussy.”I’m about to come, Jimmy!” she wailed”Ooooh, make Mommy come! I want to come in your face, in your mouth!Suck it up, Jimmy! Ooooh, baby, lick Mommy’s pussy! Eat Mommy’s cunt andfuck it and suck it and… oohhhhh, harder, harder!”She whipped her ass about, her tits jiggling. Jimmy’s tongue wasfucking deeply into her pussy. With a shout of ecstasy, Terri came. Hercunt contracted about her son’s tongue hard, the spasms sucking on it.Jimmy gripped his mother’s twisting ass tightly , burying his face asdeep as he could, loving the feel of her soft, satiny inner thighssqueezing his head. Terri trembled violently as she came, grinding hercunt almost brutally into Jimmy’s face. She screamed and cried out withecstasy, and as the intensely powerful orgasm slowed and stilled, shealmost sat down hard on his young face from weakness.Jimmy looked up at his mother his lower face still pressed into hercunt, watching her tits, her light-brown nipples jutting upward. Terrilooked down at him, a satisfied smile on her glowing face.”God, baby you were good!” she breathed. “Did you suck your sister’scunt last night this way?”Jimmy shook his head, and his voice was muffled by his mother’s cunt.”No… she went to sleep.”Sliding her cunt to her son’s chest again, she said:- “Why did thatstop you? You could have licked her sweet little pussy while she wasasleep, couldn’t you? I’m sure she wouldn’t have objected.”Sheepishly, Jimmy admitted the truth.”I went to sleep, too.””I bet you’ll lick her pussy the first chance you get, though.””You bet, Mom! ” Jimmy grinned up at her.Terri felt her son’s hard cock brush her ass. She reached behind herbody and pumped his cock a few times.”Do you still want to fuck Mommy?” she asked softly. “Would you stilllike fuck your mother’s cunt?””Yes, Mom! I wanna fuck you now!”With a soft purring sound, Terri raised her crotch until it was aboveher son’s cock. She slowly lowered her pussy and rubbed the swollen headof his prick along the wet, fiery cuntslit. She rubbed his cock at herclit, mewling softly. Jimmy watched, writhing his ass with eagerness. Hewanted to lift his ass, ram his cock up her cunt now.”You want it, don’t you, baby?” she teased. “You want to fuck Mommy…fuck Mommy’s cunt. You want to fuck it so much, don’t you?””Yes, Mom, and if I don’t do it quick, I’m gonna come all over it!””Ohhh, we can’t let you do that,” she purred softly.She lowered her crotch just enough to let the swollen head of herson’s cock slide between the lips of her pussy. She rolled her hips,making a circle with his cock barely inside her cunt.”Is my pussy hot, baby?””Oh, yes, Mom! Your cunt is very hot, and very wet!””Want your cock in Mommy’s cunt?””Yes! “”Maybe I should suck your cock some more.””No! I wanna fuck you, Mom!””Ooooh, you really do, don’t you?” Terri gurgled.”I love it when a guywants to fuck me so badly. It makes my pussy real hot when a guy wants tofuck it so much!””Mom please!”Gazing into her son’s contorted face, Terri slipped her cunt down abit more feeling his cock spread the lips of her hairy cunt. She gaspedin ecstasy as she felt the hot throb of it fill up her steamy, wet hole.”Watch, baby! Watch momma’s hot cunt take your big cock!”She lowered her crotch, sliding her slippery cunt down, slowly,enjoying the sensations. As the soft hair of her pussy touched the baseof his cock she rested there, slowly squirming her cunt around. Her son’scock was deep… very, very deep.”Now you watch me, Jimmy,” she said, clutching her tits in both hands.”Watch Mommy fuck you, baby!”Terri began to bounce up and down, riding her son’s cock with slowmotions. But the fiery sensations of her son fucking her wouldn’t let herkeep moving slowly. With a squeal she began to pound up and down,slapping her cunt down onto his cock to the root , then lifting until shealmost lost it, only to ram down again, harder and faster.Gasping hotly, Terri fucked on Jimmy’s prick, a white froth of cuntjuice forming on his young balls. She gurgled and sobbed in ecstasy,fingers squeezing her naked tits, her robe sliding from her shoulders.Her robe fell across Jimmy’s thighs, and she sat naked on his fucker,dancing her ass about, grinding even as she plunged up and down.Her eyes closed, Terri fucked faster and faster, her cunt on fire. Shefrantically brought a hand to her pussy, rubbing and agitating herswollen clit as she stuffed her cunt with his cock over and over. Hernaked ass whipped about, sliding back and forth.Jimmy held his mother’s thighs, his thumbs gripping near her cunt, hiseyes wide as he watched her hairy fuck-hole devour his prick. He moanedand panted as his mother’s cunt rammed up and down, pounding so hard, shewas making the bed bounce.”Oooh, Jesus! Baby, this is wonderful!” Terri sobbed. “God, what acock you have, Jimmy! So hard…uhnnnhh… God! So long! I can feel yourcock so deep! Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mommy!”Jimmy began to thrust his cock up as she came down, making wet soundsagainst her juicy, slurping cunt. Terri was almost screaming withecstasy, fucking hard and frantically with her son. She shot her handbehind her whipping ass and clutched his balls, squeezing them, pullingthem.”Jimmy! Ohhh, Jimmy, your balls are so hard!” she gasped. “Give meyour Jizz, baby! Ohhh, squirt that sweet cum up my cunt! Come in Mommy’spussy… I want it in my cunt!””Are you gonna come, Mom?” panted Jimmy!”God, yes! FUCK ME HARD!!!”Her ass bounced faster and faster. Jimmy was stabbing his wonderfulbig cock into her cunt in a frenzy, grinding and trembling. Terri dug herfingers into her naked tits and squeezed, her nipples protruding from hertight fingers.With a wild cry, Terri came, her cunt gripping in flexing waves on herson’s cock, squeezing and sucking. She rammed her cunt down tightly onhis prick, her hips jerking back and forth. She screamed loudly, her headtwisting and hair flying. Jimmy almost lifted off the bed, his handsdarting round his mother’s hips to grab her squirming ass.With a grunt, the boy came, spewing his thick, hot cock cream into hismother’s sucking cunt. As his head and shoulders came off the bed, Terristuffed one of her tits into his mouth. Jimmy began to suck franticallyon her nipple, his fingers digging into the hot crack of his mother’sass. His cock squirted time and again, flooding her pussy with his youngsperm. Terri cried and gasped, her orgasms coming stronger and stronger,her cunt about to squeeze his cock off at the base.”Suck my tit!” she screamed. “Suck my fucking tit and come in myfucking cunt!”As the final spurt of his cum-load splattered into her pussy, Terrifell forward, crushing her son beneath her shaking body, the spasms ofher cunt still working at his softening cock…Chapter 6.”Where did Mandy run off to?” Terri asked when she realized herdaughter was not at home.”I think she went to see Dad,” Jimmy answered, “She said shewanted to get some money for shopping.””She knows she shouldn’t bother her father at work,” Terri said.”Anyway, I have some money I could have given her.””I took that, Mom,” Jimmy said. “I had to buy a new tyre for mybike. Sorry, I forgot to tell you about it.””Oh, well…”Jimmy was in the garage, smeared with grease, working on histen-speed. All he had on was a ragged pair of faded cut-off jeans.Terri watched him a moment, her heart swelling at how handsome hewas. It had been almost a week since the incident in the elevator,and she had been fucking her son and sucking her daughter’s juicylittle cunt each and every day, as often as possible… which wasvery often. Yet still she was horny!At night, when her husband came home, she fucked him silly. Raywas very pleased, always eager to plunge his cock into his wife’shorny, ever-ready cunt. He was even more delighted that Terri seemedto want to suck on his cock more than ever before, taking his loadhungrily when he came, swallowing it with soft, a****l-like mewls ofecstasy.Once, they had almost been caught by Mandy with his cock insideTerri’s mouth. Ray found it puzzling that his wife had not beenembarrassed by the near exposure. She had just swallowed his cum-loadwhen Mandy came bouncing into their bedroom, and Ray thought he hadcovered his cock just in time.As it turned out, Ray had been a bit slow. Mandy had seen herfather’s erect prick in her mother’s mouth and later confronted Terriwith what she had witnessed. Terri admitted she had just sucked Rayoff. Mandy had squealed with delight and kissed her motherpassionately.”Ooooh, I wish I could taste Daddy’s cum in your mouth, Mommy! Orbetter still in your pussy!” Mandy had said, and slipped her headunder Terri’s skirt and licked her hairy cunt to orgasm.Mandy had never gone to her father’s office alone before, and shehad never asked him for money. She always came to her mother. Itpuzzled Terri that Mandy would go downtown on a crowded bus just toask Ray for shopping money. She sensed her horny little daughter wasup to something……”Honey, you’re going to have to scrub good to get all that greaseoff,” she said to her son, running her hand through his hair. Jimmymade a playful grab at his mother’s ass. Terri jumped back with asqueal.”Don’t you dare smear that filthy stuff on me!”She wore a pair of white shorts, cut high on her hips, molding herrounded ass to perfection, the slit pendik escort bayan of her cunt showing in the tightcrotch.Jimmy pushed his mouth between his mother’s thighs, bitingplayfully at her cunt mound. Terri giggled and returned the pressure.”If you’d just clean that grease off, I’d give you a good fuck,baby.”Jimmy stood up, his cock-tip pushing from the frayed edges of hiscut-offs. Terri fondled her son’s virile young prick, her eyesglazing over with lust.”Well, I could suck you off, I suppose. You don’t have any greaseon your cock, do you?”, Terri laughed.”Not yet I don’t, Mom!” Jimmy grinned back impishly.Terri dropped to her knees on the floor of the garage, ignoringthe spots of grease and pulled her son’s shorts to one side. Jimmy’sformidable young erection sprang out and jerked upward, alreadythrobbing with stiffness.”Mmmmmm, nice and hard for Mother,” she purred, and closed her hotlips around his cock. Holding Jimmy’s ass through his cut-offs, Terrisucked back and forth, glancing up hotly into his smiling young face.”Ohhhh, that’s good, Mom!” he moaned, almost clutching her hair inhis greasy hands. Terri drew back.”Don’t you dare hold my head in those filthy hands, or I’ll stop!”Satisfied he wouldn’t mess up her hair, Terri closed her moutharound her son’s cock once more, and using her hands on his ass,urged him fuck her mouth. Jimmy pumped, watching his mother’s lipssqueeze his cock, listening to the soft wet sounds her mouth wasmaking as her lustful gaze burned into his very soul.Terri’s ass writhed in ecstasy. She clenching her thighs,squeezing the lips of her cunt together as she sucked her son’sprick. Her tongue licked and pressed his cock to the roof of hermouth. She felt the smooth prickhead almost slide into her throat.The hot taste of his virile young cock excited her, making her cuntso wet, the crotch of her tight, white shorts became visibly damp.”Mmmmm,” she purred as her son fucked her mouth. “Mmmmmmm!”After a while, Terri closed her eyes, savoring the salty maleflavour of his young cock in her mouth. She was anxious to have himcome there, taste the hot spurts of his thick, creamy cum. She couldtell by the powerful throbbing of his cock that the boy was close tocoming. She squeezed his ass hard, pulling his fucker deep into hermouth. Her eyes opened in a pleading blaze, silently begging her sonto fill her mouth with his cum-load. She moaned with hunger as shesucked, twisting her lips around his cock as Jimmy began to fuck herface faster and faster.”I’m gonna come, Mom!” he groaned. “Ohhhh, suck my cock!… I’mgonna come so fucking hard, Mom!”When the gush of his thick cock cream exploded in her mouth, Terrialmost choked, but she recovered quickly and thirstily gulped downher son’s jetting sperm, making lewd wet slurping sounds as sheswallowed. Jimmy kept his cock fucking into his mother’s mouth as hecame, grunting like an a****l. Terri’s eyes gazed hotly up at hisface as she gulped his cum down her throat, her cunt rippling with anorgasm. She held his cock in her mouth after he finished, rolling itabout with her tongue.”God, baby!” she moaned softly when she let his cock fall from herlips. “You came a fucking gallon! You almost choked me, you came sofucking much, honey.”After running her tongue about her son’s cock a few times, Terristood up. She fondled his prick with her hand, kissing the top of hishead.”Get cleaned up. We’ll see if we can catch Mandy at your father’soffice. I need to get some money for shopping, too.”