He smiled as he watched Lucy from the deck of his lakeside home. She played in the water with his nine year old daughter. Lucy was a well-respected graduate from the local high school. He and his wife had followed her athletics and celebrated her scholarships as she transitioned to her first year of college. Her family lived five miles away on a different lake. Her parents were friendly acquaintances. His daughter loved when Lucy babysat. He did, too. Watching this young brunette blossom this past year offered hours of fantasy for his lonely life.

“Hey girls! I’m home. Come up for some lemonade and cookies.” He yelled down from the deck.

The girls waded to shore and giggled as they raced each other to the deck table. His groin throbbed as he watched Lucy’s nineteen year old breasts flounce, each breast an overflowing handful. Her red bikini, a beacon for his lecherous libido, offset her smooth sun-kissed skin. At thirty-two, he was almost old enough to be her father. Almost. He should feel disgust with his thoughts, but he couldn’t manage it.

He set the pitcher and glasses on the table then returned to the kitchen until his cock calmed. He returned with cookies and politely listened to them recount their day. He refilled their glasses then sat back to watch. When Lucy smiled he felt his mind twitch, her full lips parted over gorgeous teeth. The boys she’d had must have had fun with that mouth.

He caught himself staring at her mouth when Lucy took a long drink. Her neck undulated as she swallowed. A drop of condensation fell from her glass landing on the northern hemisphere of her mounded breast. He watched the droplet wobble, finally deciding to roll inward then down disappearing into her cleavage.

Blood rushed to his cock again leaving him slightly disoriented. His gaze scraped down her tight body. She carried her full breasts on an athletic but proportioned frame. When she matured fully she’d be curvy as sin. Her red bikini was tiny yet covered her completely. His eyes followed her hand as it ran slowly along her thigh brushing aside another drop of condensation that fell from her glass. Her finger swirled in the damp aftermath of the droplet. The damp digit wound along her upper thigh then slid along her firm abdomen across the top of her bikini bottoms to settle upon her other arm on the arm rest.

The buzz of his daughter’s excited chatter faded as his eyes were drawn to Lucy’s bulging cleavage as her arm crossed under to press her cleavage forward. A lurch by his cock caused him to sit up and adjust himself. His mouth went slack when her hand slid up her opposite arm across her cleavage to run a fingertip inside the edge of her bikini cup. Her finger lifted to sweep across her lower lip. Their eyes locked. His eyes grew wide as he realized he’d been caught. She winked then kissed the tip of her finger.

What the…!

He didn’t know how to take her response, was she making fun of him or encouraging him? If the northward growth of his cock had a vote, he was treading in dangerous waters. She looked away first then looked back and smiled, her white teeth flashing. Fuck! She was a tease.

He heard her talking with Anne, asking her a question.

“Will you, Dad, really?” Anne was clutching her hands under her chin pleading with him.

“Hey, last one to the water has to do the launching!” Lucy hopped up, grabbed his daughter’s hand then pranced to the water’s edge. Lucy turned and taunted as she waved, “Tom, you’re last!” He watched her breasts wobble as her arm swung back and forth with her wave.

He picked up her lemonade glass staring at where her lip gloss had printed her lower lip on the rim. He ran his thumb through the gloss watching it smear. He quickly picked up the glasses and returned everything to the kitchen. His hard cock needed to subside.

Back in control he walked to the lake and focused on tossing his daughter again and again. He avoided watching Lucy. She sat onshore on a towel cheering for Anne.

Lucy smiled as the two played. His mature body caused hers to resonate and throb with want. His strong hairy chest topped a slim waist. This was a grown man. Catching him staring earlier caused her pussy to throb. She had always had a crush on him. As she watched him toss his daughter heat flushed her body. Wanton was how she felt, but she felt uncomfortable with her feelings when Anne was present.

When Anne yelled that it was Lucy’s turn, Tom stammered.

“I’m sure Lucy’s dry now and doesn’t want to get wet, pumpkin.

Tom and Lucy stared at each other wide eyed while Anne splashed, “Aww, you’re missing the best fun ever. Come on! Dad, just throw her once.”

“I’m game, if you are.” She narrowed her eyes at him as she taunted and stood.

He glanced to the sky then nodded once.

He held his breath as Lucy waded toward him. His hands twitched as he thought about how to grab her without touching her indecently. God, her nipples were erect. Shit! So was he. He was thankful he was standing in water over his waist.

