Unwanted Sex Becomes Desired


Greta and I have been friends since kindergarten. I grew up two houses from where she lived. We often walked to school and back together. I think we were in middle school, perhaps fourteen years old, when she told me for the first time, “Jack, I’m never getting married.”

At that age I still thought most girls were weird or silly, although I guess I always thought of Greta as being a normal kid like me. And this definitely was before I started thinking of girls and sex at the same time and well before it ever entered my mind to think about marriage. So my answer was a casual, “Oh, why?”

“Because husbands do terrible things to wives,” she answers.

While I had never thought of it before, I had a mother and father and knew they were married. So I said, “I don’t think all husbands do, my parents seem to get along really good together.” And that ended the discussion of that for the moment.

Over the next few years she mentioned the subject a number of times and gradually it became apparent the problem was not marriage or dating but sex. Since I had no real sex experience, mostly I was left either just listening or making half hearted attempts to say that lots and lots of people seem to enjoy sex.

To compound things, when Greta was seventeen another girl arranged a blind date with an older boy that was used to getting his way with girls. Apparently he didn’t know beans about how to make love or seduce girls but just knew to shove it in and fuck. Greta got out of it with her virginity but barely and only after a pretty traumatic experience. That led to her telling me that not only was she never getting married but she was never, ever going to have sex with anyone. I don’t remember my answer but since I didn’t know beans about anything I suspect I didn’t have much to say.

However, when I was eighteen I started being successful with girls. My first, Marcy, taught me almost everything a guy needs to know about seducing females and how to be good at sex with them. I suspect she taught fairly many boys the same, she was three years older than me. I then went on to have sex with more girls than I probably should have. I did learn that females can be every bit as horny as males, they usually just won’t admit it up front. They have to guard their reputation.

I took Greta to our Senior Prom, primarily as just good friends. The only other girl I knew well at that point was Marcy and she certainly was not Prom date material. Again, Greta ranted about how bad sex was. By then I could argue back some and let her know that in actual fact, lots of people loved having sex with each other. That her fears of sex were irrational. It didn’t dissuade her but perhaps it made her open her mind slightly. We then both went on to the local state college, still living at home and still being around each other a lot.

Over the years, bit by bit, I learned that Greta’s mother got married in her late teens against her parent’s wishes. Apparently her husband proceeded to rape her repeatedly. Perhaps he didn’t mean to, he didn’t know any better but did know that husbands fucked their wives. Perhaps he really was evil. I’ll never know. Anyway, about three days into this, Greta’s Mom left him while he was sleeping and took a bus back home and immediately started arrangements to end the marriage. She never ever dated another man.

It apparently hadn’t occurred to her that she was pregnant. She went ahead and had Greta and has raised her ever since. I’ve never seen Greta’s father and I suspect she never has either. Her Mom apparently started warning Greta about the evils of sex once Greta started getting old enough to consider boys.

Greta still never dated and said she never would. Each time when she would bring up the subject I would argue back. As I gained more and more experience with sex my arguments became stronger but I was barely chipping away at a fortress of apprehension and fear even if it was illogical.

Perhaps I should mention that by now, Greta is a gorgeous young woman. A terrific body, dark hair around a face more girl-next-door attractive than beautiful. The nicest, friendliest, personable girl I know, at least in my opinion. But she still has that major hang-up. And she still brings it up fairly often.

This day, half way through our second year of college, when we’re both twenty years old, we’re walking home and she does it again. “Look,” I tell her, “You have a fear that’s not rational. Your mother brain washed you. I know for a fact because I’ve experienced it, that done properly, women love sex just as much as men and perhaps even more so. All across the globe men and women are having sex all the time. How else do you think all these people get born. If you would be with the right man, you’d discover that you love it, too. I’m sure of that.”

“I realize that people are different. I’m no expert in psychology but there probably are a very small number of people who truly have no interest in sex. And I suspect there are a few at the other end that are what are often called nymphos and satyrs canlı bahis and can’t ever get enough. But the vast, vast majority have a healthy interest in sex and enjoy practicing it with one another. The way you keep bringing this up suggests to me that you are one of that vast majority. You have an interest but you’re scared to death about it.”