* * * *Half an hour later, Terri pounded her fist on the steering wheelof the car.”Goddamn fucking car! It always started before. Jimmy, do you knowanything about this thing?””Don’t look at me, Mom,” said Jimmy with a shrug. “Dad’s themechanical genius.””Damn! Well, looks like it’s the bus for us ” she said, slidingfrom the car, her dress riding high on her long, slender thighs. “Iwish Mandy would have talked to me before she left. We could have allgone together.”Jimmy held his mother’s hand possessively as they waited at thebus stop. When the bus arrived, it was packed.”Where did all these people come from?” Terri wanted to know asthey squeezed inside.”I kinda like it, Mom,” Jimmy said, pushing against his mother’sfirm, rounded ass.Terri wiggled until she felt his cock-bulge pushing at the crackof her ass. She could even feel his prick starting to grow hard,through her dress. She turned around and gave her son a grin, flexingthe cheeks of her ass when he probed a finger tentatively into thecrack of her ass.”No panties, Mom?” he whispered.Terri grinned and shook her head. Mischievously, Jimmy squeezedhis mother’s ass. It was easy enough to do since they were packed intightly no one could possibly see. Terri flashed another smile overher shoulder at him, pushing her ass invitingly against his hand.Then her eyes widened. Jimmy was working her dress up over her ass!As before, Terri wore stockings and a garter belt, but no panties.She shivered as her son felt between her legs beneath her lifteddress. She gazed about at the other passengers, but no one knew whather son was doing to her. It excited her to be felt up in the crowdedbus, and she writhed her ass as though the sway of the bus caused themovement.Scooting his hand higher, Jimmy rubbed his mother’s wet cunt, andTerri parted her legs as best she could. A soft sigh of pleasure camefrom her as he darted his middle finger into her tight cunthole,finger-fucking her as they rode along, without anyone being thewiser.Jimmy rubbed at his mother’s clit, then plunged his finger up hercunt again. Terri’s knees almost gave way. She looked at her sonagain over her shoulder, her eyes slightly glazed. Jimmy grinned upat her, and pulled his finger from her clinging cunt, moving it upand down the crack of her firm, satiny ass. Becoming bolder, heprobed his mother’s asshole, rubbing the pucker with a featherytouch. Terri’s cunt pulsated and her pussy juices ran slowly down theinsides of her thighs, stopped by the edge of her flesh-coloredstockings.Gazing into his mother’s eyes, a grin on his face, Jimmy began topress the tip of his finger harder at the crinkle of her asshole.Terri made a soft hissing sound, and pushed her ass firmly backagainst her son’s finger. That was exactly the response Jimmy waswaiting for, and without warning he thrust his pussy-wet finger uphis mother’s tight asshole.”Oooohhh!” Terri whimpered softly.Grinning wickedly, Jimmy fucked his finger in and out of hismother’s asshole, her shapely ass-cheeks almost exposed. If not forthe crowd of men and women pressing up around them, Terri’s naked assand what Jimmy was doing to it would have been clearly visible toanyone looking.Terri didn’t care. She felt a wildness, a hot exitement to feelher son’s finger up her ass in the crowded bus. She twisted her hips,pushing her ass back at his darting finger. Her eyes became glassy asher mind whirled with deliciously wanton thoughts. She was incrediblyexcited. Having her asshole finger-fucked in public, by her own son,was an incredibly erotic experience. Terri felt her cunt begin toquiver and itch with arousal.”It sure is tight, Mom,” Jimmy said, his voice unusually loud.”Yes, it is,” she responded in a breathless voice.A woman looked down at Jimmy. “Are you okay, young man? Can youbreathe all right?””Yes, Ma’am,” Jimmy replied politely, giving his mother a deepthrust of his finger. “I’m just fine. It’s very tight in here, that’sall.”The woman smiled at Terri.”It’s wonderful to see such a polite young man these days, ” shesaid: “You have a lovely son.””I know, ” Terri answered, struggling to make her voice soundnormal. “Thank you.”Jimmy speeded up his jabs, fucking his finger hard into hismother’s hot, clinging asshole. Then Terri gasped softly when hejerked the finger out, her asshole clamping tightly. But then hepushed the finger into her cunt, finger-fucking her pussy wetly.Terri’s ass squirmed about all over the place as Jimmy buried hisfinger in her cunthole to the hilt. She was unable to stand still.”Are you ill?” the woman asked Terri, concern showing in her eyes.”No! No, I’m fine.” Terri managed to smile. “I feel good… verygood.””You do feel good, Mom,” Jimmy said, watching his mother’s faceflush slightly. “You feel very good!”He pushed his finger up and down, and Terri could hear the wetnessof her cunt sucking at his finger. In no time at all she felt awelcome wave of pleasure sweep through her body as Jimmy pumped hisfinger deep into her pussy, his knuckles rubbing deliciously againsther throbbing clit.Terri successfully stifled a moan as she came by biting down hardon her knuckles. But there was nothing she could do to conceal theinvoluntary movement of her ass. Her hip jerked against the womanclose to her, and even as she was coming Terri managed to aplogise,her voice throaty and catching a bit on the words. Jimmy giggled ashe pulled his finger from his mother’s cream-filled cunt, caressingthe slippery wetness on her inner thighs.”We should be almost at our stop, Jimmy,” Terri said when she felthim fumbling with his crotch behind her. She sensed what her excitedyoung son was about to do, but she didn’t want him to take his cockout on this bus. That would be going too far!Jimmy grinned up at the worried look on his mother’s face. Hereyes widened briefly when she felt his bare, hard cock rubbingbetween her thighs, touching her cunt. She couldn’t tell him to stop.She couldn’t say anything that might give him away. Somebody was sureto hear, and they would be caught. When she felt the head of herson’s cock push past the hairy lips of her cunt, Terri flashed awarning look at him, but Jimmy only grinned back at her. She felt hiscock throb, with just the swollen cockhead inside her cunt. Shewanted to slam her ass back and take his cock in deep, but there wasno way she could do that.With a very slow motion, Jimmy fucked his mother’s cunt by bendingand straightening his knees, one hand holding her waist, the otherstill beneath her lifted dress, stroking and fondling her bare ass.”Are you sure you’re all right?” the woman asked Terri. “You lookflushed, and you’re trembling. Should I tell him to stop?””Who?” Terri asked, wondering if the woman knew Jimmy was fuckingher.”The driver,” the woman said.”No, it’s okay,” she managed to say in a low voice. “I’m feelingvery good, thank you. It will be over soon.””Are sure, Mom?” Jimmy asked, glancing at the woman. “Are you sureit will be over soon? “”I hope not… I mean, I hope so!”It was very difficult for her to stand still while her son fuckedhis cock in and out of her cunt. She wanted to wiggle and thrash,arch her ass back at him so he could ram it in hard and deep.However, being fucked by her son on this crowded bus excited her verymuch, and she felt another orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach.She clung to the overhead strap tightly, swaying with the motion ofthe bus, almost gritting her teeth to keep from crying out inecstasy. She closed her eyes, a smile of total pleasure on herflushed face, her lips slightly parted and the tip of her tonguecaressing them.Jimmy pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt, and Terri couldnot suppress a soft whimper of protest. It brought another concernedlook from the woman at her side. Terri gave the woman a weak smile,and her eyes rolled slightly when she felt her son slide hispussy-slick cock into the crack of her ass. She felt him push theswollen cockhead tightly at her puckered asshole and she squeezed itas tight as she could, knowing what her son was going to attempt. Sheflashed another warning glance at him, but Jimmy only grinnedwickedly, pressing his cock harder at her asshole.”Jimmy… ” gasped Terri softly.”Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” the woman asked.”No… I’m fine… really,” Terri said in a tight voice. “It’sjust that I’m so… it’s so hot with all the people on the bus. I’llbe okay in a moment.””I know you will, Mom,” Jimmy said, pushing harder against hismother’s tightly-clenched asshole. “If you’d just loosen up a little,it will be just fine.””I… I’ll try, honey,” she breathed.As Terri relaxed, the ring of her asshole, Jimmy pushed the headof his cock inside. Terri held her breath, afraid she would cry out.Not with pain or shock…. simply because of the sheer excitement ofher son’s hard young prick entering her horny asshole. There was aburning, tingling sensation, but it wasn’t bad at all. Her assholefelt stretched wide open, and she kept holding her breath as Jimmyslid his eager young cock deeper into her buttery anus.Then Terri tightened her ass ring, closing it about her son’s cockin an effort to prevent him from fucking her. Not because it hurt, orbecause of any sense of degradation, but the experience was so new toher, Terri felt she needed to explore it with Jimmy at home… toenjoy the wonderful sensations of her son’s hot cock up her assholein the privacy of her own bedroom… not on a bus…. in public!”No, Jimmy!” snapped Terri, jerking her hips forward.”Mom!” Jimmy moaned.His cock came out of her asshole just as he was coming. Terri feltthe hot spurts of his jism on her ass, felt it drip into the crackand burn on her asshole.”I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I didn’t know you were so close,baby… “The bus lurched to a sudden stop, and the passengers began tryingto squeeze past them. Quickly, Jimmy stuffed his cock into his pants,smoothing his mother’s dress over her naked ass just in time. AsTerri and Jimmy stepped off the bus, she turned to face her son.”You really wanted to fuck me on that bus, didn’t you?””I did fuck you, Mom.””And came all over my ass,” complained Terri, but she couldn’tsuppress a grin. “I hope it doesn’t show through my dress.”Jimmy moved behind her and took a look.”Just a little dampness, Mom. You look fine.””You little devil,” she said, giggling despite herself. “I can’ttrust you, can I?””You can trust me, Mom,” said Jimmy, taking her hand as theystarted for Ray’s office building. “It’s my cock you gotta watch outfor.””So I’m finding out,” laughed Terri, squeezing her son’s hand.Chapter 7.”Have you seen Mandy, darling?” Terri asked, as they entered herhusband’s office.Ray nodded. He was sitting behind his desk, his face slightlyflushed, slumped back in the big executive chair. His eyes were slightlyglazed.”Is something wrong, darling? ” Terri asked. “You don’t look well,dear.”Jimmy glanced at his mother, remembering the woman on the bus, andher concern. His mother was repeating it almost word for word. Hewatched her sit on the edge of her husband’s desk, swinging onhigh-heeled foot, her skirt past her knee. Jimmy licked his lips as heremembered how hot and tight his mother’s cunt and ass had felt on thebus. Terri leaned over and gave her husband a kiss, pressing the backof her hand against his forehead.”You have a fever, Ray, ” Terri said softly. “Why don’t you take therest of the day off and come home with us?””I’m okay, darling” Ray replied. He closed his eyes, and gritted histeeth.Beneath his desk, Mandy was kneeling between her father’s knees. Shehis long, thick cock out of his pants and was stroking her hot littlehand up and down its turgid length, trying hard to keep from giggling.Jimmy was looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows of his father’soffice. He was always fascinated with this view. Terri swung her foot toand fro.”If you’re sure you’re not coming down with something, I’d like tohave a little money for shopping.””Sure,” Ray said, his voice sounding a little strange. He opened hisdesk drawer and started to pull out the cheque-book. “Would you ratherhave cash, honey?””No, a cheque will be fine, darling.” she answered.Jimmy turned around, and found he could see right up his mother’sdress the way she was sitting. He looked long and hard, admiring hernaked cunt. He could see the creamy flesh of her thigh above her nylons,and his cock began to swell inside his, jeans. Jimmy pushed a hand intohis pocket to conceal his arousal. His horny young mind though, wasbetween his mother’s wantonly exposed thighs.Stuffing the money into her bag, Terri noticed her son peeking ather. Deliberately, she lifted her knee higher on her husband’s desk,letting her son stare lewdly at her naked cunt. She gave Jimmy a secretsmile and lowered her eyes meaningfully to the front of his pants… aclear signal of what he’d get as soon as they were alone. Jimmy grinnedback at his mother with undisguised lust.Below the desk. Mandy was jacking on her father’s cock, one handcovering her mouth to fight off threatened giggles, the other firmlyclasped around Ray’s rock-hard prick as the little girl jerked her tinyfist rapidly up and down. She