Under A Mango Tree Ch. 02


Rajni was supposed to be very frustrated that night because the cot that she had somehow arranged to sleep on from the junk in her attic was hard and uneven. It was woven out of choir and her back was hurting. Yet somehow, it seemed like the best night of her life. She couldn’t stop thinking of Kusum, her captivating grey eyes, those thin lips, her chin, her neck glistening with sweat, the shape of her bosom, the saree tied dangerously low around her narrow waist…Rajni couldn’t resist touching herself. She didn’t have to do much, she just came so easily, so effortlessly, like dew drops trickling down from a flower.

When she opened her eyes the next morning, she was still blushing. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had such a huge crush on someone. Afraid she was getting ahead of herself, Rajni went about dusting her house, moving around whatever was left of the ancient furniture. She decided to rest after three hours of slogging in her backyard pulling out the weeds. And then about the same time as yesterday, she went to the river. She was disappointed when she saw that the bank was deserted. Then she saw Kusum in the water, her lean body gliding about like that of a mermaid. Kusum looked at Rajni who was stepping into the water in her knee length shorts and a black t shirt.

“You shouldn’t come here so often. You’ll get a cold.” Kusum teased.

“Oh, believe me I’m getting something much better than a cold” Rajni replied, not taking her eyes off Kusum for a moment. That was cheesy, she thought. But she didn’t care, because Kusum seemed to find it funny.

“You swim so well. When did you learn?” she asked.

“There used to be a well near our school in the shelter.” Kusum replied.

“Oh. You had swimming lessons?”

“Not really. Our cook was really good at swimming though. She used to teach some of us and boy was she strict! When we said we were scared to dive, she would just push us in there without warning and then we had to swim our asses off to float up.” Kusum laughed.


“Yeah. And I used to be very scared of being pushed, because you know I was really ticklish.”

“Oh! We can certainly have fun with that.” Rajni said, tickling Kusum in the side.

Kusum laughed and splashed about, pushing her away. “Hey! You know I’m gonna get back at you!” she said between gasps.

“You already are! You’ve almost scratched my eyes out.” Said Rajni, splashing back at her. Suddenly, she realized that Kusum’s saree had come off and it was unfurling in the water. The loose end was floating about beside Rajni, as if it was about to tie their bodies together. Kusum had noticed it too, but for some reason she wasn’t pulling it back. Her breaths were growing sharper and quicker.

Rajni took a step closer to her and put her arms around her neck. “That kiss was beautiful. You are beautiful.” She whispered.

Kusum was silent for what seemed like eternity. “I’ve never felt like this before. I don’t know what to do.” She finally said.

“I do.” Rajni said, rubbing her shoulder.

Reaching behind her, she gently untied the knot of her blouse. As she peeled it off Kusum’s body, she noticed that Kusum was trembling. “Are you scared?” she asked.

“I’m just shy.” Kusum said with a nervous laugh.

“Do you how bad I wanted to do this?” Rajni said. “To take away this thing you use to cover yourself, so that I can see your bare nipples and tell you how beautiful you look like this…naked, uncovered, untethered…like a goddess.”

Kusum Betturkey closed her eyes, intoxicated by whatever she was saying. Was it poetry? Was she making a dirty joke? Whatever it was, it just felt too good. Just as she was about to get some words out of her mouth, she was startled by the sound of shrill voices chattering about incoherently. Several women were making their way to the temple on the other side of the bank. They pulled away immediately, Kusum fastening the saree around herself as fast as she could. She wore her blouse back on. Rajni helped her tie it up at the back, her fingers fumbling as they made contact with Kusum’s skin. Without saying bye, they hurried away, trying hard to pretend that the butterflies in their stomachs didn’t exist.

When Rajni had walked far enough, she stopped to lean against a brick wall. She was out of breath. She was dripping wet from head to toe and her feet were soiled and muddy. She realised that she’d left her sneakers lying around on the bank. The ground was baked in the sun and her feet were stinging. She groaned. Could she make it to her house on foot? She decided she didn’t want to burn her soles. She briskly started toward the river, limping a little, cursing the tiny stones in her way.

