Unexpected Neighbors


I always enjoy summer, especially those hot lazy days that make hanging out at a lake a pleasant place to be. The stinky hot weather usually pushes the tenters out because it’s just so hot and muggy at night. While the RV crowd doesn’t mind the muggy nights at all, thanks to their air conditioning.

As usual, the middle of a stinky hot week meant that I had the more rustic, tenting end of the state park practically to myself. I had a nice small wooded site only a hundred or so feet from the water’s edge, where I could anchor my boat. My six man Eureka tent was nestled between the trees so the canopy gave it shade almost all day long. The hot nights were made much more bearable by leaving my windows all the way open and pushing air gently across my naked body with an inverter powered fan. My queen size six inch thick air mattress wasn’t as good as a regular bed, but was more than comfortable enough. I had the area pretty much to myself, so I didn’t worry about someone seeing me sleeping naked, opting for comfort over privacy. If I got too hot I could go down to the water for a quick midnight dip and then go back to bed.

I had spent most of the week getting up with the dawn to go fish, and then lazing around the middle of the day, reading until I was hot, and then going to the water and floating in the eighty plus degree water until I was comfortable again. After dinner I would go fishing again, not coming in until dark or after. It was going to be a shame to have to go home in a little over a day.

The only down side to this was that I was a long ways from the only bathroom facilities in the place, but that wasn’t too much of a hindrance. I had done enough backpacking and rugged camping that I really didn’t need much anyway. Other than the occasional trip for a constitutional, being a guy, I could water a tree easily enough and as far as showers, well…a bar of soap and the lake were all I really needed. Heck, I had made extended hiking trips where I had a lot less than this.

Thursday was pretty much my regular routine; having finished dinner; I went out fishing, coming back a bit past dark. I stripped off my shorts and shirt until I had nothing on but my water shoes, and waded around the boat to make sure the anchors were set well enough to protect it from getting washed up on the rocks in the event of a sudden thunderstorm. That done, and my sweaty body sufficiently cooled off, I grabbed my clothes and headed up to camp, letting the evaporating water cool me off even further.

Being naked outdoors was always a turn-on for me. I’ve been told by a number of women that I’m pretty hot looking, even though I’m pushing fifty, especially when my eight-incher gets hard, like it was now. It had been a while without any sex, and I couldn’t help but give it a few strokes as I walked through the dark toward my camp. I had a hunch that I was going to have to relieve it a bit before I hit the sack tonight.

I tossed my clothes on the table and went about lighting the lantern and getting myself something to drink. I grabbed a bar of soap and towel and headed back down to the water to wash up for the night. It was plenty late enough to hit the sack, especially since I was going to be up by five thirty.

I waded into the warm lake water and dipped down to get wet and then moved back to the knee deep water to soap up. I lathered my body, working the bar around until I was coated in a white slippery film. I closed my eyes and allowed my hand to stroke my hard dick while I thought about how my last girl friend looked with her suit bottoms floating around her knees and her ass pushed out at me, begging me to fill her pussy with my hard dick. She used to love it when I fucked her outside doggy style, my dick pumping in and out of her hot pussy while I squeezed her tits. In my mind’s eye I untied her bikini top and tossed it aside, moving my hands to her small tits and squeezing them in time with my strokes until I groaned and shot my load deep into her pussy.

I opened my eyes and saw shot after shot of hot cum squirt out several feet from where was standing; landing in the water and floating like small strings, slowly dissipating in the small waves my legs made in the water. I continued to stroke my soapy cock until it stopped twitching, and then waded back out into deeper water. I sunk down into the water and rinsed the partially dried soap from my body while I enjoyed the after effects of my climax. I climbed out of the water and dried off in the moonlight before taking the short walk back to my camp. I hung the towel on the clothes line to dry and drank the last of my Mike’s Hard Lemonade before killing the lantern.