squeezed her father’s cock hard, trying tomake him gasp with her mother and brother there. When this failed to getthe desired response, Mandy pushed her young face forward and lovinglytongue-kissed the bloated tip of her father’s prick. Ray almost jumpedfrom his chair.While he tried to carry on a calm conversation with his wife and son,his precocious little daughter began to lick up and down his cock. Herhot little tongue was wet, swirling about the throbbing prickshaft, thentwirling in a hot, exciting circle on the smoothly swollen cockhead.When his young daughter dipped her tongue at his piss hole, licking up thedripping pre-cum, Ray almost jumped from the chair again.”Now you’re starting to shiver, Ray,” said Terri, concern for herhusband showing on her beautiful face.”It’s the air-conditioning, honey… damn thing is busted again,” hesaid, trying desperately to control the pitch of his voice.Mandy closed her hot little lips about the head of her father’s cock,sucking hard as her tight fist jacked up and down. Her tongue kept up awicked twirl at his piss hole. As she fished his hot, hairy balls out ofhis pants, her father dropped a hand under the desk and tried to pushher face away. But Mandy refused to take her mouth off his cock.Terri looked closely at her husband. Ray tried to sit calmly, lookinghis wife right in the eye. He pushed at the top of his daughter’s head,but Mandy closed her mouth tighter on the bulging head of his cock andjerked her fist up and down faster and faster, her other hand clutchinghis cum-laden balls. While she jacked her father’s cock, Mandy suckedwantonly, hungrily, bobbing her sweet face up and down. Ray’s hand onher head loosened, and he ran his fingers through her soft blonde hair.”Well, you two better get going,” Ray said. his voice trembling.”I’ve got things to do here.”Mandy began to mewl as she sucked her father’s cock, and, unable tostifle her sounds of ecstasy, Ray attempted again to push his daughter’smouth off his prick. But Mandy was gripping it tightly, sliding hersmall mouth over the swollen cockhead, licking in a frenzy at herfather’s dripping piss-hole.Terri thought she heard a moan, but she wasn’t sure. She slipped offRay’s desk, smoothing her skirt over her thighs and hips, lookingquizzically at her handsome husband.”Well, darling, if you’re sure… ” she said. Then she heard thatfaint moaning sound again and she could have sworn her husband’s eyeswidened for a brief moment. “Ray…?””Go on, honey,” he croaked. “Go shop to your heart’s content.””Well, okay,” Terri said. “Come on, Jimmy. Your father has work todo.”As Jimmy left the office, Terri turned back to look at her husbandonce more. His eyes were closed. She had seen that expression on hisface many times before, at home in bed, never here in his office.”Ray…”He looked at her. Terri flashed a wanton grin at him, turned herback, and flipped her dress to her waist. She heard her husband gasp asshe exposed her naked ass to him, then she blew him a kiss, closing thedoor behind her.”Unnnghhh, Mandy!” Ray grunted, grabbing the back of his daughter’shead and forcing her mouth down over his cock.Mandy made a soft choking sound and he released her, caressing hersweet cheek as she began to suck hard and wetly now, her tiny fistpounding up and down from his balls to her tightly-stretched young lips.”Ohhhh, God, Mandy!””Mmmmm,” moaned Mandy, lifting her mouth from her father’s stiffcock. “Daddy, you almost came! Come on, Daddy! Come for me!”She began sucking again, furiously, taking her father’s swollencockhead into her mouth, her little tongue wild and hot as it ranrapidly about his seeping piss-hole.”Ohhh, baby, baby! Here it comes!” Ray groaned, his body shaking ashe opened his knees wider under his desk.The hot splash of her father’s cum-load entering her tiny mouthbrought a muffled, wet squeal from Mandy. She gulped at his jizz-spewingcock hungrily, swallowing with wet sounds, running her hot little tongueback and forth on his gushing piss hole, tasting his cock cream, herlittle cunt ready to explode with an orgasm of its own.Gasping loudly, Mandy sucked at her father’s cock until she hademptied his balls. Then she giggled, kissed the head of his wet cock,and scooted out from under his desk. She stood up, grinning proudly, herlips glistening wetly with the remains of her father’s creamy load.”I thought they were gonna find me under the desk, Daddy,” shelaughed, climbing onto his lap and hugging him tightly.”You got under it just in time, baby” he said, stroking her tightlittle titties through her white blouse. Her green plaid skirt was aboveher dimpled knees, her knee socks making her look even younger than shewas. “Are you sure your mother told you I like to look at you? Or didyou make it up so I’d let you do this, honey?””No, she told me, Daddy…. Honest!… Mommy told me a lot ofthings.””For instance?””How you like to look at my ass and what your big old cock feels likein her cunt… things like that.”Ray was having difficulty believing all this. When Mandy had cameinto his office, he had been very pleased to see her, as always. She hadbeen visiting him at work for two weeks, never asking for a thing, justsaying she wanted to see him. Then today, she had come in with a brightsmile on her face, and after closing the door, leaned against it, andshyly poked her thumb into her mouth, sucking it cutely as her eyesblazed at him in a way he had not seen before.While Mandy sucked her thumb shyly, she had lifted her plaid skirt toher waist without saying anything. Completely speechless, Ray could onlystare at his daughter. The sight of her tight, pink panties and herknee-length socks excited him so much.”Wanna fuck me, Daddy?” she had asked, bluntly.Ray almost came out of his chair in surprise. But, all he could dowas stare at his cute little daughter as she stood sucking her thumb andholding her skirt up. His cock became hard as Mandy walked toward himwith her dress around her waist, coming round the side of his desk untilshe stood beside his chair. Then, suddenly, Mandy pulled her thumb fromher mouth and, before he could say anything, she grabbed his cock withher small fist, telling him how hard it was and how much she wanted tosee his cock and play with it.He sat in the chair, shaking, unable to stop her as she opened hispants and pulled his cock out. He stared down in disbelief as hisdaughter’s hot little hand moved up and down his cock. While she jackedhis prick, she told him her mother had said he loved to look at her, ather little ass, that she knew her father wanted to fuck her, and thatshe was willing to let him try.”But… but, you’re so young,” he finally said.”I’m big enough to fuck, Daddy,” Mandy giggled.She had just started to sit in his lap and show him when Terri andJimmy had arrived…. Now, one arm around her shoulders, Ray felt hiscock pressed against the back of his daughter’s thighs. He had neverfelt anything so hot and smooth in his life.Hugging her father tightly, Mandy pulled skirt up and shoved his handbetween her legs, placing his trembling palm on the bulging crotch ofher panties.”Feel how hot this makes me, Daddy,” she purred. “My cunt is so hot,and I wanted to kiss your cock and taste it. And since Mommy and Jimmywere here and I had your cock in front of my face, I just went ahead andsucked you off. Aren’t you proud of me. Daddy?””Oh, shit!” Ray gasped, pressing hard at his daughter’s hot littlecunt, feeling the wetness through her panties.”No, Daddy!” she giggled, squirming her cute ass against his cock.”That’s not shit! That’s pussy… that’s my hot little cunt… and itsall for you!”Ray groaned and rubbed at his daughter’s juvenile pussy. “Unhhhhhh,Jesus! I can’t believe you’re letting me do this, sweetheart! What aboutyour mother? If she ever found out…..””Don’t worry about Mommy,” winked Mandy. “She’s had your big ol’ cockall to herself for far too long Daddy… now it’s my turn…””Ohhhhh God, sweetheart… I know it’s wrong, but I can’t helpmyself… You’re such a sexy little cunt!”, moaned Ray, lifting hisyoung daughter bodily off his lap and sitting her on his desk facinghim.Mandy squealed in delight as her father pushed her skirt past herhips, leaning back on her arms and opening her legs wide. She placed herfeet on the arms of his chair as he opened her slender, satiny, youngthighs.Ray gazed at his daughter’s panty-encased crotch, breathing hard, hiscock starting to stand in hardness once more. He couldn’t help it… hehad to taste his little girl’s plump young cunt. With a moan, Ray buriedhis face into his daughter’s cunt, his mouth wide open, sucking at herwet, juicy panties.”Ooooo, I like that, Daddy!” Mandy gurgled, lifting her ass up andpressing her tight little pussy hard into her daddy’s face, grinding back andforth.Ray lapped at the tight crotch of her panties, tasting the muskysweetness of her hairless cunt through them. His hands feverishlygripped her narrow hips, then slid under to clutch the small cheeks ofher tight little ass. He pulled Mandy’s tiny young crotch up against hisburning lips, turning his head to lick and kiss the insides of herthighs. He licked from her knees to the edge of her panties, then suckedthe wet crotch of them into his mouth. Mandy squealed with pleasure.Then, hooking a finger into her panties, she jerked them away from herpussy, allowing her daddy’s mouth complete access to her hot, juicylittle cuntslit.”Lick my pussy, Daddy! Oooooh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!””God, Mandy,” moaned Ray as he inhaled the sweet, fresh scent of hisdaughter’s succulent, hairless cunt. “I had no idea… you’re wonderful,baby! Ohhhh, such a beautiful little pussy, such a sweet, smooth, softlittle cunt!”Mandy gasped as her father’s tongue darted deeply into her slit. Shearched tightly into his face, twisting frantically as his expert tonguefucked in and out, swirling about her small clit, only to dip down andlap at the juices dripping from her hot little pussy-slit again andagain.”Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhh! Lick it, lick it, Daddy! Oooooh, Daddy, suck mycunt! Suck me off… suck my cunt off and make me come! I wanna come,Daddy, come in your mouth…. on your face!”Mandy grabbed the back of her father’s head, pulling him hard intoher hot little cunt, squeezing her slender young thighs against hisface. Ray gasped as his tongue slithered up inside his daughter’s wet,deliciously-tight young cunt. Mandy’s musky juices tasted like candy tohim, and Ray slurped them up hungrily, probing deeper for more.”Ummmmmm! Oooooh Daddy! I bet you have a big ol’ cock now, don’tyou!” moaned Mandy. “I bet licking my pussy makes your cock big andhard! Oooooh, I wanna suck on your cock again, Daddy! I wanna sit on itand fuck it… uhhhhhhh, Daddy! I wanna feel you come in my cunt!!”Ray clutched the twisting cheeks of his daughter’s hot little assthrough her panties, his tongue fucking as deep as possible into herslippery, little cunt. The way Mandy’s pussy grabbed andsqueezed his tongue reminded him of his wife’s ever-ready twat, but aLOT tighter, and hearing his daughter’s wanton words sent shivers ofecstasy through him.”Oooooh, you’re gonna make me come, Daddy! Make me come… I wannacome!”As her father fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt, his fingersdigging into her tight little ass, Mandy squealed… then her hipsjerked, and she began to grind her naked little crotch in a frenzy athis mouth, coming hard and hot. Ray kept up the relentless thrusting ofhis tongue as his daughter came, wanting to both give her pleasure andtaste her incredibly fresh little cunt for as long as he could.When her orgasm was over, Mandy lay across her father’s desk, herfeet still propped on the arms of his chair, her knees sagging open. Shebreathed heavily as Ray stood up and opened her blouse, exposing hersmall titties. He cupped them, then pushed his mouth down and suckedfirst one pink nipple, then the other. Mandy whimpered and writhed onhis desk, urging her father to suck her titties… to do deliciouslydepraved things to her overheated young body.As he sucked on her hard little titties, Ray’s hands feverishlypulled at her tight panties, sliding them to her knees. Mandy lifted herlegs in the air, and he pulled her panties off over ankles. He gasped inpleasure as he stared at her hairless cunt, seeing the wet softness ofher glistening pussy slit for the first time.”Fuck me, Daddy!” Mandy whimpered helplessly. “Please, fuck me!””I don’t know what the hell brought all this on, honey,” Ray groanedas he moved the head of his hard cock along her creamy thigh, “but Iwant to fuck you, Mandy! I’ve wanted to fuck your hot, sexy little assfor a long, long time!””Do it now, Daddy!””You’re so small, so very small.””I can take it!” Mandy gasped, thrusting her naked cunt toward herfather’s cock as the hot cockhead brushed close to her cunt slit. “Iwant you to, Daddy! I want you to fuck me with your big cock! I wannafeel you come in my cunt, Daddy!””Ohhhhhhhhhh…. baby!”Ray placed the head of his cock against the tight slit of hisdaughter’s hot little twat, pushing gently, resisting the impulse toplunge right in. He watched Mandy’s creamy cunt stretch as the head ofhis cock slipped between the shiny, pink cuntlips. Mandy was holding herbreath, feeling her pussy being stretched, yet finding it so very, verygood.Fascinated to see his cock inside his daughter’s cunt, Ray stoodupright, holding her tight little ass in his big hands. Mandy movedslowly, sliding her cunt onto her father’s cock, gasping as more of itfilled her. She used her little fingers to try and spread her pussywider, but it was already as open as it would ever be. Mandy sighed whenshe felt his wiry crotch hairs tickle the lips of her hairless cunt, andshe wiggled her ass. She smashed her pussy hard at the base of his cock.”Oooooh, Daddy, you’re so big in me!” Mandy cried with delight. “Ican feel your balls on my ass… they’re so hot!