When she finally saw the bank, she almost fainted with relief. She walked to the spot from where she’d jumped in. There they were, her shoes, heating up under the sun on a rock. She picked them up and flinched. They were burning hot! Cursing again, she sprinted toward the mango tree, hoping they would cool down under the shade. After trudging under the merciless afternoon sun, the spot under the tree felt like heaven. Rajni sat up against the trunk, afraid she would fall asleep. She stretched her legs out, wiggling her toes in the cold soil below. She looked at her feet. They were beginning to crack up and there was a thorn below her biggest toe.

She tried to rub it out. A sharp sting made her flinch. “Bastard!” she cried. Resting her head back against the trunk, she closed her eyes. Just as she was about to fall into sweet slumber, she felt something brushing against her foot. It was a finger. “There’s a thorn.” said a familiar voice. Rajni slowly opened her eyes. Kusum was sitting across her, nursing her foot. Rajni withdrew her leg,

“You don’t have to-“

“We have to get that thorn out. You don’t want the swelling and the puss.” she held her foot back in place. Carefully, she used her fingernail to push it out bit by bit.

“There,” she said, “you’re good to go.”

Rajni wasn’t listening to her. Her eyes were locked into Kusum’s. She noticed that Kusum’s blouse was still damp from their encounter in the water. Rajni hadn’t been able to tie it properly because her hands were shaking, and Kusum hadn’t bothered to fix it. The neckline hung down in a shabby manner and her cleavage was peeking out.

“I thought you’d hurried home” Rajni said.

“No, those women at the temple saw me. They called me over to join them and I was caught up.”

“Oh. Are they gone?”

“Yes. They left a few minutes ago.”

“Do you like spending time with them?”

“Yeah, they mostly gossip. It’s entertaining” she chuckled.

“I can imagine. What do they gossip about?”

“Other people. People who are not around.”

“Do they gossip about me?”

“They used to.”

“I guess I’m no longer popular.” Rajni joked.

“Listen, I wanted to talk to you.”

“So soon? We were just getting started.”

“Something Betturkey Giriş happened, today when I was with those women. They were talking about you and it was not nice. I took your side and they- they-“

“They kicked you out of the club?” Rajni rolled her eyes.

“They asked me if I sleep with women too. They asked me if I’m sleeping with you.”

“Oh. What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything. It was not a question. They were suggesting it. Most of them already believed it was true.”


“I don’t want that. I can’t live with that kind of rumor.”

Rajni was about to say that it was not a rumor, but she didn’t, because Kusum was welling up.

“I really like you.” Rajni offered.

“I’m not judging you.” Kusum replied.

“Really? That’s your response to ‘I like you?”

“I have to survive in this place. At least until I’m strong enough to leave. I can’t do this.” Kusum broke down. She reminded Rajni of the time when she herself was coming to terms with her sexuality. It had been a nightmare. She put her arms around Kusum, her face close enough that she could lick her tears.

“It’s okay.” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind Kusum’s ear. “It will be fine. I promise.”

Kusum stared at her eyes, then her nose and her lips. She craned her neck forward, and taking a deep breath, she kissed Rajni on the lips. Again. Rajni was taken aback, but she didn’t resist. She welcomed her, tightening her embrace, not wanting the kiss to end. They stopped when they were out of breath. Kusum was starting to say something, but Rajni didn’t want to hear it. She took her by the hand and stood up. They walked around the tree to the other side, where someone had hung sarees and bed sheets between the branches so that they would dry in the sun. Hiding behind them, Rajni pinned Kusum against the trunk and started kissing her neck, her shoulders, inching lower with every kiss.

“Do you like me?” Rajni asked suddenly, cupping Kusum’s breasts, feeling the nipples poking out against the fabric of her blouse.

“I don’t know” Kusum whispered, looking down, visibly going weak in the knees.

