Vampires! Ch 1


Vampires! Ch 1Danny’s heart beat faster and he sucked in a deep breath as the gorgeous older woman loomed over his prone form. He was lying on his back on the woman’s elaborate 4-poster bed as she straddled his legs and leant down towards him.The woman casually flicked her long, raven locks over her shoulder and bent forward, pressing the lush curves of her body against him. Danny gave a quiet sigh as he felt the heavy weight of her ample breasts press against his torso, he could even feel the hard jut of her nipples through the thin material of her black dress.Danny’s breathing sped up as he felt her hot breath against his neck and the gentle tickle of her nose on the underside of his chin as she nuzzled in against him, her gorgeous body pressed fully against his. His cock was hard as a rock inside his jeans, a he almost u*********sly humped upwards with his hips rubbing his crotch against the woman’s hip as she pressed herself down on top of him.”Mmm,” the dark haired woman gave a soft moan as her tongue flicked out and teasingly traced the line of Danny’s collar bone up towards his throat. She planted a gentle kiss against the side of his neck, her lips were cool and moist.”Ah!” Danny’s nostrils suddenly flared and his eyes went wide as he felt the sudden intense pain of her sharp fang’s piercing the flesh of his neck. As often as he’d felt her bite in the past, it never got any easier.The woman gave a deep moan of apparent sexual pleasure as she gently ground her curvaceous body against the teenage boy beneath her and began to slowly drink his blood.”Mmm, Sylvia,” moaned Danny after about a minute. He reached up and gently touched her upper arm.Sylvia gave a murmur of disappointment as she lifted her head up from the eighteen years young throat. “Enough already?” she asked, her voice husky with longing.Danny nodded, his head spinning.”Fine,” agreed Sylvia in frustration, her tongue lapped briefly at his throat, tasting the clotting blood that leaked from the tiny wounds her fangs had left. Feeding in this manner was so infuriating; she much preferred using her fangs to rip the throat of her victim so that she could drink deeply of their blood. Sipping Danny’s blood for brief snacks was so unsatisfying, barely enough to sustain her.Sylvia sat up, still straddling Danny’s upper thighs.Danny’s felt a little light headed from blood-loss as he gazed up at the gorgeous vampire. Sylvia was a stunning creature. He had no idea how old she actually was, but she looked about thirty. She had long dark black hair that fell to her waist and had a stunning shimmer in the dim lighting of her bedroom. Sylvia’s skin was pale and almost pure white, and soft and smooth and flawless. Her lushly curved body was every teenager’s wet fethiye escort dream, full, ample breasts, long slender legs, a slim waist and full, deliciously curved hips. Danny always thought of her as a gothic, ultra-sexy version of snow white.”I guess it’s time for your payment then,” said Sylvia, reaching towards Danny’s crotch.The smile on the eighteen year old’s face widened as the gorgeous, busty vampire unzipped the fly of his jeans and reached her soft hand inside, drawing out his already hard penis.Sylvia slid down and dipped her beautiful face down into Danny’s lap, taking his hard cock into her warm mouth, being very careful not to scratch him with her long, sharp fangs.”Oh, shit that’s good!” gasped Danny as Sylvia’s hot mouth plunged down on his erection, sucking noisily.Sylvia and Danny were neighbours. Danny lived next door with his parents and went to the local college. For the past six months Danny had known that his strange, beautiful neighbour was in fact a vampire. One of the undead. It was crazy, like something out of a movie or horror novel.The two of them had come to a rather unconventional arrangement. In return for Danny providing a regular, if somewhat unsatisfying, supply of fresh blood, Sylvia gave Danny a regular, and completely satisfying supply of blowjobs.Every night, Danny would visit his voluptuous, sexy neighbour and let her snack on his blood. She would then suck his cock, giving him some of the best head he’d ever experienced.”That’s it baby,” groaned Danny, his fingers running through the soft locks of dark black hair on Sylvia’s bobbing head.Sylvia’s mouth slid down Danny’s hard cock, her tongue playfully massaging the underside of his cock as she sucked hard on his length. The gorgeous vampire effortlessly sunk her mouth right down to the very base of Danny’s hard cock, her lips stretched wide as her nose was pressed into the eighteen years old pubic hair.”Fuck!” grunted Danny, his entire cock lodged in Sylvia’s mouth. She was an incredible cock sucker!Danny gripped Sylvia’s head in both his hands and humped up with his hips, thrusting upwards against Sylvia’s sucking mouth. Not needing to breathe, Sylvia effortlessly took his entire cock into her throat without gagging.”Yeah baby!” he gasped, slightly relaxing his grip on her head. Sylvia immediately began to bob over his lap again, the tight noose of her lips sliding rapidly up and down Danny’s stiff erection.”Lick my nuts as well Sylvia, honey,” he instructed.Sylvia gave a small moan as she lifted her mouth back up off Danny’s cock and dipped her lips down towards his balls. She silently noted that the cock sucking always seemed to last much longer than the blood sucking.Danny moaned happily as Sylvia’s soft tongue sc****d escort fethiye across his scrotum, licking his testicles and then teasing them with