Unexpected Aid


There I was, standing in the shower after a hard workout with a huge boner. I’d been thinking of my sexy mom for hours, yearning the moment when she will come home so she could help me get off. But all I could do was try to ignore the rigid, throbbing, long, 19 year old erection between my legs.

It was the hot girl from next door that got me that huge after coming back from the gym after a long day of loading boxes for the moving company I work for. As I pulled up the driveway of my and my mom’s house, the girl, Roxanne, who had had her 18 year old party a few months back, was bent over in her mom’s garden with short shorts looking at something. Her legs were so tan and beautiful I just stared at them, then noticing her flawless ass, and then her big, beautiful tits as she straightened upright.

I got out of my car, knowing that if I kept looking she would notice and I would have to explain my rudeness and the big bulge in my thin gym shorts, which didn’t help in hiding my size. Not that I wanted to completely hide it, but just not make it as painfully obvious.

But she still saw me and most likely my boner. I had a fit, muscular body that was now in showcase, as I had taken off my shirt after the gym and lowered my car windows to cool off. I hoped that my musculature would distract her like it distracted girls at pool parties that I hooked up with from the dick print on my shorts.

“Hi Dean!” She said all bubbly and cute. I shyly said hi back while trying to cover up my boner. Don’t think it worked but it was worth a try.

I grabbed my bag of clothes and headed inside as fast as I could, but not too fast so as to not make it seem like I did not want to see her.

Then I laid in my bed, which is also my mom’s bed, waiting for her to text me back. I asked her if she was coming home soon. Finally, a text arrived. But I read what it said, and it frustrated me! She wasn’t coming home for another three hours, and it was eight at night! I decided to just jack off instead of waiting for three hours for her 5 star titty fuck to make me cum in less than five minutes. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I heard the doorbell as soon as I grabbed my cock and groaned at the unwanted delay. I just put on my late father’s robe, tied it tightly around my waist to keep my cock in place and not poking out, and went for the door.

I opened the door and the pretty neighbor girl with the awesome legs and ass was looking at me with determination. My cock throbbed dangerously against my abs. My jaw slacked when I saw that she was wearing the same shorts and crop top she was wearing earlier.

“Hi again, Dean! Mind if I come in? I just want to talk to you about something,” she said. Her voice is girly even though she’s nineteen, like me. She was smiling really kindly to me, and as a young male in a horny state with a big dick and large, full balls, I couldn’t say no.

I invited her to come to the living room down the hall to the first right. She came in and in front of me, as I had wanted her to, so I could get a good view at her ass as she walked. I was delighted at what would probably be the image in my mind as I came that night.

She sat down on the loveseat. Great. I would have normally loved to sit as close to her as possible, but I was not in the proper physical state to be physically close to someone that wasn’t a slut from a house party. Although I didn’t know what would stem from that, I hoped it would be the same as if it was a slut from a house party.

I went to sit on the larger sofa, only to be scolded by this babe and told, almost ordered, to sit next to her. So I did and directed my hips away from her, tightened my robe, crossed my arms, and focused on a softie. I wish I knew her intentions, because if they were what I was guessing I would just drop the robe and bury my face in her tits. But I was not sure.

“So… Roxanne! How can I help you?” I asked her nervously.

“Well I actually came here to ask you if you need help. You seemed a little… Distressed when you got home earlier, and I thought I could help,” she explained in a sexier tone than before. At that point I was 80 percent sure she was here for dick.

“Well, I am in an uncomfortable situation at the moment. Are you sure you want to help? I do think you are the best help I could get,” I said in a suggestive tone back at her. She just giggled and blushed. She was crossing and uncrossing her tanned, shapely legs and it was driving me crazy. Yep, I was 100% sure she wanted to get smashed.

