Valestock Ch. 03


~Chapter Three: Fill Her Up~

The day promised to be one of the warmest yet as the sun beat down on the already milling crowds at the Valestock festival. It never truly became silent, nor empty, however as Claire awoke, smiling happily to herself as she felt the heat of the rising sun suffuse the tent, she felt a tingling in her stomach.

Today was the day Achilles Dawn played, perhaps her most favourite band of all time, and not only hers either, all six of them had decided to head to the festival this year when they heard the line up, but when they heard Achilles Dawn had been confirmed, that sealed the decision whether no other band turned up at all.

Rolling onto her side, Claire’s smile deepened lovingly as she watched Michael sleeping next to her. He always looked so handsome when he was asleep, seeing him like this always reminded her of just how much she loved him.

A stray thought came to mind, a question of wondering that if she truly loved him as much as she believed, why had she screwed two of his friends and cheated on him three times in two days. Claire couldn’t find much of an answer, all she knew was that she truly did love Michael with all of her heart, the rest was just sex, sex that made her feel so amazing that she just couldn’t resist.

Kissing her loving boyfriend, who lay unbeknownst on the sleeping bag Matt and Tony had screwed her on yesterday, Claire smiled deeper as Michael’s eyes gently fluttered open.

“Morning sleepyhead.” She said softly and Michael smiled sleepily as he reached up to rub his eyes and yawn deeply.

“What time is it?” He asked as he once more lowered his hands from his face and looked to her, seemingly a little more awake.

“About ten I’d guess.” Claire answered before gently kissing her boyfriend. She could still vaguely taste Matt’s cum in her mouth even despite the drinks last night, so she decided against kissing Michael too deeply. “We’d better get up before we fall asleep again, it’s the big day today.”

Michael nodded and pulled himself to sit up before once more yawning and rubbing his eyes. Claire watched his naked torso for a moment, thinking about just how attractive her boyfriend actually was, before she too sat up and grabbed Michael’s bottle of water, taking a deep swig before handing it to him.

“You got any plans for today?” He asked after he had taken a large gulp of the coolish liquid.

Shaking her head, Claire climbed out of the sleeping bag and began pulling Michael’s t-shirt off her otherwise naked body.

“I thought I’d go on some of the rides and have a look at some more of the stalls.” She answered as the t-shirt came over her dark red hair.

Tossing it aside, Claire made her way to her bag, looking through it for the right thing to wear. She wanted something sexy again as she planned on making the guys pant in hunger as they watched her today.

“Cool, fancy hanging out with me till the show, we haven’t had much time together since we got here?” Michael asked and Claire smiled to herself.

“Sure, it’d be nice to spend some time with you.” She answered chirpily as she looked over the clothes she had left to wear. She needed something…teasing.

As Claire rummaged through the bag of clothes, she suddenly smiled as she grabbed hold of her black and red plaid skirt. It was perfect. It would come to about her mid-thigh, and today she wouldn’t wear any tights with her knee-high boots. Smiling proudly to herself, she began looking for a top to go with it as she listened to Michael getting himself dressed behind her. The thought of how she was planning what to wear to tease his two friends who had already had sex with her, while her boyfriend was getting ready behind her, didn’t seem to register as odd in Claire’s mind.

“We’ll have to get to the show early though, want to make sure we get a good spot in the crowd. It’d be ace if we actually got to the front for this.” Her boyfriend said sounding more than a little excited as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, muffling his voice slightly for a moment.

“Aha!” Claire exclaimed as she laid hold of a top that would work perfectly with her outfit. It was a tight black vest-top with large flames rising along its edges to the middle of it. The two and a half inch straps on the shoulders were made of the same material and the neckline plunged so that it would reveal a tantalising amount of her impressive tits underneath. “Found you at last.”

Adding the top to the skirt lying beside her, Claire considered what underwear to choose before deciding that she would go without a bra today, which would make the tight top emphasise her large 38D tits perfectly, not to mention make them bounce lustfully, especially in the crowd at the show when she would be jumping up and down. So, instead she simply pulled out a pair of red lace panties before adding a pair of red knee high socks to the small pile.