small circles of the very tip of her tongue. As she worked over his nutsack, her hand came up to stroke and tug on Danny’s erection, making sure to keep him hard as a rock and ready to unload.”Yeah, that’s nice,” groaned Danny as Sylvia feasted on his testicles.After a few minutes her mouth began to work it’s way back up to the base of his shaft and she skilfully licked her way back up to the head of Danny’s cock. She was about to plunge her mouth back down onto Danny’s cock when he stopped her.”Wait, I’m gonna cum soon, let me fuck you,” he said.Sylvia chuckled and shook her head. “Uh ah,” she refused him with a shake of her head. “blood for oral is the deal.””Let me fuck your face then,” said Danny.Sylvia shrugged. “Sure. If you want.”Danny grinned as he sat up on the bed. “Get on your knees,” he told her as he stood up in the middle of the bed.Sylvia knelt at Danny’s feet and immediately resumed working over his cock with her talented mouth. The gorgeous dark haired vampire bobbed her head over Danny’s cock, slurping noisily on his hard length.Danny gave a moan and reached down, getting a tight grip on Sylvia’s head with both hands and taking control of her sucks. His hips swung as he started to thrust his erection into Sylvia’s mouth at full force, shoving his cock right into the back of her throat, his balls slapping against her chin.”Fuck yeah!” grunted Danny as he happily used the busty vampire’s mouth for his pleasure, slamming his cock repeatedly back and forth between her full lips. With each thrust her face pressed right in against his crotch, her chin on his balls and her nose in his pubes.Danny gave a final grunt of pleasure as he exploded, clutching Sylvia’s face tightly in against his groin as he unloaded straight down her throat, thick ropes of cum spurting from his convulsing penis.Sylvia effortlessly drank down his load, savouring the hot salty semen. Although blood was what sustained her as a vampire, she also enjoyed all warm human fluids, and eagerly swallowed Danny’s seed.When Danny was finally spent, he let go of Sylvia’s head and she sat back on her heels.”That hit the spot,” said Danny as he stared down at the raven haired beauty. Standing over her, he had an excellent view down into her deep cleavage, the low cut neckline of her black dress giving him plenty to look at.Sylvia wiped a trickle of leaked cum from the corner of her mouth. “A pleasure; as always.””God I wish you’d let me fuck you,” remarked Danny as he tucked his dick back into his jeans.Sylvia climbed off the bed and sauntered seductively over to a table on the far side of the fethiye escort bayan bedroom, her womanly hips swaying as she walked. “Perhaps there’s a way you can,” she said, lifting a glass of red wine up and taking a long swallow.That had Danny’s attention. “Really? What do I need to do?”Sylvia had another sip of wine. “I want you to do a favour for me,” she replied. “If you do, you can have me.””Really?” repeated Danny animatedly. He wasn’t a virgin, but not exactly experienced either. The idea of fucking this gorgeous older woman excited him greatly. “You mean more than just head right? I get to fuck you. Your cunt.”Sylvia rolled her eyes at the young human’s crudeness. “Yes. You can have me any way you want.””Anal?” questioned Danny.”Anything,” agreed Sylvia.”Awesome. So what do I have to do?” Danny got down off the bed which he had still been standing in the middle of.”You can drive right?” she asked.Danny nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got my license.””Good. I need to go on a trip, but unfortunately my…aversion to sunlight makes it rather difficult to travel by conventional public transport. I need you to drive me.””I can do that,” said Danny with a shrug as he walked across the room to stand beside Sylvia.”It’ll be a two day journey each way,” explained Sylvia. As she spoke Danny reached out and casually cupped Sylvia’s ample right breast in his hand, giving it a squeeze through her dress. “What are you doing?” she demanded in annoyance, staring down at his hand.”Just sampling the goods,” replied Danny with a smirk. He gave her breast another squeeze. “I need to know what I’m buying here.”Sylvia sighed but didn’t remove his hand. “Are you paying attention to what I’m saying?””Sure, sure. Two days drive, no problem.” Danny groped Sylvia’s right tit through her dress, rubbing it in a hard clockwise motion as she replied. “What makes you want to head across the country anyway?””I’ve got to meet with my brother and sister,” replied Sylvia as Danny continued his enthusiastic fondling of her boobs, moving his other hand up to her chest so that he held a large tit in each palm.”Wow, I didn’t know you had any family,” said Danny, grinning down at Sylvia’s chest as he squeezed her jugs with both hands. It wasn’t the first time he’d played with her tits, but she didn’t usually let it go on for so long.”Well, not family in the way you think of it,” the buxom vampire explained as the teenager roughly groped her knockers. “We all had the same creator so to speak. It’s more like a council meeting I guess.””So a two day drive…we’ll need to stop so I can rest.””We’ll stay in a motel on the road. The booking has already been made,” replied Sylvia.Danny grinned and let go of Sylvia’s boobs. “So that’s where I get to fuck you then?””No,” replied Sylvia. “We’ll make our usual oral transactions, but the fucking will have to wait ’til we get back.”Aw, come on Sylvia.”The gorgeous vampire shook her head firmly. “You get paid when you finish the job.” be continued