Undercover Lover Ch. 02


“I’m not a cop,” Magita giggled. “Why do you keep saying that?”

Jill looked deeply into her eyes.

“We need to talk.”

The last thing Magita wanted to do was talk. She had just let herself be fucked by the bar manager, which was bad enough for the undercover detective, but she had also just found out the whole thing had been video-taped. She had no doubt Jill would use it against her. On the other hand, she was about to tell her lieutenant she had to cancel the surveillance because she had let herself get fucked on video.

“Sure, you know I love talking to you,” Magita replied happily instead. “I can be here a little earlier tomorrow night.”

The eyes stayed in hers.

“No. Come over to my place.”

Now the last thing Magita wanted was to be one-on-one alone with the subject of her drug investigation. It was safer in the club with so many customers around.

“Three o’clock,” Jill added in a tone that told Magita she had no alternative.

“Sure,” Magita smiled.

The next afternoon Detective Pena arrived at Jill’s house a few minutes before 3:00.

“It’s a pretty day,” Jill smiled. “Let’s talk outside.” Magita followed her out to the small yard with the high wooden fence.

Jill spoke first.

“You looked so good doing it last night, Magita, I wanted to fuck you myself.” Jill said in a calm voice.

Then Jill’s eyes turned a different shade of blue.

“Maybe I will.”

“Will what?” Magita asked.

“Fuck you,” Jill answered. The blue of Jill’s eyes turned liquid as her hands reached out and took Magita’s arms. “I want to fuck you, Magita.”

Magita’s world stopped. She could not believe what she had just heard. Through the fog she felt Jill’s hands moving gently on her arms.

And now Magita was stuck. She knew if she said no Jill would probably send the DVD of her fucking the bar manager to the police department. Magita knew that initially she had begged Brian to stop…but there was no question she had fucked him back. None at all.

But she couldn’t agree to….

“It’s just us, Magita,” Jill said softly looking into Magita’s eyes. “Just two friends sharing something special.”

Jill saw the reticence in the detective’s eyes and continued.

“It doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian,” Jill smiled. Then she giggled. “We both know you are definitely not one after last night!”

The “last night” comment convinced Magita that Jill was quite willing to use the video against her.

Now it was more than just the drug investigation on the line…it was Magita’s career. She had worked too hard to make detective. Then she realized they would not just take her gold shield away, they would fire her on the spot if they got the DVD of her making love to one of the suspects of her investigation!

“Jill,” Magita began.

“Shhh,” Jill replied softly. “Just let me love you, Magita,” Jill whispered as her hand traveled to Magita’s shoulders and she moved in to give the detective a soft kiss. Then Jill’s hands moved behind her shoulders, and her eyes took the cop’s eyes, and she began to kiss her deeper.

A million thoughts flooded through Magita’s mind as she felt the lips begin to move on hers. The first thought was that she was surprised Jill liked girls.

She felt the lips begin to move on hers and thought urgently.

“It’s not like some guy’s putting his dick in you and coming inside.” Then she became angry at herself for the previous night. “Like that hasn’t already happened.

Magita decided, to save her career, it was worth it to return the kiss. But that was all she was willing to do.

Then she felt Jill’s hands move down the front of her shoulders and hold her 38Ds through her sweatshirt. Reflexively she took Jill’s wrists and removed the hands.

“It’s up to you, lover,” Jill responded, staring into her deep brown eyes.

Magita knew what Jill was more than willing to do with the DVD, and let her hands drop from the woman’s wrists. Immediately she felt Jill’s hands move back to her chest. Her mind rebelled as she felt the hands slowly move over her large breasts but she did nothing.

“Damn, Maggie,” Jill giggled as she held the detective’s large boobs. Then Jill began to kiss Magita’s neck as she softly squeezed her breasts.

“You can touch mine, Magita,” Jill cooed as she nuzzled Magita’s neck. Then Magita felt Jill’s hands leave her chest and move back to her shoulders. This time they traveled down her arms to her wrists. Then Jill gently lifted Magita’s hands and placed them on her own breasts.

“They’re not big like yours, but they’re functional,” Jill giggled.

For the first time in her life the detective felt another woman’s breasts. Her first thought was, oddly, how much softer Jill’s were as she felt the woman’s 34Cs though her soft sweater and bra.

“You can squeeze them, Magita,” Jill smiled. “They don’t bite,” Jill continued as her own hands began to softly squeeze Magita’s large breasts.