“You think so? That’s really sweet,” she said. I relaxed my arms, not uncrossing them, to let my robe open Kadıköy Fetiş Escort up a bit at the top to show off some upper chest. I would have gone lower if I didn’t have a dick that reached my nipples. Then I directed my hips towards her, turning them, and flashed a flirty smile.

“I sure do. You sure you wanna help me out? I’d really appreciate it,” I said. Then she licked her lips, wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me hard. At that moment I lost it.

I uncrossed my arms and embraced her, pulling her torso against mine. Her legs were on either side of my thighs in an instant and her ass was sticking out sexily. She pressed her tits to my uncovered chest and I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I groaned and groaned as her tongue explored my mouth and I tasted hers.

As we almost ate each other’s faces she brought her hands down to feel my full pecs. She was really hungry for me, because besides that she was grinding her pussy against my balls, which sure were fat and hot. She also pressed her compact but perky tits strongly against my upper chest which made my cock throb. I couldn’t wait to taste them and feel them in my hands and maybe even around my shaft.

I was throbbing like crazy. She kept pushing the robe off me so that my pecs and shoulders were exposed. Her lips moved from mine to my neck, then my chest, and back to mine. She looked at me sternly with desire and I knew what she wanted, so I nodded yes. She pulled the robe down some more and revealed my upper abs as well as my huge purple cock head. She did not skip a second to take it into her mouth. She was licking and sucking the head alone whilst caressing my chest and face.

My toes curled and the blood on my face drained while she ministered to my needy cock. I felt a fumbling in my belly and suddenly she pulled away from my cock, making me feel cold before my dick pushed the now loose robe away and sprang down and then up to strike her chest. I was completely naked now with my dick resting between her hard nipples and leaving a trail of precum on her top.

All she said and had to say was “Wow” when she laid eyes on my dick and it’s size. She hopped off the chair and grabbed the base of my dick and pointed it to her face. She took the head in and swallowed some shaft in one go, but was struggling to contain her gag reflex.

Of course, I was going nuts, literally. I was groaning way more than I usually do and my hands were moving by themselves groping her tits, which frustrated me because she moved farther away. I had to sit up a bit to reach them and take her too off to reveal those beautiful bonkers. When I saw those tits bounce out of her shirt only to almost double in size, I realized that she had been compressing her tits all along in tight clothes.

“Fuck, babe! You suck dick like a pro,” I commented. I was gasping for air frequently as she sucked more and more of my dick in her mouth and down her throat between breaths.

There was a mess on the seat and all over my crotch and stomach. She was slobbering all over my dick and she spread it everywhere. I was so slippery it would be easy to bang her hard later; and I was definitely banging her later.

“I’m gonna cum, babe,” I warned. I always let girls suck me till I cum so that I last even more while we fuck. Roxanne picked up the pace and throated even more to get me to unload in her stomach and it did the trick. Soon enough I was busting my nut down her throat, almost screaming in ecstasy. She moaned softly as my cream traveled up my thick meat and down her gullet from my balls, which she cupped as I hit orgasm.

I grew dizzy and only recovered after the tremors inside my crotch area subsided. I closed my eyes and felt the helmet of my dick sucked lightly and my length licked thoroughly. I love the relaxing effects of a hard orgasm.

I opened my eyes to a close up of cute titties. Like Roxanne with my cock head, I wasted no time in taking her pebble like nipples into my mouth and licking the dark saucers around them. I slapped her ass, which she bared while I came, with both hands and squeezed them as the handles I would use to fuck her. She squealed and moaned at my mouth on her breasts while she caressed the muscles on my arms as they flexed along with my groping hands. My prick was as stiff as it could get in anticipation to this high quality pussy, as it hadn’t softened a bit since my first orgasm.

She began grinding her ass and pussy against my rigid pole as if I needed any more arousing. I was groaning and my muffled moans barely escaped my throat from between her tits, which were bigger than they seemed. Kadıköy Gecelik Escort I found out she wore a B cup to contain a pair of perky DDD’s. I wasn’t complaining since it meant more for me.