“We’ll get there early.” She replied finally to Michael as she slowly began to get güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri herself dressed into the hot outfit, making sure every bit looked just right. “I can’t believe we’re actually going to see Achilles Dawn!”

“Believe it baby.” Michael replied as he brushed his hair before taking another deep swig of the water.

Claire smiled at him as she finished getting dressed and began brushing her own long, dark red hair, before turning to do her make up. This time she chose a bright crimson lipstick to cover her luscious lips.

Looking in the small mirror she had brought, Claire watched Michael walk up behind her and reach around, cupping her large tits as he roughly kissed the side of her neck.

“Damn, you’re hot.” He growled as he gently nipped her neck. “Maybe we should stay here instead of heading out. I’m sure we could find something to do.”

Laughing lightly, Claire tapped her boyfriend’s head playfully.

“Hey you, come on, I’ve just got all ready, don’t mess my outfit up.” She chided playfully and Michael laughed as he gave her large tits one last squeeze before placing his hands on her stomach.

“Sure I can’t persuade you?” He asked as he gently kissed her shoulder.

A tingle ran through Claire’s body, and the thought of having sex with her hot boyfriend suddenly seemed appealing. However, she really had planned on getting out of the tent today, she’d spent enough time in it the last two days, mostly on her back with one of Michael’s friends ramming his dick into her. Still, as fun as that was she was beginning to feel rather fed up of staring at the inside of this tent, even if she had enjoyed being filled by six lots of cum from three different guys.

“Maybe tonight babe.” Claire replied as she kissed him gently on the cheek. “I really want to get out and enjoy the sun today.”

Kissing her cheek in return, Michael smiled at her as he unwrapped his arms from around her.

“Sounds like a plan. You’ll have to make it up to me tonight though.” He joked and Claire turned to smile amusedly at him as she put her make up away.

“I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.” She replied happily and Michael’s eyes lit up with the words. “For now though, let’s get something to eat and then go look around.”

Michael nodded as they both stood up and headed out of the tent into the already baking heat of another beautiful summers day.

The only other person up at that point was Claire’s brother Sam who had, rather surprisingly, begun cooking something which he never usually did. However as Claire and Michael took a seat around the fire and began eating the surprisingly tasty food her brother had made, the smell seemed to rouse the others from their slumber and soon enough one after the other, the other three made their way out of the tent.

Sitting around the now doused fire the six of them ate their breakfast as they began chatting about various things, from how they were all excited to the upcoming show that day to what they had planned to occupy them all till then. Tony and Matt both gave Claire meaningful looks which easily showed what they were thinking of ‘doing’ to occupy themselves, namely her, however despite Claire giving them both a teasing smile as she ate her breakfast, Michael informed everyone that she and him were spending the day together. However despite the obvious lack of Matt and Tony getting to have their way with her, it didn’t seem to douse their obvious determination to bed her again.

Both made occasional comments which only Claire would understand the true meaning of, such as ‘Ah, Claire, you don’t want to spend the day with Mike, you should ‘cum’ with me and Matt’ from Tony and a ‘Are you going to be alright for the show Claire? I know you used a lot of energy yesterday?’ from Matt. Of course, Claire began making her own comments back after she got over the initial shock at their blatant comments in front of Michael referring to how they had fucked her good and proper. The feelings it stirred through her were just too hot, what with talking in code about how she had cheated on Michael with his two best friends right in front of him. The whole situation sent shivers through her body and lit a fire in her pussy.

One time, Claire shifted as she sat on the floor, appearing to be uncomfortable to everyone else.

“Everything alright babe?” Michael asked, to which Claire looked to them all with a touch of a smile.

“Yeah, I just keep sitting on hard things lately.” She answered and noticed Matt and Tony smile to themselves. Her own smile deepening slightly, Claire then looked over herself, brushing her top by her exposed cleavage lightly as she added, “I think I might need to have another ‘shower’ later, this ‘cream’ can get rather ‘sticky’ after a while.”

Everyone but Matt and Tony assumed Claire was talking about suntan lotion, however those two knew what she was implying, though they hid it well.