“Your mother had a horrible experience. We can’t go back and change that. But you have to see that as a result, she’s lonely and unhappy. If you let her fears become your fears, you’ll end up the same way. I think you really, really need to experience some good sex and break through that fear that’s built up in you. I also think there may only be one way to do it and that’s with me.”

“We’ve known each other all our lives. You trust me. At least I think you trust me. I’ll never hurt you if I can help it. I think that the only way you will ever be willing to try good sex is with someone you trust and who you know won’t hurt you. That’s me. I’ve also had sex often enough that I know how to treat a woman to really great sex. I’m as positive as I can be that if you let me try, if you give up your fear long enough to let me try, that you’ll have an experience you absolutely love and it will change your life. Change it for the better.”

“You may be right, Jack,” she answers me. “But if I agree to go ahead with this idea of yours, what will be involved? What do I have to do?”

“Well, we need a bedroom that’s private where we won’t get interrupted. We need to both get naked. I’ll agree from the beginning that I won’t hurt you. If I ever do hurt you, you can ask me to stop at any time and I will. But you can’t ask me to stop just because you’re afraid of what might happen. You have to trust me. I’ll kiss you, kiss you often and at different places all over your body. I’ll fondle your breasts, kiss them, suck on them. I’ll kiss your pussy, lick it, give you an orgasm or maybe more than one. If everything goes as I think it will and you react as I think you will, I’ll eventually slip my penis into your vagina and we’ll actually fuck. But we’ll only get to that last part if the first things all cause the reaction from you that I expect. Orgasms, really heightened sexual feelings. How does that sound?”

“Actually it all sounds a little scary. I’ve read enough so I understand what you’re saying. I imagine that a lot of girls would jump at the chance to experience what you’ve just described. Somewhere in my mind I have to admit that maybe I want to, too. But at the same time, the whole idea is sort of scary. I’ve been taught all my life that it doesn’t happen like you say it will. But I do trust you, Jack. So I’ll agree to try it. But I still have a lot of doubt about it all, about whether it will work out as you say. But I’ll do it. I’ll try.”

When I brought up when and where, Greta suggested now in her bedroom. Her Mom is at work and won’t be home for a couple hours and she’ll feel more comfortable in her own room. “Besides,” she let me know, “we better do it now when I’ve agreed to it than wait and let me change my mind.”

She has a perfect body and I tell her so. Seeing her nude from the front she has all the curves a female should have. From the side she has a waist that looks like it’s maybe three inches thick, so small as to not be believable. Her body is much deeper at her breasts and butt. Her upper body, from the side, seems to curve out, up and forward, shoving her butt out in back and her breasts out in front. When she leans over to remove the last of her clothes, her breasts hang loose and appear to be much more than when she’s upright and they sit on her chest and seem to meld into her more. Lovely, shapely legs. Long legs, as long as her upper body at least. As far as I’m concerned she could be a swim suit model. “Greta, you have the sexiest, gorgeous body possible, I tell her.

When I kiss her she’s still a little stiff. Other girls melt right into you, ready to fuck from the beginning. Greta is going to have to be aroused and may even fight it a little. I caress her, hold her lovely, firm butt and kiss her again. Then we both climb onto the bed and I start kissing her cheeks, her neck, onto her chest. I love her breasts. Soft on the surface but actually firm underneath. Nipples that were large and now are smaller and harder. I hold them, feel them, fondle them, kiss them. I lick some and then get my mouth around a nipple and suck. For the first time she makes a slight moan. After a couple moments I switch to the other breast and suck on the nipple. She moans a little louder and actually puts her hand on the back of my head, not to pull me away but to let me know she likes it, I think.

I move my kisses and hands down her body, over her stomach and abdomen. I lick her belly button and get my fingers into her dark pubic hair. She moans a little more. I kiss down onto her left hip and then onto her thigh, moving my whole body down lower. I kiss down her leg to her foot, then suck on a couple toes. I push her legs apart some to kiss the other foot and bahis siteleri start back up the other leg, kissing, pushing her legs further and further apart. She’s still making good sounds, catching her breath some, still has her hand messing with my hair.