I eventually got tired of waiting so I took a good hold of her large, firm ass, lifted it, and positioned it on my throbbing bone. She squealed and giggled at my move.

“Mmm someone’s ready!” She taunted while she laughed. It was like she was feeding off my lust and excitement. I just kept grunting like an animal and softly pressing my tip to her core.

Then she moved and positioned herself right and sunk three inches of my thick length in her. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets because she was so damn tight! She probably wasn’t even that tight, but I’m extra thick, so I have better experiences than other guys. She screamed too, and her arms gave from holding herself up, so more dick was stuffed in her, which yielded more screams. I was grunting as her pussy collapsed around my pipe, which had clearly never been that stretched before, but I managed to hold back from going deeper to let her get used to me.

She stayed with six inches inside her for about five minutes, and then she continued sinking more. I was groaning and holding on to her ass with anticipation of fucking her as soon as I felt I had hit bottom or her hips touched mine. Her pussy kept swallowing more and more of my shaft and the deeper she went the warmer and tighter it got. I was letting her go at her own pace so she would feel comfortable and get used to my size. And to be honest, I also had to get used to how tight she was around me; she felt like a second skin wrapping my cock.

Then finally, after twenty minutes since she started, she sunk to her bottom. There were still four inches of my dick left out but I knew that they would go in in a matter of minutes when I started fucking her. When she felt my plump dick head poking her cervix she yelped and collapsed on top of me panting and mumbling nonsense.

It was time for the moment of truth: I lifted her ass pulling six inches out of her pussy for now, and then slammed back in. She screamed with her head on my chest, then again when I repeated. Eventually it became constant loud moaning when I began bouncing her pussy on my dick. It was fucking awesome seeing her ass jiggle the way it did, feeling her big tits pressed on my chest, her pussy lips brutally stretched out around my girth, and hearing her screech like a banshee as I bulldozed through unconquered pussy.

“Hey, babe, what’s the biggest dick before mine that you’ve had in you before?” I asked, wanting to know why she was dealing with my dick like a virgin.

“He said it was like seven inches. And it wasn’t anywhere near this thick,” she croaked between gasps and moans. I chuckled at the reason for her seeming inexperience. It was funny because it wasn’t the first time I’d banged a big dick virgin.

“Well then! You like the upgrade, babe?”

“OH YESSSS!” She screamed as she underwent the first orgasm of my predicted many. And I almost did the same when I felt her warm liquids splashing on my belly; she was a squirter!! The discovery encouraged me to cause her orgasm more often and harder.

I began savagely ramming her ass on my hips, my dick head bulldozing through her pussy. She had gotten somewhat used to my size but still moaned loudly as if in pain at my forceful fucking. No one gets used to my size, not even my mom, which has premium access to me whenever she wants. I am big enough that I have to bust through girls’ cervixes to bury myself entirely. You don’t get used to your cervix being penetrated by an insanely thick prick.

When I reached my peak level of fucking, i.e, the hardest, fastest, deepest point in this ‘session,’ we both came. She came when I punctured her back wall, burying the last four inches of my dick in her womb. I came when in her orgasm she brutally clenched my dick at my deepest point. I didn’t even bother to pull out, spilling a massive amount of nut in the deepest part of her pussy. I came for a few minutes, not ceasing to ejaculate incredible amounts of sperm infested semen in her mating canal. I wasn’t worried because I knew that she would be on the pill if she felt so comfortable fucking a dude she knows very little about after giving him a huge boner. If I was wrong, we had morning after pills in the bedside of my and my mom’s bed.

That boner had not softened, actually. I was still pumped and full of blood and cum, and my abdomen flexed the large member. I didn’t think she noticed though, so I waited for her to cool off from Kadıköy Genç Escort her orgasm before letting her know I wasn’t done with her yet.