Finally however, they all finished güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri their food and Michael stood up, deciding that if they were going to head to the rides and the stalls, then they had best head off now as the show was at 2pm and they wanted to get there early, so saying their ‘catch ya later’s’ to the others, Claire headed off with her boyfriend.

The rides and stalls seemed to have grown since Claire had last been out to see them, but then she had spent a lot of time inside the tent the last couple of days. Michael seemed chirpy and in a really good mood, most likely due to the upcoming show, and so his mood seemed to heighten Claire’s own immensely. The shopping didn’t hinder her mood either, however they did have to cut the time on the rides down as Claire had bought too many clothes, trinkets and other various gifts for different people when she got back home that they couldn’t carry them all. It all worked out well however as, as they were heading back to the tent, Michael exclaimed that it was 1:30pm already, and so hurrying back, Claire dropped her newly bought things off before being half-dragged by one hand to the main stage area.

The moment they got there, the two of them saw Matt and Tony waiting for them by the entrance. Claire wondered where Zach and her brother had gone, however Matt quickly filled them in, saying the other two had already gone in, as they hurried Claire and Michael through.

The crowd area was absolutely packed with people already excitedly waiting for the band to come on stage. A lot of them were drinking, or laughing, some were even sitting on others’ shoulders so that they could see better over the crowd. Self-made banners and half naked people were a common sight as the heat beat down fiercely on the quickly gathering crowd.

As the four of them made their way through the crowd, Tony and Matt occasionally sneaked their hand to grab her ass, of course while Michael wasn’t looking, however the first time caught Claire by surprise and she had to forcibly stop herself from jumping and squeaking. Just managing it, she gave Matt, whose hand it was, a playfully-angry look before she continued following Michael through the crowd as he led her by his hand.

Finally they came across Sam and Zach somewhere in the middle of the quickly gathering crowd.

“Hey, is this the best spot we can get?” Michael asked his brother, however it was Sam who answered.

“We tried looking further, it’s really packed down there. You’d have to push through and with how many people are there that’d take ages.” Claire’s brother answered as he turned and stood on his toes to scan the crowd in front of them.

Claire joined them on her tip toes, peering about, though she couldn’t see as much as them, and so she lowered herself back down again. She did so with a little too much force it seemed as her braless tits bounced within her tight, low-cut vest-top and Claire caught Tony grinning at her as his eyes lifted from her chest. She was about to smile back at him when she noticed Zach shift his face to once more look over the crowd, although a little too quickly. Had he been staring at her tits too? Surely Michael’s own brother wasn’t checking her out? The thought suddenly, and rather unexpectedly, sent a shiver through her body and a burning lust through her pussy. An abrupt thought entered her mind as she watched Zach scanning the crowds, very obviously not looking towards her; had Michael’s younger brother been ogling her braless tits? If he had been, how hot would it be to tease him some, her boyfriend’s own brother? Either way, she had to know, and so quickly she made a suggestion.

“How about we head off in pairs, that way if we find a spot we can let each other know to come over? More chance of finding one then.” She asked and everyone looked at her, considering a moment.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Michael agreed, shortly followed by the others, “Alright…”

Claire knew Michael would suggest he go with her, and so she decided not to let him finish.

“I’ll check the middle with Zach, Mike will you watch out for Sam for me?” She asked trying to sound concerned for her brother.

Sam was about to make a smart comment, no doubt something about how he didn’t need looking after, however despite the momentary confusion at Claire’s sudden decision making, Michael nodded and agreed, probably trying to seem macho or something. Little did he know that his hot girlfriend just wanted to be alone with his brother to see if she had been right about him ogling her.

“Sure, Matt you and Tony check the left side, we’ll check the right.” Michael added and Claire smiled before she took hold of Zach’s hand.

“Come on, don’t want to get separated do we?” She asked sweetly before she began to lead him away from the others into the thickening crowd.

After a few paces, when Claire was sure they were out of sight of the others, well, Michael and Sam really, Matt and Tony wouldn’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri be shocked by what she was about to do, nor really could they run and tell Michael considering they had both fucked her, and together at one point too! Still, Claire waited until she was out of sight of the others before she turned to Zach with a bright smile.