Wanting nothing to do with this, but now terrified of what Jill would do with the Betturkey DVD, Magita let her hands gently close over the soft roundness she felt.

“There,” Jill giggled. “That didn’t hurt, did it?” she lightly teased. She continued softly squeezing he cop’s big boobs as she again began to nuzzle the cop’s neck. She did not feel the cop move her hands anymore, but she really hadn’t expected them to.

“It’s okay honey,” Jill cooed into the detective’s ear. “We have all night to get to know each other,” then her eyes looked into the detective’s and she added “intimately.”

Magita’s eyes widened at the comment, but she knew there was nothing she could do. An instant later she felt the hands leave her breasts – and move to the bottom of her sweatshirt. She stood unmoving while Jill returned to kissing her as Jill slowly lifted Magita’s sweatshirt.

“Wow!” Jill exclaimed when the detective’s white lace bra encased boobs came into view. Magita remained still as the woman’s hands again moved to her breasts and began to gently squeeze her boobs through her bra.

“These are very nice, Magita,” Jill smiled, then returned to softly kissing the reluctant police woman. All this time the detective’s hands remained unmoving on Jill’s sweater.

“They don’t bite,” Jill teased again. Magita knew she had no real choice and began to gently manipulate Jill’s breasts through her sweater.

Then Jill stopped kissing the detective and her face traveled down to the deep valley that was Magita’s cleavage. She softly kissed the insides of the large swells.

Then her hands moved behind the detective’s back. Magita flinched, but forced herself to remain still as she felt fingers deftly unslide the three clasps of her bra. She saw Jill’s eyes look deeply into hers, and raised her arms when the woman began sliding her sweatshirt over her head. The eyes kept hers as Jill slid the detective’s bra straps down her arms and off.

“Mmm,” she heard the woman purr as without hesitation Jill leaned her face down. “Mmm,” she heard again as she felt Jill’s lips on her right nipple.

Suddenly the sound turned higher as the detective realized her nipple was enlarging over the experienced lips. She felt the woman’s tongue tease her hardening bud, then felt the lips clamp gently over her half-inch-long, finger-thick nipple.

“Oh my!” she heard Jill giggle as she felt the detective’s nipple become erect between her lips. Then Magita felt Jill begin to play with her other breast – and felt her left nipple become hard between Jill’s knowing fingers.

Then Magita felt Jill’s hands behind her back trying to nudge her to the ground. She did not want to lose control of the situation by being off her feet, but the thought of the embarrassment of her lieutenant seeing the DVD let her let the arms gently lean her to her back on the soft grass.

The detective looked up to see Jill smiling down at her. Then her eyes went wide as she saw Jill begin to pull her sweater off.

“I can’t,” Magita pleaded.

“Shhh,” Jill responded as she undid the front clasp of her bra. She stood proudly showing the policeman her boobs as the clasp came free. Then Jill straddled the detective on her knees and leaned forward.

The thought that this was too wrong came back to her as Jill’s hand moved to her right breast and she held it out for the detective to suck on.

Against her will, but without any choice anymore, Magita let herself kiss the proferred nipple.

“I like having them sucked,” Jill purred. “Just like you do,” she added, leaving no question that Jill knew Magita’s nipples had responded to Jill’s lips. Wishing she could be anywhere but here the detective let her lips part slightly and she accepted the nipple. Magita could feel Jill’s nipple grow long and thick as well between her lips as the woman reached down and again began to play with the detective’s breasts.

Magita made her mouth move over the hard nipple under her lips as Jill slowly rotated her breast against her lips. She heard Jill purring as she gently sucked on her hard nipple.

Then Jill’s hands moved to the sides of her face. She moved down and gently lay on Magita’s body, naked breasts to naked breasts.

For a moment she felt an electric tingle when she felt Jill’s hard nipples touch her own. Then she made the thought go away.

An instant later she felt happening what she was hoping would not happen – she felt Jill’s fingers move to the button of her jeans.

“Please,” Magita asked as she felt Jill’s fingers on her zippe.

“Shh,” Jill whispered again as she kissed Magita’s large, soft, brown lips. “Let me love you,” she whispered as her fingers moved inside the waistband of the detective’s jeans and began to slide her jeans and striped panties down.

Magita’s mind was racing. She did not want this! But there was nothing she could do and still keep her career.

She let her hips rise, then felt the warm afternoon sun on her as her jeans were slowly drawn from her hips.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jill smiled when Magita’s Betturkey Giriş jeans had been gently pulled from her legs and Jill looked at her full bush of neatly combed long black hair.