Now, here’s her pussy. I pull the hair to the side to get at her pink slit and get my mouth into her to kiss her. I then push my tongue out and lick up and down a little. She makes a louder moan and her hips sort of jump a little, as if, maybe, she’s pushing her pussy at me. I use my fingers to pull her open more and run my tongue up and down inside her. She tastes a lot like every other girl I’ve done this to, perhaps not quite as strong a taste as some but one I really like. I get my tongue on the little bump that has to be her clit and flick it back and forth. That really gets a hip jerk from her and a louder sound.

I go to work doing everything I’ve learned up to now. I slide a finger into her and move it around, then in and out a little, as I continue to lick her clit. It’s going to work. I can feel her getting much wetter and her vagina opening up some, making it easier to move my finger in her. I slide my finger out and use my lips to try and suck her whole pussy, grabbing her growing clit with my lips as I push my finger back in again. She’s really making noises now, noises that almost sound as if she’s being hurt but I know are sounds of pleasure.

I get a second finger into her and start finger fucking her fast while working my tongue and lips on her clit as hard and fast as I can. She cums. There’s no doubt. She literally screams. Her vagina spasms a little and does more than get wetter, it starts oozing juice. I reach down to where I had put a condom, a lubricated one that should help me move into her with less friction, and manage to slip it on my cock while I continue to finger fuck her and suck on her clit and she continues to go nuts, her hips jumping. Both of her hands are on the back of my head, not caressing my hair but holding me to her.

I pull back and she mutters a “no” and a “what” and I get my cock aimed into her and start pushing. I can feel, even with the condom on, her pussy lips opening and accepting me. It’s really tight. I had felt her vagina open up, two fingers fit in her with ease. My cock is obviously larger and her insides grip me as I push slowly in more and more. I say, “I’m sorry Greta, this may hurt for just a moment,” and push harder. I can feel I’m running up against a barrier so I give a big push and break through. She screams and I push right on and am fully into her. I pull back a little and she moans and I push back in. I do it again. “Ohmigod,” I hear from her and she has her hands on my butt, pulling me into her. I start pulling back and then in, over and over. She’s making the same noises. If her mother was here she’d think Grtat was being attacked and hurt but she’s actually in the throes of pleasure of getting seriously fucked.

Surprisingly, I really last. I think I fuck her as long as I have other girls on the second time around. She either has another orgasm or else continues to have one long one because she’s really growling and pushing back and is fully into this. Finally I cum. I push fully into her and hold it while my cock jerks some and unloads into the condom. Then I slump and relax a little on her. I can feel my cock softening, so I pull out, remove the condom and reach over to drop the gooey thing on the floor and then roll off and lay on my back, next to her. She rolls to me and gets one leg and an arm up over me, her breast against the side of my chest, her head on my shoulder.

“Well, how was it?” I ask.

She kisses me. “I think we need to do it again just to be sure,” she says, grinning and then kissing me again. “This may be the best day of my whole life, Jack.” We hold each other and kiss several times. I decide that if she wants to do it again, maybe we should. Why not? So I roll her onto her back and start kissing her seriously. She’s much warmer, much more into it than she was the first time. I kiss down onto her body. I spend some time on her breasts, they’re really lovely, sexy breasts. Not huge but definitely more than the ‘handful’ I’ve heard mentioned. After sucking on her nipples and getting lots of moans from her and her having her hands on the back of my head, urging me to continue, I kiss on down and get to her pussy.

I should probably go slower but I really want to get her to orgasms quickly. And, I guess I have to admit, I like tasting her pussy, it’s all very sexy somehow. I get to work finger fucking her and sucking on her clit, sucking on her whole pussy at times, getting additional fingers into her. She gets to an orgasm sooner than she did that first time and I just keep working on her. In part it’s to see if she can have more than one orgasm. Marcy could. I think Marcy could have a million of them if you kept working on her. But at least one other girl never wanted anything beyond one. It was like that orgasm was the full culmination of everything and couldn’t bahis şirketleri be repeated. At least not right away. Partly, too, it was to give me time to recoup my strength and get an erection again. Well, I learned that Greta can have more than one and loved it. Eventually she was pulling on my hair and telling me that she wanted me in her and by then I was ready. I slid another condom on and mounted her again.