“Hey, you should lead, I’m not so big as you.” She said and watched Zach give her a small smile in return. He seemed rather unsure about how to act, though he took the lead, still holding Claire’s hand which made her smile deeper.

After another couple of paces the two of them met a human wall, the crowd was thick, however Zach was rather ingenious.

“Excuse us, do you mind if we get through, my friend is a little short and can’t really see that well back here, and she’s a little small to get passed you tall guys?” He asked those in front with a surprising amount of charm, and to Claire’s surprise, after the ‘human wall’ looked back at her, they nodded and parted.

And so Zach used the same excuse, sometimes having to embellish the story somewhat, however slowly they made their way forward.

Claire smiled to herself as she was swiftly ringed by lots of people. It was time to see if Zach had been ogling her, or if her mind had just made it up after the last two days of fucking and sucking Michael’s friends.

As they stopped at one line of the ‘human wall’ she ‘accidentally’ pressed herself against Zach’s back, making sure that her large, braless 38D tits squashed flat against Michael’s brother’s back. Placing a hand on his shoulder as if to steady herself, Claire heard Zach stumble as he was telling his tale to those in front as her soft, firm tits mashed hard against his back. Stuttering a moment, he managed to get himself back on track and convince those in front to let them passed, however his momentary loss of control brought a smile to Claire’s face.

As they walked on, Claire wrapped her free arm around Zach’s waist, when he glanced back at her, still holding her hand tightly, she spoke.

“Getting a little jostled back here, I don’t want to get lost without you here.” She said and could have laughed at the look on Zach’s face as he turned back to face where they were heading.

From that moment on, Claire kept her tits pressed against his back as often as she could, and even ‘accidentally’ let her hand slip from his stomach to brush across the crotch of Zach’s jeans. That almost made Michael’s brother trip over, however he must have thought it the accident Claire was portraying it to be, as he said nothing.

However, it was then that they came across two tall, muscular rockers who apparently did not want to move or believe Zach’s little tale, and so as it became apparent that Zach’s charm wasn’t going to work, Claire moved around in front of him, still holding his hand, though keeping it behind her back.

“Come on guys, for me?” She asked with a flutter of her eyelashes.

The two tall guys took one long look over her hot body, ensuring to take it all in, before they smiled and said ‘of course’ before they let them both passed.

“Those two were totally checking you out!” Zach said as he slowly followed behind her, his tone sounding very defensive.

Claire smiled to herself as she knew just how to play this.

“Why? Do you think they shouldn’t have? Am I that unattractive?” She asked in half in amusement and half trying to sound offended. The tactic worked perfectly.

“No, no, not at all, I just meant they shouldn’t have been, you know, with you being my brother’s girlfriend and all…” He stumbled, sounding to Claire as if he were more trying to convince himself not to ogle her than commenting on the other guys’ behaviours.

Suddenly a large woman walked in front of Claire, passing by, however her sudden appearance made Claire stop so she wasn’t trampled, and had the effect of making Zach walk right into her from behind. It wasn’t the sudden contact with a large, hard bulge that made Claire’s eyes widen, it was the sudden grabbing of her tight ass by Zach’s hand. The momentary contact had obviously been a complete mistake, as Zach instantly moved his hand and began apologising profusely, but Claire couldn’t have planned it any better herself if she’d tried.

“Sorry Claire, sorry.” Zach began to say repeatedly, sounding more as if he were beating himself over the head than really meaning the apology. Claire however just smiled, after her momentary shock, as a sudden burst of lust blazed through her body at the touch and the thought of whose hand it had been.

“It’s alright, there’s not much space here, can’t help a little contact.” She replied warmly as she felt her heart beginning to race.

Pressing on passed another few lines of the ‘human wall’, the two of them finally managed to get to the third row, however they couldn’t manage to get to the barrier itself as the people were too closed in together to push passed.

Turning to look at Zach, Claire suddenly realised just how closely pressed together they were in that crowd as her large tits pressed lightly against his hard chest and she looked up to smile at him.

“I think this is a good position.” She said playfully, her eyes not able to hide the sudden shining within them.