Unzipping my tent I stepped in and zipped it closed again before turning on the electric lantern hanging from the roof loop. It only took me a few minutes to get things organized for morning. I settled down and opened my book, enjoying the feeling of the air from the small battery powered fan blowing gently across my body as I read the science illegal bahis fiction thriller. My dick was quickly hard again as my mind followed the action of the main character being seduced by one of the female crew. I almost couldn’t help but stroke it a few times, as the book described her stripping off her uniform, revealing her big tits before turning the lights in his quarters down. Too bad they didn’t describe what happened when the lights went out. Oh well, gotta have something to dream about. I got up to kill the light, my hard dick wagging around as I did. I settled back on the bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about what would happen after the lights went down.

Morning came with the insistent beeping of my watch. I crawled out of bed and turned the fan off before picking up a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt. I stepped outside the tent and stretched before zipping the door shut and walking over to the bushes to take a morning leak.

I was almost done relieving myself when I realized with a bit of a start that there was a tent in the space next to mine. I had no idea when it had gotten there, or whose it was, and here I was standing butt naked in the growing morning light. Worse, I had no idea what they might have seen the night before, since I hadn’t been wearing a stitch of clothes when I came back into camp either time after dark.

I shook my head at my own obliviousness as I pulled my shorts and shirt on. So much for any privacy! I’d be lucky if I didn’t get turned into the camp host and tossed out for running around naked the night before. “With all the open spots in the place, why the hell did they have to camp right next to me?” I groused to myself as I walked down to the lake to head out to fish.

It was a few hours later when I got back, hot and sweaty from the beating sun. I really wanted to just strip down and jump in, but recalling that I now had neighbors, I figured I better put on my swim suit first. I headed to camp, wearing nothing but water shoes and shorts, my t-shirt thrown over my shoulder. I was getting kind of hungry too, but decided on a quick dip before I cooked. I didn’t see any activity in the other camp, so I didn’t bother to close the windows as I stepped into the tent and stripped off my shorts, pulling my suit on and stepping back out to go get wet.

The water felt nice, but my stomach got the better of me after only a short time, driving me from the water back to camp for some food. I had the bacon sizzling in the pan and was mixing some scrambled eggs when the voice behind me scared the crap out of me.

“Hello?” A sweet female voice said from behind me.

“SHIT!” I swore; dropping the pan of eggs I was mixing when I was startled.

“OH! I’m sorry!” The voice apologized as I scrambled to pick up the pan. I looked up and saw a middle aged woman standing near the end of the picnic table wearing a striped bikini top that was clearly overflowing with boob, and a pair of snug denim shorts that hugged her slim hips like a glove. Her long legs were as browned as her arms, which was a stark contrast to the creamy white of the breast that was spilling from the obviously too small string bikini top.

“Um. No problem. Just startled me, that’s all.” I said as I mopped up the spilled eggs and stood back up. I felt almost guilty; ogling her body as my eyes made their way up from her long muscular legs to her tanned oval face, framed in long sun bleached blond hair. Her deep blue eyes were staring not at my face, but below my waist, where my growing hard on was framed in detail by the clinging wet swimsuit.

“I’m sorry. My name is Tammy,” she said as she looked up to my face and stepped forward, holding her hand out toward me.

“Hi. Mike.” I said, setting down the pan I was holding in one hand and wiping the eggs from it on my wet swim suit. I held my now wet hand out to her and looked at it flipping it back and forth as if somehow that would dry it. “Sorry.” I said with a crooked grin. “That wasn’t too smart, was it?”

“No, but that’s ok.” She said with a giggle, taking my wet hand anyway and giving it a firm yet feminine handshake. “So it looks like we’re going to be neighbors.”

“Seems that way. You here for the weekend?”

“Yeah, me and my mom.” She said, turning to motion to another woman stepping through the knee high brush between the sites. If she hadn’t said something I would have guessed sister, similar hair and facial features, not to mention her obvious chest size. The rest of her was a bit larger as well, not being quite as thin in the waist as her daughter, but still quite good looking. Probably the most surprising thing was the lack of coverage of her swim suit, peeking out from a white mesh beach wrap. For what had to be a nearly fifty year old woman she looked unbelievably hot in the almost non-existent suit. The tiny red string bikini she was wearing was nowhere near large enough to cover her full breasts, each easily the size of a half melon. The hardness of her nipples was illegal bahis siteleri as obvious through the thin triangles of material covering them as her meaty pussy lips were through the thin material of the tiny red bottoms. If my dick was obvious before, now it was almost painfully so, practically sticking out as it tented the leg of my soaking wet swim suit. “Mom, this is Mike… Mike; my mom, Amanda.”