“Let’s find out” Rajni said, kneeling down slowly, putting her fingers inside the folds of Kusum’s saree. She pulled out the end that had been tucked in on one side, and then started unwrapping, looking up at her into her grey eyes, now wide apart with bewilderment. When she realized was naked from the waist down, Kusum got goose bumps. Rajni started caressing her thighs, running her fingertips over them and she almost fainted with pleasure. Rajni held her legs firmly, placing her hands on her butt cheeks, her lips on Kusum’s mound. As gently as ever, she switched from using her lips to using her tongue, lingering at the top at first, then slowly sinking into the cleavage between the lips of her vagina, tracing it to the sweet spot underneath. When Kusum felt Rajni’s tongue on her clitoris, she gasped. She found herself grasping Rajni’s hair, to hold her head in place, just to make sure she wouldn’t stop. Rajni’s lips tugged at her labia, her nose still buried in her soft, black curls, her forehead against her pelvis. Kusum kept bending her knees, relying on Rajni to keep her upright against the tree, until Rajni finally gave up.

“You should lie down on your back.” She said.

Kusum squatted down, still out of breath, staring at Rajni. “I don’t know why I feel so weak-“

“Oh I know exactly why!” Rajni finished for her, turning her away from the tree and gently pushing her down to the ground by her shoulders. Bending down between her legs, she spread her open with her fingertips. Kusum arched her back almost instantly.

“Whoa! Calm down.” Rajni laughed.

“No, it’s the- “


“I can’t lie down on my back…”


“No, I mean the knot, it’s-“

“Do we have all the time in the world?”

“It’s poking me in the back.” Kusum finished, looking away with embarrassment. Her blouse was still tied up and the knot was poking at her back when she lay down.

“Someone is dying to get all naked.” Rajni teased.

“No!” Kusum protested. “I’m not- I just-“

“You want me to untie it for you?” Rajni was clearly enjoying it.

“No. Maybe just let go of my thighs so I can sit up?” Kusum said. She tried to sound sarcastic, but it came out like a plea.

“Okay,” Rajni replied, propping herself up on an elbow, looking at Kusum as she reached behind to untie it. She thought she would take it off, but she just kept it on her chest.

Then she lay down again, her legs slightly spread in anticipation, her eyes closed. But Rajni didn’t move. “Why aren’t you…” Kusum mumbled, not knowing how to finish the sentence.

“Yes?” Rajni asked, raising her eyebrows pretentiously.

“You know what I mean!” Kusum sighed, the frustration apparent in her clenched toes. She was dying for more and Rajni knew it. But she wanted Kusum to say it. And she wanted her to blush and whimper, her body trembling as she bit her lip to stop the words escaping her mouth.

“I- I want you to keep kissing me. B-between my legs” she finally said, gulping with nervousness.

Looking her in the eyes with a lopsided grin, Rajni resumed fingering her, soothing her until she threw her head back with relief, and then exciting her until she wanted to sit up and look at herself as she got wetter and wetter and Rajni slipped a finger inside her, shattering her nerves into euphoria.

“Clenching up real nice!” Rajni said, raising her voice over Kusum’s moans. Kusum blushed again through all the sexual tension, suddenly aware of her spread legs and her juices dripping down from Rajni’s knuckles as her folds clicked in rhythm with her thrusts. She started to pull her knees together, suddenly embarrassed and ashamed of the spectacle.

“Don’t you dare!” Rajni hissed, pinning her knee to the ground with one hand. The other hand never stopped fingering her, stubborn and relentless. She kept going until Kusum finally came, squirting and shaking; her ankles bent sharply like that of a ballerina en Pointe. For a moment, they just lay there, Kusum catching her breath and Rajni balling and un-balling her fist, trying to prevent a cramp.

“I’ve literally never met someone who takes so long to come” Rajni said after a while, sitting up against the tree. Kusum got up, looking down at herself, clutching at her undone blouse to prevent it from falling off. She gave Rajni a sharp look before she did something totally unexpected – she slapped her right across her face. Rajni stared back at her through tears, a thousand questions running through her mind.

“This is not right.” Kusum said, her breathing picking up pace once again. “I don’t want this. I don’t want to see you ever again.” She hissed.

Rajni froze in her spot as Kusum dressed up and left. What had happened? Was it too much? Was it overwhelming? Was it too soon? Did she do it wrong? Rajni couldn’t think. All she knew was that her left cheek was stinging and it probably had a red mark in the shape of Kusum’s palm and she could still smell Kusum on her fingers and it was heart breaking.

(To be continued)