…. and your cock is sobig and so deep inside my cunt!… Uuuuuuuhhhh! Fuck me now, Daddy! Fuckme and come in me!””Okay!…..” grunted Ray, gripping Mandy’s firm little ass with bothhands. “You asked for it, baby!”Her thighs squeezing at his hips as Ray began to pump back and forth,fucking daughter’s cunt with slow, easy strokes. He wasstill afraid of hurting her. The tightness of her pussy was exciting, aswas the sight of her tiny, bulging cuntlips gripping his cock. Hegritted his teeth, feeling as if he were about to come already, notwanting to come, wanting to feel Mandy’s hot, ultra-tight little cuntaround his straining cock for as long as he could stand it.Mandy thrashed her ass about in ecstasy, grinding and squealing, hersmall titties so tight, there was no movement of them at all. Hergleaming blue eyes opened and closed as her blonde hair flew.Ray was totally immersed in the pleasure of fucking his incrediblywilling little daughter. A part of him still couldn’t believe what washappening, but his cock told him to forget that and just fuck the shitout of the hot, tight little cunt squirming beneath him. Like any malefaced with a similar situation, Ray was running on hormones!He rammed faster and faster into his little daughter’s cunt, fuckingher relentlessly, unable to control himself now. He grunted as hepounded back and forth, fucking his cock hard and deep into the hot,clasping tightness of Mandy’s juvenile young cunt. His balls smacked ather hot little ass loudly, and through the ringing in his own ears hedidn’t hear the ringing of his phone.”Harder, Daddy!” Mandy gurgled. “Fuck me harder! Fuck my cunt withyour big fat cock! Uhhhhhhh, God, fuck the piss out of my hot littlecunt, Daddy!””Ohhhh, Mandy!” gasped Ray. “I can’t last any longer, baby! You’retoo tight! Unnngggghhhh, Jesus, I’m cummmmmmmming!!”Suddenly, Ray’s cock erupted, sending hot spurts of fatherly jizz intohis daughter’s quivering little cunthole.”Ohhhh, yessssss! Give it to me, Daddy!” Mandy squealed, her tinypussy convulsing about her father’s huge, thrusting prick. “Oooooh, I’mcoming again, Daddy! Ahhhh, I love it… I love your big, hard cock,Daddy! Fuck my cunt and come in meeee…… Uuuhnnnnhh…. I’ll suck youoff and you can lick my pussy and… ohhhhh, I don’t wanna ever stopcoming!”Chapter 8.Terri examined clothing in the shop, while her son stood around bored.Jimmy had no interest in clothing, especially women’s clothing. That is,until he saw his mother looking over some especially revealing lingerie.Terri smiled at her son as he began to take some notice.”You like these?” she asked, holding up a lovely pair of panties, lacyand fragile. “I think they’re pretty.””They’d be prettier on you or Mandy,” he said. “I don’t much care forpanties unless they’re on you or Mandy, Mom.””Or off us,” laughed Terri, putting them back.She selected a new garter belt and half a dozen pairs of flesh-colorednylons. As she picked through a rack of reduced dresses, Jimmy wanderedoff. When Terri found him, he was searching for a way to peek into thecurtained dressing booths.”Having any luck, honey?” she grinned.”Not a bit,” he pouted. “I wanted to see that girl.” He pointed out anattractive young girl of about sixteen or s*******n at the clerk’scounter paying for some clothes. “She’s got a cute little ass, doesn’tshe, Mom?”Terri looked at the girl critically. The girl did have a lovely shapeto her ass, and she certainly had the legs to go with it. But Terrijammed a finger into her son’s ribs. saying: “Aren’t your sister and Ienough for you?””Yeah,” he grinned, but he kept staring at the girl’s ass as shewalked towards one of the dressing booths.Terri couldn’t miss the bulge in his jeans. Her eyes began to gleam asher cunt reacted to her son’s hard-on.”I’m going to have to do something about that,” she said, turning herback to her son as she pulled him between some racks of clothing.Concealed this way, Terri gripped her son’s cock-bulge, making theyoung boy’s eyes roll with pleasure. Looking around carefully, she pulledJimmy’s erection out of his pants, Then, making sure he was pressedagainst the rack, she began to stroke his cock, jacking him off.Jimmy balled his hands into fists, his expression indicating hisdelight. Terri, pretended to look at dresses, a she jacked her son’s cockback and forth, squeezing it, rubbing her palm over his drippingcockhead.”This will teach you to try and fuck your mother on a bus, young man”said Terri, but the look of lust on her face betrayed her own excitement.”Careful, Mom,” moaned Jimmy. “You’ll make me come all over thesedresses.” Terri just squeezed his cock hard, jerking faster, keeping hereyes peeled for anyone approaching.Terri kept sorting through the dresses with her left hand, not evenseeing them. Her right hand pumped and squeezed and pulled on her son’scock. Jimmy began to breathe faster, and he was having a difficult timetrying to pretend boredom.”Feel my cunt,” Terri whispered in her son’s ear. “Mommy’s so wet,baby!”She felt her son’s hand lifting the front of her dress, and lookedaround the store. There were only a few other shoppers, all women, andthey were more interested in the sales rack than in her and Jimmy. Shepushed her hips into the dresses and her son lifted her skirt so he couldfeel the soft hair of her naked cunt. As he rubbed a finger up and downher swollen clit, Terri made breathless panting sounds as her fist workedon his cock faster and faster.She had the powerful urge to try and get her son’s cock into her cunt,try to conceal what they were doing with the dresses, and fuck himswiftly. Somehow, Terri resisted the impulse, and pounded her fist on hiscock instead, desperately wanting to make him come quickly. Jimmy now hadhis finger fucked into her cunt, and Terri had pushed her hips forward,opening her legs a bit to make it easier for him.”Excuse me.” A woman bumped into Terri’s ass as she scooted betweenthe racks.”That’s okay,” Terri replied in a breathless voice, jerking hard onJimmy’s cock.The woman gave them an odd look, then moved on.”Do you think she knows, Mom?””Who cares?” Terri moaned. “I’m about to come, baby.””Yeah!” he grunted.Jimmy fucked his finger in and out of his mother’s cunt real fast,then lifted it to her inflamed clit. He mashed the palm of his handagainst her clit, rubbing it hard. Then, using his thumb and forefinger,he squeezed it, just as she’d taught him. Terri made a hissing sound, herass bunching tightly. She gripped her son’s cock as hard as she could,pumping the long, hard shaft in a frenzy of lust.”Ohhhh, God!” whimpered Terri, as softly as she could.She stopped playing with dresses and smashed her free hand against theback of her son’s hand, grinding his palm hard against her clit as shecame. She could actually feel the lips of her cunt opening and closing inorgasm. The contractions deep inside her convulsing cunt seemedincredibly intense. As the spasms faded, Terri began to pound on hisprick again.”Your turn,” she breathed. “Come on, squirt it out, baby! Cum forMommy!”Jimmy was now gripping the rod of metal holding the dresses, tryinghard to appear calm. His cock was ready to burst, his balls on fire. Hedarted his eyes about the room, and then saw the pretty girl he had beenwatching. The girl was in a dressing room, with a flimsy cloth curtain.The curtain parted for only a moment, but it was long enough to catch aperfect view of the girl’s creamy, naked ass as she bent over.”Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh Jesus, Mom… now!”Jimmy’s cock gushed and Terri purred softly, cupping her fingers overthe head of his cock, her cunt twitching with renewed lust as she felther son’s hot jism spurt powerfully into the palm of her hand. She usedher fingers to slide up and down the shaft of his cock as he came,letting his warm, sticky cum drench her hand, and the dresses.”I saw her ass, Mom,” whispered Jimmy as he finished coming. “I sawthat girl’s naked ass.””Nice, huh?” Terri said, letting go of his cock. “Now, put that thingaway before we’re caught.”As Jimmy stuffed his prick into his pants, Terri raised her cum-coatedhand to her mouth and, staring her son right in the eyes, licked hissperm off with her tongue. Jimmy grinned and smoothed her dress down, hishands lingering intimately on his mother’s firm, round asscheeks.They walked around the store, with Terri looking over costume jewelryand cosmetics. Jimmy followed, but he was watching every pretty woman hefound. He enjoyed seeing them lean over, watching them jut their prettylittle asses back, especially if they were in shorts. Terri knew he waswatching the women, but she didn’t feel jealous. The women would arousehim, but she would be the one to get his hard-on…. get fucked by him.For her part, Terri loved it when her son would push against her andrub his cock on her hip or ass. The intimate contact in such a publicplace kept her in a high state of desire, ensuring her cunt stayed hotand throbbing and wet. Now and then, she would brush the back of her handover his cock-bulge, grinning at him. It wasn’t long before young Jimmyhad a new and even bigger hard-on.”We can’t walk out now,” she said, gazing at his prominent cock-bulge.”They might arrest us for shoplifting, thinking that prick of yours ismerchandise or something.””Then we gotta do something about it, Mom, because it sure as hellisn’t going to go away by itself.”Terri thought for a moment, then took his hand.”I’ll try on a dress or two.””What good is that gonna do me, Mom?””You’ll see,” she replied, pulling him along to the dress departmentagain.Selecting three dresses, Terri carried them to the dressing room, withJimmy following. She was stopped by a young female sales clerk.”Sorry ma’am, but your son can’t go in there.””He has to remain with me,” Terri said. “You see, he suffers from apeculiar disorder. He can’t be left on his own, even for a few minutes.””Oh?””He has convulsions, and there’s only one way to control them,” Terrisaid sweetly. “No one can do it but me. That’s why I have to keep himwith me all the time.”The giri looked at Jimmy, and he felt he should start drooling andlooking like a brainless idiot.”Well… ” the clerk said, doubtfully.”It’s all right, his mind is on the same level as a six-month-oldbaby.””Oh, I see,” the girl said, backing away. Her eyes caught his outlinedhard-on, and she blushed.”That, too,” Terri smiled. “It’s always that way.””I… see,” the girl said, gazing at Jimmy’s hard-on with a strangegleam in her eye. “Well, I suppose it’s okay.”Terri led her son into the tiny, cramped dressing booth. He made facesat her, his tongue dangling from the side of his mouth. Terri stifled agiggle as she lifted her dress and spread her feet. She rested one footon the small bench, and pushed her hairy cunt toward him.”Hurry and fuck me!” she whispered, “Before you have a convulsion.””Duhhhhh… ” Jimmy played, opening his jeans and pulling histhrobbing cock out.”Hurry, silly!”Terri leaned against the wall, braced with her foot on the bench,holding her skirt around her waist. Jimmy moved to her, and to theirdelight, found he could plunge his cock up her cunt as she stood therequite easily. Terri gripped her son’s shoulders, her eyes smoldering withlust as she felt his long, hard cock slide into her wet cunt. Jimmyclosed his hands on his mother’s ass and fucked into her cunt hard andfast. Terri felt the air being pushed from her lungs, making it was veryhard to keep quiet. But she managed to stay silent as her son slammed hiscock up into her belly, fucking her deeply and deliciously.Jimmy clung to his mother’s twisting behind, his fingers digging intothe hot crack of her ass. He found her asshole, and began to rub it as hefucked his cock in and out of her cunt. Terri dug her fingers into herson’s muscular young shoulders, her eyes tightly closed with the pleasurehe was giving her. The hard throbs of his cock sent her cunt intosqueezing motions, and each time he fucked in, her clit was