“So beautiful,” she heard Jill purr again. Magita lay quiet as Jill began to trace her lips down over her stomach.

“I know it’s your first time,” Jill said softly as her lips touched the top of Magita’s pubic hair. “I’ll be gentle.”

To save her career the detective let her thighs part to the soft hands gently prying them apart as Jill knelt on the grass between her legs.

Then she felt soft fingers touch her pussy lips.

“Just let me love you, Magita,” she heard Jill say in the gentle voice of a tender lover as the fingers began to slowly play over her cuntlips.

“Did you like having his big cock in you?” Jill asked as she slowly fingered Magita’s pussy.

Magita was shocked by the impertinent question and almost lashed out verbally. But she could not. She could not anger Jill – and she had liked the feel of Brian’s cock in her, as wrong as fucking him had been.

“You can talk to me, honey,” Jill cooed as her fingers deftly played over the detective’s pussy lips, leaving no question she wanted and answer.

“Yes,” Magita replied.

“I’ve never had it,” Jill laughed. “Am I missing out on something?” she added as she continued to finger the detective’s pussy.

“I should never have…” Magita heard herself reply. Then Jill’s voice turned cold.

“A little too late for that now,” Jill replied.

Then what Magita feared began to happen as Jill stretched out on her stomach and began to eat her pussy.

Magita felt Jill’s lips begin to suck between her fingering-moist cuntlips. The lips sucking on her pussy were softer and gentler and more lovingingly knowing than any man who had ever eaten her out.

Then the moment she most dreaded occurred – she felt the tip of a tongue softly touch her hooded clit. Even having a woman eat her pussy was not as intimate as the thought of a woman’s tongue teasing her clit and her mind rebelled. But she could do nothing – she had to submit.

And the touch of the tongue stirred her with electric wonder.

She knew her clit was long and thick, almost like a tiny penis.

And now she felt it begin to get hard under Jill’s knowing tongue-teasing.

“Let me love you, Magita,” she heard Jill say a third time, this time with a soft throaty moan.

Jill smiled as she tasted the acidic taste of a clit becoming excited. She knew making the cop eat her pussy would not make the cop a lesbian – it was responding to her eating the cop’s pussy that would!

Magita had been able to hold on – and then she felt the tongue slide down to rim her asshole. She had never had a man do that as much as she wanted it and against her judgment she began to buck and moan.

“Yes, darling,” Jill moaned as she felt the cop’s tongue finally touch her hard clit and pressed her own tongue into the soapy-fresh asshole.

Then Jill heard what she had waited for.

“Oh god!” Jill heard the cop softly moan.

Jill desperately wanted her pussy eaten – but like she had said, they had all night. She gave every ounce of effort to licking the cop’s sweet asshole.

“Oh GOD!” she heard the cop moan again. “Oh please don’t” she heard the cop beg. Jill knew why – and gripped the cop’s big tits lovingly as she continued to tongue the asshole that was now sucking her tongue in.

“Let it go, Magita,” Jill begged as she again pressed her tongue into the cop’s clenching asshole.

“No,” the detective whimpered, “oh god no.”

Jill’s chin was drenched in the cop’s juices as she ate the cops’ asshole with everything she had.

“Oh GOD!” she heard Magita squeal as the cop began to come.

“Come in my mouth, baby,” Jill purred. She closed her mouth over Magita’s spasming pussy. Seconds later she felt her mouth fill with the acidic fluid of girl-come. Almost as if magic, Jill swung her body back around and between Magita’s trembling thighs. She pressed her hairy cunt against the cop’s cunt and began fucking her.

Jill felt the cop’s hips undulated under her as Magita exploded in orgasm.

“I told you I wanted to fuck you,” Jill smiled when the body under her stopped orgasming.

Magita lay silent, breathless. Her brown eyes lay open, looking up at Jill but not really seeing her. She was horribly embarrassed that she came from a woman eating her. Horribly embarrassed.

“Let’s go inside and have a drink,” Jill offered. Magita wanted nothing more than to leave, but she sensed that was not yet an option. She reached for her jeans.

“No,” Jill smiled. “You’re so beautiful naked. No need for clothes.” Then Jill laughed. “It’s not like we have any secrets from each other anymore,” she smiled.

Then she looked into Magita’s eyes.

“Do we, officer?”

Magita knew there was no sense denying it anymore.

“Can I at least put this on?” she asked, lifting her sweatshirt.

“If you must,” Jill replied in a playful pout.