We fucked and fucked. She even told me “faster”. I pounded into her as hard as I could and she pushed back, growled and entered into it all fully. I could see the perspiration on her. Her face was interesting to watch, concentrating, gritting her teeth and fucking back while also almost howling with pleasure. She either had more orgasms or else one long one that came in waves. When I finally came again and then pulled out we both lay back exhausted. After a short while I gathered the two used condoms and flushed them down the toilet. We talked a little and she agreed that she was going into student health and getting on the pill.

The next day we ended back in her room again and essentially repeated the day before. The day after that when we got together, Greta actually leaned down over me and kissed me all over as I had done to her, even kissing the head of my erect cock and then climbing on to ride me as she fucked me. I love that, laying back and enjoying it while looking at a beautiful, sexy female body move, breasts swinging around, her face making all sorts of contortions as she experiences different feelings. Later, the second time around that day, we did doggy position as well as missionary.

The fourth day, again in her bedroom, she started the activities by kissing me all over and then sucking my cock. Sucking it really well, obviously wanting to do what she’s doing and then swallowing everything I gave her. I then did the same for her and we again fucked and fucked and fucked, seemingly for hours but actually not even for a full hour.

As we lay there recuperating, Greta says, “Jack, I’ve got to tell my mother about this. I need to let her know that sex can be as great as this. I’m sure she actually did have a horrible experience but she’s barely forty and still attractive for her age, she needs to be able to have a better life and enjoy sex for herself.”

“Do you think you can convince her that sex can be something other than what she experienced? That won’t be easy.”

“I know. She’s held on to her belief for twenty years. But I know that I can convince her that I love it. Sooner or later she’s got to know that she could experience it, too.”

“You might be sorry. What if she tries and finds another bad guy?”

“I’ve thought of that. I need . . we need .. to find a good lover for her. I thought of you, I know you could prove it to her. But I realized that I don’t want to share you, I want you for myself. I know that’s selfish but that’s how I feel. We have something special, I think.”

“Greta, I want only you, too. As far as I’m concerned, we can do this for the rest of our lives.” She kisses me, starts playing with my cock and once she gets it up, climbs on and starts riding me. She’s bouncing on me, grinning.

“Who can we get for my Mom, Jack?”

“I don’t know. But you’re for me for sure,” I say to her before sitting up some, getting my arms around her and rolling us over so I’m on top and can start pounding into her. Later, when we’re both sated and laying next to one another, I say “I don’t know very many guys your Mom’s age. Maybe some parents of friends and I don’t know any of them that are available. I don’t think we want to set your Mom up as the ‘other woman’ with a married guy.”

“No, we don’t. We need someone that’s single and available. Hey, you know, Mr. Hitchcock? He’s single, he might do.”

“Hitchcock, who’s Hitchcock? Oh, you mean European History Hitchcock who taught us last semester. Well, yeah, he’s probably the right age and he looks o.k. How do you know he’s single?”

“He said so one time.”

“But guys that age that are still single, does he like women?”

“He was married. His wife cheated on him and they got divorced.”

“You know that?”

“Yeah, there was a girl in the class who wanted to see if she could seduce him, maybe get a better grade, who told me that.”

“Did she succeed?”

“I don’t know. Class is over and I haven’t seen her again.”

“Well, how do we do this. Do we just walk up and say, Hey Hitchcock, will you please fuck my Mom.”

Greta laughs a little. “Not quite like that but essentially that’s what we need to do.”

“How can you be so sure your Mom would be willing?”

“Well, this is all just advance planning, she wouldn’t be willing at all right now and maybe he wouldn’t either. We’ve got to work on this a little.”

Greta gets her period. So for a couple days we just hug and kiss and then she gets frustrated so for a couple days she sucks me off. She says there is no way I can get my mouth down there on her when she is like this. From the smell, I think she’s right. However, she is now on the pill so at the first slight break we start fucking again, without the interruption of condom placement and removal. Meanwhile, Greta starts telling her Mom about us and how great the sex is.