smashedagainst the rough fabric of his jeans. Even the roughness of his pantsscr****g her inner thigh excited her.Jimmy released her ass, and opened the front of his mother’s dress,lifting a tit out. Terri glanced nervously at the thin curtain thatseparated them from the store proper, but said nothing as her son beganto suck hungrily at her tit, his hands back on her ass, jerking her hipstowards his cock as he rammed it deep into her pussy.Terri fought to keep from crying out with ecstasy, biting at herbottom lip as her hips twisted and whipped in matching rhythm to herson’s energetic fucking. But there was nothing she could do about thesoft, wet slurping sounds his cock made as it fucked in and out of hercunt, except to hope they weren’t heard outside the small cubicle.Jimmy sucked wetly at his mother’s mouth-sized tit, drawing her stiffnipple deep, almost into his throat. His hot breath on herultra-sensitive breast seared her flesh, and Terri moved one hand behindher son’s head, pulling his mouth tighter onto her tit. The friction ofhis pulsating cock-shaft sliding back and forth over her sensitive clitwas creating a fantastic feeling in her cunt. The throbbing little budbulged and strained, smashed time and again by his pounding prick.The faster he fucked her, the more excited she became. Holding hisface hard against her tit, her other hand raced down and she grabbed himby his hunching ass, pulling him into her crotch hard. Jimmy began to rubat his mother’s asshole while he fucked her, and Terri tried desperatelyto swallow the squeals of ecstasy bubbling at her lips.”Inside!” she hissed.Jimmy didn’t understand, so he glanced up at his mother’slust-contorted face, still sucking at her nipple.”Inside my ass! ” she whimpered as softly as she could. “Shove yourfinger up Mommy’s ass, baby!”The boy’s eyes flashed, and he pressed his finger hard against thecrinkled ring of his mother’s tight asshole. He pushed his finger and hiscock inward at the same time, and Terri almost swooned with thesensation. Feeling her son’s finger fucking in and out of her assholewhile his cock fucked her burning cunt, she gave in to the rapturecrashing through her heated loins, unable to do anything else.”Uuuuunnngghhhhh, Jimmy!” she gasped as softly as she could.Terri’s pretty mouth formed an oval as she came. Her eyes flew openwide. Her cunt began grabbing at her son’s cock. pulling on it the wayher mouth did when she sucked him off. The convulsions were very strong,and so were the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. In fact, sointense was her orgasm, Terri had to slap her hand over her mouth to holdback the screams of ecstasy which threatened to spill from herhotly-panting lips.Feeling his mother’s cunt grip his cock, Jimmy fucked her frantically,ramming his young prick into her hot, clinging hole as hard as he could.Her pussy kept clamping and relaxing on the shaft of his prick, and hisballs were very tight and swollen. He made low moaning sounds deep insidehis throat, the noise muffled by his mother’s tit which he kept suckingvigorously.Terri dug her fingers into her son’s ass, trying to feel his assholethrough his pants. As she came, her pussy clamped tightly around hiscock, Jimmy kept up a relentless fucking of her hot, buttery asshole withhis finger. Terri felt as if she were coming not only with her cunt, butwith her asshole, too. It was a fantastic feeling, a feeling that madeher mind spin in a deliciously wanton cloud of depraved lust.Weakly, Terri slumped against the wall of the booth, braced therewhile her son kept fucking into her hot, clasping cunt like an a****l.Still hard, Jimmy hadn’t come yet, and was working in a frenzy unload hisyoung balls into his mother’s pussy.”Hurry!” she hissed. “Hurry and come before we’re caught!””I’m trying to, Mom!”Terri thrust her crotch at him, taking his cock deeper, but it seemedas if Jimmy was never going to come. His finger had pulled from herasshole and he was digging his fingers hard into her quivering asscheeksnow.”Wait!” she moaned. “Let me turn around.””Aw! Jesus, Mom!””Hurry, damn it!”Jimmy pulled his slippery wet cock from her cunt, and Terri twistedaround quickly in the small cubicle. She jerked her dress to her waist,pushing her ass back at her son. She leaned sideways against the wall.”Now fuck me!”Jimmy gripped his mother’s hips, pushing his raging hard-on betweenher thighs and into her cunt once more. He stared at his mother’sjiggling ass, watching it shake and twist for him.”Cum, Jimmy!””I’m trying, Mom!” he moaned.”Fuck my ass!” she whispered breathlessly.”I escort pendik am!””That’s my cunt! she gasped. “I want you to fuck my ass… fuck me inmy ass, baby!””In your asshole, Mom?””Yes, now… ohhhhhh, God… hurry up!”Jimmy pulled his cock from his mother’s sloppy cunt, and slid theswollen cockhead up until Terri felt it on her asshole. She held herbreath as she pushed her ass to him, feeling her asshole stretching,giving way to his eager young cock. She let out a small soft yelp as hisprick slithered past the tight, rubbery ring of her anus and fucked deepinside her asshole.”Now fuck me, baby… and hurry!”Jimmy rammed his cock in and out of his mother’s asshole, standingbehind her jutting hips, watching her creamy, naked ass-flesh ripple fromthe pounding of his hips.Terri’s eyes rolled back into her head at the incredibly pleasure ofher son’s cock inside her asshole. She squirmed for him, her ass-ringholding the shaft of his cock tightly. His hot young prick fucked in andout easily, making her asshole tingle sweetly. At times, when he thrustparticularly hard, it seemed she could feel his cock all the way upinside her stomach.It was wild, wicked, taking her son’s cock in her asshole inside thistiny dressing cubicle, with unsuspecting shoppers passing by, only feetaway. Terri’s cunt began to twitch and seep again, her clit knotted asher son rammed his eager young prick into her asshole, fucking hershitter as hard as he could manage without shaking the cubicle.”Oh, God! I think I’m going to come again,” she moaned as softly asshe could.”Ohhhh, yessss! I’m gonna come too this time, Mom!” he gasped.”Yeah baby, come in Mommy’s hot asshole!” she gurgled.As Jimmy sped up his cock-thrusts, Terri was sure his cock had swollento twice its usual hardness. It felt as if her asshole were filledcompletely, and she loved it. Her cunt twitched and dripped, her handsclawing at the wall, her eyes closed as her mouth parted.”Now, Mom!””Ooooooooh, baby! Yesssssssssss!”Terri felt her cunt contract with orgasm at the same time the firstgush of his hot cum flooded her rectum. Her body shuddered, her legs weakas she took each squirt of her son’s cum-load into her burning asshole,her cunt going through a wild series of orgasms that she didn’t believe.Her contracting asshole squeezed Jimmy’s cock with each spasm of hercunt, literally sucking the very cum out of the boy’s hot, swollen balls.Leaning weakly against the wall, Terri felt her son pull his cock fromher ass, listening to the soft rustle as he stuffed the sticky, wiltingshaft back into his jeans. She trembled as Jimmy smoothed her dress downover her ass, giving her swollen cunt a quick squeeze.”Nice fuck, Mom!”, he grinned.Terri had to sit down for a while before she had the strength to leavethe cubicle.”Are you all right?” the salesgirl asked as they came out. “I thoughtI heard someone moaning in there.””Yes. We’re fine, now” Terri smiled. “I thought my son was going tohave one of his spells, but I managed to take care of it. Thank you forasking, though.””My pleasure,” the girl said as Terri handed her the garments she’dtaken in the booth with her.Jimmy, stared at the salesgirl’s breasts and lolled his tongue out theside of his mouth, making obscene, wet slurping sounds. Terri apologisedand grabbed him by the arm, pulling her son out of the store before hiscorny, over-acting gave them away.Chapter 9.When Terri and Jimmy got home, Mandy was waiting for them.”And just where have you been, young lady?”, frowned Terri.”I went down to see Daddy,” said Mandy. “Didn’t Jimmy tell you?””Yes, he did, and we went down there looking for you.”Mandy giggled as she remembered what had happened in her father’soffice.”What’s so funny?” asked Jimmy.Mandy was bubbling over with excitement. She couldn’t keep her secretany longer. She just had to tell them.Terri and Jimmy stared incredulously at the pretty girl as she explained where she had been while they were in Ray’s office…under his desk, sucking his cock.”You mean your father let you suck him off?” Terri asked. “While wewere right there in the room?!!””Oh, yes, Mommy!” Mandy hugged herself, remembering the taste of herfather’s cock in her mouth. “I told him what you said… you know…about looking at me all the time and thinking I had a cute little ass. Hewas surprised at first, but I showed him my pussy and his thing… er…his cock got real hard. Daddy sure has a big cock, doesn’t he, Mommy?”Terri smiled. “Very big. Did your father fuck you, darling?””Ooooh, yes, Mommy! He laid me on his desk and took my panties off andfucked me right there. I didn’t know if he could get it in me, it’s sobig. But, ohhhh, it felt so good!”Jimmy was listening, a bit jealous. He was wearing a pair of jockeyshorts, his hair still damp from his shower. It was mid-afternoon. and hewas horny. But his mother and sister had been talking about his fatherfor what seemed hours, seemingly paying no attention to him.Terri was sitting on the couch, with Mandy at her feet. Mandy waslooking up with glowing eyes as she described her feelings when herfather fucked her. She had on a pair of tight, pink shorts and a whitesummer blouse, through which her stiff little nipples pressed like twopencil points. Her small hand rested on her mother’s knee, her fingersjust under the hem of Terri’s short skirt.”Just remembering how good Daddy’s cock felt in me makes my cunt achefor more, Mommy,” Mandy said. “I’m gonna go visit Daddy again in a coupleof days.””Why not tomorrow?” Terri asked, brushing her fingers through thegirl’s soft blonde curls.”He has meetings all day, damn it,” Mandy pouted. “I could sneak inand hide under the long table, and I bet I could suck Daddy off and noone would know about it.””Shit!” Jimmy snorted. “Mandy, you’d look around under the table andsee all those cocks and have to suck them all.”His sister giggled. “Probably,” she admitted. “That would be fun, butmy mouth would get tired, I bet.””You can suck my cock,” Jimmy said hopefully, and pushed the waist ofhis Jockey shorts down to let his cock rear up with hardness. “I don’twanna hear all this shit… I wanna fuck.””Or get sucked,” his mother teased.”Either way.” Jimmy replied, stroking his cock. “Mom, tell her aboutthe dressing room.””I already did,” Terri said, “when you were taking your shower.””I’d like to do that, too,” Mandy said. “Getting fucked with all thosepeople around, and they wouldn’t know it was happening.””I think the salesgirl was suspicious,” Terri said. “She gave us astrange look when we left.””She probably wanted some of my cock, too,” Jimmy said, jerking on hisprick with his fist. “I know I sure would like to have some pussy aboutnow.””Oh, Jimmy! You’re just like your father. Once a day is never enoughfor him either,” said Terri staring hungrily at her son’s erection.”You really had Jimmy’s cock in your ass, Mommy?”, asked Mandy.Terri nodded.Mandy eyed her brother’s cock doubtfully. “I bet it wouldn’t go in myass. I’m too small and he’s too big.””Not as big as Dad,” Jimmy said, his gaze moving along his sister’ssatiny thigh to her tightly clad hip. “Let me see your ass, Mandy.”With a sexy grin, Mandy stood and stripped her shorts off, wigglingher tight little ass to peel them down.”You’re out-growing those shorts, honey,” Terri said.”I like them,” Jimmy said. “They show your ass and cunt real good,Mandy.”Mandy giggled as she kicked the shorts away.”That’s why I wear them,” she said. “I like to show off my ass andcunt. I bet Daddy likes them, too.””I’m sure he’d like you better out of them, baby,” smiled Terri,eyeing her daughter’s tight little pussy.Mandy leaned over, her hands on her mother’s knees and spread her feeton the floor, poking her naked young ass suggestively at her brother.Jimmy dropped to his knees behind her and stared at Mandy’s exposedlittle ass and cunt. Even with her legs wide apart, her youngcuntlips were still firmly clamped shut, just a thin, glistening pinkgroove. After cumming in his mother’s ass in the store this morning,Jimmy was captivated by the sight of his little sister’s tiny puckeredasshole… it looked so incredibly tight and inviting. Mandy looked overher shoulder at her brother and smiled.”I think Jimmy likes my ass, Mommy,” she grinned, spreading herslender young legs even wider.Terri’s eyes began to gleam as she watched Mandy poke her naked ass ather brother, wiggling her little hips in open invitation. Jimmy fondledhis sister’s ass, both