“Hello Mike!” Amanda said, stepping through the last of the brush and moving to take my hand, which I didn’t even remember holding out. “Looks like you’re getting some breakfast cooked?”

“Yeah, well, I was until I dropped half of it on the ground.” I said with a shrug as I looked at the half empty pan in my hand. “Oh shit!” I swore, setting the pan down and almost running to the stove where my bacon was turning into greasy charcoal. “Damn.” I swore under my breath.

“Sorry, I think that was my fault.” Tammy said with a giggle. “I distracted him in the middle of cooking.”

“Well, I can see why you might be a bit distracting in that top.” Amanda chided her daughter with a laugh as I pulled the pan of burned bacon off the stove. “Tell you what young man, why don’t you come over to our camp. I’m sure we can make amends for ruining your breakfast.”

It had been a long time since anyone called me young man, especially at my age, and even more so, by a woman that looked…well…smoking hot! I turned the stove off and set the pan of burned bacon back down with a frown. “Come on.” Tammy said, stepping over to the stove. I’ll help you clean this up latter. It’s the least I can do after wrecking your breakfast.”

“Well… If you’re sure I’m not putting you out.”

“Come on young man, It’ll be a pleasure to cook for a man again!” Amanda said as she stepped over and hooked her arm around mine. She led me over to their camp site with Tammy in tow, leading me toward the picnic table. “Just have a seat and we’ll see what we can rustle up!”

“Thanks!” I said as I sat down. The ladies went about digging things from the cook box while I watched them. I took a moment to look around their camp and saw that from where I was sitting I could see into their open tent. I saw two air mattresses and sleeping bags, both tossed open, as well as an array of women’s clothing piled near them. I also realized that I could look clear through the open back window of their tent into mine. There was little doubt in my mind that if they were awake last night they would have had plenty to look at!

“So how do you like your eggs?” Tammy asked, snapping me back to reality.

“Um. Over easy would be great!”

“Good. We can handle that.” She answered with a smile as her mother turned some sausage links that were starting to sizzle in the pan. It wasn’t long before they had a plate of three eggs and several sausage links set in front of me. “So what would you care to drink?”

“Milk if you have it.” I answered as I cut into the perfectly fried sausage.

“Somehow I thought you were a milk man.” Tammy said as she turned and dug into the cooler again, this time showing me her round denim covered ass. I suddenly found myself wishing that the shorts were invisible! “Ah here we go.” She said, standing up again and returning with a half gallon of milk. She moved to a box and pulled out a glass and poured some for me before bending over once again to put the milk away. By the time she sat down across from me my dick was straining at my swim suit again.

“So…Mike. Tell us about yourself. What are you doing out here?” Amanda asked as she walked around to sit next to me.

“Well, not much to tell. Needed to burn some vacation time and I love fishing. This is pretty much my favorite place for that kind of thing. How about you two? Kind of unusual to see two gorgeous women in this kind of place alone.”

“Oh flattery will get you simply everywhere.” Amanda said, slipping her arm into mine and giving it a squeeze. “But to answer your question; my daughter and I are having some time together. We live pretty far apart and decided that if we just got away from it all we could catch up a lot more. Now, how about the woman in your life? How come she let you come out here all alone?”

“Well, that’s actually pretty easy. Right now there isn’t a woman in my life. I’m kind of between relationships, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I think we know what you mean. We’re both…between relationships ourselves.”

“I find that hard to believe. I’d think men were just flocking to be around you.”

“Oh, they are… but after while you just get tired of being chased.”

“Well, I can’t say I have had much of that. Most women find out I’m almost fifty and run the other way.”

“Oh, you simply can’t be that old. I would have put you at thirty eight to forty tops.” Tammy said.

“No. I’m afraid not. Add ten and you’d be right.”

“Well, I for one would simply not believe you were that old.” Amanda said with another squeeze of my arm.

“Just canlı bahis siteleri like I find it hard to believe you’re mother and daughter, and not sisters.”