Magita pulled her sweatshirt over her head, not bothering to ask if she could put her bra on. She prepared to walk into the house, but Jill moved to her and put her arms around her in a gentle hug.

“Thank you,” Jill said softly, surprising Magita. But then, to her distress, Jill proceeded to walk into the house with her arm around Magita’s waist.

They entered the house and Jill made margarita’s for them. She handed Magita hers, then noticed the police woman had not looked at her once since they came inside.

“Am I embarrassing you?” Jill asked, smiling inside. “I don’t want that for us, Maggie,” she continued. Then she excused herself and walked naked to her bedroom. A few minutes later she returned wearing a spaghetti-strap pink tummy shirt and pink panties. The look was intentional – she had almost put on a bustier and garter belt, but she didn’t want to scare the cop. Not yet.

To Magita’s relief Jill sat at the opposite end of the couch as they talked.

“It’s okay, Magita,” Jill smiled. “I’ve known what you are from the minute you walked in.” She took a sip. “If you remember, I never tried to stop you from busting the assholes dealing drugs in my club. I can’t have that.”

Magita decided to shoot craps.

“What about you, Jill Diamond?” she asked directly.

Jill looked offended.

“The Avengers were doing that shit when I took over, but I stopped it.” Jill’s eyes took on a frightened look at the mention of the motorcycle gang, but she continued. “I’ve worked too hard to fuck it up.”

Then Jill smiled.

“I liked talking to you. That’s why I never minded you were a cop.”

Magita still did not respond.

“And I really like you, Magita,” Jill suddenly said. Magita was so surprised by the hand that lay itself gently on her arm she did not react.

Jill smiled again and turned quiet, letting Magita finish her drink.

“What now, Jill?” Magita asked, anger entering her voice.

“Nothing has to change, Maggie,” Jill answered. “Yes, I had to look out for myself,” she continued. Magita knew she was referring to the DVD.

“You set me up!” Magita suddenly snapped.

Jill looked hurt, then recovered.

“Yes,” she admitted. “I invited Brian in and I hoped he would fuck you.” Then her eyes bore into Magita’s. “But you spread your own legs, honey.”

Magita had no comeback. Even if Jill had been behind Brian fucking her, the fact remained she had let it happen, willingly.

Jill saw Magita shake her head and became angry.

“If you want to be a bitch about it, Maggie,” Jill snapped angrily, “we can finish what we started.”

Jill stood and slid down her panties, revealing her closely trimmed cunt. Then she lay down on the floor and spread her legs.

“It’s my turn now, cop,” she snapped.

Magita wanted nothing more than to simply get up and leave, the hell with the DVD and her career.

But she couldn’t.

“Please,” she begged softly.

Then Jill’s voice turned gentle.

“You know what you like,” she whispered, referring not just to the men who Magita had been eaten by, but more especially to a short time earlier in the backyard. “Just do the same with me.”

Confusion tore through Magita’s mind as Jill held her arms out. Her first confusion was at the sudden changes of tone in Jill’s voice. She sensed there was something deeply wrong with Jill – but she couldn’t think about that just then. The deeper confusion was over what she would do.

A million thoughts flooded through her mind as she found herself looking at Jill laid out spread-legged on the floor. She saw her career between the legs of a half-naked woman.

“If you can honestly tell me you’ve never even once thought about being with a woman I’ll get dressed and leave you alone. Not once.” Jill’s eyes looked up at Magita’s.

It was Magita’s chance to get out of this.

But she couldn’t lie. She could not point to one particularly time, but she knew she had wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, all woman wonder that she knew.

And now curiosity was added to the confusion. It was too much for her. She went back to her career and knowing what she had to do to save it.

And went to her knees.

“Nakie, please,” Jill giggled. Reluctntly, Magita slipped off her sweatshirt. As she did so Jill spread her legs apart and drew her knees up slightly. She looked up at the detective still struggling inside.

“It’ll be alright, honey,” Jill said gently. “It won’t change who you are.”

The words would turn out to be prophetic.

Magita closed her eyes to the thoughts tearing through her mind, and lowered her head.

“Just do what you like to get,” Jill offered sweetly.

Magita laughed. Jill’s eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Hardly anybody’s ever done that,” she found herself admitting before she realized she was talking out loud.

“Really?” Jill replied in surprise. “You’re such a beautiful woman, Magita. You should demand it of lover.”

And now even more confusion crossed over Magita. She had barely even had sex, and only one man had ever eaten her – and he hadn’t done it very well. The rest…the rest, as she knew, only wanted their fuck in her.