his hands caressing and stroking. He ran one handbetween her thighs and cupped her fiery little pussy, rubbing it gently,feeling her young cunt flower open and drip hot moisture into his palm.Mandy made little moaning sounds and pressed her crotch back againstJimmy’s exploring touch, sliding her own hands up under her mother’sskirt. Terri opened her thighs and slid her ass to the edge of the couchas Mandy’s tiny fingers cupped her horny cunt. It was so deliciouslydirty having her daughter rub her drooling pussy while her son fondledhis sister.”Ooooooh, that’s nice,” Mandy cooed as Jimmy began to rub her cuntwith one hand and her tight little asshole with the other. “Do you thinkYou can fuck me in my ass, Jimmy? Does my asshole look too little?””It’s kinda tight looking, Sis,” he said, pushing the tip of hisfinger into his sister’s rubbery little anus. “But I think I can get itin.”Excited by their lewd dialogue, Terri pulled her skirt about her waistand spread her thighs wide. Her poor aching pussy was in desperate needof some action. With one hand on the back of Mandy’s blonde head, Terrihunched her hips up off the couch and forced the youngster’s prettylittle face closer to her cunt.Mandy didn’t hesitate. She kissed at her mother’s hairy cunt while herbrother fucked his finger in and out of her tight asshole gently andslowly, at the same time finger-fucking her hairless little pussy withanother finger. Terri bucked her ass up jerkily when her daughter’s pinktongue took a long swipe at the juicy slit of her cunt.”Uuuuhhhh yeahhhh, lick it, baby!” Terri moaned, rocking her hips fromside to side. “Lick Mommy’s hot cunt!”Jimmy looked past his sister’s ass and watched her pink tongue lap upand down their mother’s fur-lined pussy-slit, then delve into the darkfuck-hole. Mandy shook her naked ass, moaning throatily into her mother’scunt as she sucked and licked on it, her tongue twirling about Terri’sclit then stabbing in and out of the fiery wetness.”Try it in her asshole, Jimmy,” Terri moaned. “I bet you can get it ineasy. Oooohhhh, come on baby, fuck your little sister in her ass!”Jimmy pulled his fingers from Mandy’s tight little cunt and asshole.To fuck her he’d have to stand up, but before he did, he pushed his faceinto hot little ass. Mandy squealed into her mother’s cunt when she felther brother’s lips kissing at her asshole, his tongue darting downbetween her swollen cuntlips a couple of times. Mandy pushed her ass hardinto his face, and Jimmy dragged his tongue upward, licking her all theway back up to her little pink asshole. When he fucked his tongue intoher ass, Mandy lifted her mouth from her mother’s cunt with a loud cry ofdelight.”Oooooh, if your cock feels as good as your tongue in my asshole, it’sgonna drive me wild. Jimmy!”Terri watched with glassy eyes as her daughter pushed her wiggling assinto the boy’s face.”Suck her little ass, Jimmy!” she hissed. “Tongue your sister up herhot asshole! Lick her hot asshole, baby!””Oooooh, Mommy! He is!” Mandy gurgled. “Jimmy’s tongue is way up in myass… in my asshole! Ooooh, Jimmy, fuck my ass with your tongue!”Jimmy, gripped his sister’s twisting young hips and pushed his openlips hard around the crinkle, forcing his his tongue as deep as it wouldgo. Mandy gasped loudly, churning her tight little ass into his face, atthe same time burying her mouth back into her mother’s hairy cunt,sucking and licking wildly. Terri arched her hips up, grinding her gapingpussy up at Mandy’s mouth in a frenzy of lust. She had both hands on backof her daughter’s head now, pulling Mandy’s face down tightly into hersteamy cunt as she watched the little girl’s tiny ass jerk and twist onher son’s face.If Jimmy had kept tongue-fucking his sister in the ass, then Mandywould have kept sucking her mother’s cunt and Terri would have come. But,like all young boys, Jimmy was impatient to get his own rocks off. Hiscock was throbbing painfully between his legs and his young balls wereswollen with a load of sperm that had his little sister’s name on it.After kissing and licking the satiny cheeks of Mandy’s ass, stood up,his cock standing out with stiffness. Pre-cum coated the large, bulboushead which he rubbed about his sister’s asshole smearing the oily juicesover her tight young anus. Feeling her brother’s cockhead pressingeagerly against her sensitive little nether-hole was too much for Mandyand she pulled her slippery wet mouth from her mother’s cunt andsquealed.”Put it in me now, Jimmy! Come on, put your cock in my ass! I wannaget fucked in my asshole!”Terri slipped from the couch to help them. Somehow she felt it was hermotherly duty to ensure her k**s learned how to fuck each otherproperly… to ensure they got the most from each and every new sexualexperience.”Get down on your hands and knees, baby,” she told her daughter. “Itwill be better that way. Jimmy can kneel behind you, and you’ll be theright height for him to fuck you in the ass properly.”Mandy dropped onto all fours, her head hanging as she waitedbreathlessly for her brother to stick his cock into her little asshole.On her knees beside them, Terri placed one hand on her daughter’s ass,spreading the asscheeks wide. Then leant down, running her tongue overthe head of her son’s dripping cock, jerking on the thick base firmlywith her other hand. Turning her head, she lapped hotly at her daughter’sexposed asshole a few times before licking away the slimy pre-cum he hadsmeared on the girl’s satiny asscheeks.”Fuck her now, Jimmy,” Terri whispered hotly. “Fuck your horny littlesister in the ass, baby!”Cupping the tiny cheeks of her daughter’s ass, Terri spread them wide,holding her breath with anticipation. The pink crinkle of Mandy’s assholeseemed to suck inward as Jimmy touched it with the head of his swollencock. A soft whimper escaped from Mandy’s lips.”Oh, wonderful!” Terri said breathlessly as she watched her son rubthe head of his cock up and down her daughter’s ass crack, from hersugary cunt, up and over the pucker of her asshole to the base of Mandy’sspine. As his cock lifted upward, Terri dipped her face and lapped thesmooth cockhead with the tip of her tongue.”Mmmmm, come on””Are you ready, Mandy?” Jimmy asked, his voice hoarse.”Yes! Ohhh please, do it now!”Mandy’s arms buckled and she rested her head and shoulders on thecarpet, her sweet ass lifted high now, jutting back at her brother’scock. Terri spread her daughter’s tiny young asscheeks as wide as shecould, her eyes blazing with lust as she watched her son press the tip ofhis prick into his little sister’s asshole.Jimmy began to force the rounded head of his cock inward. Mandy heldher breath, feeling the pressure of his cock pushing at the ultra-tightlittle opening. Suddenly, the head of her brother’s cock was inside herasshole. Mandy gasped, her fingers clutching at the carpet.”Ummmmmm, mmmmmmm… Mommy! It feels kinda funny… but nice!”, moanedher sexy daughterJimmy’s cock pressed forward, slowly disappearing inside the tight,bulging ring of Mandy’s hot little asshole.”Ooooooh, yesss! Push it in deeper! Fuck her, baby!” Terri hissed, hereyes wide and shiny.Jimmy held his breath… the tightness of his sister’s asshole wasoverwhelming. Terri couldn’t resist, and lowered her face, pushing hertongue out as far as she could, licking at the junction of her daughter’stightly-stretched asshole and her son’s cock. Her hands pulled at thelittle girl’s asscheeks, but she already had them as wide as possible.”Push back on his cock, baby!” Terri moaned.”Ooooo, it’s so big!” Mandy cried softly, sliding her ass backgingerly. “Mommy, it’s gonna come out of my mouth!”Terri and Jimmy didn’t say anything. Both were watching hotly as Mandyslowly moved her ass backwards, fucking her asshole onto Jimmy’sthrobbing cock. The little pink pucker stretched, nipping at the base ofhis prick as the cheeks of her ass came to rest against his lower belly.Jimmy’s cock was deep, very deep, inside his sister’s asshole. Herpussy was gaping open now, the lips of her hairless little cunt forcedapart by the sheer bulk of her brother’s big cock in her tight virginasshole. Mandy’s ass trembled, and then she began to squirm.”Oooooh, it hurts a bit… but it feels so good!” Mandy sobbed. “Slideyour cock in and out, Jimmy!”But it was Mandy who moved first. Impatiently, she pulled her assforward on his cock, her tiny, stretched ass ring sliding over the thickshaft almost painfully. Jimmy groaned with the incredible mixture ofpleasure and pain. Mandy ignored his cries and moved her skinny littlehips forward until only Jimmy’s swollen prickhead was left inside. Atthat point, she wiggled her ass in a quick, spastic circling motion,before moving back onto his cock again, tentatively at first, then moreforcefully as the pain lessened and the pleasure grew.Jimmy made low moaning sounds of ecstasy as he watched his littlesister’s hot, buttery asshole cling to his cock. Keeping one hand on herdaughter’s ass, Terri shoved the other beneath Mandy, pushing it insidethe little girl’s blouse to fondle one of her tiny tits. Wearing just herblouse made Mandy seem more erotic, more desirable. Jimmy moved his righthand to his mother, lifting her skirt so he could finger her juicy wetcunt, and still watch his sister’s asshole stretch about his cock.Terri removed her open blouse so her swollen tits would be free, andJimmy began fondling them in his other hand. He probed his mother’s cunt,using three fingers. When he lifted one of her tits and lowered his faceto suck her stiff nipple, Terri cried out in delight. In turn, shesqueezed her daughter’s tit hard, making Mandy whimper in pleasure.Taking up the rhythm his little sister had started, Jimmy was nowfucking his cock deeply into her clinging asshole, pulling out when shemoved forward and stabbing it in when she pushed back. Terri gazed hotlyat the pink crinkle, watching it sink in and then suck outward on herson’s cockshaft as the two k**s fucked.”Oooooh, Jimmy, that feels fantastic!” Mandy cried out, grinding herlittle ass back at him. “I love it! Oh, Mommy, it feels so good! Can yousee Jimmy’s cock fucking my ass, Mommy?””Ummmmm yes, baby.. yes!” Terri moaned, hunching her cunt onto herson’s stiff fingers in total ecstasy.She moved her hand off Mandy’s gyrating ass and slipped it down andunder to rub at the juicy hairless, little slit. Mandy was so wet, herpubescent cunt-juices already had her inner thighs coated with aglistening film.”Oh, Mandy, your little cunt is so fucking wet, so fucking hot, baby!”Terri finger-fucked her daughter gently, feeling the succulentcuntlips grip at her finger as her son fucked his cock in and out of herasshole. She rubbed at the girl’s small, knotted clit, bringing squealsof ecstasy from Mandy. Soon Terri began to alternate between them,playing with her son’s hot balls, then her daughter’s cunt, and back toJimmy’s balls, her own cunt bubbling around the boy’s stabbing fingers.”Ohhhhhh, God you’re tight, Mandy!” Jimmy gasped, fucking his cockdeep. “Your little asshole is as hot and tight as your fucking cunt!””Fuck me, Jimmy!” Mandy groaned. “Ohhh, I love it in my ass! Fuck meup the asshole, Jimmy! Ummmmmmm, watch him fuck me up my ass, Mommy… inmy asshole! Watch his cock fuck my asshole, Mommy!””I am, darling!” Terri moaned. “Ohhh, I can see your brother’s cockfucking your hot little ass! I can see his big cock go so deep insideyour tiny asshole! Fuck her, Jimmy! She loves it… Your sister lovesyour hard cock inside her hot little ass!””It makes my cunt… tight!” Mandy sobbed. “I can feel his cock in myass and it makes my cunt go so tight!”Terri rubbed at her daughter’s hairless cunt, feeling the swollenpussy lips vibrate. She stabbed a finger into Mandy’s cunt, thrusting itin and out as Jimmy’s hot balls banged at her knuckles. She churned herown ass, fucking her son’s fingers with her cunt.Jimmy sucked his mother’s tits, then watched his sister’s little asssquirm and twist, darting back and forth on his cock. Her tiny, spreadass cheeks smacked against him, and her soft cries of ecstasy weregetting louder. With the heat growing in his balls, and his sister’sasshole gripping his cock, Jimmy let go of his mother’s tits and clutchedMandy’s hips, fucking the little girl harder, ramming his cock in and outof her asshole with deep, hard thrusts that made her tiny body quiver andshake.”Ooooooh, yes, Jimmy!” Mandy cried. “Do it fast! Fuck me real fast!Ahhh, I can feel so much! I can feel your cock throb… feel it jerk,inside my asshole! Oh, ram my ass, Jimmy! Fuck meeeeeeee!”Terri stared hotly at the way her daughter thrashed her naked ass,fucking onto her son’s cock with wanton ecstasy. She understood exactlywhat Mandy was feeling, and her own asshole crinkled, as if she couldfeel his cock sliding in and out of it. She buried a finger deeply intoher daughter’s boiling pussy, not thrusting, just leaving it there. Shecould feel the tight wetness close about her each time Mandy moved