“I’m still huge for you, babe; you ready for round two?” I whispered into her ear after a few minutes. She was holding onto my shoulders but her previous death grip on them had relaxed. She had her head rested on my chest, her tits mashed on my upper abs and lower pecs. When she heard me and realized I was still as stiff as ever inside her she looked up and flexed her pussy some to feel me. Then she grinned and giggled, making me chuckle.

“Get ready, pretty girl. You’re getting hammered severely tonight!” I said as I stood up with my dick still inside her to go somewhere else to fuck her again.

“You’re really thick,” she groggily said as I carried her to the back terrace. She had her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist, but I still held her up by the ass. My whole foot of cock was inside her and it was amazing.

“I bet you like that, babe. But you’re gonna like this a lot better. At least I will,” I said grinning. I was still standing when I raised her up my dick to the tip and then let her drop back down to my base. She almost screamed into the night, but she caught herself. I laughed at her struggling with keeping her pleasure to herself, but I kept her going far up my dick and then dropping to my base.

Her titties were bouncing mesmerizingly and I couldn’t resist taking one in my mouth. I nibbled on the pebble of her nipple and licked around the dark brown areola. She was wincing and the death grip on my shoulders came back stronger with the need to express all pleasure in that manner. All the while my dick was clenched tightly in her awesome pussy and my balls were swinging everywhere.

It was getting dark, and my arms started to get really tired. After twenty minutes I could no longer keep lifting her. In my judgement, it was dark enough to leave the terrace, which was walled on three sides and provided privacy, and go and lay in one of the beach chairs we had next to our pool, which was in the open where everyone on the second story of their house could normally see. But I hadn’t turned on the outside lights when we came out here, so we were difficult to see by our adjacent neighbors if they peeked at my yard. At least that’s what I thought and was hoping, although I didn’t mind people seeing me fuck a chick in my backyard. Even if the spectators were her parents themselves.

Once I laid on the beach chair my hands immediately left her ass and came up to grope her big titties. She moaned softly but kept grinding my dick. Then she started fucking herself on my dick and it was my turn to moan, only I boldly did so loudly. After cumming so much on my dick for such a long time I was surprised at how hungry she still was for my beef; not to say it was her first time with me, but then again that was probably why.

As she bounced on my hips my plump plum sized head chugged mightily through her warm channel. I was grinning the whole time. There is nothing I love more than a tight babe with big tits frantically bouncing on my lap trying to bust my nuts.

Roxanne’s awesome tits were bouncing all over the place, slapping her own chin from time to time as well as my chest and upper abs. The only reason they weren’t in my mouth or my hands was because it was incredibly intoxicating to see them in such erratic motion while my dick was milked for sperm. So, with my hands behind my head, I relaxed and let her work for the dick she wanted to make explode. As I relaxed I let out every sound that I was tempted to make but usually held back and it worked as stimulus for her to go faster and harder.

My dick felt huge as Roxanne’s bald pussy flew up and down my solid shaft. Eventually I lost the ability to control myself. The pleasure could not be put into words at that point and I had no idea what was even leaning my mouth; I just know it was loud and surely someone else around the neighborhood could hear it if they were outside or had their windows open. I couldn’t even warn her that what felt like the biggest load in my life was coming.

“OH FUCK BABY I FEEL YOU CUMMING – YOU’RE SO HARD AND BIG OH MY FUCKING GOD” She screeched wildly as I felt a white hot flood of my male potion climbing up my rod.

I think I passed out, because I don’t remember what even happened before I opened my eyes and she was laying on me, my half hard prick still inside her. She was calm and she was poking at the skin of my chest.

“Fuck,” I croaked, the only word my brain could come up with after such a deluge of pleasure.

“I’m glad you enjoyed my company,” she said, looking up to me with her gorgeous eyes and sexy lips.

“I sure did, and I’m already looking forward to next time,” I responded confidently, determined to experience her again.

“Yay!” She cheered, kissing me sensually.

I could not wait.