“Here, canlı bahis hold my hand, step on my knee and I’ll launch you.” His quick thinking would keep him from touching her softest parts. He reached out his hand and braced his stance.

She grabbed his hand and stepped with one foot on his thigh. As she stood up water ran from her body dripping off her angles and tips. He used her momentum. He’d managed to toss her without touching her body. He thought he’d be thankful; instead he was disappointed he hadn’t taken the opportunity to touch more of her.

Anne squealed with delight as Lucy emerged using the water’s surface to smooth her dark brown hair back. Her elated smile caused his heart to race when her smiling blue eyes locked with his.

“Again,” Lucy said and he grabbed her hands to steady her climb. When she stood on his knees she looked down to see his slight grin. Distracted she lost balance and slipped. As she slid off he grabbed her to save her from falling. She stopped when her legs straddled his waist. His cock seated firmly against her center.

“Oh!” She gasped.

During her fall his hand slipped up her torso under one breast causing it to push mostly out of its cup. He stared at a perfectly pouty nipple peeking above her top.

Her hips rocked involuntarily as pink flooded her face. He stared in amazement at this hand full of little woman. His cock strained against her warmth. He slid his arm down about her waist as she adjusted her top back over her erect nipple.

He wanted her, but his daughter’s voice jolted him back to reality.

Anne laughed at the accident oblivious to the sexual tension. “Don’t worry about falling, just get back up and go again. I have to go to bathroom, be right back. Wait for me before you go again.” She scampered away.

Tom walked backward into deeper water pulling Lucy along with him. It caused her body to float away from his.

“Perhaps deeper water will help,” he said.

When she climbed up he noticed both of her nipples were exposed. He was shocked and a quick check of her face found a flushed excited expression highlighted with a smirk. She’d planned this! She leaned into him pressing her nipple to his lips wrapping her legs about his lower chest. His hands supported her ass. The soft skin of her breast punctuated by her puckered flesh filled his mouth. His mouth hungrily wrapped about the tip of one breast before moving to the other. He peeked around her body to be sure Anne was nowhere in sight.

She moaned as she arched into him. Then she released her thighs floating her legs down his body. His cock lodged happily between her thighs. He pressed her firm ass to him and held her. He was too afraid to move as he was at the edge of his restraint.

They stared at each other each feeling uncertain of their attraction, yet desperate for more.

“Will you toss me again?” She asked. He nodded once reluctantly releasing her hips from his. She stepped up on his thighs her cool hands holding on to his shoulders as his hands clutched her upper thighs. Red bikini bottoms dripped inches from his lips. It was pure lust that caused him to catch a few drips in his mouth. Her eyes grew hooded and dazed as she watched him drink from her. He felt her muscles fight between sitting on his face and standing.

“Toss me.” Her voice whispered down to him. His hands slid down her legs to grasp her arches and toss her high.

When she broke the surface he spotted Anne walking back to the shore. Lucy had spotted her too. Lucy’s disappointed glance back to him caused giddiness to sweep through him. He felt like a kid again. She’d adjusted herself back into her suit. When Anne reached the lake’s shore she begged for another launch session. Lucy took the opportunity to climb back on to shore and sat on a towel to dry.

He couldn’t keep from glancing her way as she rubbed body with her towel. She bent over laying her towel on the grass. Then she sat leaning back on her hands with her legs propped open. Every few minutes she would shake her wet hair back arching her body. He imagined she fantasized about him, his cock running along her wet slit.

After a while, Lucy stood to announce she had to leave.

“Thanks for hanging out, Anne.” She stood tossing the straps of her beach bag across her shoulder. She’d managed to cover up under a long distressed yellow t-shirt, her red bikini translucently visible.

“Wait. I’ll pay you.” Tom levered his lanky frame from the water onto his dock, his muscled body flexed. He helped his daughter lay out her towel for sunbathing before drying off with a towel he’d snatched from the lawn. He led her to his kitchen wrapping his towel about his neck. He opened his wallet but felt like he couldn’t see its contents.

From the side he watched her thigh muscle bounce as her leg wobbled back and forth. Her red toenails showcased supple tanned feet lashed into a pair of rope thong sandals.