herass back and forth, the hairless little cuntlips nipping at her fingerwith each in and out stroke of Jimmy’s cock.”Baby, you’re about to come!” Terri breathed. “I can feel your littlecunt… and you’re going to come!””Ooooh, I sure am, Mommy!” Mandy moaned, thrusting her ass backwardeagerly, the friction of her brother’s cock fucking in and out of herasshole sending tremors through her small body. “I’m gonna come with myasshole, not my cunt!””It seems that way, ” Terri said, lowering her face closer to get abetter look. “Ohhh, Jimmy, you’ve got to show Mandy what it feels like tohave your hot juice squirted up her little ass! Cum in her asshole,Jimmy! Let Mandy feel your jizz spurt into her ass!”Jimmy was humping back and forth, fucking hard into Mandy’s greedylittle asshole. He was grunting, not with the effort, but with theincredibly pleasurable sensation of his prick sliding deeply up hislittle sister’s tight young asshole. His cock felt blistered from theheat, and his balls drew up hard, still smacking at his mother’sknuckles.”Ohhh, Mommy! ” Mandy suddenly cried out. “Ohhhhh, yes!””She’s coming, Jimmy!” Terri yelped, feeling Mandy’s young cuntcontract about her finger. “Mandy’s coming now, Jimmy! Fuck her harder!Really give it to her, baby!””I can feel it!” he gasped, his cock being squeezed by the spasms ofMandy’s asshole. “I feel it… uuuuhhhh, it’s gonna make me come, too!”Jimmy fucked in and out frantically, the ring of his sister’s assholeclutching at his lurching prick in spasms, as if a hot, oily fist wasalternately squeezing and releasing his cock.”Ohhhh, Mandy!” he gasped, lunging deeply, his cock all the way up herasshole. “Now, Mandy! I’m gonna come in your ass… uhhhh, God, fuck…cumming up your hot fuckin’ little ass!”Jimmy raised his head, his mouth open, eyes closed tightly. Terrijerked her finger out of Mandy’s cunt, gripping her son’s balls and gavethem a squeeze. With a yelp, Jimmy came. His back arched and his fingersdug deeply into his sister’s slim buttocks as he pounded her littleasshole with his squirting cock.”Oooooohhhhh!” Mandy screamed, feeling the boy’s cum-load gush intoher ass, jet after jet, of hot cream filling her tiny quivering asshole.She shivered as she pressed her ass hard onto his cock, taking the rapidsquirts of her brother’s cum in a fit of blinding, squealing ecstasy.”I feel it! I feel your cock coming in my asshole, Jimmy! Ooooh, God!Cum in me, Jimmy! Fill up my ass with your cum!”Terri massaged her son’s contracting balls as he came, her lips partedas she made soft, hissing sounds, wishing she could see his wonderfulyoung cock flooding its load deep up inside inside her little belly.Chapter 10.Terri watched with lust-gleaming eyes as her son’s cock pistoned inand out of her daughter’s tight, clinging anus, filling the squealinggirl’s asshole with its hot, creamy i****tuous load.Jimmy’s whole body jerked in orgasm as he emptied his balls into hisnaked little sister.”Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhh, fuck! Sis! I’m cumming in your ass! Ummmmmm, fuck!I’m cumming right up your hot little asshole!!!!”Mandy could only moan and brace her slender young body with her armsas her brother fucked her tight little ass brutally. His prick hadstopped squirting sperm by now, but was still quite hard and Jimmy wasmilking his orgasm to the very last drop. The grip of his little sister’sasshole around his prick was so tight and hot and slippery, his intenseclimax seemed to last for ages.It was only when his spent cock finally wilted and became too soft toeffectively penetrate Mandy’s tight little anal ring that Jimmy stoppedjerking his hips and let his prick slip wetly from the girl’s well-fuckedlittle ass.Mandy sprawled on her stomach, her cute little ass twitching. Her armsflung high above her blonde head, her legs open. The pucker of herasshole was visible, twitching as juices dripped out of her hairlesscunt, onto the carpet. Now and then a tremor rippled through her body anda soft sigh of gratification came from her sensually parted lips.Jimmy sat on the floor, leaning against the cushions of the couch, hismuscular young chest heaving with the exertion of fucking his littlesister. His cock, soft and small, dangled between his bent knees, hisballs empty. Terri lay on her side, her head propped on one elbow, eyesglittering with pleasure. Her tits were still swollen, her light-brownnipples peaked stiffly. Her skirt was pulled to her waist, and her thighswere spread wide. With her left hand, she stroked her cunt gently,rubbing at her clit, dipping a finger inside now and then. Jimmy’s gazeflitted from his sister’s cute little ass to his mother’s hairy, gapingcunt, breathing hard.Terri found the image of his cock up Mandy’s ass still in her mind. Ithad been wonderful, watching her daughter taking her son’s cock insideher little asshole. She was pleased with them, no longer surprised at howeager they were to try anything that came to mind. She was delighted thatthey were so horny, and so willing to experiment with anything sexual.Thinking of Mandy sucking on Ray’s cock beneath his desk when she andJimmy were in the office, Terri almost giggled. Her husband had tried tohard to pretend nothing was going on, and he had succeeded in fooling herand Jimmy. But now that Terri thought about it, she should have knownsomething was going on at the time. His flushed face, his eagerness toget rid of them…. it all made sense now that she thought about it.Ray was going to learn he didn’t get away with anything, she toldherself. It was time to let him know he wasn’t the only one enjoying sexwith Mandy. It was time to let him know it would be better to enjoy theirdaughter’s hungry little cunt and mouth right here at home, so she couldwatch, and even more exciting, she thought, to have him watch as shefucked and sucked with Jimmy. The thought of her handsome young sonslamming his wonderful hard cock into her cunt while her husband did thesame to their daughter was enough to make Terri cum on thespot.She pushed a finger into her cunt, pressing the heel of her hand hardupon her clit. A soft moan escaped her full red lips, and her gleamingeyes slitted with renewed desire. Spreading her thighs wider, Terri beganto fuck her finger in and out of her cunt, making lewd wet suckingsounds.”Mom, you don’t have to finger-fuck,” Jimmy said.”Mmmmm, but it’s fun, baby,” she purred, stabbing a bit faster, herhips lurching back and forth. “It’s a lot of fun to fuck myself,sometimes. Don’t you want to watch Mommy, do it to herself, baby?””Yeah,” he grinned.Mandy rolled over, sitting up and crossing her legs, her glistening,hairless cunt exposed. She watched her mother a while, too.”You want me to suck your pussy. Mommy?” Mandy asked. “I will if youwant.””So will your brother,” Terri replied. agitating her pulsating clitswiftly. “I know you both will suck my cunt… or Jimmy will fuck me.Ummmmmmmmmm… But I like to do this to myself sometimes.”Mandy scooted close to her brother, taking his cock and balls into herhot little palm, playing with him as they watched their mother masturbatein front of them. Jimmy d****d his arm over his sister’s shoulder,fondling her tight little tits as his eyes burned on his mother’s juicy,wet cunt.His cock began to swell in his sister’s hand and Mandy closed herfingers around it, stroking up and down, her other hand rubbing at herown cunt slowly. Her little blue eyes began to sparkle with lust again.”Suck his cock, Honey,” Terri whispered. “I want to see his big cockin your hot little mouth while I bring myself off.””But, Mommy! ” Mandy made a face. “It just came out of my asshole!””So what?” Terri asked huskily.She pushed her fingers past her cunt and worked one up her ownasshole, letting them see. She fucked her finger a few times into herass, then pulled it out, and sucked it, her tongue licking.”See? Sometimes… well, I’ll suck his cock if you don’t want to. Idon’t mind where it’s been.”Mandy giggled.”Then I don’t, either, Mommy,” she said, dipping her head down andrunning the tip of her tongue across the swollen head of her brother’sslimy cock. She raised up, started to make a face, and then grinnedinstead. “It’s not like I thought it would be. I like it, I think.””Let Mommy have a taste, darling”, said Terri, her eyes smolderingwith lust. “Jimmy, come over here.”Jimmy stood and stepped close to his mother, his cock jutting outward.Terri sat up and nuzzled her face into the boy’s crotch, flicking out herher tongue. Slowly, she licked from his balls to the head of his cock,then took it into her mouth. Jimmy moaned in pleasure and held the backof his mother’s head, fucking his cock into her mouth and halfway downher throat, her lips against the wiry, tickling hair at the base.Mandy came over to watch, her blue eyes big and moist. She rested hercheek against her brother’s hip, watching her mother sucking back andforth on his glistening prick, her lips sliding easily, her tonguelicking wet circles about the swollen cockhead as he pulled back. After amoment, Terri pulled her mouth from her son’s cock and lay back.”Straddle me, honey,” she said, spreading her legs wide and adjustingher skirt around her waist. “Straddle Mommy’s shoulders.”Jimmy did as he was told, and Terri gazed up at the boy’s crotch withhot, glittering eyes. She gazed at the firm, muscled cheeks of her son’sass, his cum-laden balls, and his hard young cock sticking straight out,already oozing pre-cum again. A drop fell from the tip of his cock andlanded on one of her stiff nipples.With a soft moan, Mandy dipped her head and licked it off her mother’snipple. Terri stroked her hands up her son’s thighs, cupping his hardyoung ass, squeezing the asscheeks, then fondled his balls with one handand his cock with the other. Mandy squatted beside them, rubbing herhairless little cunt with her hands, watching with wide, lust-filled eyesas her mother caressed and squeezed her brother’s cock and balls. Terriglanced at her daughter and saw the look of wanton desire her young face. Mandy stared back at her and smiled.”Can I suck him again, Mommy?” she asked sweetly. “I wanna suckJimmy’s cock and make him squirt in my mouth!””Go on, sweetheart!”, smiled Terri, offering the head of her son’scock to her daughter’s lips. “Suck the cum right out of his balls!”With a giggle, Mandy kissed Jimmy’s swollen cockhead then wiggled hertongue at his piss hole, tasting the seeping juices.”Oh, yeahhhh! Lick it all up, baby” Terri whispered throatily. “Tastesgood doesn’t it. Okay, now suck it! Suck as much of it into your mouth asyou can.”Mandy didn’t hesitate this time. She closed her hot little moutharound the head of her brother’s cock, pushing her face down. Terri’seyes glazed with passion as she watched the naked little p*****n suckback and forth on her brother’s erect prick, mewling with pleasure.”Get on your knees. Jimmy,” Terri urged.The boy lowered himself to his knees, straddling his mother’s face.Mandy had not lost his cock as he lowered himself. Jimmy’s young ballswere in Terri’s face, and she nuzzled them with pleasure. Watching herdaughter sucking on his cock, Terri began to lick at her son’s balls,swirling her wet tongue all over them. Jimmy moaned in ecstasy, one handon the top of his sister’s blonde head, the other behind his ass,squeezing one of his mother’s big tits.Terri scissored her long legs open and closed, her cunt on fire. Shewrithed her naked ass on the floor, sucking her son’s hot balls into hermouth, her eyes focusing on her daughter’s sucking lips. Watching Mandysuck on Jimmy’s cock while she sucked his balls sent a wild, fiery tremorthrough her, and she almost came then and there.Moist sounds came out of their mouths as mother and daughter suckedthe teenager’s prick. Jimmy looked down, watching them, his eyesglittering with adolescent arousal.Terri pulled her mouth off his balls, darting her tongue into thecrack of her son’s ass, tickling his asshole, his balls in her face. Shelapped at the hot pucker of his asshole, then sucked his balls into hermouth. She twisted her ass, humping her hips up and down, fucking theair. She cupped Jimmy’s lean ass in her hot palms, trying to pull hiscum-loaded balls into her throat. Her daughter’s bottom lip brushed ather upper lip as Mandy filled her mouth with Jimmy’s cock.Mandy could only manage to get half of her brother’s rock-hardcockshaft, into her mouth and as she moved her lips up and down theshaft, Terri busied herself with the lower half, licking and tonguing andsucking whatever she could get her hungry lips on. When Mandy pulled hermouth off his cock for a moment, Terri pushed her tongue to the head andlicked it, swirling the tip about her daughter’s sucking lips. The twohot mouths on his cock and balls were making Jimmy tremble with pleasure.”Oh, somebody is gonna make me come!” he moaned.”Mmmmm!” his mother mewled, sucking at his balls again.Mandy slurped off his cock for a moment.”Squirt