“Ohhh, now that is a compliment. No, I’m quite afraid that I’m every bit as old as you are, but exactly how old… well; let’s just leave that as a mystery, shall we?”

“Whatever you say. Thank you for the breakfast. It and the company have been simply fantastic.”

“You’re quite welcome.” Amanda said, releasing my arm as I got up to leave.

“Let me come help you clean up.” Tammy said, getting up from the table to follow me through the bushes between our camp sites. “I feel kind of responsible, if you know what I mean.”

“Honestly, you don’t have to.” I said as I stepped into my kitchen area and stared filling a pot to heat some water.

“Oh, but I do! Please. Just sit down and let me do this?”

“Ok. If you really want to.” I said as I lit the burner of the stove and then moved away to sit down on the bench of the table. “So, tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living?”

“I work on a highway crew. I guess you noticed the unusual tan, huh?”

“Well, it was a bit unusual. Not bad, just unusual.”

“Well, I could really stand some color. I’m planning on trying to get a bit of tan on my chest while I’m here.” She said with a smile as she sat down to wait for the water to heat.

We ended up chatting for almost half an hour while we waited for the water to heat and she cleaned up the dishes that were dirty. When we were done she asked me if I wanted to go down and swim, which I agreed to. I followed her over to her camp; where she bent down to go into her tent, leaving the flap open.

From where I was standing she had to know I could see in, but the shape of the tent prevented us from seeing each other’s faces. I stood almost in shock as she wiggled her hips and allowed her tight shorts to slide down her legs, pushing her pair of tiny underwear down after them. As she turned to face away from me and pick up her small string suit bottom, she bent over, her bare ass and pussy pushing out towards me. I had a perfect view of her pussy from behind as she stepped her legs apart and pulled the tiny triangle of cloth between her legs. She tied the strings of the thong type bottom, leaving her entire ass naked. She ducked and stepped back out, giving me a view of her pussy through the thin material as she stood upright again.

“Well, what do you think? It’s a bit small, but then I bought it for sunning, not really swimming. It’ll be ok, don’t you think?”

“I think it’ll be just fine!” I answered her, barely able to tear my eyes from her body.

“Looks like someone got a bit turned on waiting for me.” She said stepping up close to me and reaching out with a finger to trace my now rock hard cock through my swim suit. “Too bad it’s all covered up. I liked how it looked a lot better last night.” She whispered.


“Uh huh. I happened to see you head down to the water last night, all naked and everything I never expected to see what you showed me though. I guess I can tell you that you had me pretty turned on last night.”

“How turned on?” I challenged.

“Turned on enough to show you my pussy a minute ago. Are you interested in doing anything about it?” She countered.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, it’s a bit hot in the tent right now, and we can’t very well screw here in the open. How about messing around a bit in the water? Sound like fun?” She asked.

“Actually it does.” I said, letting my finger reach out and trace a circle around one of her hard nipples pushing at the striped material.

“You know. I should probably put some sun block on before I swim. Would you care to help me?” She asked sweetly as she stepped back toward the table and picked up a large white tube of cream. She held the tube out for me and stepped close. “Better put some of that anyplace you think might get some sun.” She said huskily.

“I can imagine a lot of places.” I practically whispered as I squeezed some of the cream onto my hand. Being a guy, I started with her chest, where else? I worked the white cream into her skin as I rubbed around her chest, working my hand down into each tiny cup of her top until I had cupped each breast fully and massaged plenty of cream into them. She sighed softly as my hands worked under her top, finally reaching behind her neck and pulling the small string so that each triangle of material fell from her breast, leaving her essentially naked above the waist.

“I like that.” She cooed as my hands worked both of her breasts, my fingers squeezing her nipples. I felt her reach for my waist and back herself toward the table, pulling me toward her. She sat on the edge and pulled the strings of her bottoms, allowing the material to fall away from her completely shaved pussy. “Now, how about you?” She asked as she untied the string of my suit and pushed it down, freeing my rock hard dick. She stroked my dick several times before she aimed it at her wet pussy and pulled me toward her. She worked the head of my dick around her wet hole, smearing her juices and my pre cum around her lips, finally reaching around me with her feet and pulling me toward her.