Lucy plopped her bag on the floor to wait. She then reached under her t-shirt to unhook and untie her bikini top, bahis siteleri slide it out from under her t-shirt and toss it into her bag. The bikini top had dug into her skin so she reached back under her top to massage the tender area under her arms. As she refocused on Tom, she saw he was frozen. His wallet held open and forgotten in his hands while he stared at her tight yellow t-shirt. She looked down to see her nipples protruding into the fabric, her tawny aureoles like two targets.

“Oops. Sorry.” Lucy flushed realizing what she’d done as she plucked the shirt from her torso.

He cleared his throat to rasp, “Your tits are great. You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman. I barely recognize you.” He reached up to run the back of his hands across her tented t-shirt.

“Thanks. I like yours too.” She could not resist looking at his body as well. His shorts distorted around his erect cock.

“My tits?” He taunted when she didn’t realize her question made no sense. She was befuddled.

Her eyes flew back to his face. She blushed as a knowing smirk cross his face.

He yanked cash from his wallet handing her cash. She stepped forward awkwardly as he placed cash into her hand. She dropped the bills into her bag but instead of landing gently atop her clothing they fluttered past her bag and slid across the floor to lodge under the large dining table.

“Shoot!” She muttered as she fell to her knees then crawled to retrieve the paper. She placed the cash in her lips as she crawled backwards and into Tom who had crouched down behind her to help. Mesmerized by her ass wrapped in tiny red bottoms he’d forgotten to move. Her bottom collided with his straining cock and leg. His hands grasped her hips. She waited for him to make the next move.

Should he? He could do better than this. Not here from behind.

He groaned as he stood. His energy vibrated as the effort to move his magnetized cock away was almost more than his body could overcome.

Once standing he offered his hand to help her stand. She rose up on her knees aligning her mouth with his cock.

“I can feel your heat.” She leaned into his space. He appeared to wobble as if he would lean into her at any moment. She raised her eyes to his.

When she plucked the cash from her lips depositing it in her bag her eyes remained locked with his. Her face and upper chest pinked further as his eyes grew darker.

“Please,” he whispered, his hand touched her glossy brown hair.

Her teeth peeped through her bountiful lips as she slowly reached up to lightly run her fingertips up his rigid length.

“Ahhh.” His hoarse whisper fell on her as he threw his head back. He looked back down as she grasped him feeling his girth.

“You’re big!” Her eyes widened; her smile grew.

He grinned down as this magical nymph massaged his royally neglected cock. His wife had always had a bi-sexual side to her, and lately she had taken up with another woman and had moved on. He still wasn’t sure if his wife’s lesbian affair would last, but he was tired of the drama. They were trying to hold it together for the sake of their daughter.

He loved how Lucy worshiped his cock. He was only on the better side of average, but her experience was likely with boys. He felt like a lion.

He watched as she stroked him, then slid her hands up to lower his shorts and release his cock. Fuck!

“Yes. God, Lucy…” he huffed as she wrapped her hand about his cock and kissed the tip. Her plump lips spread around his cock. Her little pink tongue danced about the inside of her mouth against his tip.

Suddenly she yanked her mouth away and lifted his shorts halfway up his erection then stood grasping her bag in front of her.

“Anne’s on her way up,” she warned. He turned away and adjusted himself as his daughter finished clomping up the deck stairs to slide open the glass doors.

“Dad, can we ask Lu…Hey, Lucy, I thought you’d left already.”

“Nope, just paying her.” Tom explained shaking his wallet over his shoulder hiding his flagrant erection still peeking over his shorts at its muse. He looked at Lucy with uncertainty. “Perhaps we will call on you again soon?” He visibly relaxed when she smiled brightly.

“I look forward to it.” Lucy waved at Anne while her other hand tucked him back into his shorts. “Anne, make sure you put on more sunblock if you decide to stay out longer. And Tom, see you soon.” Lucy turned and walked out. She smiled in great delight over what had just happened. Her puss throbbed earning a much needed fingering on her drive home.

The next day, Tom called to invite Lucy to fly with him in his small plane out to the shore of the big lake. An experienced pilot, he took frequent short flights just for fun. When she answered the phone his hand flew to his cock as it tented his trousers.

“Yes, I’d love to.” Her reply was plump with promise and followed by a throaty laugh. The things we wanted to do to her! Her parents were his friends but, fuck it. If she was willing, why would he say no? Better bahis şirketleri him than some stupid kid who wouldn’t appreciate her.