it in my mouth, Jimmy.” she said. “Come in my mouth.”She drew his cock back between her hot lips. sucking strongly. Jimmygroaned loudly, his balls tight inside his mother’s mouth. His cock wasbeing sucked hotly by his sister, and his vision blurred, and he couldn’tsee anything now.”I’m about to come!” he moaned. “Ohhh, I’m gonna come… suck me,Mandy! Oooooh, suck my cock! Mom… my balls… suck my fuckin’ balls!I’m gonna come so haaaaaaaard!”Right about then, Ray entered the room. Terri, Mandy and Jimmy hadbeen so totally engrossed in what they were doing that they hadn’t heardhim drive up, let alone enter the house. Ray let out a gasp as herealized what was going on. The sight which greeted him had his cockinstantly twitching and swelling in his pants.His wife and k**s were on the floor, his wife’s skirt about her waist,her gaping cunt exposed. He saw his daughter’s cute little ass, watchedthe way Mandy was so hungrily sucking on Jimmy’s cock, and how eagerlyhis pretty young wife sucked at his son’s balls. Ray started to speak,then stopped. He had heard Jimmy say he was about to come.Jimmy’s eyes were closed, and his face was twisting as the hot,thunderous sensations increased in his aching young loins. Mandy’s eyeswere closed as she sucked eagerly, and Terri was staring up at the girl’ssmall mouth taking Jimmy’s cock, her tongue swirling hotly about hisswollen balls. None of them could see the figure at the door, watchingthem.Ray closed the door quietly, and pulled his cock from his pants. Itwas fully erect already, twitching stiffly at the sight of his wife andsexy little daughter giving his lucky son a double blow-job. Gripping hisswelling hard-on with one hand, Ray loosened his tie with the other, andsimply watched, trying to decide what to do next. The urge to plunge hiserect cock into either his wife’s juicy wet cunt, or his daughter’shairless little pussy was incredibly strong, but he decided to hold back,at least he’d seen Jimmy shoot his load into Mandy’s sweet little mouth.”I’m gonna come!” Jimmy shouted.Mandy squealed and her little blue eyes fluttered open as she tastedthe hot gush of her brother’s sperm squirting into her mouth. She gulpedquickly, but her brother’s twitching cock was spurting more jism than her small mouth could cope with and the rest spilled out of her mouth.Ray watched his son’s cum drip from his daughter’s cock-stuffed mouthand fall onto his wife’s face. He began to jack on his cock, eyes burningwith excitement.Mandy struggled bravely to swallow her brother’s thick, creamy loadbut like most young boy’s his age, Jimmy came so rapidly and so much, hiscum kept dripping out around the little girl’s tightly-stretched lips andright onto her mother’s face. Terri felt it, and she didn’t mind at all.She could feel her son’s balls writhing as he filled his sister’s mouthwith jizz, and she sucked and licked furiously, bouncing her naked ass upand down on the floor, her legs spread wide.With one final gulp, Mandy swallowed the last of her brother’s hugecum-load and pulled her lips from his wilting cock. Terri felt her sonpull his empty balls out of her mouth and smiled up at her c***dren, herface covered with Jimmy’s cum.Squealing, Mandy began to lick at her mother’s spermy face, her tonguelapping up the jism that smeared it. Terri offered her face to thecum-hungrily little girl, her hand dropping between her legs to rub hergaping cunt.Jimmy pushed his mother’s hand away and began to finger-fuck her witha frenzy. Terri wailed in passion as her son fucked his fingers into herjuicy cunt. Mandy thrust her hot little tongue into her mother’s mouth.Terri sucked at it eagerly, dragging her daughter’s hand to her swollentits so the little girl could squeeze them as they kissed. Terri pushed ahand between her daughter’s slender young thighs and rubbed at the juicypink wetness of Mandy’s hairless little cunt.Ray couldn’t contain himself any longer.”What the fuck is going on here?”With startled yelps, mother, son, and daughter jerked away from eachother guiltily. Terri tried to cover her tits and cunt, and Mandy wentinto a bashful crouch, while Jimmy cupped his cock and balls. All threestared in astonishment as Ray stood there before them, his bare pricksticking from his pants, thick and long and very, very hard.”It’s a bit late to be bashful,” Ray said, grinning at them.”You startled us, Ray,” Terri said, flushed.”I’d say I caught you.””So what?” Terri replied, removing her hands from her tits and cunt.”At least we’re fucking at home, and not in your office.””You know about that, huh?””Mandy told us,” Terri answered.”I thought she would,” Ray said. “She told me things you’ve said toher, about me looking at her and… well, now what?”Terri gave her husband a wicked grin, pulling Jimmy’s hand back to hercunt and Mandy’s hand to her tit. “I’d say the first thing to do is getout of your fucking pants, Ray.””Oh, yes, Daddy!” Mandy squealed, spreading her slim legs wide to lether father see her hairless cunt. “Take all of your clothes off and comejoin us!”Ray undressed quickly, watching his wife and son and daughter. Hiscock was so hard, it slapping at his stomach with stiffness as he pulledoff his shorts and stood before his family completely nude. Mandy giggledwith pleasure and skipped over to her naked father. She clutched his cockand balls eagerly with tiny fingers, playing with them as she gazedexcitedly up into his eyes.”Mmmmmmmm! Nice and hard, Daddy!””All the better to fuck you with, my dear!” growled Ray, slipping ahand down between his daughter’s legs.”Oooooh, goody!!”Ray inserted a finger into Mandy’s hairless little cunt-crack andstarted to finger-fucking her. He was amazed at how incredibly wet herhot little twat was she sure was a horny littlepiece…. and eager too. He couldn’t wait to spread her skinny young legsand plow her tight, buttery little-girl fuckhole again, like he’d done inhis office. God, she’d felt good! Her hairless little cuntlips had clungtightly to the shaft of his cock and milked him dry, just like they weredoing right now, to his deeply probing finger.Terri raised her ass, pulling her skirt off and crawled towards herson. Stroking his finger in and out of Mandy’s elastic little fuckholeRay, watched his wife push Jimmy onto his back His cock was hard andstanding up again. Terri leaned over him, on her hands and knees,waggling her shapely ass at her husband as she took Jimmy’s cock into hermouth, sucking it, keeping her head turned to watch Ray.”Wanna fuck, Daddy?” Mandy asked, leaning down and kissing the head ofher father’s cock. “Wanna fuck me while Mommy fucks Jimmy?””Fucking right, I do!” Ray said, his voice thick as he watched hiswife fill her mouth with their son’s cock.Terri pulled her mouth off Jimmy’s cock. She straddled her son, thensquatted with her hairy cuntlips just brushing the boy’s prickhead. Shegrinned wantonly at her husband as she rubbed Jimmy’s cock along the pinkslit of her juicy cunt.”I don’t see anyone stopping you, Ray,” Terri said, her eyeshalf-closing with pleasure as she sat down on Jimmy’s huge, throbbingerection.”Oooooh, baby!” moaned Ray, as he watched his wife impale herself ontheir son’s cock. “You don’t know how many times I’ve seen you fuckingJimmy in my mind!”Terri grinned up at her husband as she lewdly began to bounced up anddown on Jimmy’s virile young prick.”Probably as many times as I’ve imagined your big cock fucking Mandy’scunt.”Mandy was jacking on her father’s cock swiftly, her little fistsliding up and down the huge shaft as she watched her mother fuckingJimmy.Terri pursed her lips for Ray and he leaned down and kissed his wife,pushing his tongue into her mouth. As Terri sucked on his tongue, heclutched his daughter’s tight little ass hard, his other hand slipping toTerri’s bouncing tits.”Come on, Daddy! I wanna fuck too!” Mandy squealed. “Put your big oldcock in my cunt again, pleeeaaase, Daddy??!!!”Terri pulled her mouth from her husband’s lips.”You better fuck her, I’d say.” she said in a low, husky voice.”You’re about to find out what a wonderful son and daughter we have,darling.””I already know,” Ray said, lowering Mandy to the floor and buryinghis face into her cunt, sucking and licking eagerly, relishing the muskyjuices of her creamy young cunt.Mandy spread her thighs about her father’s face, giggling when hisstubbled whiskers tickled her inner thighs. She grabbed the back of hishead, grinding her hairless cunt wildly into his sucking mouth.”Oh, Ray, suck her cunt!” Terri gasped, slapping her juicy-wet pussyup and down on her son’s cock. “Lick her sweet little pussy, Ray!Tongue-fuck her good! Mandy loves to have her hot little cunt sucked…and Jimmy loves blow-jobs, and…. ohhhh, God I love his big hard cockfucking me!!”Ray rammed his tongue deep into his daughter’s tight little hole, andas she wiggled hard at his face, Terri reached over and grasped herhusband’s throbbing cock, jerking up and down on it as she fucked hergroaning son.”Oooooh, Daddy, you’re gonna make me come so fast!” Mandy wailed, herlittle pussy convulsing about her father’s darting tongue. “Oooooh, suckme hard! Suck my cunt real hard, Daddy!”Within minutes, Ray had the horny little 12-year-old squealing inecstasy…. another minute and Mandy was cumming like a rocket!”UUUUUHHHHHH, DAAADDDDDDDY! OHHHHHH! OHHHHH! UUUUNNNGGHHHHHH, SUCK ME!SUCK MEEEEEEE! I’M CUMMMMMMMING! AAAHHHHHHHH!”, screamed Mandy, hunchingher quivering little crotch up at her father’s munching mouth.Ray held her tiny asscheeks in both hands and tongue-fucked thewhimpering youngster through her orgasm, lapping at her hairless littlefuck-hole like a starving man. At the peak of her climax, Ray sucked hertiny, throbbing clit into his mouth and sucked hard, causing the littlegirl to almost faint with pleasure. With a moan, he ran his stiffenedtongue up and down through her juicy pink slit sucking up the deliciouspubescent cream which collected there.As soon as her fiery little cunt stopped squeezing and contractingwith orgasm, Ray lay back, pulling his daughter on top of him. His facewas glistening with her pussy juices as he settled Mandy on top of hisupthrust prick. Mandy held her breath as positioned her tiny pussy overher father’s cock, with Terri leaning over to watch. Mother, father anddaughter moaned as one as Mandy lowered her ass and enveloped Ray’sprick, her young cunt bulging with the incredible thickness of herfather’s huge cock.”Ohhhhh, Ray, that’s fantastic! Isn’t Mandy’s sweet little pussy tighton your cock? Isn’t that the hottest, tightest little cunt you everfucked?””Oh, yeah!” Ray groaned as he watched his daughter’s tiny, hairlesscunt stretch about his thick prick. “Fuck me, Mandy! Ahhh, baby, bouncethat sweet little pussy up and down on Daddy’s cock!””I will. Daddy!” Mandy squealed. “Ooooh, watch me, Mommy! I’m fuckingDaddy! Oooooh, his cock feels so biiiig in my little cunt!””Ram it to him, Mandy!” Terri squealed, fucking herself on her son’scock with wild, wicked lunges of her horny cunt. “We’ll show these twoguys! Let’s show them what hot cunts we have… what hungry mouths wehave!””And assholes, Mommy!” Mandy gurgled, bouncing and wiggling as wildlyas her mother now. Mandy grabbed one of her mother’s jouncing tits.”Don’t forget our hot assholes!””Never!” Terri cried out, grinding her pussy down onto her son’s cock.”Ohhhhhh, God! Fuck Mommy hard, Jimmy! I’m going to come… I can’twait!”Watching his wife’s hairy cunt grinding on the base of their son’scock was too much for Ray. As was the incredible tightness of his littledaughter’s cunt. With a cry of ecstasy, he gripped Mandy’s thrashing hipsand fucked his cock deeply into her pussy, feeling the jizz rising in hisballs.”Uuuhhhh, Jesus! Daddy’s cummming, baby! Cummming in your tightfuckin’ pussy!” he shouted. “Take it, Mandy! Take Daddy’s cum up your hotlittle cunt!””Yes, yes, Daddy! I’m… ohhh, I’m cumming too! Uuuuhhhhh! Ohhhhh!Feel me coming, Daddy!”Almost at the same time as Ray and Mandy climaxed, Jimmy arched up,gushing cum into his mother’s gripping cunt causing Terri to orgasm aswell. The wet sounds of fucking which had filled the room were drownedout by loud cries of release as the whole family climaxed together. Rayemptied his balls into Mandy’s tiny convulsing pussy, filling the littlegirl to overflowing… Terri came like a freight train, screaming andwrithing with ecstasy as a groaning Jimmy fucked his spurting prick deepup into her spasming cunt… Mandy’s tight, hairless little cunt grippedher father’s jerking cock with orgasm.”Mmmmmmmmm! I wanna suck your cock next, Daddy, then take it up myasshole and… suck cunt and cock… and fuck and… “”Oh, yes, Mandy! ” Ray grunted, punctuating his words with severaldeep jabs into the little girl’s cunt. “Yes, yes, and yes!!”Slumped over her son’s panting body, Terri looked over at her husbandand daughter and smiled. Things were going to be a lot different aroundhere in future, that was for sure…..THE END