He stood next to his Jeep in her parent’s driveway watching as she walked toward him her ponytail swinging. Her white halter top exposed her cleavage via a keyhole. Her brightly colored skort flowed about her hips as she walked. He caught his breath as she stepped up to him her breasts brushing his chest.

“I can’t wait.” She crooned then leaned up to kiss him.

“Your paren…”

“Gone,” she whispered as she rubbed her body along his. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms about her waist gripping her tight ass. She was a goddess, blessing him with her presence. He leaned down to ravage her puffy lips.

He felt like the luckiest bastard in the world. Yes, bastard for sure because he had imagined Lucy’s pussy pouted just like her mouth. Innocent yet ripe, he imagined she’d taste like ripe plum, slick and sweet.

He resisted his desire when she stepped back ending the kiss with a breathy, “Should we go?”

He opened his car door to hand her into the passenger seat. His eyes flipped to her bottom when her skort lifted as she sat to expose her outer thigh from upper hip to knee.

“No panties?”

She smiled up at him as she pulled her skort’s loose leg over to expose a tiny red patch covering her pussy. His eyes locked on her scarlet paradise. It felt like an out-of-body experience when she pulled his hand into her lap tucking his fingers under her panties. He leaned down to allow her free rein with his extremity.

“Mmmm.” She rocked her hips sliding her damp puss along his fingers. She pulled his hand from her panties then raised them to his lips. He sniffed then licked her sweet buttery fluid from his fingers. His cock tugged at his pants trying to reach her. He leaned in to kiss her mouth pressing her back into the passenger seat. He felt frantic, his cock required penetration.

He lifted the seat release pressing her down. She seemed to panic a bit pushing him up.

“Not here!”

He groaned as he pulled away. They were in the country, for Christ’s sake. He turned back toward her lifting her chin, “You are a tease.”

“Sorry. I just get carried away then realize…”

“Don’t worry. I like it. I like you.” She seemed inexperienced not realizing the power she had over him. He would have her. It empowered him. He would be her teacher.

“Alright, let’s go before you accidentally tease me again.”

As they drove to the local small airport he explained, “My biggest mistake was I stuck to the straight and narrow path always following the rules. I should have been wilder, you know, more, um…”

“…sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll?” She smiled her eyes sparkled.

“Exactly. Have a little fun.” He paused.

“Yeah, I’m not too worried about that.”

“You’ve had fun? How often?” He was curious.

“Sex, drugs or rock-n-roll?”

“All of it.” His minds eyes already had her undressed and ready to engage in whatever she explained.

“Well, for sex, the most fun was taking four football players in their locker-room…and the coach. Drugs? Nothing intra…”

“Wait. The local team?” He was shocked. Speechless, almost.

She burst out laughing. “No, just teasing.” Damn, he wanted her story to be true. He wanted her to be a naughty minx. Yet he was terrified of her overt sexuality at the same time.

“Tell me about the last time you had sex.”

“Yesterday I rubbed myself to orgasm on my drive home from here.”

“Oh.” He glanced at her face before dropping his eyes to her hand as it rested on her upper thigh. She wiggled her fingers and traced across her pussy.

“I wish I could have seen that.”

“As far as fun, Tom. I’m having fun with you.” She leaned over to him and patted his thigh.

“I can’t get you out of my head.” He sucked in his breath then belted out, “Ahhh, we’re here!” They pulled into the small airport parking lot.

After he signed official logs and introduced her to a few fellow pilots, he walked her to the hangar. He resisted touching her in public. Those few pilots were watching. He’d bet each of them would eagerly trade places with him.

His plane was a small canvas covered bird. He explained how to climb in and avoid stepping on fragile parts of the wing. He held her hand and enjoyed the view up her skort spotting a little flash of red panties. He climbed into his side then reached across to belt her in. He took his time since it allowed him to lean in and breathe her freshness. The belt pressed between her ample breasts. He caressed her bulging tits.

Her body responded with stiffened nipples under her halter top and a light throbbing in her center. She watched his muscled arms flex as they crossed her body. He smelled of sandalwood and male. Her hand stroked his forearm as she leaned in to kiss his cheek.

He sat back and smiled at her. “Wow, uh, damn you are gorgeous.” He dragged his thumb across her lower lip feeling her warm full lip give as his fingertip slid through her lip gloss. “I am so glad you came today.” He kissed her lightly, his arousal tightly capped as he felt responsible for her safety. “Are you okay to go?” He placed his hand on her knee and gently shook.